No love you, Korea

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I found the simple life ain’t so simple
When I jumped out, on that road
I got no love, no love you’d call real
Ain’t got nobody, waitin’ at home

—Runnin’ with the Devil, Van Halen

I saw a comment posted about what I thought about Van Halen being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and whether or not I thought Diamond Dave would show up, or Sammy, or Wolfgang, and so on…

What it made me remember was how, up until just a few years ago, I had no idea that the line in Runnin’ with the Devil was “no love you’d call real.”

Wha? You mean it’s not “no love you, Korea?” Seriously? My entire pre-teen era is now officially one big lie.

I think it’s great that Van Halen gets its due. For their debut album alone, they earned it. I read somewhere (or maybe it was Dan who said) that it “took balls to open your debut album with a guitar solo.” And yes, if you’re anywhere near my age, and you’re female, and you say, “Oh, I never air guitared to Eruption,” then it’s quite possible you are lying.

That aside, whoever marches us to the podium after being forced to listen to All American Rejects or [insert current hot rock band here] plow through an acceptable medley of VH’s greatest hits, isn’t really what’s making me happy. No. That would be the induction of R.E.M.


I have to first go on record to say this: I wasn’t down with the Athens boys from the get go. Not even close. I clearly recall driving from the U District to Capitol Hill, during my Freshman year at the University of Washington, blasting KJET on my a.m. dial, hoping to hear “Boy” by Book of Love just one more time, but hearing instead “Pretty Persuasion” and thinking, “What the hell is this country new wave shit?” (Oh, and Mom, if you are reading, I can say ‘shit’. I’m 40.)

Much like I don’t get the Black Eyed Peas today, I didn’t get R.E.M. then—at all. Truthfully, I wasn’t that cool. And really, it wasn’t until Life’s Rich Pageant came out that I even bothered to try. When you’re listening to Bauhaus during most of your waking hours, R.E.M.’s southern understatement is no match for a heavily eye-lined obsession with Pete Murphy and all things gothic.

But, in 1986, right before I left my beloved Seattle for good, and based solely on my mild interest in the song “Fall on Me,” I picked up the cassette of Life’s Rich Pageant, and tucked it into my brown tape case that was plastered with Bauhaus, Japan and Joy Division* stickers, to be pulled out later in a much hotter, and Southern environment. Turns out, that’s exactly what the missing link was: humidity.

* I never once actually listened to a Joy Division album, I just like their stickers and hoped people would think I did like them. Way, way too dark, even for a Bauhaus fan.

I think to appreciate R.E.M., you need roughly 70 percent humidity to properly get into that Athens state of mind. Living in Texas helps. When you can see for miles on end. And there’s kudzu-like scrub brush lining the highway. And you’re 19 and ushering in a whole different kind of angst and introspection that doesn’t involve wearing black. And you play Perfect Circle over and over and over again. Then it starts to click.

I’m no music critic, but to me, R.E.M. is one of those bands, like U2, who took their influences and forged a sound that became their own, and continued and continues, to evolve. I remember how Green made them one of the biggest bands in the world, when pop radio suddenly was ready for them. I mean, how could you not like Shiny, Happy People? And they just kept putting out great music.

Like At My Most Beautiful from the Up album. Dan and I love the line, “You always say your name, like I wouldn’t know it’s you.” (See an AOL Sessions performance here.)

I got to see them a few times in concert. I think Michael Stipe is a much better singer than he ever gets credit for. Dude is brilliant. Completely. And I love his angular, bald head. I also love that he came out of the closet, too. But that’s another whole story.

So today, I nod to Van Halen for being a soundtrack to a lot of stuff I know for a fact I should not have being doing, but today, I’m reminiscing with R.E.M.

Because I am…I am superman and I know what’s happening.

Cathy ZielskeNo love you, Korea

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    Donna Bell

    First I would like to tell you that I am so glad you changed your mind and made time for blogging! Everyday that I read your blog, it brings a smile to my face! And as a ‘child’ of the 80’s I must agree with you on the VanHalen and REM post. I too did not get REM at first. I was really into ‘Hair Bands’ during that time, and it wasn’t untill the 90’s that I discovered the ‘angular bald head’ and totally loved it! Have a great weekend. We are iced in here in Oklahoma… Donna

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    Jen K

    that’s so funny about REM..
    i still love them..i must be getting old, cause i don’t “get” alot of this new crap…er stuff…that bands are coming out with right now..
    and i just so happen to have Shiny happy people playing on my blog at this moment..

