Back in Black

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I think Brian Johnson said it best…

Back in black
I hit the sack
I’ve been too long
I’m glad to be back [I bet you know I’m…]Yes,
I’m let loose
From the noose
That’s kept me
hanging about
I’ve been looking at the sky
‘Cause it’s gettin’ me high
Forget the
hearse ’cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat’s eyes
Abusin’ every one of them and
running wild

Actually, I  have not been getting high from looking at the sky. It would be nice if that were the case. I’d pretty much just sit and stare upwards all the time. Alas…not really so. That said…

So in mid October I stopped blogging. Took a break. Etc. Etc. Then I really missed it. I missed writing. A little something. Every few days. I thought, "Hey, I’ll channel my need for expression into scrapbooking! Great idea!" Didn’t happen. And when something cool came along, like when I discovered that Aveeno Skin Relief lotion actually cured my 15-year-long Minnesota tradition of really itchy shins, who could I tell? Dan? Yeah. As if he’d really be excited about that.

So I missed it. Long story short.

And what have I been doing for the past two and a  half months? Really? Want to know?

1. Working.
2. Stressing out from time to time, because of working.
3. Gaining weight. (Nice!)
4. Growing a mullet. (I’m not kidding…please don’t ask why either.)
5. Making more than 5, but less than 10 total scrapbook pages.
6. Taking up knitting because Donna made a bag that made me jealous. That, and I am a lemming for anything new.
7. Listening to Neil Finn daily. (a lot of stuff with OCD people just doesn’t change much…ahem.)
8. Painting my bathroom.
9. Taking care of my neighbor’s dog, Chip. (Well, actually, that just started on Jan. 1, and no, I won’t be sending her away. She’s here for 6 months. She’s 11. I don’t think the family would understand that one.)
10. Raising children…more or less.
11. Um…I actually think that’s it.
12. Oh wait—making macaroni pasta angels! almost forgot that one.

So suffice to say I think i need this. I think blogging is good for my head. I wish I still had the archive on here, but you know what? Doesn’t really matter. It’s all good.

And on the topic of OCD…i will share a layout I did in November, at the height of my Neil Finn lovin’…mmm. Neil. New album’s coming out in Spring 2007. Now THAT, my friends, is blogworthy indeed.

Look for more updates to the links and what not in coming days and weeks. I forgot half the stuff I had on this thing.



Cathy ZielskeBack in Black

313 Comments on “Back in Black”

  1. #1
    Elizabeth B

    i was just going through my links and cleaning them out, and saw yours and thought I should delete it when lo and behold, there was a post.
    glad to have you back
    you were missed.
    there’s only a few ppl who have the same fun kind of OCD when it comes to music that I do.
    and you have an imogen link on your page.
    now that is cool.
    so welcome back
    enjoy the carthasis.
    it’s really good for you.
    here’s to new beginnings.

  2. #2

    Ok, I never find out anything until way after it happens but I was visiting Stacy J’s blog but it wasn’t updated, I read Donna’s blog and then thought I’d click on yours. And you’re back! Hurray! I’m glad to have another fun blog to read and even more excited that I get to post the 2nd comment! Hurray for a new year and new beginnings!

  3. #6

    I KNEW checking your blog every single day would pay off!!!!!!!!

    I missed you tons. I just love reading your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And yes, that sounded super stalkerish and creepy but I don’t care! It’s true. I’m a Cathy Z blog freak. I accept it! 🙂

  4. #7
    Melissa S-E

    Sa-WEET ! ! ! ! Welcome back to your old addiction. (wink) But at least it’s a healthy one. Maybe not too hard on the ego since we love ya’. 🙂 ha ha ha YAY ! ! ! !

  5. #11
    Lisa D

    Yay! I’m glad you’re back.
    I never deleted you from my favorites, anyway — I checked to see if you were back once a week or so.
    So, when do we get to see a picture of the mullet? 🙂

  6. #12

    Well, I’ll be a monkey’s a$$ – you are back!!! :O

    Actually, I really don’t want to be a monkey’s a$$, so I’ll just say that I totally agree with Ali on this one!

    Thank God! 😀

    I have missed your blog like no other! Welcome back to blogland, CZ!!!!!!

