So…where was I?

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1. The Mullet
Yes…I, Cathy Zielske, have been channeling my inner Billy Ray Cyrus (see no. 8) and letting my hair do what it will, on the advice of my stylist, Max, whose been cutting the locks on my head for 8 years now. Why? I seriously have no idea. I'm saving money though. I plan to put this income towards a new orange sweatshirt.

2. Grey's Anatomy
Who knew? Working my way through Season 2.

3. Knitting
Once I got past the get-to-know-you phase, and hearing my daughter say, "MOM! Don't do this if all you do is swear at your knitting!" I thought, "I could SO do this." And am. My dishcloths will so rock my sink's world.

4. Cole
Yep. Still got him.

5. Aidan
Her too.

6. Dan
And him. Still think he's hot.

7. Super Mario Brothers
I realize some of you may have found Wii under your tree, or PS3. We have none of those at the Zielske household, but we will kick your collective asses at Super Mario 3 on the original Nintendo game system, which we found in our garage under some old life vests and mouse dung. Who needs 64 bit graphics? Bring on PONG baby.

8. Hannah Montana
Didn't get her at first. Now i do. So happy about this.

9. Things I still don't get
The Black Eyed Peas but specifically, Fergie, text messaging and anything in moderation.

10. YouTube clip I just adore
Just Like Heaven Cover
I first saw this woman from a link at, where Heather Armstrong had posted a link of this same woman, Amanda, singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and it blew me away. I love people with talent and originality. This chick's got both.

11. Plans for the new year
I don't really make resolutions per se. I'm not good at keeping them, so I rarely bother. I'm going to try to make balance be a goal in my life. Balance. That's going to be my word.  Thanks, Ali. And while balance is sort of a sweeping catch-all, it holds a lot of possibility for me. Balance means moderation, and peace in my home, and mind, and the hope that my 41st year is somehow less dramatic than this current one of 40 has been. In my mind, anyway.

Suffice to say, thanks for the welcome back. I do read every comment. Every single one. Good to be back.

Where will it all go? Stay tuned.

Cathy ZielskeSo…where was I?

227 Comments on “So…where was I?”

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    longer hair, huh??? really….I get all the rest and it sounds like the Cathy we have all known on this blog, through the mags, and IRL….. but longer hair? that WILL take some getting used to! good luck with the hair, the balance, and Super Mario Bros!! still REALLY glad you are back!

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    yes, i one the wii:) It´s totally fun. Hard movement with pain the next day. Better to be a couch-potatoe, isn´t it? But I´m too lazy to do any sports…currently.

    Super Mario Brothers? Love it! Pure fun!

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    Krista Lamb

    I am super glad you are back blogging. I missed your daily doses of funny, random, and inspiring thoughts. Welcome back to cyber space. It was not the same without you.


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    Our Nintendo system stopped working a couple of months ago, but we do have Super Nintendo. And a really cool shop down the street (called RePlay) that sells the old systems and tons of games for them all. They will even repair old game systems. Gotta love the classics!!!

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    Cheryl R

    Hey lady!
    I was just thinking today about how much I missed your blog. (You have one of my favorites!)

    Then I saw a post on the pea board that you’re back! I was here at lightning speed! LOL!

    Great to see you blogging again!


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    I am sooooo happy that you’ve decided to post- the scrappy bloggy world has not been the same without you.

    Happy New Year!


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    Hi, I so glad your back in blogging land I really missed reading about your daily routine , family etc. great work.

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    I am so glad I never wrote down my resolution to spend less time reading blogs this year. That one would have been right out the window now that CZ is back! Glad to be getting a dose of your humor and perspective again-thanks

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    beth j

    i am so jealous of your nintendo…wish my mom wouldn’t have donated mine over 10 years ago. and the knitting thing…do you offer classes? so glad you are back. enjoy the beautiful st. paul day…it’s awesome outside!

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    Ahhh…all is well with the world again!
    p.s. Hannah Montana ROCKS!
    p.s.s. (or p.p.s…whichever you perfer)I wonder how a mullet would look on a bald guy. Hmmm.

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    Cathy, so glad you are back! I missed reading my daily dose of your blog. Sometimes we don’t realize that something is therapy until we don’t do it anymore. Can’t wait to read future entries…and Happy New Year!

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    You are like a little bit of fresh air in my world. Thanks for being back…I know, I know, I already said this yesterday. But, hey, you made my year remember? Anyhow, I totally get Hanna Montana too. My daughter loves her. It took me a while to “get” her, but I eventually did. And now, I don’t miss the show!
    Balance. Powerful word. I need that one too! So badly.

