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    I actually remember being quite amazed at that word when I first read it at a very young age. And I still remember the book where I read it too, I was probably nine or 10. Coleman is right, it’s such an exciting word indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    That made me laugh out loud! Pass on a few more to him that I’ve been trying to start…”Rats!” and “Phooey!” Maybe he can make them take off!

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    Kids say the funniest things! When I was teaching I would write down some of the things my students said. The funniest was when I had had enough of a middle schooler wandering around and I told him (for the 40th time) to go sit down. He looked at me and said “Oh Miss Fleming, I’m sorry for my erotic behavior!”

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    OM Goodness…….could that boy of yours be any funnier?????

    Just love the innocence of this age. One of my boys is the same age and he is now developing his own language! lol so he says. He is very frustrated that we don’t know what he says. So I will ask him “what does that mean?” He says…..I don’t know. I am making it up as I go! rofl!

    I Love kids!

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    He reminds me of Bobby Hill on “King of the Hill.” I mean that in a good way–Bobby’s his own person.

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