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    Hey, you don’t me from Adam, but I found your blog through Tara Whitney’s (I think) and have been laughing while reading along. Hope you don’t mind some “stranger” lurking through.

    LOVE your Queen shirt, I’m totally jealous.

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    And the Eagles…and The Band.

    BTW, I HIGHLY recommmend watching Classic Albums on VH1. Have you done it yet? Its on Tuesdays I think but reruns are throughout the week. Amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Shelly in the NW

    any thoughts on Van Halen being in the Hall of Fame? we are waiting to see if it’s Van Halen (the original), Van Hagar (love Sammy) or just the Van Halen boys (now that Wolfgang has joined in as bass guitarist with his dad….) hmmmm…??? will be interesting to see who is at the actual induction ceremony.

    also, read in the paper yesterday that the new i-phone will be $400-$500 depending on how much memory you buy…yikes…

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    You make me loff. And I only misspell laugh when I’m really loffing. So glad you’re back, I lurk here often. If you like Imogen, try Frou Frou – it was a project she had before going single. Let Go is quite possibly the best song I obsessed over in 04.

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    I couldn’t agree more with Dee’s post. That was my exact thought as I read your blog today. You were missed…and SO glad you’re back.

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    I have soooo missed your bloggin’ awesome sense of humor and perfect way of saying things others just think in their heads!

    I even kept your blog in my favorites in hopes that you would return!! Yay!


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    Actually, Gomez has three lead singers… It’s true! Just for the record and all that… 🙂 Ben, Ian and Tom all take turns singing lead. (And for the record, Ben’s my fave vocally… but who can really pick a fave when all the songs are SO GOOD?????????)

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    Wow Cathy

    You really missed blogging!!
    yesterday i checked and today there are 3 new items!

    By the way, I really wish to have a hubby who also likes gadgets. Mine is always saying that those things are unnesserary. and he doesn’t want to spend money on it.
    But “I really need those accessories” but being a sahm, how can i buy this??
    please don’t temp me!!!
    Sorry if my spelling isn’t perfect but as a dutch girl i’m doing the best i can 😉

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    I’m so glad you’re blogging again. I love reading your words… you definitely have brought many a smile to my face and that is what I think blogging is all about. Thanks for all your stories; I truly enjoy them!

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    Hi, I’m relatively new at scrapbooking. I’ve read both your books (Love Um) I’m very new at blogging. Is that a word? I read that you did lots of 8.5 x 11 scrapbooking. I’ve been searching for albums that size. Not much luck. In fact no luck. Can you help? PLEASE I’ve been searching the web for hours…..

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    Wendy P

    Okay, I know I’m a bit behind, but sometimes it takes me a while to get with the program!!!! I’m so gladyour back, I sooo missed you. My dh thinks I am a nut sitting infront of the computer laughing like a mad woman. Really am glad to see your blogg up and running again, and thank you for the entertainment!

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    Hi just wanted to say I got a nice suprise yesterday when I went to your blog yesterday and found you had started again. I confess I did go into it to delete it off my fav list but only because I thought it was no longer in use. So glad you are back. Love your humour and take on life. Literally LOL when out shopping yesterday and saw a t-shirt which said ‘no friend lets a friend wear a mullet’. Thought instantly of your post.

    Lesley (NZ)

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    anna l.

    hey Lady OCD,how could you forget Split Enz!?!?!?!? oh wait, the only Finn that counts is the Neil

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