  7. #13
    tonya boone

    so glad you have missed us because i sure have missed you.. missed all the good stuff that is going on in your head. and the good music i always download too. keep blogging please!!!!

  8. #15

    damn… i had February 10th, 2007 in the “When Will Cathy Return to Blogging” office pool.

    welcome back, missed your writing.

  9. #17

    Cathy: Welcome back…you were missed. We love your blog, regardless of whether it’s scrapbook related or not. Love your posts and for writing about things that we often think about but don’t know how to express. Thanks for opening up your world to us again.

  10. #20

    It’s good to see you back. Yet even better is to find another Neil Finn fanatic. I, too, had the Crowded House albums and always really liked them but for some reason, just never gave Neil much of a chance. Then one day, I picked up a used copy of his first album and it was like a light went off in my head. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time and Neil is just the best. It’s not just his amazing voice but he’s also a fantastic songwriter and everything he’s done has great things to offer, including the Finn Brothers release. I didn’t even know he had a new album coming out so I’m just about giddy over here. 🙂

  11. #23

    …she was a fast machine…she kept her motor clean….

    Since you put that song in my head for the day, I thought I would throw one right back at ya!

    YEAH>>>>>>>>>She’s writing again!!


  12. #25

    I have so missed your blog. I never did delete the link cuz I just knew you’d come back to us someday. Welcome back Cathy- missed you lots!

  13. #26

    Okay, so this may sound a little weird, but I’m another one of those who couldn’t take your blog link out of my favorites.

    It’s SO good to “see” you again!
    Love you CZ!

  14. #35

    Wow – I just typed your url to check if there was any action, and you’re back to blogging! I’m so happy!

    For the last few weeks I found myself going through old “Simple” magazines, searching for your columns and pages to give myself a “fix” of your personal style, but now I have you back in real-time and this is even better!

    Glad to have you back, girl …

  15. #37

    Yeahhhh! Cathy Z is back in the hizzouse! Soooo glad to have you back! You are quite a writer and your posts always made me smile. It’s a happy day for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. #40

    I didn’t think today could get any better and then I heard you were back online. Wanna know the weirdest thing? I just put “Back In Black” on my iPod about an hour ago. It’s fate, I tell ya! Hells Bells!

  17. #42

    It is so nice to see you back Cathy. I missed your writing. You have a way with words and a perspective on life that makes me smile.
    Good to hear your “voice” again.

  18. #43

    It’s funny how the simplest things can get you misty-eyed. Welcome back girl.

    List of things I want to see:
    1) Photo of macaroni angel
    2) Photo of knitted bag. Can’t get my head wrapped around that one, despite the envy I felt at seeing Donna’s.
    3) Please add a section somewhere for recipes and repost your meatball recipe. Lost it. Want it back.

    It’s going to be a good 2007!

  19. #44

    Seeing YOU back to the bloggin world might have just made my year. No wait, definitely my month. Well I can guarantee it made my week. But it’s only Wednesday, so let’s cover my butt and say you made my day, okay?


  20. #46

    Thank the LORD!!!! I started reading Dooce’s blog once you left, and now I”m hooked.. Thanks! So glad to have you back. I’d love to hear more about your itchy skin problems.

  21. #51

    So glad your blog is back. Without it, I never would have heard of Neil Finn. Imagine! Happy New Year!

  22. #59

    Dude- this is THE best New Year’s gift. 🙂 I have missed your blog a TON!! And I never deleted the link to the old blog, just in case. 😉
    PS- made your meatballs the other night for the 3rd time, and they are FAB.


  23. #60

    Ok, another one that didn’t delete you from my blog list—figured if I clicked on it now & then you’d miraculously reappear! Ta Dah!!! Happy New Year!

  24. #61

    We all need a good break sometimes…

    I hope it helps to know how much you’ve been missed.

    THANK GOODNESS YOU’RE BACK! Checking your blog gives me a my daily laugh requirment. Always. Adore your sense of humor. Thanks.

  25. #69

    Soooooooo weird. I was just thinking this AM how I really miss your blog and poof here you are. It’s funny how much these little blogs have become so much a part of our daily life. So looking forward to future posts and podcasts. Welcome Back!

  26. #70

    In case you are still reading…Thanks for coming back! I love to hear your perspective on everything! Welcome back!

