Letter from Chip, Week 3

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Dearest Family,

Another week has past since you all left, and so far, I feel like I’m managing okay. The new family is smelling better to me every day, and that’s a big relief. You know how disconcerting new smelling families can be, especially to an older dog. But I digress…

The biggest news of the week was that the Girl hooked my leash up to the jump ring that holds my collar tags in place instead of the collar ring, and when she opened the door as we were headed out to the bus stop, I saw the man who lives across the alley from our house and wanted to smell him, so I bolted out the door and BOOM! the jump ring broke, and the tags popped off and into the snow. The lady managed to find the rabies tag, but…we are still digging through the snow to find my id tag. I tried to explain to them I wasn’t planning to wander off, but I’m not sure they would believe me at this point. They are looking at me with a bit more suspiscion…almost as if i tried to lose the tags. Silly humans.

Other than that, I’ve been out for a walk every morning, and the Lady keeps yelling, "HEEL, HEEL" and every time she does, I look back at her for a moment, and then keep right on exploring the sidewalks. It’s great to get out in the fresh air! The Lady was telling the Man something about her arm feeling like it was out of it’s pocket….or socket? Something like that. Again, I just like walking.

The Lady has also been near her computer constantly all week. I don’t understand what she is talking about all day long, but I am assuming sometimes she is not very happy with whatever is going on with the computer. I hear words that she only says around the Boy and the Girl when she’s really mad. And something about, "I don’t need this kind of stress…"

But me? I just lay on the floor and take it all in stride. Because she always takes a few minutes to scratch me and make me feel like she’s really glad I’m here.

Like I said, she is smelling better to me every day. I think it’s because she wears the same jeans everyday. It’s all working out.

Give me love to Ellie Ann, Michael and Ida.

Yours truly,

Cathy ZielskeLetter from Chip, Week 3

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    so… stressed, huh? And are you playing lots of Super MArio 3 to get the agression out? It helps to jump on turtles and smash blocks! Hope next week is better for all of us!

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    Dear Chip –
    As an owner of two humans, i understand about stress. It takes an awful lot to raise them and not kill them. But that’s why God invented us animals…to keep them from killing each other. Sometimes it works, and well…we won’t talk about the other times.
    Oh, and even though i’m a cat (and therefore your natural enemy), i do believe we could still get together for a dry martini and a chat.
    Yours in fur – Elvis the Wondercat

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    Dear Chip,

    I understand trying to figure out your new surroundings. I am new to my home, too, and although it is my permanent home (you sound like you are on vacation), I am still adjusting.

    I don’t know why my Mom likes to play with me, but yells ‘No jump!’ when I jump on her. I’m a greyhound and I get excited! I can’t help it. She also doesn’t like when I nip her elbows, but I think secretly she loves it.

    The cats think I’m strange, but I don’t mind – as long as they don’t pee on my bed like they do once in a while. Oh well, they’ll like me someday.

    Well, my Dad is holding the leash and it means it’s time to go for a walk in the snow. I LOVE the snow!!!

    Good luck Chip, hopefully you’ll be able to go home soon. Enjoy your vacation until then. I hear they are a fun bunch!

    Yours truly,

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    OMG, laughing my BUTT off.
    Hey CZ, and tips for doggie photos……your photos look amazing. i find that all mind are starting to look the same after 4 years. 🙂


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    I love it. Our lab is always making me feel like my arm has been pulled out of its socket too! I never think about the walk from his point of view…

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    Wow! That reminds me of the time we made that mistake (clipping the leash to the tag ring) with our German shepard at a rest stop. She broke free (tags flying in the air) and headed straight for the freeway!!! Luckily by some strange force she turned around and ran back towards us and all was well, but I understand the scare of it.

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    Dear Chip,
    I’m glad the lady is wearing the same jeans every day cause I know how disconcerting it is when the humans smell different every day. I have to smell my human whenever she comes back home to try to find out where she’s been. Luckily I’ve lived with her all my life so I’m not too upset when she smells different.
    And what does that “heel” word mean? I’ve never quite figured it out. My human can never walk fast enough to keep up with me. By the way, I’m a Jack Russell, so I guess I’m unusually quick on my feet.
    Glad to hear things are smoothing out for you.
    Freckles ( a little girl named me so I can’t be something dignified, but she’s sweet so it’s ok)

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    Lyn Meeker

    Dear Chip,

    I’m glad you had another good week with the “Z” family. As far as those missing tags.. have they tried a strainer in the snow or even a magnet? …How many more weeks are you visiting?

