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Today is the first official day of summer in our house. No more school for Cole or Dan. (Aidan was done in May!) And while I may be handing off a summer Honey-Do list to my teacher hubby, who literally asked me this morning, first thing, “So, what should I do this summer?”, I do have a general list of … Read More

Cathy Zielske#SummerGoals

Present Participle List for June 2017

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June is here and that means change is in the air on multiple levels, other than the outside temps. Here are few things I’m doing right now. Loving the Portrait Mode on my iPhone 7 Plus. Remember when I thought the iPhone 7 Plus was going to be too big? Lol. Me too! I need to take more photos this … Read More

Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for June 2017

Trips, Sports and a Fuller Nest

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My girl is home for the summer. There are only so many more summers that I can type out that sentence. And while I realize that is part of the flow of life—birth, growth, leave the nest—I am soaking in this time possibly more than at any other time before. It’s good to have the whole family under one roof. … Read More

Cathy ZielskeTrips, Sports and a Fuller Nest

Lenvy Part Two

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Have you ever coveted something deeply and thought to yourself, “Would it be so bad to just do a Kickstarter campaign to get one?” That would be me and the newest version of the Canon L-Series 100-400 Zoom Lens. Both of my offspring play ultimate (learn more about ultimate here), and over the past few years I’ve rented lenses for … Read More

Cathy ZielskeLenvy Part Two

Middle Aged Mama: Why Cards Make So Much Sense

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An online friend posted the other day, “…card making is where it’s at for those of us whose kids are past that stage where you can make enough scrapbook pages about them to satisfy our need to CREATE.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that statement. My kids aren’t really kids anymore. My daughter is 21. She’s a … Read More

Cathy ZielskeMiddle Aged Mama: Why Cards Make So Much Sense

Go big or go home?

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I did it. I got me a giant assed phone. My son, who has actually taken very good care of his electronics over the years, had a fatal screen smashing and it was time to revisit the family phone plan. I hemmed and hawed at getting myself a new phone. I’ve had the same phone for almost three years (iPhone … Read More

Cathy ZielskeGo big or go home?

When a memory keeping mama’s babies aren’t exactly babies anymore

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I’m writing this from a Mictrotel in Ames, Iowa, having my morning coffee and killing an hour before I head over to Iowa State University to watch my daughter’s team compete for a bid to the D3 National Collegiate Ultimate championships. My kids aren’t really kids anymore. I think you know this, if you’ve been with me for any length … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWhen a memory keeping mama’s babies aren’t exactly babies anymore

What good is photoshop if you can’t have a little fun with it?

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This is Dan. Dan is my husband. Dan will occasionally do silly things that I ask him to do, like posing for this photo. He is standing at one of the many bleak entrances at Har Mar Mall, a slightly past-its-prime shopping center built in 1963 in Roseville, Minnesota. As we were walking in—he, to hit the Barnes & Noble and me, to … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWhat good is photoshop if you can’t have a little fun with it?

Present Participle List for April 2017

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Here are a few things happening at present: Learning to use Tim Holtz Distress Inks. That’s right, I just typed that. It’s public knowledge. Me, the one not exactly known for anything that is not clean, simple or carefully controlled. I have known Tim for many years now, as an alumni of the esteemed faculty at Creating Keepsakes University. He hooked … Read More

Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for April 2017


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Twenty-one years ago, at roughly 1:40 p.m. on a slightly overcast afternoon in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, my first child was born into this world. It would be an understatement to say that life has never been the same in the most glorious and unexpected ways. This girl, no—this woman, changed my life on that day and continues to give me … Read More

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