  27. #73

    You know an exammple of OCD… me… checking your blog site everyday since you left!!! Weird never been like that before..See what you did!! haha glad you’re back. Sure did miss you.. hope Dan and kids are doin well.

  28. #75

    Glad to see that your back to blogging!! Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to “Weather With You” by Crowded House. It’s my all time favorite song and one that I’ve repeatedly told my hubby to play at my funeral when the time comes..

  29. #77
    Barbie Schwartz

    Well, It’s about time! I have been checking your link almost every day, hoping you had changed your mind and come back…So glad you did.

  30. #78
    Charity Zaleski

    Cathy – this if my first post and I want you to know I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! I have many blogs I read daily with my cup of coffee, and I left yours on my list. Checking it daily in hopes… and just the other day, I almost deleted it. But then I rethought – “no, she’s gotta miss us as much as we miss her, she’ll come back…in the new year, she will” I don’t know if I was trying to will you or me…hmnn?And today, I jumped for joy as I clicked on your link and you appeared. You’ve been missed – from one CZ to another – welcome back!!

  31. #79
    Dana Miron (danahollis)

    Yeah, baby, yeah! So glad you’re back. I missed your scribblings. 😉

    Oh and Aveeno Skin Relief works, huh? Oh my do I get itchy in winter…I love Minnesota… but not the itchy winter! I really appreciate the tip! 🙂


  32. #80
    Peg Graham

    Just like CZ to come back in rocker style…loved the AC/DC lyrics, woman.

    Good Times. Good Times.

    Glad to be able to read your blog once again.

    Simply enough…Missed you.

    big hugs-

  33. #82

    Happy New Year Cathy!
    Amazing that this many people were “checking just in case” today and found you again 🙂
    Welcome back.

  34. #83

    Oh Cathy thank you so much for opening up shop again. I loved reading your blog and will continue again to love reading it. You said it best with that song. LOVE ME some AC/DC!!!

    Welcome back!!!

  35. #87
    Ana Maria Magloire

    I knew you couldn’t stay away. We need eachother. I missed you so much. I am thrilled to have you back in cyber space. Please don’t leave agin, pretty please???
    And finaly….

    Sorry, I just had to…

  36. #89

    OMG missed your blog soooooo much…. I would randomly click on your link hoping it would magically come back to life… and it never did…. (no can’t say thats how I found your blog this time).

  37. #92
    Trisha Hughes

    Cathy! Welcome back. I can see I’m not the only one. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You were VERY MISSED!

  38. #96

    I am SO so so SO glad you’re blogging again Cathy! Welcome back, it’s so nice to hear from you.

  39. #99
    Lori Carlson

    Hooray! Totally made my day! I’ve thought of you lots when I make your yummy chicken curry and scraplift your ideas–I love your creativity and am totally inspired to be a better journaler by your work. Love having you back every week :). Thanks!

  40. #100
    Lyn Meeker

    Welcome back! I missed reading your blog in the mornings. I am so glad I once again have something to chuckle about and make people wonder what I’m up to!

  41. #102

    Welcome back! You were missed. I think it is ok to stare at the sky. I did it last night and this morning because the moon was absolutely stunning. Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me. Bad scrapper. 😉

  42. #104

    Another one who just couldn’t delete you from my favorites link. WELCOME BACK!!! Happy 2007 to us!

  43. #105

    Woooo hooooo!!!!!!! Doing the happy dance… Cathy girl can you see me dancing.:) And tell Dan I am singing too…. ROFLMAO!!
    My girl is BACK.

  44. #107

    OMG!!! you have been missed!! I never deleted the link….just in case…..and clicked back today….just to hope (and secretly feared that whole “doesn’t exist” screen) …my MN fix is back!!!

  45. #108
    Laura Murphy

    I am beside myself with excitement right now that you have returned to blogland. I missed your sense of humor and love of music. Welcome back!

  46. #109


    SHEEEEEEEE’s BACK!!!!!! 🙂

    Great to see you blogging again, Cathy. 🙂

  47. #113

    Hot Patootie!!! I am so dang glad you are back to blogging. I swear not reading your blog every few days was worse than the one time I misguidely thought giving up coffee would be a good idea!

