What I had for breakfast

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Strawberry-Blueberry-Yogurt Smoothie
as made by me…

1 container of Yoplait Light Strawberry Banana Yogurt
4-5 large strawberries, cut up
15-20 blueberries
1/2 cup of calcium fortified orange juice
1/4 cup crushed ice

Put into blender. Blend. Drink. Mmmmmm.

Let me just say that aside from a handful of jaunts to my local Jamba Juice, I am no smoothie connoisseur. But in my effort to move into Phase One of the Best Life Diet, I'm adding breakfast at a normal hour to my daily routine. Usually, I just drink coffee until around 10:30 a.m. and suddenly I realize that i am STARVING and Oreos are looking mighty appealing as potential breakfast fare.

So enter one week of smoothies (and daily vitamin supplements) and I am not kidding when I say this: I feel like a different person. I feel energized, calmer, more able to focus…and all in the midst of some exceptionally heavy workload at Simple.  Keep in mind, I've also been  eating three balanced meals, and two snacks. No alcohol. No shit. That's my motto.

And I've even managed to get out into the winter air to take Chip for a lunchtime walk. Go me.

What is really weird is the emotional levelness. For a person whose breakfast once consisted of a cleverly packaged nicotine delivery system and General Food's International Coffees (Cafe Francais flavor), this is a bit of a shock, really. But the calmness is the most obvious result. My body likes to have healthy things placed into its main cavity, apparently.

Just wanted to share what I had for breakfast, and a bit of my new found zen.

Keep in mind, I hate people who are really healthy and organic and…healthy. And by hate, of course, I  mean that I too, desperately want to be just like them so I have a fighting chance of maintaining a spine that will keep me upright into my 70s.

Cute thing this morning, as I'm making my smoothie, and kids are eating breakfast. Aidan was planning to audition for a local production of "Mulan" and then decided to back out of it, which isn't the worst thing, considering she's never done a monologue, and didn't have one memorized, and the audition is today, that said…

She was telling me that one of her friends takes voice lessons, and acting lessons, and is really talented and that she was going to audition for the show. She said, "I mean, she can really sing. I'm nothing like her."

And Cole, who was sitting at the kitchen table, assembling massive quantities of Legos, without missing a bit, said, "I think you're pretty good."

Talk about a warm and fuzzy start to my already insanely health-fueled day.


Cathy ZielskeWhat I had for breakfast

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    You go Cathy. Good for you for trying to get healthier. I’m right there with ya.

    I too love those moments when our kids are civil to each other and actually have something nice to say to each other. My oldest two are 11 and 9 and those comments are few and far between. Savor every one of them!


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    Hey Cathy – I know this is late, but I am so glad you are back, My OCD really missed you and your insight on life. Secondly – a smoothie tip for you – I use frozen bananas (peel and break into pieces before freezing!) and frozen berries instead of ice – it makes the smoothie super thick and icy, without needing any ice!

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    I too have started the best life diet. and I mean by starting… I’ve signed up to the website.. paid my $50 for 3 months.. (cheaper than WW) and the URL address is collecting dust. perhaps I will go forth and stop sinning today! in regards to your daughter and acting.. i went for my first audition when i was 8 for a summer production of Mame.. i can’t sing.. have NEVER been able to.. i was cast.. and not only that.. but in a non-singing (meaning not too many songs they couldn’t help me through) lead role!!! so, there you have it! i have been acting ever since, went to college on scholarship.. and never once learned how to sing.. and was cast in musicals ALL the time! just tell her, she’s got nothing to lose! and by auditioning, she’s only gaining experience! at least she will know how it all works! love your blog.. i’m a daily visitor, first time poster… oh, and one more thing… American Idiot… MTV Storytellers… were you there? If not, there was a Cathy impersonator in the crowd.. i SWEAR!!! ciao! Shelle May

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    i do believe your testimony this morning just may be motivating me a bit to clean up & for that i thank you so much for sharing ;o)

    i don’t know about your 2, by my heather, 13 & ben, 6 mostly bicker; so it is a rare delight when something such as your breakfast table conversation creeps in :o)

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    you MUST get a Magic Bullet! I got one in November. I have used it EVERY morning since. The Bullet is AWESOME! Really! I grab my Magic Bullet mug, pour in Vanilla Soy milk, add a little vanilla yogurt, frozen fruit and sometimes a 1/2 scoop of vanilla Slim Fast, or instant breakfast for the vitamins. Screw on the Blade, put on the little bullet, like 3 seconds, than take off blade cap, stick in a straw and go! SO totally awesome! I know you’d love it. ;o)

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    What I want to know is how you’re morning routine allows your children to sit calmly at the morning table building crap with legos and complimenting their siblings??? I hate you. And by hate, I, of course, mean HATE!

    you see, my mornings, which don’t include any sort of solid or liquid assembly or intake on my part, are a blur of rushing children, paking lunch, brushing teeth, signing homework, finding shoes, and pushing out the door. Then, when it all settles down I realize the lunch was forgotten, the shoes were mismatched, the science paper is on my desk, and it’s picture day.