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    Missy Oesterheld

    so glad you’re back – I had bought both your books in October, and i was totally bummed that your blog disappeared. Luckily I’ve found other friends like donna and ali, but you guys all are my inspiration, (along w/stacy) so I’m glad to be able to read your blog now too. I’ve even been inspired to start my own – It’s kind of sappy like Ali’s, but it’s helping me find my edge like you and Donna.

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    Missy Oesterheld

    so glad you’re back – I had bought both your books in October, and i was totally bummed that your blog disappeared. Luckily I’ve found other friends like donna and ali, but you guys all are my inspiration, (along w/stacy) so I’m glad to be able to read your blog now too. I’ve even been inspired to start my own – It’s kind of sappy like Ali’s, but it’s helping me find my edge like you and Donna.

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    so glad to see you are back! I couldn’t go much longer with out my daily/weekly/monthly dose of your blog

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    OK Nintendo, cool… Hannah Montana, cool… Fergie, not so cool… Fergalicious REALLY not so cool… and the mullet, well, you ever heard of a town called Rigby Idaho? NFT
    Glad your back!

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    Welcome back!!! You have been sorely missed here in the Pac NW! I think I can now fully survive the rain and wind now that you are blogging again!!!

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    Karla in So Cal

    I picked up Renee Pearson’s “Digital Designs” book last week and saw your layouts with long hair and lookin’ like the roller-skatin’ queen. Now a mullet? Where are you taking us CZ? I say you go girl and bring back the look of the 80’s. Let’s show this new generation what style is really about!

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    AWESOME! welcome back c! have missed your bloggin’ and intoxicating antics – tee hee! looking forward to what’s next! cheers to ya, rachel

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    So I just learned about your return to the blogging world. And I have to say that I so TOTALLY missed you. So TOTALLY glad you are back. No more breaks. I mean it. You’re here forever. (there are a few exceptions)


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    SO happy your blogging again. I was reading Donna’s blog & caught the link. You make me smile. Hope you have a great 2007!


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    Sooooo glad you are back! You are so funny and creative it is nice getting a dose of you every so often. My laptop broke I guess right before you stopped blogging so I was really disappointed when I got a new computer and you had stopped the blog. Good timing- Happy New Year-

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    Welcome back! Thought of you when I saw your little girl with Ali in this month’s CK, and wished you were still blogging.

    I kept wondering, what is the new “World Spins Madly On” or “Throw Your Arms Around Me” that I’m not discovering via your blog now…

    Glad you’re back!

    (And I wanna know how 200+ people knew you were back on the first post!)

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    Erin C.

    Ah yes, Grey’s is the best! So glad you found it because it is such a great show! Comes back on next week… don’t miss it. I swear at my knitting too, but sooner or later you start to get it. Try the Stitch and Bitch book! It rocks and really helps! Glad to know that your family is still doing well! YOU ALL ROCK!
    Peace out.

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    Nat Dexter

    Balance is good. Something I hope to have more of in 2007. 2006 was not the best of years for me and I hope that this new year will be a fresh start. New job, new beginnings! So glad to have you back!

  26. #39

    I too am now a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Never wanted to start watching when I hadn’t seen previous episodes… but Santa brought me an iPod and I hooked myself up with Seasons 1 & 2. Loving it!! SO glad you’re back blogging. 🙂

  27. #40

    I just checked the link a few days ago to see if you had come to your senses and blog. I was sadly disappointed.
    Today I am the happiest chica alive! we missed you more than words can say!
    your pasta angels crack me up. And I love that you have been hooked into knitting too. I was taunting Donna about the flowers I am making.
    yes, flowers!

  28. #41

    Ohh! Happy, HAPPY DAY!!!! I was so excited to see (on DD’s blog) that your back bloggin’ again-welcome back! A Happy and Healthy 2007 to you!

  29. #44

    yeah for super mario bros 3! still my fav game and have never played anything but the original nintendo 🙂

    thanx 4 coming back to blogland

  30. #45

    ok, not lovin’ the hair, but lovin’ that you are bloggin’ again. Next time we run into you, I challange you to a Mario duel, babe.

    As for Hannah Montana, K8 and I are going to a concert, are you and Aiden?

  31. #47
    Deborah Hensley

    Glad you’re back! I guess all the shouts to blog again must have reached your ears over there in Minnesota. It now seems right again in the blogging world. =) Happy New Year!

  32. #48
    amy j.

