Present Participle List for July 2017

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July is in full swing and here are a few things I’m doing right now.

Binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. I started a free trial on the weekend, just so I could see what everyone was talking about and holy dystopian future, I am hooked!

Singing karaoke on my Instagram Story. I just posted my second installment of Cathyoke. You should know the following: 1) I am running out of costumes, 2) I work alone and need an outlet, 3) Life is too short to not sing loudly for all to hear, and 4) I am completely self-taught. (That’s a joke, Dad, right?) And yes, that was my second Elf reference in this paragraph.

A quick note: I decided to disable comments on YouTube because of random weird mean people. This is meant to be fun, not serious. I have zero control in this life, per se, but this? This I can manage. 

Loving having all four Zielskes at home this summer. There is something about having everyone trying to do something in the kitchen at the same time that is supremely comforting to me.

Playing with the new Distress Oxide inks from Tim Holtz. They are rich and juicy and magical. I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks!

Anticipating with such excitement my next stamp and die release coming to Simon Says Stamp! August 1 is the date and let’s just say that Happy Hour might be involved.

Preparing for the first day of Design Your Life 2.0. Yes, I have been promoting the living crap out of this class but I want to make sure that a) If you want to sign up you can save $5 today, and b) If you are an alumni of the original class, you can sign up by July 25 and save even more. Click on the image below for more info!


What are you presently doing?

Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for July 2017

9 Comments on “Present Participle List for July 2017”

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    OMOGOSH!!! You are so stinking cute. Glad I found you cause I need the laughs and thanks for the great lessons, too 🤣😁

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    You are super funny. Don’t let those negative comments stop you. I’ve enjoyed the Cathyoke. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor.

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    Katie Jones (UK)

    I keep ordering your sale digitals, Cathy!! 2 yesterday, one today… So tempting. I just have to make sure I use them. I need to find your tutorial again on how to use digital stamps on your photos on your phone – I am sure I didn’t imagine that!

    We have been recording The Handmaid’s Tale, we just need to have time together to sit down and watch them! Maybe hubby and I will make time to do that in the evenings this weekend…

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    Siobhann Bakke

    I just love your take on life and am pretty sure I can learn a crap-load from you!!! Thanks for the laugh!

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    Kelly R

    Hey Cathy! Love all of your fun posts. Check out my friend, Meghan Cary’s song, Sing Louder. It’s all about singing louder, especially when you don’t know the words. Keep on having fun and sharing your story.

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