    Welcome Back Cathy!! we missed you!!!

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    Lyn Meeker

    Oh, I never air guitared to Eruption…

    In my case that is the truth .. but I guess that since I am 7 years older than you …is the reason… I’ll have to call my sisters and ask them!

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    Tammy B

    ya took me waaay back today! KJET?!?!?! Remember it well…..thanks for taking a 40yo Seattlite on a sentimental journey.

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    Michael Stipe came out of the closet????? Where have I been? REM is the only band that influenced thoughts of a changed life. I mean, I almost was tempted to become a groupie and follow them around. They, like certain scrapbook papers, are simply yummy. Good music. Good entertainment. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Funny, I read this today. Yesterday we were driving through the Rockies in a snowstorm (scary!) and jamming to some classic Van Halen. Dh and I were basically screaming along in the car and dd (who is ten) thought we were nuts. Her quote? “Mom, you and Dad sound a lot better when you do Bon Jovi or Slow Ride by Foghat”. LOL. She’s probably right. Oh well, we’re half way there, oh, oh, living on a prayer…

    And I always liked REM, and yes, I did grow up where the relative humidity was always high 🙂

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    anna l.

    Japan! I think I still have tucked away somewhere a book by Anton Corbijn (later famed as official U2 photog) of Japan photos – wasn’t David Sylvian the most beautiful thing ever? And I used to sneer at Simon LeBon for aping David Sylvian’s vocal stylings (even as Roxy Music fans sneered at Sylvian for appropriating Bryan Ferry!). Seattle’s current self-styled alternative station is 107.7 the End. Their website has archives of their Resurrection Flashbacks – four solid hours each Sunday morning of the music we listened to as teenagers (in the Bauhaus vein, not the Van Halen one). It’s always a fabulous trip down memory lane.

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    I grew up in the south so REM was totally down my alley. They still are no match for Depeche Mode. I didn’t get Joy Divison as a teen but over the past five years or so but I have rediscovered them and I love them more at 35 than I did at 15. Atmosphere is like the best song ever. The video for that song was directed by Anton Corbjin (who has probably directed some of the best videos out there for bands like Depeche Mode, Metallica, and Nirvana) is amazing. The same goes for New Order. They are such an amazing band. I saw New Order live two years ago, they played several Joy Divison tunes and I was stunned at the 20-something crowd’s reaction, they knew all the words. Totally amazing. If you haven’t already rent the Anton Corbjin video collection. It will totally take you back in time. I think I’m going to pop it in the DVD player right now for some house cleaning mood music. Enjoy your weekend!

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    Jen Donnelly

    I came late to REM too- hated them for years, for no reason, then discovered Eponymous my freshman year of college and listened to it all fall, while falling in love with my husband. Those songs are still extra-beautiful to me.

    Oh, and speaking of Joy Division, did you know they’re making a bio pic about Ian Curtis? It’s called Control, set to release later this year- it’s on IMDB.

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    Kate T

    Ahhh you speak my language- never liked REM at first either as I was so into the Cure, the Smiths, Depeche Mode, New Order and Joy Division as well- I loved Joy Division. Dang that was good music back then but REM grabbed me a few years later and they grabbed my BIG time- Micheal Stipe -ahhhhhh the man can sing. And in concert- WOW- good stuff is right!

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    I can honestly say I never liked “Shiny Happy People.” Even when it first came out. Before it went into incessant radio play. I don’t kow if it’s that Michael Stipe sounds so whiny in it, or that Kate Pierson drives me nuts. I just never liked it. But, I can tell you that when I heard Nightswimming for the first time off of Automatic for the People, I found it – my favorite REM song. Of course, I felt incredibly betrayed when I heard it on the radio. The radio?!? Egads. Now it will be played into the ground. But nope. Somehow it never caught on it faded into radio obscurity. Now when I hear it on the radio or my iPod randomly selects it, it’s like a little treat just for me. Like the radio gods or Steve Jobs through some mental telepathy is sending me a little happy moment. “Here you go, Colleen – just for you.” Love it.