    It was my digital Christmas card and email that did it wasn’t it…you just couldn’t keep away after that, huh? LOL. I KNEW you’d be back. Life can NOW return to full color…it was a bit less colorful the past few months with you away :(. But now your back…and orange is making things bright again!!!! Um, the mullet…the jury is still out on this one. I’m Southern, and well, they remind me of Skoal and rebel flags, sorry.

  33. #50

    We spent our holidays playing Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Super Mario Brothers on our Super Nintendo….they just don’t make games like they used to…. 🙂

  34. #52

    So glad you’re back! What am I saying? I’m new to this blog and from the two installments (I don’t even know what they’re called. Silly me!)I’ve read, I think I’m going to like it here.

  35. #53

    Hai Cathy

    I’m glad you’re back!!
    I really missed you in my daily blog round.
    You are still my favorite!!

  36. #54
    Judy in Carefree

    So glad you’re back as your’s was the first blog I ever read. Happy New Year to you!

  37. #55
    Janine Rutherford - NZ

    Thank you Cathy 🙂 You were missed and I am happy that you are back blogging. I love that you love Neil – it makes me feel like you have a connection with us in NZ. Be happy

  38. #56
    Aimee Porco

    Super Duper Good News that you are back….this is so much better than my latest fave…cranberry frost counter spray by METHOD.

    oh, the little things…thanks for making so many crazy girls’ days.

  39. #57

    I am soooo happy you’re back! I know, sounds ridiculous…don’t even personally know you…but, hey, you’re blog makes my day. I thought I had a little OCD going on…then I realized…WE’RE the NORMAL ones…hee hee. So, here’s to being a little “Monk”-ish…Have a great new year!

  40. #58

    Hey – we’re playing the Super MArio Bros 3 through the game boy advance/game cube thingee and we can’t get past world 4, level 2!!! Those fire flowers get us at the end every time! Tell me there’s hope!

  41. #60

    Hoorah! She’s back!! We’ve also just unearthed an old gameboy, and a gameboy advance, and are enjoying all sorts of Mario-related fun!!! PMSL at you channelling Billy Ray Cyrus – you say that like it’s a bad thing 😀 xxx

  42. #61

    Oh Cathy, Welcome back, I’m so glad to see your blog open for business again.

    Looking forward to hearing of your life this year, and wishing you and all the Z clan great things for 2007.

  43. #65

    I just giggled that you like Hannah…I have an 8 year old, so that is my cover to watch Hannah-thons. Maybe we could have a show about an ordinary person whose secret identity is scrapbook celebrity? Hee hee.

  44. #66
    Sam Currie

    ya don’t write ya don’t phone………..been worried sick bout ya..

    hee heee good to have you back – we missed you in the UK ( ya ya ya you betcha!)

  45. #67

    Yay! My heart leapt a bit when I read that you were back on Donna Downey’s blog. So cool to be able to read your thoughts and so on again. 🙂

  46. #69

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are back… realized I really missed those smiles and giggles I get from reading your everyday life that is so like mine!!!

  47. #71

    saw that u were blogging again via dd so had to check it out. u are one funny lady. i turned 40 in 2006 & my 2007 resolution is balance too so u must be one clever lady as well. ; ) glad to hear all is good.

  48. #73
    Sherry Eckblad

    Welcome back so happy to be able to read your blog once again. Wish I was 40 or 41 again, but 50 isn’t all that bad either.

  49. #74
    Lori N

    I’m soooo glad you’re back! (And that I’m hip enough to have found out only 1 day late. *grin*) Love the hair, sorry about the weight,any video game is welcome in our house (from pong to wii), Grey’s is cool & if you’re into knitting, they have websites where you can “knit along with Grey’s”. I’ve been a knitter for a while but have just discovered all the knitting blogs. Seriously.

  50. #76
    kirsty x

    lawks and stone the flamin crows.
    Am I bloody glad you are back?
    i have been pining since you upped and left and promise you will never do this to us again?
    well since you have been gone I went all mac geek too so we are now twins.
    i cut my hair short and have signs of mullet-ness.
    but we are not on stalkerish terms here.
    Tis pure co-ince.

  51. #77
    kirsty x

    lawks and stone the flamin crows.
    Am I bloody glad you are back?
    i have been pining since you upped and left and promise you will never do this to us again?
    well since you have been gone I went all mac geek too so we are now twins.
    i cut my hair short and have signs of mullet-ness.
    but we are not on stalkerish terms here.
    Tis pure co-ince.

  52. #83
    Linda F.

    So glad you’re back! I love reading your blog. You make me look things up (like Hannah Montana and Neil Finn) and thereby learn something new. I like that. I’m almost sixty and it’s nice to learn new fresh things at this age. Also love the “heaven” video. I love the Cure and she did the song much justice. (And at least you’re not going for a Robert Smith look for your hair!)

