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Issue No. 1
Don't make me not love you

Fourth paragraph. See: Minnesota. Steve, I thought we were tight? Steve? Stevie? STEEEEVE? I can't breathe right now.

(Chris, thanks for the head's up….and the heartbreak…sniff)

Issue No. 2
Why does everyone hate Marcel (if that is your real name)? Anyone? Why don't I hate him? Okay, granted, his rap thing a few episodes back was completely lame, but…that aside, I don't hate him. Dude ROCKS the hair product. And the foams…

Issue No. 3

I don't think it was necessary for Simon to call that young man a bush baby. Uncalled for. But I also think the idiots who produce that show should also remind us that they CHOOSE those people on purpose. Remember, it's called "entertainment."

Issue No. 4
Thank you for the comments yesterday. I appreciate them all. Totally. I am staying the course. 1,000 points of light.

Issue No. 5

I am a scrapbooker. True? or False? Discuss.

Issue No. 6

If anyone out there can find a legal mp3 file of Neil Finn's version of Sexual Healing, I will…write about you on my blog, and we will be BFF. I'm serious. You can hear it here. (wait till the music player loads.) It makes me slightly weak-kneed. Just to hear this lovely little Kiwi man telling me to "wake up, wake up, wake up…." Sorry, Dan. You know I'm down with you and all, but…

Issue No. 7
Okay, maybe he can't sing, but he is cute. And i think he and Neil are actually the same height. Bonus!


End of issues, for now…

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  1. #1

    RE: Issue Number 5, Am I a scrapbooker.

    Response: My definition of a scrapbooker is a person who is the keeper and recorder of their view of the world, often using pictures. You have a blog. For as long as you either allow this blog to remain in cyberspace or print it out and save it or move on to some other form of recording your view of the world, you are a scrapbooker.

    Now whether your employer thinks you are one, that is another question.

  2. #3
    Deborah P

    I heard you speak at the Scrap, Etc. Inspiration event in Birmingham in April, 2006. And I own both volumes of your Clean and Simple books on scrapbooking. Yes, you are definitely a scrapbooker. You are also an inspiration for scrapbookers. Even if you are not actively scrapping now, you are a scrapbooker and I thank you for it.

  3. #4

    You are definitely a scrapbooker! Last night as I was winding down, I grabbed your Vol 2 book and it got me excited about some layouts that had been rolling around in my head – you totally rock w/the way you see things. One of the reasons I’m hell bent on scrapping again is because of a minibook of yours that was in the Slice of Life special edition magazine-thing. God I’m eloquent today, right??

  4. #5

    no – not scrapbooker… Uber Scrapbooker -who has times of creative re-energizing… i’m betting the creative outlet is still there, in different form (do i hear the clicking of knitting needles?)
    and as much as i would love to find the legal mp3 of sexual healing and qualify for said BFF status – i’m at work and i’m certain someone will find it before i have time to even type in “Goo…” at home… good luck and “neener neener” to whoever finds it before me… happy day!

  5. #6
    deb munn

    #1 – Sorry about the iPhone news… I’m in New England and feel your pain. Ugh… dare to dream!!
    #2 – Because he’s soooooo full of himself. But I’ll give him props for the hair product.
    #3 – Totally unnecessary… made me turn the channel.
    #4 – You’re leaps and bounds ahead of me!
    #5 – True… discussion not needed.
    #6 – Ooooo… if you find a legal mp3 file please share the info! Way cool version… thanks for the heads-up on that one 🙂
    #7 – Total bonus!

  6. #8
    Damon Crawley

    Scrapbooker; yes. Heather (wife) and I don’t have albums upon albums completed. She may get a page done a month. Shoot, she is still working on week 1 of Heidi’s BPS class. Like you, we have other things that take a lot of time: Kids (and everthing that entails), spouse, JOBS. Life can just get in the way of the things we like to do. Doesn’t mean we have turned our back on it.

  7. #9
    tara w

    iphone-thats WRONG.
    thank god i live in californye AYE!

    neil finn. ill try to hook a sister up.

    dan-he is cuter than neil. if i may say so myself. but thats just your imaginary friend talking, so maybe that doesnt mean anything to him. (you are welcome dan)


  8. #10
    Melissa Sutton-Estrada

    Issue #2: Marcel would have a much better chance if he a) wasn’t so smug, and b) didn’t look like a cartoon character, which further magnifies the impression that he thinks that he is superhuman. Foam. Mousse. Anyone see the similarities?