    Thanks for the REM memory. As for Seattle radio, remember KYYX? Sigh. I am not a big fan of today’s 107.7 The End, but you might want to try KEXP 90.3 – which used to be KCMU, the UW’s station. KEXP streams online and is available on iTunes under Alternative/Modern music. They play some pretty awesome, albeit obscure stuff. You might like it. Check it out.

    Happy day -c

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    I don’t know why, but I can never remember the names of my favorite songs of my teenaged years. Not the bands, not the songs. It might have something to do with the fact that my 1976 Toyota Corona (baby poop brown) was graced with only an AM radio, that, in my small town, only got classical and pop stations. No cassette player. Without much money, I didn’t get to do much buying of music, not to mention that my small town only had a Spanish record store- Discoteca Medialuna.

    Most of the music I heard was at the Palladium in San Francisco, a dank subterranean nightclub that had New Music Thursdays and Sunday nights. Then there was the Noh Club, south of Market. Creepers. Black eyeliner. Big bangs. Sigh.

    I stumbled across this site a while back, and the memories flooded back. Whenever I need some new iTunes, I pop it up in my browser and go to work.

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    hhmmm….not much to say different than what others have already posted. yep! you/they/we are right. guess this is the joy of nostalgia! dh just downloaded the first Van Halen album and I shocked him and myself to realize that I did know all of the songs! course, in the same download were long beloved tunes from Book of Love, Alphaville, Visage. oh for those days!
    and I didn’t know Michael Stipes had come out. didn’t know he was in. guess I loved the music and didn’t pay attention about who/where it came from! lol!

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    tonya boone

    i had to comment since i am from athens georgia.. it is the athens enviroment that made REM what it is .. micheal stipe is brilliant. there is something about that town that makes the music you hear in REM. thanks for the blog.. keep blogging …

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    Amy Sorensen

    Yay! Glad your blog is back! My favorite REM line is “children look up, all they hear is sky-blue bells ringing.” Think I might sing it all day! I liked REM in my Goth days but only on Happy Goth Days. But more than anything…I am off to download “Boy.” Had forgotten about THAT particular gem! Oh, the memories…

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    Speaking of misinterpreted lyrics….I was totally bummed to discover that Drift Away said “give me the beat boys and free my soul” as opposed to “give me the Beach Boys and free my soul”.

  17. #21

    Yeah for Van Halen! No one put on a better concert. VH1 is one of the best albums ever. And any man who can do back flips and jump 10 feet into the air off of a drum riser like DLR gets my vote. REM is good too just different than VH. A few more years and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be eligible. Glad you are back to blogging. You make me laugh out loud! 🙂

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    Jenn N

    Wow, love your taste in music, once again. You are right on with REM – my fave. Love their music, love Michael Stipe and even though I have never experienced the southern humidity (although global warming is helping us with that here in Canada)their music does get through me and At My Most Beautiful is one of my most played. The whole “…At my most beautiful, I count your eye lashes, secretly…” – just love it.
    Thanks for the reminder tonight of how much more I need to listen to good music.

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    kate hagelin

    I must say that you don’t need humidity to like/love REM. I loved them from the start in Ohio and kinda quit loving them about the Shiney Happy People time – guess I’d had enough by then. I was so in to chanting End of the World as We Know It lyrics and thinking I was uber cool before that term had been coined. And I’m a VH purist (not so into Van Hagar) but give me VH 1984 with JUMP and PANAMA, some sweet tunes!

  20. #24

    I just STILL can’t believe that the line “rock the casbah” by The Clash isn’t “rock the cash bar.” I’d be infinitely more interested in rocking the cash bar than some dumb citadel.

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    “a soundtrack to a lot of stuff I know for a fact I should not have being doing”. Perfect. Brilliant line. Add Led Zepplin and it about completes high school for me. Tesla & Great White for college, and I am knowing exactly how I got to be who I am today. My girlfriend just gave me Monster Ballads of the 90’s (on cd) and it was a moment. I shared it with my husband, although the original time period was not shared with him, making it somewhat awkward-but I would totally recommend it, especially if the one you were with at the time was around. Thanks for being you, and writing, you make me smile every time!

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    I’m so glad you are back blogging again! You and I are the same age and have very similar tastes. Along with U2, REM is the soundtrack to my college years and to falling in love with my husband. I think I knew he was “the one” when he told me that I had “Pretty Persuasion.” Michael Stipe has the most incredible, melancholy voice…just soul stirring. You gotta love that he voiced Schnitzel the reindeer in “Olive the Other Reindeer!”