  53. #84

    OMG! I’m so glad you’re back!!! I was just thinking that I needed to email Donna and tell her to tell you to get back cause you were mssed! just thought I’d let you know! VERY glad you’re back!

  54. #85

    I too am so glad you are back in blog land – it just wasn’t the same without you! Now I was about to comment on your blog the day you took it away, that I share your love of Neil Finn! I took my husband to a Split Enz ocncert when they toured Austrlaia in June last year and Neil was just a genius (and spunk)! His voice is still so strong and I swear he played about 6 different guitars and the piano – such a talented musician – I acutally had tears in my eyes when he sang Message to My Girl (my fav) – it was divine. So just wanted to share that with you – thought you could probably relate! Again, glad you’re back!

  55. #86

    Cathy- I am so glad you are blogging again. I missed you soooo much. You are someone I totally relate to. I love that you have been playing Mario. Over New Years weekend we( my family and I) got out the old school Super Mario on the original Nintendo and the Atari 2600 to play some River Raid.. We played for 3 days straight, only resting to eat and go to the bathroom. Love that your back. Peace to you in the new year. -Star

  56. #87

    I was trying to find a cool Neil Flynn “welcome back” song I could steal lyrics from, but ALAS I did not.

    So here’s my ho hum welcome back! I too have missed reading your HiLaRiOuS blog daily, only to find you back here once again…

    What a cool way to start 2007.
    So glad…

  57. #89

    Hey Cathy,
    I was so HAPPY to learn that you are back to Blogging. I just recently started my own and it is so great to still keep intouch with everyone in the industry, even though I’m not currently there. I miss you all, and I’m glad your back!!! Thanks for inspiring me…

  58. #90

    oh yea!!!!! i don’t even know you personally, yet as i read, i can’t help but smile. you’re hilarious! also, excellent choice for your word. love it! welcome back.

  59. #94
    Jelaine Faunce

    I’m so glad you are back. (sigh of relief)

    I’ve a touch of the neurotic in me, and it’s always a relief to read your posts because they make sense to my 10-different-places-at-once brain. Reading your blog has always been like the joy of that first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s refreshing! Plus, I get great tips on faboo musical acts. Can’t beat that!!

    Welcome back! You’ve made my week. :o)

    -Jelaine F.

  60. #96

    Yay!!! I’m so glad you’re back in the saddle. You crack me up. Your blog makes me happy. Not that I wasn’t happy when you were on hiatus, but I am verah, verah happy to see you back. Rock on.

    Oh, and I think I’m with you on almost everything except the confusion over text messaging. It’s a good thing. Really.

  61. #98

    So glad you are back- I can say i really missed reading about your life. I got a MP3 player and i so wanted to leave you a message with no where to send it. I have to go check out this Neil Flinn dude. Glad your back- Kat

  62. #100

    I was so SUPER EXCITED to read Donna’s blog and find out you are back….LOVE this blog….love the inspiration and all you share…
    Thanks for bringing it back!

  63. #101

    Yes, I agree about Hanna Montana. Didn’t get her at first, and now I catch myself singing along with my 8 year old daughter.

  64. #102
    Tracy Whitney

    I, too struggled with the mullet when growing out my short, sassy do. Hang in there…you’ll get there (I finally did). Now I’m contemplating cutting it again, but that’s the fun of it, right?
    Oh, and my hand-knit dishclothes SO rock my sink (even though no one else in my house appreciates them. Knit away!

  65. #103

    Welcome back!!! Yep, Hannah Montana is big at our house 🙂

    Think I need to take up knitting after readng all the blogs with knitting on them 🙂

  66. #104

    Ode to the orange sweatshirt…..And I’m diggin the those curls behind that neck. Glasses look like their working too..they look great!!

  67. #105

    Hey from beautiful Cape Cod and welcome back. It’s nice to have your blog back on board! I love your stream of thoughts…am glad to be a reader and a poster again…Thanks for coming back to us! -Diane

  68. #109

    So glad you are back. A friend of mine and I were so bummed that you had “left” our world for awhile. I e-mailed her the minute I heard you were back. Thanks for sharing.

    Did a Hannah Montana concert with my 6 year old, Jessica. Was the coolest bonding experience. Even took my mom. Three generations rocking!

    2007 is off to a great start…thanks again for coming back into all of our lives. Peace, I know it’s Ali’s word, but it sounds good!

