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…looks like this.

And by "porn," of course, I mean, that which causes technological euphoria, and a light tingling sensation in the mouse hand.

Meet my new Airport Extreme, with an emphasis on the "X". After nearly a month of dealing with a third party that shall go unamed (Netgear), and being told: "We cannot help you," I bit the bullet and ordered the new Apple wireless router and lo and behold, one quick phone call this morning and I have back all the things I so love and cherish: the Internet, a printer, wireless service for my laptop (Cole is going to sob with joy!) and the ability to video chat and access the CK Media ftp site. God. How could I ever sit around and wish for things like cars that work, when I've got this?

I enjoyed all of the comments yesterday about the car, and Dan's charming frugality. He, not so much. It's all going to work out. I bought a new CD player for my Honda. It's going to be like a whole new car. I will revisit this issue if and when we get a refund from the IRS.

The yarn I used on the most recently posted bag is Nori. And that's all I know. And i'm using size 11, 16-inch circulars. (For those who must know!)

I'm heading to Utah tonight, on my favorite late night Northwest flight, for a few days of meetings in regards to our July/August issue. I look forward to getting into the office and hanging with the team, and getting a lot done.

I will be knitting on the plane. Seriously…what a great way to pass time in flight.

Happy Tuesday. I am off to enjoy the benefits—legal, every single one of them—of my Airport Extreme.

Cathy ZielskePorn for Mac users

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    Hey Cathy-Just HAD to post. I had the same wonderful, quality service from Netgear. I gave up when the highly qualified phone support technician told me for the fifth time that the problem was my cordless phone. Finally had my hubby just hardwire my computer (no easy feat since the router was on the first floor and my PC is on the second). This was also his punishment since he has ‘all things MAC’ and continues to laugh at how long my PC takes just to boot up and shut down.

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    Heather Main

    Hi Cathy
    I just wanted to tell you that you might want to check with your airline about those knitting needles I don’t think they allow them on the plane 🙁
    Have a great flight either way!

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    thanks for the Nori info. I had a feeling.
    Enjoy your new toy. Toys are good. 🙂
    Make something pretty!

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    Lisa Cohen

    Yes, I second that you should check about the knitting needles with security at the airport before bring them so you don’t have to sacrifice your project. eek! I just started some of the second sock that I’ve been promising my husband for two years… thanks for the knitting inspiration. 🙂

    Have a safe trip and say hi to all the Simple folks for me!

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    Becca Coppin

    OOOoooooo Mac porn!!! NICE!

    I am dying to get APPLE TV. Best thing ever!! Well, besides iphone of course 😛

    Alright. Nerd moment over.

    Have a great trip to Utah 🙂

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    My husband is a tried and true Mac geek and has been looking at this porn for a while. We’re still using the Airports that look like alien beings landing.

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    I recently traveled with knitting needles on a plane. According to the TSA website, knitting neeedles are allowed. To be safe, i bought bamboo needles-I heard they are not as much of a problem (although I am not sure why). I also took 3 pairs of jewerly pliers without a problem. This was all in my carry on.

    Good luck!

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    Mary Beth

    I was on a flight at the end of January and they never bat an eyelash at my knitting needles. You can have small scissors, knives etc now–it’s just liquids and gels that are highly regulated. On that note, I have to thank both you and Donna D. for fueling my knitting OBSESSION! I am a scrapper and altered artist who decided to teach myself to knit as my new years resolution. If it weren’t for you two, I would be happy to occasionally work on the blanket I started. Instead, I have spent the last two weeks colltcting patterns and wool to make my own cute felted bags. Thanks to you I am almost done with a totebag. My husband would also like to e-mail the two of you, but I don’t think he’ll be sharing my happy outlook on your influence.

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    Tell me the difference in using circular needles vs. straight ones? I am learning to knit (by myself – video) so no one to ask.

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    Seriously, I need to unload my PC for a Mac. A girl can dream, can’t she?

    Sorry to ruffle Dan’s feathers. I think we girls need to keep our boys honest sometimes 😉 Mine never tells me no, ’cause he knows I can tell myself and actually mean it 🙂

    And as for knitting. I’m at a loss. I started something 2 years ago and have sat there staring at it ever since. Glad to see it fuels your passion to create, love the cute bags 🙂

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    I saw your comment about the Prius…

    Have you thought about getting a Hybrid Civic???

    I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and I LOVE IT!!! Great gas milage, Earth-friendly, and STILL A HONDA!!

    I would NEVER trade in my Hybrid Civic… unless it was for another one, of course!!

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    That’s interesting that knitting needles are allowed but the guy next to me on a 45 min. flight from Calgary got his nail clippers with a file taken away before boarding.
    Can’t wait to see what you make!

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    I just LOVE LOVE the hot pink and green bags in your earlier post. Let me know if you have too many bags setting up residence in your home. I would happily have one fly to my home in the South for the winter.

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    Jen Donnelly

    Knitting needles are explicitly permitted in the TSA rules, for the US. I understand Britain is very strict and won’t permit them on carryons, at all. I think Japan is strict, too. Anyway, if anyone is worried, has a thread in their coffeeshop with the latest updates and experiences of knitting travelers.

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    Kate T

    Ok you have pushed me over the edge now with the knitting- BRILLAINT!!! Knitting on the plane! I never thought of it that way- DUDE! I am so getting needles for my next trip- forget People mag- it’s knitting for me!

