Chip sounds off, Week 6

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Dear Family,

How are you all? Well? I thoroughly enjoyed the Powerpoint you sent to my host family. Nice to see the kids. Your weather seems a bit nicer than what we are currently having. And speaking of weather, it seems that when the temperature drops to a certain level, the Lady no longer feels the need to take me for a walk. No matter how excited and playful I am at the bus stop, she cheerfully says, "Okay, Chippie….too cold to walk today." It's as if she's turned a blind eye to the fact that I am covered with fur.

Of course the Lady informed you of the face swelling incident. I myself am not certain why my lips and nose filled up with extra fluid, but it was really cool to go the the Vet again, minus the shot. It seems like I got extra attention at home, as well. Bonus for me.

The Lady dissappeared for a while last week, and I was left alone during the day. Don't tell  her this, but it was kind of nice to not have the running commentary all day long: chippie, this is Neil Finn…do you LOVE it? i know you love it. do you like my hair short? it really IS working, isn't it, yes……yes, chippie. You are a GOOOOOD dog. OHβ€”you'll LOVE this song. This is also by Neil….yes…can you say "neil?" GOOOOD doggie!"

But I have to say, I missed her while she was away, and have assumed my spot again, on the floor of the office, on a nice cushy kennel pad. Needless to say, I miss and love you all. But from what I can guage, they are taking really good care of me.

Chipina Lucille

Cathy ZielskeChip sounds off, Week 6

29 Comments on “Chip sounds off, Week 6”

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    Chip, you are truly living in the lap of luxury! Some of us would trade spots with you in a second! Even if the lady talks a lot about Neil!

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    ok, I have to say that the letters from Chip make me laugh like nothing else. You must be the most hilarious person, someone that I would love to hang with. Thanks for making me laugh the type of laugh that makes you happy the rest of the day whenever you think about it. Have a good day.

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    Love these letters – so funny!

    I tried to email you via 2Peas peamail regarding an autism fundraiser we are doing for Ali’s son at CKU-Detroit. If you didn’t get it, could you please email and I’ll give you the info.

    Thanks SO much!


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    Jenn from MA

    One of these days, Chip is going to wow you with a sentence, just like the dog in those Bush’s Baked Beans commercials. I hope you haven’t revealed any deep dark secrets to your 4-legged friend.

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    Awww….Chipper πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about going for a walk when it’s cold. My greyhound has very little fur and when we go outside for a walk, with his heavy fancy fleece coat – he hightails it back to the house. He doesn’t like being cold…I say this as he’s currently enjoying laying in front of the heating vent on his bed πŸ™‚

    Make sure the lady gives you a cookie and a tummy rub!

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    I can see a a doggie purchase in your future. You will be soooo lonely after Chip goes back home, she’s got the greatest sense of humor.

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    Lady, you crack me up! I have a Golden too and she ‘talks’ in my head all the time. :p
    Loving these Chip letters!

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    I have to post this here because I don’t know where else to post it!!! Thank you for my AUTOGRAPH that my friend Rollie got for me at CHA!! You crack me up-seriously! And, I wish I could wear my hair short like yours…keep bloggin’ as I know I can get a little inspiration or just a giggle from reading your stuff. Thanks!!


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    hey chip….just discovered that the lady is blogging once again….so happy for that….hope your lips remain their normal cute size

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    Dear Chip,

    Can I come stay with you?? I have a 9 month old brother. Of the human variety. He’s annoying and I am never left alone for very long before I am mauled and covered with drool. It’s not like I drool on him!


    Ludwig the Greyhound

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    Camille Fargo

    All I have to say is keep the doggie letters coming! I love the point of view… The lady, the girl, etc. I am really Laughing Out Loud! Oh yeah, kudos on Chippy McScratchy! LOVE IT! πŸ™‚ Thanks for making me smile~

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    Rebecca Foxworth

    Okay, seriously, Cathy. I’ve been teaching since 1989 (which makes me around 29 years old, of course), and you should totally write a Chip the Dog children’s book. Seriously funny stuff. And lest you think, “Hey, who would publish this kind of stuff for kids?”, let me remind you of the success of the book “Walter the Farting Dog”. Oh, and books like “Dog Breath” and “Captain Underpants”. And “The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales” (and pretty much every other book ever written by the duo of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith). Kids are savvy and witty these days. They get the humor. Seriously, write a book. A diary. By a dog (yes, I know it’s been done in the Bunnicula series, but you’ve got such a fresh, new take on it). And, hey, make them pay you extra for designing your own cover!

    Chip the Dog

    I like it!

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