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So lots of things happened in the past few non-blogging months. Things like cool blog reader Rochelle, whose hubby happens to run a surf school in sunny California, and one of his clients is the Armstrong family, as in Billie Joe Armstrong. As in Green Day Billie joe Armstrong. She kindly offered to have something autographed by Mr. Armstrong himself, for Coley. I never got around to sending her anything, so Rochelle seized the day, grabbed a surf shirt, and got the deed done. When it arrived in the mail, Cole almost stopped breathing for roughly a minute. And really, how cute is it that Billie Joe's happy faces have x's for eyes. Awwwww. It's so punk rock.

Speaking of t-shirts, my little buddy Tara sent me this cool find from Target. And again, Cole couldn't breathe, but especially so when he found out it was for me!


[and to be fair, there is a story behind this photo, and that story is, i took this shot SEVERAL times, until I was pleased that my ever-growing muffin top was camoflouged through precise angles and hip leanings. Remember people: it's okay to distort your own reality. Twenty pounds, schwenty schpounds. But perhaps more disturbing than my refusal to acknowledge the increased difficulty of buttoning these only jeans that still fit me, is the missing eye of John Deacon. At least my armpits were more or less shaven.]

Oh, and knitting.


Yes. I can do a long-tail cast on. The garter stitch RULES. Bring on repetitive the stress injuries! Woo hoo!

Music wise, I've got to thank my music soulmate Krista (who's actually in the audience in Neil Finn's Sessions at West 54th dvd performance) for tipping me off to Gomez. Never had heard them before. Only have one album, but it's in heavy rotation. That, and the Imogen Heap CD, Speak for Yourself. I'm not really a fan of the techno, but there's a song on there called "Hide and Seek" and it's hypnotically beautiful, once you get past the electronicky sound. Good stuff.

And really…I think that about covers what i've done since October. Throw in a several loads of laundry, a few hormonally-induced meltdowns, numerous pots of coffee, erratic Oreo binges, and a series of superbly met deadlines for Simple, and you've pretty much got it.

Now that's a hell of a fall, wouldn't you say?

Cathy ZielskeOh yes, this is what you think it is

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    Glad you started blogging again!

    I’m not sure if you’re taking music recs but have you listened to Belle & Sebastian? Lovely Scottish group that never fails to make me smile.

    My BF has been a Gomez fan for years and has seen them play live. Try some of their older material. I think you’ll like that as well.

    And congrats on the BJA autograph! Very exciting.

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    Well, if you lived near me, I’d probably try and steal that t-shirt from Cole, you can keep the Queen one though. πŸ˜‰ How awesome is that for a 7(?) year old????!!!! Totally green with envy, pardon the pun. :p

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    my dh LOVES all those retro concert shirts at Target! he could totally make over his entire t-shirt wardrobe with them! lol! coolio for Coley and his shirt! (and totally ignoring the whole knitting thing)

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    oOoOoO…imogen heap rocks my socks! Nice to know other people are appreciating her as well πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you’re back!!

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    Funny you should mention the pits. That’s the first thing I thought of (well after being completely annoyed, err jealous, that THOSE are your FAT jeans. puhleeze girl, you can do better than that. single digit jeans are NEVER fat jeans) anyway, that’s the first thing I thought of. It went something like this, “damn, check the perfectly shaven pits. and she works from home…I’m sitting here (working from home) in yesterday’s “real” fat jeans and she’s got shaved pits.”


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    Sometimes I think “is it weird that I’m 22 and Cathy and I like the same things?” and then I realize you are no average woman. I have that Queen shirt.

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    Cindy Wheadon

    So glad you’re back! I love to read what you have to say about your everyday life. Hilarious! πŸ™‚
    Cindy in Nampa, ID

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    I’M SO HAPPY YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN! (There, I shouted it!) And not only that, but you name-checked me today. As your “music soulmate”! If that won’t pull a girl out of her post-holiday slump, I don’t know what will. Maybe it would be that PLUS the layout you did about Neil Finn… which gave me GOOSEBUMPS when I read the journaling… Welcome back, my friend, and here’s to much email dissection between us (because we MUST go over every detail!) when Neil unleashes his next work of art this spring. (And I’m SO GLAD you are digging the Gomez record!!!!!)

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    Ran across this blog accidentally when googling your book title, and I love it! I’m a graphic designer and a mom of 4 who has a LOT of scrapbooking stuff and who doesn’t do much real work on the scrapbooks lately. I wanted to know if there were any graphic designers who scrapped, and voila, I found you. I’m desperately trying to run and scream from the gross drippy scrapbook style that is so popular where I live.
    I also love rock music, esp. alternative, and am always being accused of being the cool mom. That scares me. My whole family loves Queen and Monty Python. We are weird in a good way. Right?
    It would be my freakin’ dream to work for a magazine from home! I’m an in-house designer for a pet food manufacturer in the Midwest, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job. But yours sounds so much more fun!

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    Lisa Smoot

    I haven’t been on the computer since before Christmas (other than tracking Santa) and have to say that after deleting hundreds of spam/viagra/sales emails, I was feeling rather that I hadn’t missed anything at all and then! found out your blog was back! Woohoo! So glad you’re back…and I think you’ve inspired me to start my own blog too….it would just be nice to write down all the things I think of each day but never actually write down in the journal I carry around….seems typing is just faster and easier and great to look back through and find things you need! Welcome back, you were missed! Happy 2007!