  9. #12

    Not really qualified to comment on any issues ‘cept #4(stay the course) #5 (same answer) and as for seven….I have eyes…and he’s a hottie.
    (thanks for comin’ back)

  10. #13

    i don’t hate marcel either…and i actually kind of feel bad for him. he is just their scapegoat. he’s not my fave, but i don’t think he’s all that bad.

    simon is a jerk.

    i didn’t know about neil finn. but i am looking for a legal download of young folks by peter bjorn and john…so maybe they are together. hmmm.

  11. #14

    Glad to see you again. we met at CKUA in Atlanta. I made you call my friend Meredith on my cell since she’s a huge fan. My ringer is “Holiday” (Green Day, NOT Madonna).

    I thought “monkey boy” looked more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Still rude.

    Again, glad to see you back. Keep the faith!

  12. #15

    yea, not good with the phones.
    I don’t hate him. I don’t like him, but I don’t hate him either. Last night was stupid, capital S STUPID. come on, you made me feel sorry for the guy now.
    didn’t see
    keep it up
    of course, aren’t we all?
    don’t have it wish I did, I don’t.
    I’m stuck on lumberjacks, or lumberjack looking guys, can’t help ya.

  13. #17

    I like Marcel. He isn’t as bad as the other chef’s make him out to be. In fact, I think the other chef’s look like whiney kids when they pick on him. It’s a cooking show, let’s all get along.

    Definitely a scrapper. There’s something so cool in being one isn’t there?

  14. #18
    Kelli Johnson

    omg I know about that Sexual Healing song…when I heard it on myspace I almost died….that’s like my favorite song and he sounds like a thousand times better singin’ it then Marvin…shhhhh did I say that outloud?
    As soon as you find it, let us know? itunes no?

    anyways as for issues…scrapbooker, you???? no…..J/K what classifies a scrapbooker really? I mean one who puts pictures in an album and journals with a black pen is a scrapbooker so when asked if you are a scrapbooker the answer is an astounding YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for your words each day, they bring happy thoughts to me 🙂 I like that.

  15. #20

    I bought Aveeno Skin Relief after reading about it here and while it hasn’t totally cleared up my dry patches I do feel less like ripping off my skin. I am in Montana, dry, dry winters and also, no iPhone. I am sure that Minnesota will get it long before we will.

  16. #22

    Issue #2: Yeah, why DO they all hate Marcel? I don’t *hate* him persay, but he could use a little humble pie once in a while. Other than that, I’ve found plenty of other contestants way more annoying.. 😛 Perhaps watching on the tube and in person are two totally different experiences. Go Sam!

  17. #23
    Tracy Whitney

    I felt really bad for the bush baby. The cruelty was a bit much. I also didn’t like Randy’s bashing of that poor vocal instructor. : (
    So I’m sensitive.

  18. #24

    I thought that monkey boy looked like a Pekinese(sp)! I am so glad you said that entertainment thing because I was starting to feel bad for laughing so much! 😉

    Dan is a cutie! If he could sing too he’d be too perfect and too perfect is NO FUN! 🙂

    Sorry, couldn’t find the MP3 either and I have no idea why I even looked if YOU couldn’t find it!

  19. #25

    they should of shaved that little annoying twit’s fat head.

    sorry about the iPhone.

    to me, you are the uber-scrapbooker.

    dan is hot.

    rock on!

  20. #26

    I don’t know about the Minnesota thing. I have Cingular now. Why wouldn’t we still be able to get service on the iPhone? Don’t worry about it too much. My dad was at MacWorld. I’m sure he talked to Steve about it.

    (see? i replied!)

  21. #27

    Man, I’m so glad your blog is back. You, Stacy and Donna are my scrapbook goddesses. I keep y’all books right next to my bed so I can relax and browse through them at the end of the day. It’s a great way to unwind.

  22. #28

    Sucks about the iphone. At least I won’t have to pine away for it after buying a new video iPod 2 months ago. 🙁
    My friends keep telling me “You are a scrapper. You are a scrapper” since I have taken up knitting.

  23. #29

    Oh man that is so not fair! Now I have another CD to go on out and buy. Hopefully it won’t be as hard to find Neil Finn Cds here as it would no doubt be in the US.

    I am so loving your clean and simple 2 one of the two books I asked for and got at Christmas. Life is good with Cathy to inspire! Thanks.

  24. #30

    Issue #1 Bummer about the iphone! Hope that doesn’t happen here in Sydney – oh well I’ll have to wait till 2008!!!!
    Issue # 2 – don’t know who Marcel is?
    Issue # 3- you must mean Simon from American Idol – he’s a tosser!
    Issue #4 – we’re all with you on this one
    Issue #5 – you are most definitely a scrapbooker! You are my idol!
    Issue #6 – love this!
    Issue # 7- Dan is cute and a hottie!!