  23. #28

    I love REM, too! When I was in law school (a very difficult time in my life for so many reasons) I literally played “Losing My Religion” for hours on end. I’m surprised the people in the apartment next to me didn’t start banging on the walls. The song was very soothing to me…made me feel as if I was not alone.

    So glad you are back, Cathy. I missed your fabulous writing and outlook on life and things.

  24. #29
    tara w

    this post made me fall in love with you all over again..for some strange reason. i just love the way your mind works. you are amazing my sweet girl.

  25. #30
    anna l.

    two comments in one day but with all these misheard lyrics, I couldn’t let this one pass: when I was in college, one of my roommates’ mother thought “hush hush, keep it down now, voice carry” was “hush hush, don’t go downtown, cause it’s scary” LOL! I like the mother’s version better (not to mention Aimee Mann was SO annoying in that video)

  26. #31

    sigh … yes! i blogged this very sentiment – with, however, much more brevity ;o) – the very day inductions came out. though i’m much too much a minnesota-no humidity-anti-southern girl, rem has had a special place in my heart since 1987. and even though i always knew micheal was a little, um, “unattainable,” i’ve still always wanted to pick his brain and then make out a little. yes, rem. good. though i have to disagree with shiny, happy people … it was only good when they sang it on sesame street. but hearing them break into driver 8 at midway stadium in response to the train driving by? pure perfection. van halen who?

  27. #32

    I am a confessed REM fan. I met the man I married because of REM. 🙂 I have a cat named Zither (yup, after the song). ‘Stand’ was the first 45 LP I saved my money and walked to the store to get as a kid. And yes, I have a thing for Mike Mills and his nudie suits. I can’t help it. 🙂

    They are among my most favorite bands because of their sound, lyrics, and ability to adapt. They are musical genius. Anyone who isn’t moved by ‘World Leader Pretend,’ ‘You Are The Everything,’ ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Why Not Smile?’ just doesn’t have a heart. This band captured the minds of a generation of people looking for something different in music. Boy, do they deliver.

    I’m so thrilled they are int the R&R HoF. It’s about time. I’m so stoked. And man, my sister said it best when we saw REM in ’99…”Man, Stipe can MOVE.” That boy can wriggle and dance like a madman!

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    Ana Maria Magloire

    Wow, I can’t believe no one has noted this: while Green did make R.E.M. very noticeable around the world (thanks to “Stand” and “Orange Crush”), “Shinny Happy People” belongs to its follow-up, Out of Time . THAT’S the one that turned them into a global phenomenon.

    Your blog is soooo good…

  29. #34
    Korey Lindberg

    OK Cathy…I think that you should totally do a whole book on music; why/when/how it has influenced you. I think it would be a huge hit!

  30. #35

    YAY!!! You’re back. I missed you so. One day in December I found Tim Tams at World Market and thought of you … been meaning to Email you about that … but life got in the way. YOU know how that is.

    Glad you are blogging again … you are the only blog I care to read. Thanks for the inspiration and laughs.

  31. #36

    Wow! So glad to see you back posting. I’ve missed your “voice.” In this strange world of blogging, you’ve made an impression on me and have been one of many who have inspired me to start my own. Thanks for sharing.

  32. #37

    Oh Cathy, I only stumbled onto your Blog a few days ago. But I am so glad I did, cant believe that you used to be into Bauhaus and Japan. So cool! Can’t wait to read more, Girl you are my kind of person. Great Stuff.

  33. #38
    Kelly Bryan

    Hey Cathy,

    Have you ever been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in Cleveland? If not, it is well worth the trip. I interned there in college and man, what an experience. The energy is insane…as is the way they brilliantly celebrate those who fall outside of the norm. I even got to attend a couple of induction ceremonies, one in Cleveland and one in NYC (got to see Paul McCartney get inducted…best day of my life… his daughter was super sweet when I followed her into the bathroom to gush about how much I adored BOTH of her parents). Anyway, your post made me happy today so I had to comment. Love the way you love your music. Rock on sister.