  48. #115
    robyn bedsaul

    Cathy, you don’t know me from squat but you know what….I missed you so much. Your witty banter, your cool plugs for company’s that I HAVE to then check out (hey I’ve got dry shins…., your foo fighter lovin'(I feel like I’m a bit tiny eentsy weentsy cool by proxy ’cause my husband is the drummer in an awesome cool rock band), anyway I missed y o u! Thanks sweething, now I can start my year off right!

  49. #119
    LIsa C

    Welcome back (ok now I’m hearing the Welcome Back Kotter theme song in my head LOL)!!! Happy New Year and thanks for the gift of YOU 🙂

  50. #120


    I checked my bookmark for you a few times since you gave up blogging, and finally deleted the link. I’m so glad to add it back to my favorites!

  51. #121
    tiffany k. smoot

    wow. this totally made my new year. cathy z. is back on the blogging scene! ohh and not to mention that you are knitting. {my other favorite past time.}

    just when i thought you couldn’t rock enough!

  52. #123

    Welcome back…I so missed your musings. You’re quirky, in a good way on top of fact your’re my absolute favortie scrapper. =)

  53. #125
    deb munn

    You’re back!!!
    Oh how I’ve missed my daily visit to Bits & Pieces!!
    So glad you’ve rejoined the land of blog.
    Welcome home!!
    Peace 🙂

  54. #126
    Erin C.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! What a great New Year’s present… and just when I thought the whole world was lost. I have missed reading your blog SOOOO much. I checked back once a week (ya know, just in case) and now here you are. Welcome back! My days will be complete again! Post your knitting adventures too, because many of us do that as well as the scrapbooking… although I cannot get past a scarf. Maybe you are better and can help those of us tangled up!

  55. #128
    Terri B

    WOOOO HOOOOO! It’s not like were best friends or anything, but I really missed you. From the mundane to the wierd, no matter what kind of day you were having it always made mine a little better. Everytime I saw something about you on Donna’s website (a webcast picture or something) I’d think, “sheesh I wish I could persuade her to come back”, then since you share so much of your life with books and article, I felt selfish, so I wouldn’t think about it. Now, magic! you are back! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

  56. #133

    Welcome back Cathy!

    You certainly do love Neil… I think I still have some old Split Ends albums somewhere from like the 80s. They were big here Down Under.

  57. #134

    Yippee Skippee – I never deleted you out of my favorites, just hoping you’d be back. Happy New Year, and welcome back.

  58. #136
    Susan D.

    YIPPEE SKIPPEE!! You’ve been totally missed and in case no one said earlier…there’s a thread on 2ps about it! Glad you’re back!

  59. #137

    Doing a little (and very quiet – it’s the middle of the night here and my family is fast asleep)happy dance here!!!!
    So glad you’re back! This is a good start of a new year!!!
    Have a wonderful 2007!!!

  60. #138

    Woohooo! So glad you’re back! That Aveeno lotion is the GREATEST. Another good Aveeno product is the Skin Relief Body Wash – I use it like shaving cream and it’s awesome. With that and the lotion, I don’t want to claw my skin off in the winter quite so bad!

  61. #139

    All is right with the world. Yeah your back!!!!! Your blog has been so missed from my daily reading!!!

  62. #142

    Yeah. I am so glad you are back. I really missed your blog. Glad your break helped you realized you liked doing it. You are back in my favorites!

  63. #149
    Sarah M

    So nice to have you back. You are inspiring me to get my blog going again. Love reading your thoughts because I can relate on so many levels! Thanks for sharing with us! Happy New Year!

  64. #150

    It’s about time lady!
    You have truly been MISSED!

    ….. Your sense of yourself, is so refreshing… bring out the good..well..most of the time, in we serious Blog Readers!

  65. #151

    148 above me but gotta add some loving too. I’m glad your back and wish you were gonna be at Detoit CKU in April. gonna have to check out Neil Finn now thanks.

  66. #152

    So glad to see that you are back. I took my kids to see family in the Twin Cities last week and thought of you while I was there.

    Thank you for taking the time to write to all of us in blogland again.

    Cheers to the New Year – Robyn

  67. #154

    I have just recently started reading my fav scrappers blogs and was so sad that you were not blogn’ when lo and behold I found a new site today and it said that you were blogn’ again.