    There’s no sort of zen going over here and you want me to buy that a smoothie will make is all better??? HAHAHAH ya right sister! 🙂
    a smoothie with Apple Pucker in it maybe.

    oh yeah, and it’s been like a week since I told you I love you 🙂

    signed, your friendly stalker

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    Nicole Mc

    What a sweet heart Cole is, doesn’t that just make it all worth it sometimes!! Keep up the breakfast, the good feeling is your body thanking you!!!

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    … and I was going to use my strawberries to make a chocolate/strawberry milkshake. I must admit, your idea IS actually better. Damnit… why did I read your blog today?!?

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    Lyn Meeker

    Good for you! Today I had Chocolate Cake! (With Boston Creme filling) .. Monday was my Birthday .. but the guys didn’t get around to getting me a cake until last night! Maybe I’ll do the smoothie tomorrow! .. (Probably not if there is any cake left over!!!!)

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    Lisa Cohen

    That smoothie looks pretty good. If I wasn’t shivering here with snow still on the ground I would really want to reach out and grab your smootie for a sip but I can’t do smoothies in the winter. I’m a wuss. When I was at Costco the other day picking up my digital layouts, there was a guy there selling Vita-Mixes. I’ve seen them before but never REALLY. And he whipped up a smoothie so quickly (the motor sounded like the machine was going to take off!) and it was delicious! Like the kind of smooth that you get when you order from Smoothie King (love that place!). Whenever I try to make smoothies they never turn out quite as smoooooth as I like… I end up getting bits of ice (which are satisfying to chew on those tense kinda days)… but I really loved that Vitamix Smoothie and think I will always remember that one. The one that got away.

    And can I say that MICHELLE, your comments completey crack me up!!! hilarious!

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    I laughed out loud when I read about the coffee/oreos thing….been there, done that. That smoothie looks delicious but here I am drinking coffee……:)

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    *sob* I love smoothies… but I’m on a trial dairy free period at the moment… looks like my littly could have an intolerance.

  13. #17

    That boy is going to break some serious hearts, I tell ya! What a great brother. Love it that you’re back in the bloggin’ world too!

  14. #18

    Ok, I’ve got no personal affliation, blah blah blah — but I’ve been getting my own inspiration these days from http://www.realage.com/ — you take a health/lifestyle type survey and they tell you your “real age.” Ya know, if you take good care of yourself, your real age is LESS than your biologicial age. If not, well, nothing like looking at a bigger number to get you up and moving. It DOES really feel better to take care of yourself, and it’s delightful to be able to say, “oh, do you want to know my biological age or my REAL age!”

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    natalia dexter

    Good going Cathy! The good feeling you get when you are doing something positive for yourself just filters through to your whole being. It’s fantastic! Here in Oz Kelloggs is running an ad campaign for their cereal Special K called Remember you. It’s encouraging women to remember themselves as it makes them better people. The ad is awesome. If you’re like me and cry at sentimental ads like Kleenex tissues then you’ll like this. The link is http://www.rememberyou.com.au
    and follow the links to remember you. It also has some great tips on being healthy.
    Don’t you just love it when kids are so honest. They just say it like it is!It’s obvious Cole loves his big sister alot! Aidan don’t be afraid to try out new things!

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    deb munn

    Smoothies… huh… wouldn’t have pictured you as a smoothie lover. May have to hop on that bandwagon afterall.
    Man… that boy of yours really does rock!

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    Patti Mullican

    Cathy Z-good luck w/ best life diet. i am also reading bob’s book and hubby and I had smoothies this morning, too. was not jazzed about the soy milk, but it actually made the smoothie richer and more like it had icecream in it. YUM-O! anyway, best of luck livin’ the life. progress is all he advocates in phase one-thank god! progress we can do!

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    not a smoothie chef, but I have learned that a tiny spalsh of almond or vanilla extract will elevate your smoothie to the stratosphere.
    I’m just saying.
    and I hear you on the breakfast, who knew? 😉

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    I am so jealous that you have a Jamba Juice. I could live there. We don’t have any in Michigan. It’s a tragedy, really.
    i think I would fall over dead if my kids were complimenting each other, in the morning no less. So I hate you for having well behaved children, so close in age to mine. And by Hate I mean insanely envious!