  25. #31
    Jen Donnelly

    Are you a scrapbooker? If you aren’t, no one is. You don’t get graded on how many pages you make.

  26. #32

    1. iPhone. Boo. I’m sad now. Can I go cry a while?
    2. Marcel who? I thought you were talking about a mime of some sort. So much for me being the Queen of Pop Culture 😉
    3. Sure Simon is mean, but COME ON, the world knows what it is – entertainment. And I think Susan said it best above…I thought he looked like that guy from Lord of the Rings…Golum?!?
    4. I didn’t post my views on Oprah – I’ll save it for another day. BUT that being said – I think you are doing the right thing. I, too, used to be a cigarette and coffee dieter. Now, 60 pounds and NO kids later, I’m looking for a solution. This could be it. Thanks for sharing with this non-Oprahite.
    5. You are an artist. Titles hold no bounds. So, whatever you choose to do today is what you are. Feel like knitting? Then you are a knitter. Feel like working with tile, then you are a mosiacer (or whatever!)…get it? We are what we are, no matter what title people want to label us with. Being a scrapbooker isn’t a bad thing, at least it justifies those drawers full of stickers. Oh wait, that makes one a collector 😉
    6. Drool…..
    7. Double drool…*ahem* sorry! 🙂

  27. #33

    I too, got nervous about the Cingular thing, (I’m in Iowa) until I looked at the coverage area on their web site. We’re pretty well covered. Most of MN is labeled ‘partner coverage’ or none, but the Twin Cities do have coverage. So, I guess that’s some hope, right? Here’s a link to their coverage map: It would be interesting to see what their time table is for adding coverage over the next few years.

  28. #34

    I can’t stand Marcel at all. His arrogance is unbelievable and it seems his food is not that good. There is always a comment about how it doesn’t really work, but he still thinks he is the best. Also, if you watch the previews for next weeks it shows Elias saying he cheated. 2 more things to add, these people have to live with him and they ALL can’t stand him, what does that say about him. And does anyone else think he looks like the heat miser with that hair!!!!!

  29. #37

    I’m working on getting you a copy of the Neil Finn song. I have some Aussie friends who have the album “The Andrew Denton Breakfast Show Musical Challenge, Volume 2: Even More Challenged” with the song on it. I’m tracking them down as we speak. If you can’t get the mp3 hopefully the hard copy will work?

    Amy 🙂

  30. #40

    wow, does it bother you or make you proud that all these women think your hubs is a hottie? (and i thought i had it bad with cop groupies…one woman actually followed him home and put a note on our windshield!) oh, well, it’s your own fault for scrapping and posting all the good things he says/does – maybe i should start journaling more about my husband so when i read about yours i can read about mine instead of just looking at tim and rolling my eyes? (sorry for run-on sentences – trying to type fast while positioning my ample hips between keyboard and baby’s searching fingers!)

  31. #41

    I don’t hate Marcel either, but I wouldn’t want to live with him. That said, they are completely, unnecessarily cruel to him. Get over yourselves and cook people!

    And, I’m a hybrid knitter/scrapbooker too and my interest in each comes and goes in waves. It works well with the OCD thing to have two hobbies.

  32. #42

    here’s one i’ll bet you don’t have on the ol’ iPod…

    search iTunes for the wiggles’ six months in a leaky boat…

    neil does a bit on the wiggles’ wiggly wiggly world. mmmm.

  33. #43

    If the Aussies and Shannon can’t hook you up, let me know and I can try to find it for you here in Montreal- I’m sure I must know someone who has it.
    And to me, you are ‘THE’ scrapbooker, not just ‘A’ scrapbooker, silly. :p

  34. #44
    Lisa H.

    Issue #5:
    Non-issue really. Yep, you are a scrapbooker. Just not an uptight, gotta scrap every photo you take, afraid to scrap out of order kind…. oh, much better than that. YOUR REAL. And, that, my friend, is why I like your style. I saw a quote once, “Home is where your story begins.” And, that quote, reminds me of you.

    Oh, and BTW … you do remember those two fab books you wrote, right? LOL! Love them. Not only do they inspire me as a scrapbooker, they inspire me in my design work for clients. So, keep it coming. All of it. The humor, the stories, etc. Especially, the stories.