  34. #39
    deb munn

    Oh I loved “love will tear us apart” on Joy Division’s “Permanant” album. Yes, I said album. An actual vinyl album. Remember those?? Do they even make those anymore?? I do believe I’ve got a few REM albums somewhere in this house. So I’m with you on the REM front. I’ll nod along with you for Van Halen too.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂

  35. #40

    Love, love your taste in music. As someone who is soon to turn 40, I think we come from the same era. REM has always been a favorite even in the beginning when I heard their first album, and I’m from Vegas where it is hot and DRY! I remember listening to Bauhaus (Bela Legosi’s Dead) in the dark with a group of friends–we thought we were too cool! Oh, and Peter Murphy, who couldn’t love that skinny man! Thanks for you post–it truly brought back some tucked away memories!!

  36. #41
    Jane S.

    When I first started reading this post, I was protesting “But what about REM?” Then I got to the rest of it. My son loved REM back when he was only a little older than Coley, but to me it was “the kids’ music.” By the time they got to Green, he disdained them as “too commercial” but I was now hooked. My son gave me a “greatest hits” compilation a few years ago and I wore it out. (Yes, it includes Nighswimming.) SO I’m on my second one and it’s in heavy rotation on the iPOD.

  37. #42
    Nicole Pollard

    I spent some teenage years just outside of Atlanta, so REM was the thing. There is definitely a southern thing with bands. Or there was at that time. While I was in college in Wyoming, Shiny Happy People came out and people went nuts over them. I pulled out my old and well listened to tapes and introduced my friends to their older (and in my opinion, better) songs. So pleased they made it into the Hall of Fame. It’s well deserved.

  38. #43
    Jen M.

    I think I’m guilty of the air guitar — still do it, and my kids sing along to VH too. Love, love, love your blog!

  39. #44

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHh!! This is me screaming when I found out YOU WERE BACK!! THANK YOU for coming back. THANK YOU for having the need to write and blog and share. You so rock for coming back. The next best thing you could do is to tell me that you have another book on the way – – that would SOOOOOOO make my day 🙂 I’m glad you missed us because we really missed you! This is a good day . . .

  40. #46

    I totally love Van Halen… ok more like I love Sammy Hagar. You seem like you have the potential to be a Dave loyalist.. but you didn’t mention it so I am guessing you aren’t. haha. (because those people DO mention it every chance they get) For my senior project in HS we interviewed Sammy Hagar. He is the coolest guy on the planet. We were a bit obsessed and took the bus to NYC to meet him at a meet and greet.. I was also lucky enough to see him perform at his club in Cabo last March when we were on spring break. In total I met him about 4 times… and each time was better than the last!! lol.. (I am 25… which makes it even more bizarre!!)

  41. #47
    kristin kanner

    I too am 40. I went to college in NC and had a friend who followed REM around the entire eastern seaboard. I was lucky enough to see them a few times (when 10,000 Maniacs opened for them…that’s a whole other issue). Totally agree

  42. #48

    My favorite REM moment. A concert we went to back in, oh somewhere in the ’90s, and Michael Stipe called his mom from stage on his cell phone to say Happy Anniversary. It just made me love him that much more. Thanks for the memories, Cathy.

  43. #49

    REM, X, the Pixies…what good times. Saw REM at the Ryman in Nashville last year. There are few placed with sound as pure as the Ryman. They just kept playing because it just doesn’t sound that good everywhere.

  44. #51
    Shelly in the NW

    My son is 13. In December he went to his first ‘rock concert’. It was GNR with Axl even!! but just as music has changed so have concerts…the opening act was strippers!!! No, i’m not kidding. It was the Suicide Girls…40 minutes of ‘burlesque’ (stripping down to pasties and g-strings – I looked them up on the web after the fact- YIKES!) My husband who went to the concert was shocked…but loved it 🙂 The concert also featured Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) who my son actually liked better than GNR. All in all it was fun experience…they got home at 2:30 on a Sunday night (school night)and when they left Everett (it was at the events center)they were still playing. 🙂

  45. #52

    I think you and my fiance are long lost siblings. Although he is more into classic rock, music is his life. I just had to call him in to read your blog about Van Halen teh other day. Funny thing, about an hour later we were in the car and the song comes on the radio. When it came to that part we both sang out as loud as we could “No love you,Korea!” You have forever changed the words at our house.

  46. #53

    I always thought it was “spirits in my Cheerio bowl” by Police.
    And, you and Cole definitely need to invest in Guitar Hero for PS2. Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Matthew Sweet and of course, Freeeebiiiirrrrd.