  20. #28

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    Thena Smith

    Hi Cathy! I’m on the same diet…by that I mean I ordered the book and it came…:-)


    PS Heard you on Diva Craft Lounge this am and hope to say hi to you at CHA.

  22. #31

    You go girl! I’m on my 5th day w/out soda, I’ve had only iced tea and apple juice. And my soda is your coffee.

    Keep it up Cathy!

  23. #32
    jenny bonner

    Crowed House are reforming!!! Touring USA this year (california) with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


  24. #34

    i just wanted to say that i’d never know you’d rejoined the blogging world except that i randomly came across your blog in one of my fav folders that it shouldn’t have been in… clicked it… JOY OF MUTHA FREAKING JOYS!!!! My Cathy!!!

    Welcome back.

  25. #36

    Good luck with your smoothie delights and life diet thing, I’m doing some things differently here too and they seem to be working. Feelin better and livin life a little happier too.

    I did want to point out that this:
    “Keep in mind, I’ve also been eating three balanced meals, and two snacks. No alcohol. No shit. That’s my motto.”
    Troubled me. “No shit”. No shit…I pray you were meaning no kidding, cuz seriously no shitting is bad. Bad as in real bad. Shitting is good…real good, keep that in your diet. Especially with the smoothies.


  26. #37

    aww the things kids say, good luck on teh ehalthy eating, as i write this with my mug of black coffee minus breakfast!

  27. #38

    Thank you kindly for pointing out the delights of smoothies! My life now has some meaning! join me in a jig? Good times. Anyway, As a Teaching Assistant, I am right with you on the cutest sayings kids come up with, and I must say Aidan and Cole seem to come up with some pretty smashing ones! Love your books and so very very glad you are back online, as my morning routine of blog hopping was put off kilter somewhat! Take care Love Jen

  28. #39

    okay – really I should be eating breakfast. . .maybe smooties are the foods of gods. . .thanks for the insight – really.

    and love how cute cole was to aidan. . .LOVE that!!


  29. #40

    So glad you’ve gotten the message about breakfast. When I was teaching I remember realizing that my kids weren’t getting breakfast (like real breakfast) and that was half the reason they were having problems. We’d give the kids peanut butter, bread, fruit and milk before class started and all of a sudden we had good kids where once we were struggling with behaviors. Its true for everyone, a litte stable breakfast makes the world go round. Of course that is no need to stop drinking a day of coffee with it 🙂

  30. #41

    Cathy, I read this post to my husband and he just howle!! He wanted toread all your posts after that. He is the kind that can’t even turn my computer on!! And he asked me did I think you would write something that funny tomorrow. Thanks for making mine and my husbands day. And good luck on your healthy living and eating!! 🙂

  31. #42

    Cole…such a good heart! Got one of those warm & fuzzy moments at my house one night when I snuck upstairs to make sure my boys (sharing a room/bunk beds, but both were in one bed)were asleep. The younger one was having trouble with a bully at school and my older one was “counseling” him about how to deal with said bully that would definitely violate the school’s “No Tolerance” rule! Warmed my heart! (not the ass-kicking part!)

  32. #43

    okay: does aidan have a smoosh CD yet? i mean…from what i’m getting, cole is the rock boy so it’s probably too girlie for his tastes and really I know nothing about aidan’s musical tastes (clearly all i know is that she wears beautiful scarves!) but that lovely little scene just made me think that a band made entirely of two sisters from seattle who are 10 and 12 is totally perfect.

    and now i look at that and it sounds like i’m all ‘they’re a band for kids’. so not. they even have a huge london following of proper gig-going grown-ups. ack, they can’t be explained in a blog comment even if i make it an excessively long blog comment. {and quite possibly they may be like so big and hip in the states now…i am so out of touch.} so hmm. smoosh. for aidan. i think so. yes.

    that is all. *smiles*

  33. #44
    steven davies

    Vitamin supplements help a lot:))One advantage of the liquid vitamin supplements is that they are easier for the body to absorb than the traditional pills are.They also come in a variety of different flavours that are actually pleasant to take.

  34. #45
    Laura Emmett


    You are not alone in your quest. I finally started exercising yesterday. I am the bottom of the hill. I do know one thing. Trying to abstain from eating certain things just makes you want them more. I am trying to stay within a certain amount of calories per day, and of course eat healthy. But if I want a little something sweet I won’t deny myself or I wont stick to this new plan. I will keep moderation taped to the pantry and especially the freezer as ice cream is my “thing”. When you are ready you will do what you need to do, just know that you are not alone.

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