  35. #46
    Lyn Meeker

    1. Guess you’ll have to move to Arizona …

    2. Do I have to say anything but “Foam”?

    3. I stopped watching AI three or four seasons ago…

    4. Gotta keep those ducks in a row…

    5. True .. but you are even more than that! (Writer.. Philosopher .. the Walt Whitman/Roy Rodgers/Mark Twain of the scrappin’ world.) – I just really dated myself now didn’t I? LOL!

    6. Sorry I didn’t even try .. I don’t even have an MP3 player…

    7. I’d certainly say he was a keeper!

  36. #47

    Holy Mother of God,

    Sexual Healing…inspired a serious makeout session.

    Uh- that might be TMI. But who else can a girl dish about her Finn Fetish, if not Cathy Z?

  37. #48

    issue 1 – sorry about that
    issue 2 – I think it’s Marcel’s arrogance. I really can’t believe Elia shaved her head. The horrors of alcohol.
    issue 3 – I can’t watch the show until they go to hollywood. there is really no reason to make fun of people. they shouldn’t even have made the initial cut. obviously the producers have an alternative motive. it’s cruel.
    issue 4 – that’s a tough one. a few extra lbs are ok. just stay away from the smokes
    issue 5 – True. i’ve seen your stuff. but you have to wonder, would you still scrapbook if you didn’t work for SS or primedia? or would you evolve into something else?
    issue 6 – sorry
    issue 7 – very, very cute. hold on to him.

  38. #49
    tami lyn

    I have decided to confess: I have loved Bono since I was eight. I met my husband when I was twenty. Math says Bono wins. I don’t know about your math but in my opinion Dan will just have to accept Neil’s role in your life. I’m sure Dan gets first choice in most things. That should be enough.

  39. #50
    Jane S.

    Re your issues:

    1. Well, heck, move to Atlanta. You know we love you down here.

    2. We hate Marcel because he’s mean and doesn’t share. Just caught this week’s episode tonight and I agree Cliff went too far and had to go home. But Marcel would never make it as a scrapbooker. He’s more invested in Marcel than in food or he would work better with other chefs.

    And on another note — yeah, that MLK Oprah with Bob Greene was great — went out and loaded up on Yoplait Light.

  40. #53
    susan opel

    whether you have actually scrapbooked since the year ended in ’06 or not, you are a scrapbooker – your words at the Scrap Etc. event and your two books have become a mantra to me – common margins, rule of thirds, leading of the text.

    PS – Do you ever tire of looking at Dan? 😉
    PPS – You are right – the producers from AI should, perhaps, remind the audience that the crazy people are obviously for our entertainment.

  41. #54

    Actually, you should be proud that so many women think Dan is handsome. When people point out something complimentary about my husband or think he’s handsome, I’m never jealous. It just re-reminds me of all the reasons I love my husband and how lucky I was to nab him 😉

  42. #55

    try ben harper’s cover of sexual healing… it will keep you sufficiently weak-kneed ’til you find the finn version…

  43. #56
    Bridget =)

    Dude!!!! Move to MD! then you can have the iphone! Plus! we have crabs! You know, the YUMMY good kind you can eat, not the kind in your crotch that make you itch. =)

  44. #57

    Loving issue number 4! Was that a Happy Gilmore reference? I think it was.

    PLease keep us posted about the Bob Greene book thing. I too gained and lost about 80 lbs with my two kids, and have since gained 15 lbs back. I would love to lose the last 15 and keep them off.


  45. #58

    Cathy you are a famous scrapbooker – go straight to the source, have your people call Neil’s people and ask for a copy. I am married to a Kiwi and they are very down to earth and helpful people!! People all over Australia and NZ know who you are – work it to your advantage – throw in a Clean ans Simple set of books


  46. #59
    Susannah Stapp

    You are my ultimate Scrapbooker. I don’t do it anything like you(ohhh, I wish I did!!!) but I love your stuff best. Speaking of that, do you have a schedule of where you will be in 2007 I am specifically interested in if you will be at CKU Nashville or CKC Nashville. I have been holding out registering for Detroit and St. Louis because I am hoping to take a class from you somewhere, hopefully somewhat near my home in Indianapolis. If you could let us know where in the world is Cathy Zielske going to be it would be great!!

  47. #60

    Issue #5:

    Write another book, have both, love them, getting rid of other idea books because I don’t use them, use yours all the time- YES, you’re a scrapbooker!

    Issue #7:

    Dan is hot! Now I love my husband, but Dan is really an overall great package. You’re lucky because it is hard to nab all the good stuff in one hubby, but he’s lucky too- you’re a cool chick!

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