I’m in love…

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I present, my first felted project:

Oh for cute!

Seriously. I'm in love. In love with this tiny, super cute purse. My heart is a flutter.

The only reason i decided to learn to knit was because of this. I remember thinking (in a high-pitched, somehow unplaceable yet distinct accent): "For to have me make like bag?" So thanks to a pattern from my former neighbor, Denise, and a little help from my all-knowing, really smart ecology professor and super knitter, Sarah, I finished this little bag last night. Although, i still am going to add a little vintage ribbon/button dealy to it. Mmmm.

Today, I'm taking a class at my local yarn shop.  It's a technique class covering increases, decreases and knitting in the round. I need to be able to figure this stuff out on my own. I'm so excited. I can't remember the last time I took a class about anything. In fact, I think the last time i signed up for a class was in 2001, at my local Archivers. It was an intro to scrapbooking basics. Good times.

So…happy sunday. I also finished some work this morning that had to get done. And done it got.


Cathy ZielskeI’m in love…

43 Comments on “I’m in love…”

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    so cool, I haven’t fully ingested the knitting bug.. yet. But think of the possibilities…WHAT could the zlady do to the world of knitting?
    I mean look what you’ve done to scrapbooking, it will never recover! 😉

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    Oh Cathy!! That little purse is awesome!! Isn’t felting just great?! If possible, I would love to get a copy of that pattern! Keep up all the great work that you do!

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    OK. That’s just gorgeous. Love, love, love…
    Would you share where one can buy the pattern?
    Must have…

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    Emilie Ahern

    Adorable! I have never felted, but love making little sweaters for my babies. You’ll do great in the class…dropping and adding stiches is a breeze, but opens up so many doors!!!

    Good Luck!

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    Tracy Whitney

    OMG, you felted? Very impressive. I am still stuck on knitting dishcloths (remember, we chatted briefly about it in the Dream Street booth at CHA?). Did you take a class to make that adorabe bag, ir did you follow a pattern yourself?

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    how stinkin cute is that purse??!! Would you mind sharing where I could get the pattern? I’d love to make one too!

    So glad you are back to bloggin by the way!


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    Kathy T

    Very very cute. I know others have asked, but can you share the pattern info? And what type of yarn did you use – it looks so fuzzy! What a great spring kickin’ around bag.

    Great job.

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    Korey Lindberg

    This is so awesome, Cathy! I totally need the pattern. I’m working on a knitted felted bag right now, but it’s not near as cute as this one! Thanks for inspiring us on yet another creative endeavor!

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    Jen G

    That bag is the coolest! Would you share your pattern? I love the size! What color yarn did you use? Oh! Please share!!

    Thanks! From another out of control new knitter!

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    How cool!! I’m currently learning to sew. Maybe in 2008 I’ll try knitting. I have clients at Hamline Hi-rise about a block from the store you linked to. When I first saw the name of the store I thought it looked cool. Good to know they have classes in case I get bit by the knitting bug.

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    Whenever you post a picture of a finished knitted project, the rest of the world needs to know what pattern you used! Now that I’ve seen this picture, I *need* to make a bag like yours.

    Some people will also want to know what type of yarn you used, etc.

    If you took a class at Archiver’s and became the scrapbooker you are, I can’t wait to follow your knitting adventures!

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    This bag is so cool! I love it and it is in my favourite colour, too.
    Wanted to write to you earlier, because your first (and then second) book made me start scrapbooking. I always loved the idea of it but could not stand the usual design with a lot of ribbons, embellishments and colour. You share my love of fonts (inherited from my father who always taught me to recognize good and bad fonts…) and when I read your first book i was so touched by the way you did your pages. The texts made me smile, laugh and cry and I immediately went to the only scrapbooking shop I know here (Mexico, D.F.) and spent a fortune on paper. (And went back and back and back.)
    And now coming back to the bag: The day before yesterday I read your blog and saw the picture of the Donna-bag. I went to Flickr.com and searched for more and then the whole thing started: I wanted to felt. So at this very moment whilst I am reading your blog again MY first bag is in the washing machine and I cannot wait to take it out. So this is also because of you!
    Thanks for opening a lot of doors for me (not to mention Crowded House – my children love them).

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    Ooooh, your purse is so cute! You did a fabulous job! Congrats! I just made my first felted bag a few weeks ago. It was very similar to yours, only pink/orange. It was so much fun. I already want to make another!

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    I’d love to bang on about how fabulous your your bag is.. but … too more important things……what would it take to wish my dear friend (and huge Cathy Z fan) a Happy Birthday on your next blog post? I know Neil Finn’s 2nd cousin on his mother’s side…….. – it could mean big things for you on his next American tour if you could just say .. Happy Birthday ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love love love the bag! Now I must find a pattern like that, too. I’ve never felted, but it’s on my to do list of things to learn. Great job on your first attempt!

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    Cindy Ericsson

    Love the bag! Felting is good because it has that element of danger to it, yet you end up with something totally different and great. It’s like some kind of fiber alchemy.

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    You need to open one of those Etsy.com accounts like your girlfriend “d” and sell some of these beauties. They ARE the bomb, even without extra flowers. Just love them. That little green gem just makes me smile.

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    Ahh, I see, the penny has dropped. The felting is what happens when you wash the knitted item. Gotcha. Cool, we will definitely be giving it a go.

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    cool bag Cathy, SJ and I will give it a go in the next week. First I have to teach her to knit! Should be fun.

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    Love your felted bag. Funny. I got the knitting bug when I saw DD’s purse,too. So, I’m on my #5 right now. And I’m lovin it. I would love to know where the pattern originated. My DGD’s want purses, too but the ones I make are kind of large for them to use. I have also been using the funky, hairy yarns with the Cascade and love that look, too. Thanks for the motivation.

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    First your scrapbooking and photography inspire me and now this. How much more enabling can one woman stand? 😉 I bought the eLisaLou purse, a better camera and some perfume all because of you (not to mention a rocking good Joshua Radin CD) and now another passion – YARN! I’ve always wanted to knit (it’s been on my life list of things to do for years) and you were part of what prompted me to start (my first bag is felting in the washer as we speak).
    Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy. All around.
    I’m so glad you’re back to enabling…er…blogging. 🙂

    Here’s a needle felted flower I thought was super cute:


    Happy knitting!

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    Now that is a thing of beauty, and for someone who had a kinda weird Kermit the Frog fixation as a young child, it’s even kinda sexy. Too much information huh? Thought so!

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    Simple and sweet. MeThanksYou for the pattern!
    I found it from SimpleKnits links to small projects.
    I need a little gift for a young girl and this is exactly perfect.

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    This is an old post but just came across this great green felted puse you made and would love the pattern.. I want to try and dye some yard with cool aid and this would be the best pattern to try.. Can you let me know where I can find the pattern or possible forward it to me.. Thanks !!!!!

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