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    He’s completely right.

    Well there is one difference. At Chuck’s, after you spend a million dollars, you get to pick out a plastic, piece of crap toy from behing a glass case.

    At the Casino, you get a free beer.

    dang, it’s exactly the same. nevermind.

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    Jen Donnelly

    Wow… you have one wise kid there! That’s exactly what my DH thinks, and why he doesn’t like to take them there. He thinks the casinos own CEC and are trying to desensitize kids to the sensation of throwing money away….

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    Truth hurts don’t it — even when from a little kid! I’ve always believed that the casinos were the primary support of all arcades and certainly Chuckee Cheese! Get the habit of putting a quarter into a machine for the return only of bells and whistles!

    Glad to see you back!

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    Susan Wesely

    Now we know what Dan would look like with blue hair! (The older he gets, the more he looks like your husband.)

    I love watching your kids grow up. I feel a little more prepared for what to expect.

    So glad you are back!


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    awesome ‘do little dude!
    My 9 year old daughter’s room always looks like a bomb went off in it. It does take the two of us all day plus to clean it up.

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    OMG! You cannot come out of the blogging black hole and NOT explain that blue hair! I almost spit out my soda. What a hoot! Wish my kids were that free-spirited. He’s such a rockin’ dude.


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    Lori N

    I look forward to the day my son decides that blue is in. (Really, truly! Cuz I wanna do something crazy to my hair but aren’t brave enough – that’s what living through your kids is all about!) Love the photos! And my daughter’s bedroom? Forgetaboutit! You are one brave lady .

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    my wife just read the comment about Chuck e Cheese…oh my how i agree with that. two of us dad’s took our boys the other day and were blown away by how much gambling there was…also realized that neither of us adults should ever go to veges.

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    Jody Ferlaak

    So true. The big gamble at Chuck E. Cheese is, “Do I really want to eat that stuff they call ‘pizza’?” and exposing your kids to all the other ‘germs’ as they go from game to game. So basically you’re dealing with the same stuff as in Hinkley. =) I miss the caramel rolls on the way home from Duluth too! Thanks again for coming back, CZ. You’re my ‘link’ to MN weather reports and what’s going on down the street from my parents. You know, it’s a big deal to me how thick the deli meat is being sliced at Rainbow, and I totally live for the State Fair as seen through your eyes since it’s been so long since I’ve gotten to go there myself. Also…food tip. Have you ever been to Panino’s restaurant on Rice Street or out at North Oaks location? You and the fam should go. Yum…the whole menu. I’m craving their Mud Pie as we speak. I mean, as I type. Gosh. I really have missed you. =)

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    Oooops! Just got done wiping off my keyboard! LOVE the blue hair – your son is really cute. My boys never asked to do anything that outrageous, but I totally would have let them if they did! Maybe it’s good they didn’t know:)

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    Hi Cathy..good to see you blogging again. We’ve missed you downunder. Just had to let you know that a few months back, I was on a plane and guess who was sitting across the aisle from me??? Yeah girl, Neil Finn!!! he was an arms length away from me cos the plane was so flippin small! How cool is that????

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    kate titcombe-hollis

    oh thank goodness your back. i love to read what you’re currently obsessing about.
    from one ocd to another.

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    Lyn Meeker

    THAT has to be the title of his first book! .. He is destined to be an author… “Chuck E Cheese is like gambling for kids” and other musings – the world according to Cole.

    He could put himself through college!

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