  69. #110

    Well…I am comment 110…that’s a lot of comments to read. Glad you are back to the blogging world. I am a knitter, too. Obsessed with it. Not very good…I can make a pretty darn straight(usually) scarf…but love to touch the yarn. Love the bright colors… but anyway…it is OK to occasionally swear at your knitting. Sometimes it really does work and the knot comes out! Happy New Year. Visit me sometime.

  70. #111

    Oh thank God you’re back. Welcome back, I’ve missed reading you. Just a breath of fresh air. And, actually, the mullet you’re sporting up there ain’t so bad. ; )

  71. #113

    Ahhhhhhhhh 2007 will be a good year after all….hee hee Glad you are back, missed your bits to read. Have a fab day 🙂

  72. #115

    SO HAPPY! Surfing all my usuall blogs has just not been the same without you! I’m so glad you decided to jump back in! Happy New Year!

  73. #116

    Hi, so glad you are back in the blogging saddle again. I missed your comments and observations on life.. we’re about the same age and I so appreciate your references. And I didn’t know Neil Finn had a new album coming out ! My Crowded House CDs are starting to wear out. Thanks for making my day !

  74. #117
    Angela Hancock

    Oh sweet Mary and Joseph!!!!!! I was just thinking of you today and missing your blog! Wow, I am so happy to see you posting again. I am really not a cyber stalker or anything LOL 🙂

  75. #118
    Tracy Bacon

    Man have I missed you! I have been checking back periodically to see if you were back and what a great surprise today! I love your musings!

  76. #119

    Thanks for coming back to blog country! Your spin on things was missed like a favorite orange sweatshirt! This definitely counts as part of a happy new year!

  77. #120
    Kate T

    DUDE! I missed your blog- I love your wit! And holy smokes on the youtube gal- That is still one of my favourite Curesongs- ahhhhh I miss those days- what a GREAT cover!

  78. #123
    Kelli Johnson

    we have the original nintendo too AND get this…ATARI….still in it’s original packaging…my hubby the freak, gotta love ’em 🙂 So if you have feel that urge for Frogger call me 😉

  79. #124

    So THRILLED you are blogging again Cathy!
    Totally missed your randomness everyday posts about tunes and trivial stuff. Always made me think and expand my own little world.

    Life is good again!

  80. #125

    OK…. ditto #6 and double ditto #2. SERIOUSLY!!!

    Lookin’ forward to the new next step with the hair.

  81. #126

    welcome back. I really missed you but I’ve really been enjoying Simple Scrapbooks. You rock!!!!!!

  82. #128

    This is hardly an original thought, but GAWD I missed you. At the same time, I’m sure taking a break was good for YOU. So congratulations and welcome home.

  83. #132
    Sarah Vrolyk

    Glad you are back, Cathy! I have missed checking in on your blog!

    Happy New Year … and best wishes for finding balance all through the year … I am *so* with you on that one!

  84. #135
    Pam in TN

    Wow – I’m the opposite! I’m a knitter (in fact, I own a yarn store!) who has just taken up scrapbooking as an alternative creative outlet (that I needed like another hole in my head)…I love the scrapbooking I’ve done so far!
    I think we can do both!

  85. #136

    Great to have you back Cathy! I went through some serious withdrawl in Oct. Please try not to do that to us again!

  86. #137

    OMG you made my life!!!!!! hahaha I just saw on Donna’s blog that you are back!!!! wooohoooo! I didn’t even read the blog yet.. I was too excited that I had to comment! You are so funny and I looooooooooved reading your blog!!

  87. #138

    Hmmmm. I always read but rarely (i.e. never) comment. But I had to agree with you on Grey’s Anatomy. It rocks my world. I too am working thru season 2. Need to get caught up before season 4 starts here in Australia. Welcome back, Cathy.

  88. #139
    Sherry DeRose

    Hey CZ,
    So glad to see you’re back and O.K. Donna would not tell us where you went… We all need a long break at times.. Sooooooooo glad your back…. Don’t leave like that again.,maybe just give us a heads up next time!!! Love the Mullet…Joined back up at WW today. Decided not to cut my hair until I loose 30 #’s!!!
    Rock On!!

  89. #140

    I’m embarrassed to admit I, too, like Hannah Montanna. Just yesterday I said I’d watch TV with my 7yo boy. He watched the TV as a scrolled through the Guide. When I hovered over HM he said, “oh no, I like like Hannah” what??!?! Like he gets a vote??? haha

    Anyway, glad to hear you get her too. At least I’m not alone. 🙂

    (or am I totally ready it wrong and is there something I really don’t ‘get’??? crap – paranoia is setting in)

  90. #143

    Yay!! Welcome back! So glad to see you again. I’m with you on the knitting realm and you may even hear me swear at my knitting, too. I’m on my third attempt at a scarf. Yes, simple knit scarf. No purling. LOL.