    I just finished both of your books (my dh got them for me for Christmas and I just could not put them down!) and I wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me, not only in you scrappin style, but in you! luvn you and your style!

  68. #155

    AWESOME! I totally feel like it’s Christmas again – and this just might be the best present I got (except for my new camera and my video iPod). You still rank up there, though, girl! Glad to have you back!

  69. #159
    donna matthews

    So, so, so, so glad you are back. Really missed your funny, zany stories and random writing!
    And you are right…you NEED us as much as we need you!

  70. #161

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus…welcome back! missed you and all your “mojoness”! Enjoy all your persuits in life and thank you for letting us come along for the ride! LIFE IS GOOD!

  71. #162
    Jo Hannah

    Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………….*waving hands in air * Cathy is back!!!! Thank YOU!!! I saw a thread regarding this and I thought it was a joke! Wouldn’t have been a very nice one! lol!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! I will be smiling again everyday while you share with is again!!

  72. #163
    Nat Dexter

    Hooray! Happy New Year! I can’t believe your back. I was going through my favourites and decided to click on yours just incase you were back and you are! Doing the happy dance!

  73. #164

    Does anyone read the 165th comment? May I say YAHOO, because my morning cup of coffee just got better now that my favorite blog is back?

  74. #165

    Welcome back!!! We missed you! What a wonderful surprise to come and see your blog back up! Can’t wait to read more!

  75. #168

    Now, don’t go trying to respond to all your comments…we don’t want to scare you away from blogging!
    I am sooo glad you are back. Thank you!

  76. #171

    I am so psyched to hear you are back!!! I was crushed when you took you old blog down. But even then, I didn’t realize how much I would miss you. Every so often I would click on the link just to be so disappointed! I love your writing style – it is so inspiring! Can’t wait to have you share your life with us in 2007. Rock on girl!

  77. #177
    Melissa MacL.

    2007 is turning out to be a very good year….Cathy Z is back! Rock-and-roll and Neil Finn obsessions are back! Oh yeah!

  78. #178

    I absolutely REFUSED to remove your link from my blog!! I knew you’d be back. I KNEW it!

    Welcome back, Cathy. Your voice was sorely missed!!!


  79. #181

    Welcome back and boy were you missed. Yours is a different perspective. Love it. Glad you’re back.

  80. #182

    Well, Cathy, I guess you can tell that you are truly loved. Look at these comments. I am so glad to see you back in action. I missed your fun and funky musings and I really do need to know how to keep my shins silky in the wintertime and what kind of coffee is best and all the other great things that you share so please don’t leave us again. You are heart and soul of scrapbooking plus being my favorite MAC addict. You inspire us so much. Thanks for all you do. I am so glad that you decided to blog again.

  81. #184
    Vicki Boutin

    So glad to have you back Cathy!!! And I loved Crowded House back in the day!!! Don’t Dream It’s Over was my “song” with my first boyfriend! Ah, the memories!! I will have to check out Neil Finn’s solo stuff!

    Are you a House Martins fan??

  82. #185

    sooooo glad you are back!! i did not delete you from my favorites in hopes that you would someday return to your blog 😉
    thank you….love your wit and choice in tunes! {love, love, love imogene heap!}


  83. #186
    Brek Noice

    So glad you’re back! Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Sounds like you’ve been busy! 😉 Looking forward to a new year with Cathy. 🙂


  84. #187
    Silly Michelle

    Oh thank goodness! I really had given up!
    So glad you’re back!
    Missed your snippets of genius!

    Big fan in Texas!

  85. #189

    I have to admit, I didn’t know you were gone — I was busy having a baby girl. I checked in to look at your archives, since your posts convinced me to take the Library of Memories class as some ME TIME and a way to kick start my creativity in spite of the sleep deprivation.

    Glad you’re back! Maybe we can watch next week’s Steve Jobs Key Note together on QT 🙂


  86. #190
    Susan Wesely

    I can exhale now!!!

    Been waiting and waiting and wishing and hoping.

    BEST Christmas gift ever!!!

    Can’t wait to share my morning coffee with you again.



  87. #192

    You have NO IDEA how much you have made my day. Heck. MY YEAR! Cool. I knew 2007 was going to rock! I was right! So glad to see you back! Really. You have no idea. None whatsoever! Thanks.