  47. #55

    Thank God you’re back!!How does it feel to be deeply missed by several hundred people you don’t know? I have been reading your blog forever and it always makes me smile and laugh my ass off. We are exactly the same age, so the music thing is so in sync among other things. Just wanted you to know I think you rock. So between the 50 hour work week, 3 kids and one rockin’ hubby I will once again find the time to read your entertaining blog.

    take care and keep inspiring us!

  48. #56
    Susan Keuter

    my misinterpretation “claim to fame”…which my husband will NEVER let me forget: Credence Clearwater Revival – I thought the line was “there’s a bathroom on the right”…. (bad moon on the rise)…he brings it up whenever I start singing along 🙂

  49. #58

    ok first, Michael STipe is gay??? Ok, never knew that and I have been a fan of REM since high school. Their earliest stuff is best and is on my Ipod along with Bauhaus, Joy Division, Depeche, Simple Minds, Ok I could go on forever…oh and The Cure, how about The Smiths- you like them?? “How soon is now” is the best song in the world, just informed my 13 yr old dd that tonight and she looked at me like I am from another planet. LOL!
    Much to my parents dismay, I watched way too much MTV in the 80’s and could rule a 80’s music trivia game show! lol!!
    Thanks for the fun 80’s music post!
    Oh and what brought me to post was that I thought Van Halen said that too!! except I sing “no love in Korea” LMAO!!!!!!

  50. #59

    Dude, I love it that you finally got REM during their Life’s Rich Pageant days because I will go on record as saying that is their best album START TO FINISH. Yeah, I liked Murmur and Reckoning as much as the next indie rock chick, but Life’s Rich Pageant was just a beautiful record to finish. My brother still has my vinyl version too. I must get it back from him one of these days.

    I suppose I was pre-disposed to liking REM in some ways — I went to college in Athens back in the day when they’d always have small gigs at places like the 40 Watt under pseudonym band names… yes I got to see them then.

    My friend Mala used to work for their manager. She is in the ‘Shiny Happy People’ video. She may not want me to tell anyone she was in this video. I think she was a little embarrassed by it. So not only am I a Neil Finn Sessions at W. 54th video star for 2 seconds, but my friend danced in an REM video. Perhaps I’m not as big of a dork as I usually think I am.

    Book of Love… oh my GOD, when was the last time I heard them???? I loved them. Must see if I ever acquired that on CD or if I have to dig out my ancient cassette tape and cassette tape player to relive that time. Boy, uh huh, indeed!

    Did I tell you I worked with Peter Murphy when he did some solo stuff for RCA back in the early ’90s? I was actually shaking when I met him. He kind of scared me in person.

  51. #60

    a youngish thirtysomething athens gal here…. i grew to love rem beginning in the 8th grade then through high school. athens is/was a wonderful place to experience music. one of my most prized possessions is an autographed promo piece of the band, plus one of their songlists from a concert…i must pull that stuff out of my hope chest! my little kids love the superman song, and finding the lyrics to end of the world as we know it was one of the first searches i did on the internet (weird that i remember that). and i have always been a big vh fan, saw them and rem in concert during my college years in st. pete, fl (along with U2, the stones — gotta love the college years!). i really enjoy reading your musings on music. its great that your are blogging again, you were missed!

  52. #61

    So funny… I grew up with KYYX (The Wave)and KJET in Seattle. My fondest memory of The Jet is getting home late from a date because the tape that they were running was an hour off and I didn’t have a clock in my car. Didn’t seem so funny then! That, and the clips that they would play between songs. Thanks for the flashback!

  53. #62

    My husband loves REM.
    It’s a rare glimpse into his soul.
    I *heart* Bauhaus…She’s in Parties and The Passion of Lovers being my favorite.

  54. #63

    This be an old post but I just saw it and spent all my son’s teenage years luvin’ VH. Jump and Panama still up the spirt like nothing else. REM I first hear in the late 80s from my Stones loving boss. She was shocked to find she loved REM and so did I, and still do these 20+ yrs later.

    My funny mishear was an Ozzy song that sure sounded like GravyTrain to me and yes, it became a family joke as so many of these do. Fun to remember Cathy.

    I’m going off the rails on a crazy(GRAVY!) train

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