    And another huge welcome to the Grey’s Anatomy cult. I, too, am an addict.

  91. #144

    Welcome back Cathy, you have been missed, how could I not relate to a woman who is into Neil Finn, Greys Anatomy and has a mullet lol

  92. #145

    Cathy I really missed you and your humor!

    We also have the old Nintendo with Mario brothers, Astroids, Pong etc. The figures are so pixelated (is that a word?) that you can hardly tell what they are. We refuse to buy a new system nor can we afford one anyway so that takes care of that!

    Of course I do not know what “drama” you experienced this year but I wanted to let you know that my year sucked pretty bad and I had my share of drama,too. I think scrapbooking gets us to think about our lives and examine everything. This is good so often, but sometimes it can make a person feel so bad when all they see in the mags and idea galleries is happy successful people. This can make a person feel like they do not compare or their story is too boring or even painful. My year was not a lot of fun to look back on and I hope my 42nd year is better. I wish you all the best this year. Please know that you are an inspiration. Don’t leave us!!! We need you!!

  93. #148

    Yay!! So glad you are back to blogging, missed your fun posts and cool stories about your kids. Isn’t knitting fun? I took it up about 6 weeks ago and am making little dresses and stuff for my baby girl due in April and can’t seem to stop knitting now! Look forward to seeing what you are working on 🙂 Does put a halt to the scrapping side of things though :::grin:::

  94. #149

    Soooo glad your back! I’ve missed you and I only know you from here and your books… Guess that sounds kind of creepy,huh??? 🙂

  95. #151
    Wendy J

    All I can say is that this is the TOTALLY BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I RECIEVED! I can’t thank you enough for deciding to return on my Bday! (Yesterday, Jan. 4th, turning 39 for the first time!Hee Hee!)

  96. #152

    So glad you are back!!!

    And me thinks perhaps the mullet a la Billie Ray may just be becuase you are getting your Cyrus inspiration from Hannah Montana? perhaps..


  97. #153

    So glad you are back!!!

    And me thinks perhaps the mullet a la Billie Ray may just be becuase you are getting your Cyrus inspiration from Hannah Montana? perhaps..


  98. #160

    So glad to see your blogging again! I just had to post to say that our family too is still loving the orginal Super Mario 🙂 Who needs all the new fangled stuff when the original is still so much fun!

  99. #161
    Lisa Cohen

    OMG! I am soooo happy to see you back and blogging. I was seriously going to write to you today because I was needing some cz wisdom/humor!


  100. #162

    Welcome back! Even though I knew you were “gone,” I continued to click on the Cathy Z links on others’ blogs, just HOPING! Happy day to see you’re back!

  101. #164
    Karen Breen-Bondie

    Boy, have I missed you! Glad you’re back and I’m glad I kept checking once a week for your return.

    It’s going to take me a while to read the past two days’ worth of comments, but I want to revel in others’ joy too!

  102. #166
    Angie Grimm

    I am so glad that you are back. I love your style (writing and everything else in between).
    I wish you’d make a trip to Rochester in the near future 🙂
    Happy New Year and much Balance to you!

  103. #169

    Wahoo! I love me some Cathy Zielske bloggin’ about nothing in particular on some days, and hilarious schtuff on others, etc. Yummy.

    What a great New Year’s present to me! How did you ever know it’s just what I wanted?! 🙂

    Glad to see you back, sister. Oh, and nice mullet, btw. 😉

  104. #170
    Rachel G

    I feel lame for saying this,but I can’t tell you how many times I thought,”I wish Cathy was blogging still. She’s so witty & charming!”
    Yaaayyy Cathy is back!!

  105. #172
    Pam Malisa

    Glad your back! I just found out by reading Donna’s blog. I taking a class with Donna in February. I”m so excited. She will be in Springfield, IL, which is 4 1/2 hours away from me but so worth the drive. I really missed reading your blog along with Donna’s and stacy’s. Good luck finding “Balance”. My goal is to “Simplify”. I kind of like the way balance sounds!!! Simplify and Balance…

  106. #173

    OMG!!! My friend at work, who’s also my scrapbook friend and design team partner just came by my desk and said “Guess who’s back” (in the middle of a conversation about Big Picture) And I shouted “Cathy!!!” and of course she said yes. She thought of calling me late last night when she discovered you were back, but held off. Probably should have called me at home based on the happy dance I did in the aisle of a relatively low-key, cubicle-filled office building. Oh well. I’m so glad you’re back and already enjoyed a LOL from reading your blog. Thank you!!! And happy new year!! And where exactly do you find an orange sweatshirt anymore? OK, that doesn’t need to be answered, more thinking out loud than anything. : )

  107. #174

    Welcome back!