  88. #200
    Katherine McKamey

    Jeepers…that’s some list of comments!! Well worth it, I say!

    Welcome back to the land of Blog, Cathy!!

  89. #201

    Hip Hip Hooray! Missed your blog big time – along with the hundred’s of others- you are loved lady! Welcome back! Happy 2007 🙂

  90. #203
    Kathy T

    OMG!! I’m sure there is NO WAY you’re going to read this comment so far down in the list, but I have to concur with all the others and say how glad I am that you’re back. When you stopped, I felt like I lost a friend that I’d never met. How strange is that? Seriously, your writing inspired me to start blogging, and reminded me how much I love Crowded House and Peter Gabriel. Any chance you’d tell me where you got that version of Throw Your Arms Around Me? I’ll never tell….


  91. #204
    Pam C.

    Cathy: Glad you’re back. I’ve really missed your blog… always brings a smile to my face. Happy New Year!

  92. #205

    have never given up hope, clicking every now and then longing for you to be back! the wit, the inspiring creativity the all round style… and so on! thanks for sharing again and contributing something more to the scrapping world than advertising. happy 2007 to you!

  93. #206

    YES! I knew you’d be back! you are too radical and wild to keep it down! YES!! So glad to ‘see’ you around and yes, I was another of those who randomly clicked on your link “just in case”… and I was right!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK! So ready to catch up on your life and craziness! BTW I listen to ACDC everyday when I do the treadmill, Back In Black is a great song to get the groove going!!
    Doin’ a happy dance in Idaho!

  94. #207

    Its just like old-times – a midnight snack with Ali E, Donna D, Cathy Z and me!! Yeeees!! In fact I’m gonna buy TimTams to celebrate!! So glad to see you back here – you were missed.

  95. #210
    Dawn (rn4jchrist)

    How cool, that after I was thinking about your blog being no more, that I come online to find out that you ARE blogging again!! YIPPEE!! you were missed!! (look at all these comments..wowsers!)

  96. #211

    YAY I kept clicking your link and being sad each time you werent there LOL Welcome back! Love your writing.

  97. #213
    ngaire Bartlam

    YAY! Welcome back girl!!!
    Missed ya.
    love your work babe.
    Happy and rather childlike jumping and clapping of hands here in Brissie Qld OZ.

    *clap clap clap*


  98. #214
    Tracy Blanton

    So very happy to see you! Was scrapping tonight at a very fun shop and someone said you were back. We jumped up and typed in your address and there you were! Happy, happy day.

  99. #220

    So glad you are back!

    … and about the Aveeno, miracle stuff. The only cream that could cure my daughter’s dry skin. Can totally understand you wanting to share that (I thought I would burst from joy when I first found the stuff). 🙂

  100. #222
    kathryn booth

    Cathy, so glad to see you back. Your writing brightens my day:)

    oh and completley share the neil finn obsession – (well just take a look at my username, email and blog address LOL!)

    he is a darling,and i must admit i’ve never understood why more people don’t know about him.. but then again, i also kinda like it. having something special that’s so good, but that no one knows about!

    keep blogging darling!

  101. #223

    Cathy, welcome back! I am so glad you are back to blogging. I got “Clean & Simple Scrapbooking” somewhere last year and put “The Sequel” on my wishlist for my birthday in October and got it! When I tried to find your blog (surely you would have a blog!) I found out you closed it and was pretty sad. I’ll be sure to be checking this page regularly from now on!

    Oh and Happy New Year!

  102. #224

    Simply fabulous! Two words that describe your blog to me. Always uplifting, humorous and a joy to read! Thanks for putting yourself back out there and sharing a piece of your wonderful funny witty self with us! Happy New Year!!

  103. #225

    Ditto each and every comment – welcome back, Cathy.
    PS The meatballs are awesome – only ones my kids will eat now! Would love to see more of your fave recipes …

  104. #231
    Korey Lindberg

    Yay…you’re back Cathy!!! I’ve clicked on my Favs link to your blog at least 4 times a week just hoping that your wonderful words and everyday ramblings were back. I’m so happy that you are. Here’s the starting out 2007 with Aliens, OCD awareness and new knitting adventures!

