What's next? The blood of chickens?

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Should it worry me that they are making fruit voodoo heads at my son's school? There must be some really angry oranges out there. Or cloves. That's all I'm saying.

Happy Monday. I'm working like a mad dog. (Not really. I mean, i'm not sitting here, frothing at the mouth or anything, and there's very little, if any, agressive posturing…)

We are getting ready to launch a new magazine, called Digital Scrapbooking, (and a new website which will infinitely rock!) People are working hard. Stuff is getting done. Occasional language is involved. Just what corporate publishing should be about.

Happy Monday. Did I say that? Watch out for fruit voodoo in your hometowns.


Cathy ZielskeWhat's next? The blood of chickens?

13 Comments on “What's next? The blood of chickens?”

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    Welcome back! Again! So love that you are back! Hey, gotta a photo question: I have a Digital Rebel XT w/a 1.8 lens…but I don’t get that great blurred look like you have in your photo of “the boy”! Did you work a little photoshop magic, or am I a photo idiot? Feel free to be frank!

    In case I didn’t mention it: welcome back!

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    I wish I actually could use my computer to do much more than surf the Internet and work on spreadsheets. πŸ™‚ I’ll still take a peek at the magazine, you know, just in case πŸ˜‰

    LOVE the clove orange people. Adorable! I think people pay to have fruit people photoed and printed in calendars. I see an entrepreneurial opportunity here!!! Cha-ching!

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    Hi Cathy. I sent you an email with two mp3s…but I’m not sure if I have the right email address. Did you recieve it? If not, could you email me from the right address?
    I have a song I think you would like.

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    Stephanie Homburg

    the sad thing is the first thing I thought when I saw that picture, “Man I bet that orange cost at least a dollar.”

    Stupid California freeze. I’m going to get scurvy if the produce prices don’t go down!!!

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    I CAN’T WAIT until the first issue of this new magazine. The digital community is psyched and I’m even more excited that YOU are a part of it!

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    I live in the town in which the the Finn boys were born. Does your passion for Crowded House exend to their first band, Split Enz?

    I’m also a 15- year Mac fan and have a G5, but have just treated myself to a 17in MacBook Pro for the road – oh, bliss, oh joy. How is it possible to bond with a chunk of metal?

    Looking forward to the new magazine also.

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