    And I totally agree about Grey’s Anatomy! Who knew! I’m totally caught up now….

  108. #175

    I seriously had withdrawls. So HAPPY you are back sister. Oh and I think it’s funny that you mentioned both Billy Ray Cyrus and His Daughter Hannah Montana in the same post! BWHAHAHAHAHA! Mullet indeed. good times, good times.

  109. #176

    MISSED YOU! Now my day will be complete when I get to share a few minutes with you!
    Thanks and welcome back!

  110. #178
    Kathleen Joseph

    I like the mullet.

    The orange sweatshirt should not be replaced. You just got it broken in the way you like it!

    Keep up the knitting! KNITTING ROCKS!!

  111. #180

    YEA! Just read from Donna’s blog that someone is back and I thought — It’s got to be the one and only CZ! The hole in our lives is full again. Welcome back sister.

  112. #182
    Beth Rang

    Hooray! So glad you’re back. I think of you every time we go to A Taste of India in Maplewood. Happy new year!

  113. #184
    Anne Thompson

    Okay I just got WAY too excited to see you are back! Welcome back! Looking forward to reading your blog with my morning tea!

  114. #186

    didn’t know what i was missing, but glad you’re back too!! these folks really missed you lady!

    i could talk music all day! its my best friend (is that pathetic?)! checked out Neil, reminds me of David Gray a little bit. do you like David Gray?

    look forward to your blog, will check it right after i check Donna’s! wink!

    Karla in No Cal

  115. #188

    cathy I have missed you so much, you generally made my day when I came to see your blog an had fun reading !
    welcome back !

  116. #189

    Welcome back! You were definitely missed. I love that you picked ‘balance’ for your 2007 word (I keep meaning to have that tattooed to my back but I’m a little skittish with needles…oh well). I’m picking ‘create’ (to get me off my duff and start creating some handmade books and experiment more with recipes). With that in mind, I would love to send you a recipe that we always use to ring in the new year. It’s called Cowboy Salsa but we’ve renamed it “crack dip” because it is so addictive. I think your email is listed somewhere.


  117. #191

    Ok, couldn’t find an email address so here it is…

    Cowboy Salsa, aka Crack Dip

    1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
    1 Tbsp. Balsamic vinegar
    1 ½ to 2 tsp. hot sauce (Tabasco)
    1 ½ tap. olive oil or vegetable oil
    1 clove minced garlic
    1/8 tsp pepper
    1 firm, ripe avocado
    1 can black-eyed peas
    1 can corn
    2/3 cup chopped green onions
    2/3 cup chopped cilantro
    ½ pound chopped tomatoes
    Dash of Essence of Emeril (can be found on Note this is an optional
    ingredient, but really enhances the flavor)

    Mix vinegar, hot sauce, oil, garlic, Essence and pepper. Peel, pit, and cut avocado into ½ inch cubes. Add to vinegar mixture and mix gently to coat.

    Drain and rinse peas and corn. Add peas, corn, green onions, cilantro and tomatoes to avocado. Mix gently to coat. Add salt to taste.

    Serve with chips.

  118. #193
    stef b

    thank God! {sigh} you being gone for three months was wrong on SO many levels. cannot express how glad that you are posting again. this is your mission! you have way too much to say. not to mention seriously great musical taste. thanks for taking the time to let us in on your daily musings once again.

  119. #194

    I’ve been “online journaling” (what they USED to call blogging waaaay back when we all began) since 1998, and a number of my earlier incarnations are no longer on the web. Sometimes ya just gotta take a break.

    Glad to have you back! Can’t wait to get MY version of your Donna Downey camera bag (one of my loveliest Christmas presents this year…still waiting on it, though…)

  120. #195
    tammy t

    God you were missed! Missed my dose of “Cath-isms!” Finding the need to buy some Neil Finn. Love Split Enz still. Saw his brother in concert in a little bar on Lake City Way, good, ,but not Neil I am sure!

    Glad to see you back!


  121. #198

    Love,love,love your latest Neil Finn layout. The clean,untrapped white space,the spacious leading,the confident writing, the balanced visual weighting,the masterful use of colour and the oh so beautifully precise and even margins – ahh, it’s good to have you back!!

    p.s notice the single space following the full-stop, goes against everything my little type-A personality held dear but you were soo right, I’m loving how it looks.