    Korey Lindberg

  105. #236

    yippiiieh *dancingaroundmytable*
    YOU ARE BACK – how could 2007 have a better start????

    hugs from Switzerland

  106. #237

    This is wonderful news! Thanks for brightening my day. I’m in Minnesota too and feel your pain when it comes to the itchy skin in winter. Now I shave with baby oil or coconut oil and then moisturize with coconut oil on the non-shaving days, voila no dry legs. Oh and the mullet…. yikes. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s you! Happy Happy New Year!


  107. #240


    Happy happy joy joy — is all I can say as I am out of breath from my happy dance!

    mul-let it be!!
    t in p

  108. #244

    So good to see you back! And I’m totally with you on the mullet thing – remind me why I cut my hair short in the first place?

  109. #245
    Natasha Williams

    OK… so I am not the first to say it, but I am glad to see you back. I am 3 months into a 12 month sentence.. maternity leave that is, and this is the closest I get to talking to an adult some days.
    PS, got your book for Christmas & I’m really enjoying it, have read it cover to cover 2x. Good work!

  110. #248
    Karla in So Cal

    Wow, what a wonderful thing to wake up to after having a crummy night. You have made my day…year! Today Heidi’s and Stacey’s BPS classes start and now this?!!! So, glad to have you back. Can’t wait to wake up each morning to read your uber humorous blog with my daily dose of jo.

  111. #249

    Oh Cathy, it’s so nice to have you back!! I kept the link and tried it out every day and there it was today: a post!!

    Don’t you ever go away again!!

  112. #251

    I was just checking on blogs and thought, “maybe I’ll see if Cathy is back up and running” and HOLY COW you are!!! Can you tell a lot of people missed you? Thanks for coming back!!

  113. #255
    Stephanie Carty

    New to your blog but just had to say YEAH!! Sorry I couldn’t have seen your archives, but as a new owner of Clean and Simple Part II, I am so happy to know you will be blogging! I LOVE your book, is that gushing? Don’t care!! Haven’t been able to put it down since I bought it yesterday…keep writing!!

  114. #261

    I thought nobody else remembered Crowded House. Loved them, saw them at an small venue in Chicago once, after waiting on the phone for tickets in the kitchen of the daycare I worked at. Got engaged while their songs played in our car at Chicago’s lake front. Wonderful stuff. Good to remember that stuff. Will dig out the tape and put it in the van instead of Kids Pop 9.

  115. #262
    vicki f

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMEN, you are back. i have so missed you. you totally make me laugh. i love reading your blog. you have made my year. you always make my day brighter. glad you are back.

  116. #265
    Heather H.

    OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! You are back! Hurray. In case you couldn’t tell, YOu were MISSED.

  117. #270

    Welcome back Cathy. It’s great to see you’ve got your blogging mojo back. I like reading about your nutty little adventures even if they only happen inside your house. You’re a great story teller and stories are meant to be told. Wishing you peace, calm and balance in your life. kathryn

  118. #272
    Paula Pascual

    Oh Cathy, how much I (and for the looks hundreds of other people) have missed you!
    To have you back in the bloging network is a great Kings present. (In Spain traditionally the Christmas presents are received on the evening of the fifth or the morning of the sixth of January as the Three Kings brought presents to baby Jesus.)

  119. #274

    Ok I’ll admit I’m usually a lurker on any sort of blog or board but seeing you back makes me have to comment. THANK YOU and welcome back. I’ve loved reading your blog before and now can look forward to again.

  120. #275

    Crowded HOuse?!! – Neil Finn?!

    THAT brings back memories!

    – – – – KNEW you’d be back! – – – –

    . :>)


  121. #276

    I normally don’t post on blogs, just read…but knowing you are back I have to say WOO-HOO!! You were totally missed. 🙂

  122. #279

    My fave honorary kiwi is back. How cool and Do you also just love Tim’s new song “It couldn’t be done” God I love that song, one of his best ever I think and fits in nicely with my word for 2007 – TRY. Welcome back Cathy, good to see you.

  123. #282
    Rhonda ;-)

    I’m soooo happyyyyyyy youuuurrrr back….Welcome Back Cathy !!!!! I missed you Girl 😉

  124. #284
    Jen M.

