Better than sex?

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(Callie…thanks to your post, I’m way too technologically stimulated right now.)

Holy MacBook, Apple. Check out the iPhone.

I will go on the record right now: whatever it costs does not matter. It will be mine.

Oh yes…it will be mine.

And, in case you’ve never heard what a roomful of tech geeks who are way, way too overstimulated sounds like, watch the iPhone introduction.  Steve Jobs is so smug it’s adorable.

And another thing I love about him? He never really changes his clothing plan. Now that is my kind of man.

Cathy ZielskeBetter than sex?

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    Jill S

    I’m with ya… Of course I just got the new BlackJack for Christmas, so I’m good until June 🙂

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    I saw this on the news last night. Anyone who knows me knows how anti-cell phone I am but I woke up my husband and told him I WANT THIS! Can’t wait to see it in person this summer.

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    I’m such a goober- Steve Jobs can move me to tears with a simple click of a button. Seriously.

    I watched all of the keynote last night.

    Cingular, schmingular. Damn.

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    i totally am with yoU!
    eric and i were freaking out..
    i have to agree… he had us at scrolling!
    that was so awesome..
    i was laughing, cause i commented that he wears the EXACT same thing every time!
    the whole thing was just amazing..
    i loved the coommented..
    “we patented the heck out of it!”
    nice work steve…

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    Damon Crawley

    Cost is estimated to be $499 for the 4 Gig model or $599 for the 8 Gig (with 2 year contract). The scrolling, oh the scrolling. Like some he mentioned, he had me at scroll. 🙂

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    I JUST bought a new cell phone. We’re about to move. I wonder what how hard it would be to coordinate it getting run over by the uhaul? hmmmmmm

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    deb munn

    Actually thought of you while I was reading the blow by blow of the keynote online yesterday. A little FCC approval and a few months time and that bad boy will be all yours!!

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    Crazy mama

    Dang, you’re my long lost twin living in Minnesota! Turning 41 this week, and IPHONE is on the list!!
    BTW: our family could be an “idiot club” LOL. 4 yr old & 2 year old love their Greenday dancetime daily.

    am too hoping that someday my daughter will realize her old mum is COOL (who else can say they saw Neil when she was 15 singing..”two months on a leaky boat”..
    cheers from Canada.

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    Hi Cathy,

    I’m so happy you’re blogging again! You are a gifted writer! I’ve never posted before but I visited your previous blog religiously.

    I have a request, will you email me (or post on your blog) where you found your laptop messenger bag? I remember it from your previous blog but, unfortunately, the archives are not available.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Ahhh… Macworld week is my favorite. I will have one of those phones one of these days, and I will have Apple TV too… starting to feel smug myself that I am the last person in the world to still not have Tivo : )

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    Yes, SEXY is back with this gorgeous little unit. I soooo want one. Why did they have to go with Cingular though??

    I’ve heard several people since yesterday say “it will be mine!”

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    A funny thing 😉 My partner was yesterday very excited about that. I think he will buy it too if we will get it in germany. Such a great design! I wonder what kind of movies you can play on it. The memory isn´t very much. It´s the same memory like an ipod. An ipod video has more memoryspace. hm… I think I have to see it in original, but its such a cool thing!

    We are totally mac lovers. Maybe it´s a must have…

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    Ann Marie

    You know what we need? We need to get Steve Jobs into scrapbooking.

    JUST IMAGINE what he could do with a Cricut/Xyron Design Runner/Wishblade type thing????? OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH. 🙂

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    I was just introduced to your blog and I have to say that I absolutely love it! Almost better than dooce!

    I love that phone and I too will be getting just as soon as possible!

    Keep up the great blog! Love it!

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    So glad to have you back in the blogosphere, Cathy! I seriously missed my CZ fix every day, and made reading my blog aggregator a chore when you weren’t there. Welcome back!

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    Guess what – I had the microsoft equivalent(i-mate). I had it for 21 days and I could have thrown it at my local telstra dealer 100 times in that time! It drove me to drink (not that that is very hard). It drove me so nuts that I begged them to give me a normal bub-bub phone that didn’t take me 10 minutes to text someone and whose phone calls I could actually answer before the call went into that deep dark place called message bank. The only thing I miss about my i-mate is the bubbles game. I am not usually technically challenged but this time they got me – May be “apple” will do it better????? (Doh – of course they will!)LOL!

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    oh most definately YEEEEESSS!!!! Cingular will have the market on them and the DAY my Verizon contract expires I will be trotting over to Cingular to check this bad boy out!!! and I agree…..scrapping NEEDS a Steve Jobs!!

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    Watching the news this morning about the iPhone when drool started coming out of my speechless open mouth. My 14 year old yelled to my husband upstairs “Dad … I know what we’re getting Mom for Christmas next year!” Christmas?! Christmas?! Damn … I’m not waiting that long!!! 🙂

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    I want that iphone too! saw it on the news last night while I was ironing! We won’t get it in Australia till 2008! 🙁

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    Enabler!!! My husband will curse the day (today) you have shown me this. I am coveting!

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    As soon as they put up that order button I am clickingit!!! I already warned my hubby that my B.Day next month is already taken care of! This phone ROCKS!!!
    Apple can do no wrong and to watch Steve do all thoses tasks on that phone at the same time , I was in GEEK heaven.

