This website is both a personal and business site. My blog is written and edited by me. There are no flying monkeys or other creative minions to help me in this awesome endeavor. I’m a one-woman show (save for the amazing team at Big Deal Branding who helped me bring this site to life.) This is a for profit blog in that I use my site to promote my business.

I belong to a handful of affiliate programs. While no one is funding a retirement program on affiliate partnerships, every little bit helps. The companies with whom I choose to align are ones whose products I use and endorse wholeheartedly. They are:

Artifact Uprising
Totally Rad Actions
Fit Bit

I have worked professionally as a writer and graphic designer for 25+ years. My background in journalism and design have contributed greatly to the success of my site and my business. My years in corporate America taught me a hell of a lot more than simply how to decorate my cubicle in an appropriately personal but inoffensive manner.

I value my blog readers tremendously and want to offer the best possible customer service. What this means is that if I miss your comment, by all means, take the time to get in touch via my Contact Page. I care about what you think, unless you’re going to be an ass about it. Then I still care, but I’m going to pretend like I don’t and after I’m done crying, I’m going to make myself forget about you with one large glass of Apothic Red. Cheap red wine is kind of my jam.

For permission to reproduce content or images from this site, please send me a message via my Contact Page.

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