    And this should make me the 284th person who checked in to say… yay! So glad to see you’re back!

  125. #285

    welcome back…your dreams were your ticket out…welcome back (flashbacks to Welcome Back Kotter)
    Good to see you out and about again – you were SO missed! (and ty to Stacy for telling us you were back)

  126. #286
    Pam Tremble

    You would not believe how badly I NEEDED you to come back and I’m so happy you did!

    You got me hooked on Neil Finn. Love that man!

    Then from there I discovered two more artists that have his same sound. Jack Johnson and Amos Lee. These three men have occupied my life for the past few months.

    And it’s all your fault!

    Welcome back

  127. #288
    R. Aycock

    There are a squillion comments on here and so I doubt you have time to read every one. I just wanted to say that I highly admire your creativity which in fact is your presonality. In a way I wish that some how what you do, how you think up things could rub off on me. You have an amazing gift and it is wonderful to see how well you are working it. Thank you for your book, loving it. And just in case you do read this YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!

  128. #289
    Sue Taylor

    OMG!! So very happy to have you back in the blogging world, my day just didn’t seem right without you, WOO HOO!

  129. #291
    Shannon in Vegas

    I am sooo glad you are back… make me feel “normal and safe”. I missed your wit, your fresh approach to life, just yourself! And BTW – Hannah Montana rocks. We got a puppy for xmas…named her Miley! See…..and who’s normal????????????????

  130. #292
    Sara P-E

    So glad you’re back! And so glad I’m not the only fan who never deleted the link from my favorites. Your return to blogging inspired a post on my blog, along with a list of a few others things I’m a big fan of. Best…

  131. #293
    Melanie in Maple Grove

    YEAHHHHH!!! It’s been said before, but I seriously AM glad your back! I felt like a stalker posting on your very last blog and when I hit “post” your blog was gone forever. Too weird! Never saw if my comment made it. Can’t wait to check up on another MN girl!

  132. #294
    Dorothy in Seattle

    just want to let you know it’s greaaaaat to have your blog back! you’ve given me much inspiration on scrapbooking and documenting life, and looking at my life differently as i look for tiny things to celebrate everyday. you rock, Cathy!

  133. #295

    When I read on Stacy’s blog that you were back, it brought a smile to my face. So missed reading your blog.

  134. #298

    Whoa…I’m out of town and behind on blog reading and just read at Donna’s that you are BACK! So very glad. I’ve missed reading you. 🙂

  135. #301

    OOOOhhh, I’m sooo glad you’re back! I felt like a really good friend had moved to France — a friend who wasn’t cell phone or e-mail savvy. Some folks like to start their days with a workout, or a prayer, or the newpaper. Me, I always took my giant Starbucks mug up to the laptop in the office and read what “My Cathy” had to say. Your words have been a ray of sunshine for me. Happy to have you back in a much brighter ’07! Let it flow baby, let it flow!!!!

  136. #304

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo glad to read you again!! I’ve read you blog almost everyday and loved it!! When you stoped, I was away from the computer a couple of days and did not understood it was really gone for a couple of days… But right now I’m doing the happy dance! 😉 I really enjoy reading your blog!!

  137. #305

    ok, i know i’m like #305 to post here, but wow, I’m soooo excited to see that you are back, see you’re a natural kid! I’ve been bored the last few months…ho humm….glad you’re back! Thanks!!

  138. #306

    Okay, I am so behind, but it is much much better than
    not knowing you’re back.
    I am SO HAPPY that you started blogging again.
    I missed reading you, missed it so bad.
    2007 seems like to be a wonderful year already.

  139. #307
    Mona from Hawaii

    Wow, what a surprise it was when I was reading Ali Edwards’s blog and clicked on this link to get here. How frustrated I was when I would click on the link and the blog was gone! I feel like I found a long, lost friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking up blogging again. You were sorely missed in more than a few corners of the world!

  140. #310

    Oh, I’m so glad you are back! Have missed you terribly! I have absolutely no interest in these obscure rockers you write about, but I still read on. And gaze at your cool, nifty mastheads. And try to channel your hip, confident vibe. And no, I’m not a stalker. (Course, stalkers don’t KNOW they are, do they?) I’m just thrilled to have this window into your world opened again. Thanks for sharing.

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