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    I love the letters from Chip. They are simply hysterical. I sit in front of my computer and just laugh out loud! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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    Sesil in Chicago

    dear chip,
    at least you get to go on walks everydy. My mom and dad keep bringing these things called babies to our house and they take all of mom and dad’s time. I get to go out by myself everyday in this spot they call a back yard.

    But everytime they are not home they send me to my favorite uncle and he takes me everywhere. I still love them. They keep telling me that there is another –baby comming home in May. What ever that means.

    Hey if the kids drop food on the floor eat it fast before the Lady can pick it up. It is fun watching them chase me but i am too quick for them.

    Your fellow friend (another golden),
    Kashi K. (yes I am male)
    (my mom and dad named me after something called cereal. I think they are crazy)

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    samantha Jo Campen

    Chip has the sweetest face. I love the grey!

    Glad you’re smelling the same. I know my clothes are ripe when the cats snuggle in them when I throw them on the floor and they sniff them with their mouths open.

    Good times, good times.

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    Pamela S Kaszar

    I am a wired-haired fox terrier who happens to be attracted to “big dogs”. Does the lady let you sleep on her bed? Mine does, but complains about something called “hot flashes” when I do. The funny thing is, it is snowing here. Enjoy what is left of your vacation from your family, they will be home soon enough.
    Wags and sniffs,

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    Lisa Cohen

    You always make me laugh!!! Out loud. Which must look pretty fun to any on-lookers since I am sitting by myself on my couch while the hubby is out watching football with friends. I’m cracking up about the jeans and the smell being okay. Made any homemade pasta lately? Have you tried adding herbs? Like parsley… and have them look like the little leaves are trapped and can’t get out but they look so cool. Or herbs? Like some saffron ones? I have some good recipes from when I took a pasta class at a cooking academy. Oh and the focaccia/pizza one was a FAVORITE too. I think in some other life I was a big fat Italian lady who liked to drink a bit too much Chianti while cooking lots of rustic Italian food. It just has to be a part of my history, methinks. But my mom insists that we are just Jews from Russia. Oh well. I will keep searching. ;-P

    And a big HEY to Chip! Hope you find your ID tag soon.

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    September Radecki

    So good to see you back blogging. I’ve been remiss myself, and am trying to get back into it, because, like you, I miss my blogging. Hugs to Chip, he looks like a very tolerant and sweet guy. 🙂

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    Dear Chip,

    You need to tell the lady to get a pair of in-line skates. That’s why mommy uses to walk me. She’s only fallen on her can once. But that could have been my fault. It seems she just can’t stop on a dime like I can. But the lady’s arm will feel much better!


    Ludwig the Greyhound

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    Stacey Howes

    Chip is very cute! I am a Labrador lover myself.
    Hey just thought I would pass on some news I heard today. Crowded House are holding auditions for a new drummer so the can re-form for a world tour!!!

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    Kelli Johnson

    sounds like your doing good chip! It seems to me the Zs are a great fam to live with…hopefully she’ll actually do a LO of all this soon to prove why she has a room dedicated to the hobby she claims is the reason she has a job….but thats all left to be seen. 🙂

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    Stephanie Homburg

    Dear Chip–

    Were you by any chance visiting the U.P. about 2 years ago? I ask because my mom and dad have never been able to figure out who my Daddy was (my mom apparently got around) but you kind of look like me. And your love for the walk (without heeling) and your keen sense of smell could only mean we’re related.

    Possibly your love child,

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    Jenn from MA

    Hi Chip,
    My house has these two crazy Girls in it. One thinks she is some other girl named Hannah Montana, and the younger Girl has this shrill voice and is constantly stepping on my bad hips. My Man and Woman are okay, except that they are always saying how bad my breath is.
    Nubia (a rottie/lab mix that loves pig ears, fetching tennis balls and chasing squirrels)

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    so cute!
    My dog is sitting here jealous, that I am laughing over your sweet letter. Or maybe it’s because he hates me to be on the computer.
    Good luck finding your nametag!

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