Letter from Chip, Week Two

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[ed note: each week, while Chip's family is in Costa Rica, I promised they would receive a photo and letter from Chip, so they would be able to keep tabs and guage her general well being. Of course, being a blogger, I decided to make the emails public. Nice. Hey Tim and Anne! Love your dog! Keep in mind, this is not my dog, but I LOVE her all the same. Also, this photo is NOT the actual photo that accompanied the email. In case you're wondering. I just thought it was a nice shot.]


Dear Family,

This week, i found a new comfy place to sleep: the girl's bedroom floor. And that is where you see me laying in this photo.

The people I am staying with seem to be very obsessed with a sadly out-of-date video game system and some game called Super Mario brothers. They play it every night in the girl's room. I don't mind. Except when they lose and they yell very loudly.

I went for a couple of walks, and have been accompanying the boy and the girl to the bus stop in the mornings. I have been barking at the neighbor cats, and pooping in the same spot in the backyard, which really seems to make the lady happy.

They seem to like me a lot. Maybe too much. But I don't mind. It will do just fine until all of you return home. I actually overheard the lady tell a different lady named Leslie that they were thinking of dyeing my fur black and pretending not to know all of you when you return home. Just so you are aware, if this does occur, do not be fooled. It IS me.

Today, the people are actually leaving town for one night, and one of the man's coffee shop employees is coming over to stay with me and keep me company until the people come back tomorrow at around 5 p.m.

Maybe I can get a little peace and quiet?

Give my love to Ellie Ann, Michael and Ida.


p.s. they are coming up with silly nicknames for me, like, "Chip dip dippity do" and "Chippy McScratchy". HELP!

Cathy ZielskeLetter from Chip, Week Two

55 Comments on “Letter from Chip, Week Two”

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    Tim Smith

    Possession is ΒΎ of the law. So, we will be working on securing appropriate counsel and developing joint custody arguments for our return. Thanks for taking such great care of her! She looks great the kids love seeing her. Off to the beach this weekend – it has been fun, but eventually I am going to have to get back into the swing of actually working. There is always tomorrow…

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    nancy in ks

    CZ- with an imagination like yours, what kind of dreams do you dream at night? would love to hear one of ThoSE.

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    Absolutely hysterical. You’ve got to stop making me laugh out loud in my stuffy cubicle on my quiet floor of the big office building!! Never mind, keep making me laugh!

  4. #9

    I love Chips letter to his family! Who couldn’t love that face? Have fun taking care of him. You are one funny gal!!

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    Excellent letter Cathy!! Thanks so much for making me laugh after a horrid drive to work (Factoria) from Ballard in the snow!!!

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    Natalie Tran

    So fricken HILARIOUS you are! Love that you’re bloggin again πŸ™‚ Makes my day

    Natalie Tran

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    Anna Beth

    Oh Cathy, I’m so glad you are back. Each and everyday has been a laugh out loud!! I was a big time lurker before, but my new year’s resolution has been to post more on blogs I read. So you may hear more from me!!

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    I have kept your link in my favorites–imagine my surprise as I clicked down the list and started reading–I was halfway through the Jan 12 post when it hit me–Hey!! It’s Cathy!!

    Welcome back!

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    Love Chips letter! I thought I was mad about my dog. We left my dog Lucy with my parents for two weeks last year and my Mum who scraps took photos nearly everyday and did a small Journal for me when I got back with funny stories ‘written’ by Lucy!!! So funny.

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    How frigging cute are you? Would you like to watch my cat some time? I would love to know what she has to say to me in email form. πŸ˜‰

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    Lyn Meeker


    I hope you continue to have fun with the “Z” family! I have friends whose four legged furry kid writes their Christmas letter each year. With your talent .. you might want to think about doing that! It is always nice to see the world from someone else’s perspective! Hope you can at least post one more blog during your stay .. It would be interesting to know what “Lady Z” has in her scrap room! LOL!

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    Dear Chip,

    Remember that this is your vacation too. You need to explore and poop wherever you want! My favorite thing to do when I’m on vacation at my Grandma’s house is to terrorize the fat white cat and pee on the hot tub!

    Ludwig the Greyhound

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    Oh damn, you are unbelievable. I just scared my cat away when I read your post. He just run of as I started laughing…

    Look forward to read more about my new hero Chip.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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    I am so glad I clicked your bog link I still had saved in my FAV’S….this one made my laugh out loud, I so needed to laugh today!!!! Thanks πŸ˜‰

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    What an awesome way to keep the family ‘posted’ on Chip’s well-being. I know when I go on vacation I miss Abby (my black lab) terribly!! It seems as though you are reading his mind!!

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    Awwwww πŸ™‚ This is adorable. I have a dog but haven’t done anything like that for/with him. I have with the cats. They like to write to each other. A lot. πŸ˜‰

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    that is sooo adorable. poor chipster. my dog has silly nick names like that too. maybe chip would like a song written about him. my dog chessa has 3, called…*the chessa songs*. i think chip needs a song!

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    Dear Chip,
    ask the Lady if you can create with her. I am sure she will allow you help witha Simple project.

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    Laura J

    Now i understand all the “hype” about your return to the blogging world! Enjoyed reading this post … too funny!

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    OH my Word. Gotta love ya Cathy!! Thanks for being a blogger again.
    And I cant wait till the next installment of the Chip Letters. maybe they would make a great mini album for when the family returns. Full of fab pics of Chip and some funny letters from “that lady”

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    Dear Chip, Aren’t humans goofy? Hope you are having a good vacation. Here’s a tip: if you think the girl’s floor is comfy, check out her bed when she goes on the big bus in the morning! Mmm snuggy!
    Linus the schnauzer.

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    Chip, are you scrapbooking your ‘vacation’? That would be a nice momento to take home with you, then you could look at it and tell stories about that time you spent with that family that wanted to keep you. Just a warning, from what I have seen, don’t stand still too long, you might get covered in paper!
    And my dog, Sally agrees with Linus, why sleep on the floor when the bed is empty.

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    I love blogger Cheryl, I too am surprised that Chip has not scrapped his week at your house… That would be the cutest thing to do that. Use his foot print as a signature. Or as the background paper…too cute!!!!! Chip will never want to stay anywhere except at your house again… CZ rocks !!! So gald to have you back!!!

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    To Chip from another Chip (in MN): Don’t you wish we could have normal names like Max or Brutus? I also get called Chippy McScratchy, Chip Chippity, Chip Chop, Chip Dip, Chipotle… UGH! Hang in there. I’m sure these people are really nice – just hope that they don’t get a dog and named him Dale and you two will be named Chip ‘N Dale!

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