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    I can hardly wait til June!!! Im soooo all over this baby! who cares if its $500. I need this!!!!
    Who in their right mind would still want a Zune?
    oh, and yes…Steve Jobs is adorable, no doubt about it 🙂

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    I immediately thought of you when this came through my email this morning! All three of us in my house are waiting with bated breath for June and lucky us! We are already Cingular customers! Hunny has been emailing weekly asking if they were ever going to come out with a cell phone/planner thing! Woohoo!!!!! I think you can actually start pre-ordering by the end of this month!

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    Oh, my. It is so full of geeky goodness, isn’t it? My son called last night and we talked about it for about 45 minutes. His birthday is in June and he is totally going to get one. I love the touch screen and the fact that it has a widescreen video player and oh, man… I just got a new phone in November so I cannot get another one so soon. At least I can live through you guys.

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    Deborah Hensley

    You know I didn’t really care either way before I looked at the phone on the apple website, and HOLY COW that thing looks freakin awesome! If I got one, I think it would be the only Christmas present I’d be getting! lol! Apple Rocks!

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    Of course you need the iPhone! Happened to click on your blog address (still on my favorites) as I do every so often just in case, and here you are! So happy! Deb

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    I’m the Mac gal in our PC-based household, but hubby came to find me in the craft room last night to be sure I’d seen the story! And I totally agree on Steve’s wardrobe. I love how he sees no need to change it up. When the look works, you stick with the look! I am totally there!!

    So glad you’re back in the blogworld. It makes my day very happy 🙂


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    Girl, you are speaking my language! I have some serious tech lust over the iPhone! Glad to see you blogging again by the way, you are so witty!

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    Oh. My. God.
    It’s TRUE!!! You’re back!!!

    Your return is the Christmas present that I wanted and did not get. Now my mornings can go back to some semblance of normal.


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    Oh man, I am so with you there! I was just watching the keynote tonight and it’s clinched it for me. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t gotten DVR or an iPod. Now I just need to win the lottery! lol

    btw, it’s great to see you blogging again. You’ve been missed. 🙂

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    I must have one too!! It looks amazing! But of course that’s because its an Apple product. Apple rocks! I also thought that the keynote speech was fun and very entertaining to watch.

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    Lesleigh Watson

    ARRRhhh you guys are soooo lucky down here in Australia we have to wait until 2008!! it’s going to kill me waiting for that long I look forward to the reviews.

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    Yep, sold. I knew there had to be some reason for not getting that Ipod I wanted for the 3rd Christmas in a row! 😉

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    I’m in awe of those of you who are techno-giants! I can barely figure out how to get my voice mail on my cell phone (if i remember to bring it with me!)! Enjoy the new toy!

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    Totally off the subject of that techno device that I don’t understand:

    I got both your Clean and Simple books yesterday. Can I just say “I love you”. Really and without reservation. I love that you scrap like me. I love that what I think is “enough” really is. I feel like when you wrote those books you were secretly thinking “lets make that poor little waif in MT feel ok about everything.” Thanks for that. Oh and thanks for blogging again. A daily dose of vitamin CZ is good for what ails us.

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    Okay missy, you know it’s serious when someone calls you missy, you are a technology goddess and you’re sticking your kid on the original Nintendo?? I know there’s a certain retro hip nostalgia with it but, you definitely need to purchase at least a PS2 and let Cole loose on Guitar Hero II. You both will be in dawg heaven! Think about it!

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    I JUST called Verizon today to find out when I can upgrade my phone, as I’ve been dying for a Treo. My contract expires in July, so I can upgrade the phone in May and extend the contract. Looks like I’ll be jumping over to Cingular and I’ll be all over this iPhone. Until then, I’ll be saving my pennies….

    Add me to the legions happy to have you back blogging. I’ve missed your wit and wisdom.

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    Cathy, I am glad your excited about the
    I-phone there saying it should be in our hands in about 6 months. Can’t wait. Super! Were gonna have a lot of fun!

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    erin yamabe

    you’ve been a household name since i met you last june during cku, but now officially, my geek hubby is a fan…since you posted this. he is a huge mac guy, and so into this phone:)

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    Barbie Schwartz

    Man, DH and I watched the podcast last night…way too cool. DH’s boss is getting them for the whole department as soon as they are available. I am soooo jealous! I knew you would be all over this. But I am wondering about how it will work for people with really thick fingers….

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    Cathy, I was fortunate enough to go to MacWorld yesterday. The “cult-like” following of the i-phone was iconic and historical to watch. There were upward of 250 people at a time standing in the middle of the show watching the video that explained all the features of this phone. They had two models of “the phone” rotating around, under glass. The banner at the show was 60 feet tall, with a small apple and the words “We need to talk.” Powerful and simple, just like you and your wonderful designs.


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    i heard it on the news here in teh UK and boy has he got enthusiasim
    we dont get it in the UK until december with a price tag of £300

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    Lisa Cohen

    My techno-geek hubby told me he watched the whole shebang and told me all about it (and of course I’m dying to see it too!)… when we went to bed we were talking about the latest Apple offering and I remember the first thing I did after waking up groggily was to ask him if the iPhone has notes and contacts and he said yep. This phone will be MINE!!! I want one. The only issue.. getting out of my Verizon contract (I just bought a phone a few weeks ago. and I’m so KICKING myself!!!).

    Oh my book of choice at the moment is: The Perfect Thing (the book about the iPod). Great read so far.

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    Just catching up on blogs and found out you were back… woo hoo! I had to laugh at this blog. I work for another cell phone company and was on a conference call with some of my peers the day after the iphone announcement. One of the guys said, “the geek in me cried myself to sleep last night when I realized I couldn’t have one of those phones.”

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