  122. #199

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you came back to blogland. You have no idea how many times since October I’ve gone to your site and you weren’t there!! This is like meeting an old friend after a hiatus – thank you for sharing your humour, wisdom, jokes, music, inspiration and creativitiy.

    Happy New Year!

  123. #202
    Christina (in Beautiful BC Canada)

    Gotta say Cathy… I MAJORLY missed your blog. Was deeply saddened the day, when finally after a month of no-cathy-blogging, I removed you from my bookmarks [I confess deep disappointment that every time I checked to see if you were back bloggin, and you weren’t, depressing…].

    I’m so stoked that you’re back!

    I missed your humor and creativity inspiring mojo. Looking forward to reading more and laughing in my morning coffee =) That mullet is looking Billy Ray Hockey-hair HOT btw!!

  124. #205

    There is a Santa Claus, even if he was a little late…all I wanted for Christmas was your blog back. WAHOO! And thanks to Stacy for mentioning it in her blog so I could read you again. Happy 2007!

  125. #207

    woohoo!!! okay, BIG smile on my face upon seeing a link to your blog again!

    p.s. we are big mario 3 fans, too. I bought it for my son’s gameboy so, um, he could play it ;).

  126. #211

    yeah!!!cathyz is BACK!!!! love the hair and my son got super mario 3 for his birthday 3 weeks ago and our house totally rocks the original nintendo! we discovered zelda today!

  127. #212
    Debi B.

    One word: Happy.

    (That’d be me to have a bit of CZ back in my life… besides my earrings! LOL Oh, gosh… I think I’m giddy!) Welcome back to the land of adoring Cathy Z fans! We missed you! 🙂

  128. #213
    Paula Pascual

    Just because you said that you read every single comment…
    By the way, as a good music fan, have you discovered

  129. #214

    Given that you’re a wee bit of a Neil Finn fan was just wondering if you might like a media copy of “the final interview…?” with Neil Finn on CD. Its from an interview with Tony Hale at Unique Broadcasting, on June 5th, 1996 – this was the day after the announcement that Crowded House were to split up; and 2 days after the last gig, at London’s Hanover West. It includes 2 live numbers at the end of the set; “Better be home soon” (has a couple of wobbly notes following a Jools Holland ‘Later’ recording the night before); and “4 Seasons in One Day” (has firmer intonation and includes the s**t word – oops). It was sent out to the media at the time and has been lingering around my husbands personal collection ever since but we would be more than happy to send it to you if you’re interested.

  130. #215

    I would love to read all the comments, seeing that everybody feels the same way I do.
    I have missed my daily dose of CZ!! So kewl that you are back!! I think the mullet works. Always good to have a change!

    Looking forward to more daily doses!!

    (yay Cathy’s back……no more wondering what she is doin!)

  131. #216
    Kerri MacDonald

    Hey Cathy,
    So glad to see your back!!!Love your blog. They are making a movie or a musical can’t remember which about Freddie from Queen. I just remember hearing about it and thinking of you and Cole. I’m sure you two are already well aware of it but just in case, thought I’d give you a heads up.
    Kerri MacDonald CKU-A CZ Album Atlanta

  132. #218

    Aw, thank you so much. Singing makes me happy, but 1000 times more so when it touches someone else. (especially if it touches them in their “special area”) ;D

    P.S. I dig your mullet.

  133. #219

    Hey Cathy, life is good now that you are back. Thanks for making a difference in this world.I can’t help but smile…..

  134. #220

    I’m so excited!! I never comment, but I’ve faithfully read your blog–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! So glad you’re back…..

    keep on keepin’ on:)

  135. #221

    so glad you are back up! are you sure you don’t want to come back to Birmingham in March??!! 🙂 🙂 that would be the coolest!! 🙂

  136. #222
    Kimberly L.C.

    Thank goodness you’re back! I was a frequent reader, though never really posted, and was so sad (but understood) when you’d gone away.

    I find wisdom in myself and others after reading things that you write. Thank you for that and for being uniquely you.


  137. #223

    So glad to have you back. I too am a HUGE Grey’s fan. Have you read the writers blog? It’s great.
    Ok, this will sound random and maybe stalkerish but I adore you. LOL. There are so many things I admire about your spirit and the way you view the world.
    I too seek balance, and that’s my goal for the year as well. 🙂

    I dreamt last night that I met you at winter CHA. Don’t know if you’ll be there, but if you are I hope we’ll meet.

    Ok, that last part totally sounded stalkerish, but I promise I’m not.

  138. #224

    I missed you. Welcome back to blogland. I haven’t decided for certain yet, but I think my word for the year is going to be Moderation. I think it holds a lot of possibilities.

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