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    Thank you so much for blogging again! You are such an inspiration to me with your scrapping – simple and clean. Thanks to you I even started my son’s school scrapbook based on your last book. And not to mention the last few issues of the mag have rocked! Espec the january ’07. Anyways thanks for coming back! I missed you. Have a great and balanced 2007!

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    Should I be worried that I recognized Freddy Mercury’s head before the rest of the pic showed up?

    That yarn is GORGEOUS! Cant wait to see what you create with it!! πŸ™‚

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    ok, the blog post made my day, I’m glad that Cole likes his shirt. By the way, my COUSIN, Todd, runs the surf camp, although my hubby would probably like to ditch his job (he’s a chemist) and go to S. California and hang on the beach!

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    Welcome back to the blogging world. I’ve missed it. Sorry to hear of the sad news of your friend. I too have started knitting again because of Donna! You ladies have a lot to answer for – LOL!! More things to spend my (or hubby’) money on – LOL!!
    Take care now.
    Annie – NZ.

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    There is a website called Pandora.com. If you type in Neil Finn (or any other favorites) it will play his songs as well as songs from others that are similar to his. It’s a cool way to find different music.

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    Laundry Tip (saved my sanity):

    What I used to do: combine the family’s laundry, wash, dry and then let it sit until I get around to SORTING IT!

    What I’ve done for years: Laundry comes out of bedroom in a basket, gets washed, dried & goes back to the appropriate bedroom. Kid puts it away (with or without my help).

    End of piles of clean laundry in my family room, waiting to be sorted.

    Have a good day –
    Marion in Rochester

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    What’s on the needles? The Yarn Harlot totally rocks! So glad to see my fav SBers knitting. You should try socks! Waaaay more addicting than scrapbooking even.

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    Diane A

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that you are sharing with all of us again!!Good times!!! Love ya!!!!

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    Alison Shearer

    20lbs!!!? What 20lbs? Maybe trick photography but you look pretty damn good to me….especially those arms – must be holding and lifting that Nikon all the time – very toned. I only take self portraits of my face these days LOL.


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    deb munn

    I would certainly say so!!
    You’re rockin’ that tee baby!!
    Altered self reality or not!!

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    Was it you that talked about Ben Harper a few months ago? Im sure it was you that put me on to him. If so, I have a fab Australia guy you need to hear. Email me if it was you, and I will send you a couple of the songs to listen to. He is locally grown.

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    WOW! I am so glad I saved this link and kept randomly clicking on it every few weeks to see if you were back. I love reading your blog. Thanks for returning and sharing again! πŸ™‚

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    Lisa Cohen

    I’m on a Billie Joe kick myself. I just finished reading Nobody Like You and I’m on my 4th guitar lesson! And I have to listen to Green Day when I’m running or else the run doesn’t happen. How cool that Cole has an autographed surfer shirt! Awesome! And you go, you knitster! Love the color of the yarn. Looks yummy!

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    Oh woman you are a breath of fresh air in my over polluted world…can’t tell you enough how happy, happy I am that you are blogging again! Just your tidbit the other day about Aveeno’s new lotion was a genious nugget…my dry, itchy, flaky hands and forearms will forever be in your debt. Thank you!

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    Angela Hancock

    Cathy love the term “muffin top”. I seem to have started growing one. hehe. I KNOW my 9 year-old son would probably need medical attention if he received that T in the mail. So glad to have you back! πŸ™‚

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    I love your Queen shirt. Geez I wish Target was in Canada! Off to find a US friend to do some shopping for me!

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    Hahaha! Love the rant about the muffin top. I think we’re a muffin top generation, and I blame it entirely on the low rise jeans and long thin shirts. Love those jeans BTW. If it were me I’d squeeze into those as long as possible.

    That’s so wicked cool about the autograph. Must have that framed.


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    sue mylde

    Hide and Seek is my favourite song for the moment too (actually probably since September).. They like to use it on-screen too – The ‘Last Kiss’ movie, Grey’s Anatomy – first episode this season also used it.. !!

    I like that you’re knitting – Stephanie (Pearl-McPhee) is major cool and lovely in person.. (i’ve met her!) You’d love her (if you don’t already – reading her books!)

    – glad you’re back!

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    OMG, Cathy!! I think we are living parallel lives!! My ds, RC, is totally into Green Day, I have that exact same Queen T-shirt (& yes, the missing eye bugs me too),I too have gained about 20 pounds and only have one pair of jeans that “somewhat” hide my ever growing muffin top! And last but not least, isn’t knitting a blast? I saw that you have the “Knitting Rules” book – it’s a great 1st book! You should also try “Visually Teach Yourself to Knit”, it’s awesome! I get together with a group of girlfriends 1-2 times a week to sit, sip coffee, chat & knit! Oh & sometimes we go on field trips to the various knitting boutiques! (Friday we are heading to Rosemount to check out the Yarn Garage – we hear it is awesome!) Next I want to venture to the stores in White Bear! Happy Knitting! And I am SO GLAD you started blogging again!


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    OK, but check out Best of the Ventures, musical surfer girl (or, mom of surfer boy but into the music herself)! No boy OR girl can resist Hawaii-50.

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    add another to the fan club… really glad your blog’s back. maybe i’ll be inspired to start scrapping again! yay! thanks!
    p.s. do you ever get chills when you hear “hide and seek”? or does it make you stop whatever random thing you’re doing and just… listen? just wondering. πŸ™‚

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