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    Forget the CD player, get Sirius! Ohhhh, you have not lived until you have 200 stations at your fingertips in your car. 🙂

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    Ok so I am so excited to have found you have no idea. Now I could rattle on and on with my life story – or more to the point the pre scrapbook story, but I won’t bore you. I’ll try to sum it up in a few sentences. I’m from Sydney, Australia. Married, 3 kids: boy & girl 4yrs twins, 2yrs terror boy. Was in a complete rut in life…felt there had to be more than laundry, cleaning, driving kids here and there, but just didn’t know how to find it. I have tried a lot of “crafts” in my time, but nothing really clicked with me. Then I started scraping 5 months ago and it really has changed my life! From the beginning I was totally inspired by your books. I was keen to read your blog, but when I logged on found out you’d shut down the day b4! Just happened to hear today you’d started again this year and have tonight pretty much ignored the kids and read all entries since beginning of Jan. You inspire me Cathy, not just in scrapping but in life. I love your posts. So all in all I wanted to say thank you. Keep it coming. I’m sure I’ll be hanging out here a lot more from now on.
    Oh and love the bags, wish I could get the hang of knitting, would love to have me one of those bags!

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    I’m so happy to see that you’re back : ) I must be way out of the loop, but you made my week!

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    laura kate

    sweet lord…i’ve made 5 of those bags now. (all while actually getting work done AND scrapping too!). today, whilst being paid to supervise children, i knit 2 and started a 3rd. *that*, in my book, is the way to do it. get paid to multitask and (in my mind) justify buying really nice yarn.

    1 in worsted lamb’s pride, 2 in chunky lamb’s pride (not again – the worsted works better here), and 2 in desert from classic elite yarns – i highly recommend. self-striping, funky variation in thickness of the yarn, and they felt up like a dream! i almost bought the noro to try, but the desert was in the next cubby and the LYS had better colors in…i’m so lame.

    thanks again for the pattern, the inspiration, and the mac porn (i write this from my macbook with usb modem on a dialup…oh the jealousy).

    i hope you are enjoying utah. i am enjoying the little felted bags. 🙂

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    Hey Cathy…yes, knitting needles are ok. Just in case, always take a Self Addressed stamped envelope to the airport with you IN CASE. You never know when you’ll meet an overzealous attendant (i.e. the flight attendant from hell that booted off a breast-feeding woman). Love the bags. I have knitted a similiar one myself from another pattern (a clutch). Isn’t felting fun?

    Here is my latest project:

    I am really into hats right now. Oh..I have a tip for you. Get the Denise Interchangable Circular Needle Set. It rocks! Here is a link:

    This will save you tons of money and it is EASY to carry onboard. Happy Knitting!

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    Hi Cathy — It’s nice to see you blogging again. I remember discovering your blog before when it had been “in production” for quite a while. Me being me, I read it all in order from the start, all at once [took a couple days at least]. So when I discovered you had started it up again and I missed that, of course I started at the beginning.

    I tell you this so you will know where I get off telling you that your blogging this time is markedly different. Oh it is still funny and you still talk about some of the same topics but…. the tone and approach of your storytelling has changed. I don’t know if it is due to the death of your neighbor/friend, or bc you realized you missed sharing or what. But I just thought that was interesting. Believe me, it is very very different this time around.

    Also, you say you have gained weight? I have met you in person and you were very very thin. Nothing wrong with that, if that is your body shape. But I saw a new picture of you in here and you said you had gained 20 lbs….?? Frankly I think you look GREAT! You had hips in that picture! Which means a curve at your waist! And some flesh on your upper arms! Curve does not equate to FAT by the way, that is just some psychosis the media tells us. You did not or do not look fat, chubby, chunky or anything like that. You just look healthy and good. In that particular picture, you just did not look straight up and down. Maybe it was just the pose. But if you have gained 20 lbs… they are 20 good pounds. So there.

    Anyway, keep on with the Mac porn bc I love it.


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    Cathy, you are such an inspiration. I love your work. I frequent your blog everyday. I do have a question for you? I know your a graphic designer, and so is my husband, i was wondering if you had any advice on starting a freelance business? If you have time to answer this I would really appreciate it.

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    Dear Cathy,
    This is not related to your post – but you’re back!! What great news!
    You have probably already seen this (or heard it) but I love this song at the moment.
    We have a fantastic show on here in Australia called ‘Love My Way’ and they used this song on one of the episodes.
    By The Finn Brothers and if you ask me, yes, Neil is very cute….but Tim….ooohhh now he is sexy!

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    kim in Camas

    Tell your sexy husband that you not only can afford a new car, but you deserve a new car! My husband, like yours is very frugal. We finally bit the bullet last year and sold his 92 honda….we kept our 99 honda and bought a spankin brand new hybrid toyota highlander……perfect for you.

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    yes, you can take your needles, for sure. The only thing is make sure you scissors is smaller than 4″ from the intersecting point…like where the screw is. Really watch your liquids, 3oz size or smaller, 1 quart bag and only 1 bag per person. I am sure you know all this since you travel a bunch.

    Hey, I like your version of “porn”…that must be the “g” spot!

    have a great saturday!

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    lol, not quite an obsessed knitter yet hey Cathy? Your bag yarn is Noro (the manufacturer) Kureyon (the yarn style), a most beloved yarn amongst knitters. So great to see you blogging again!

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    ~Alma Scrapera~

    I have a Honda CRV that has a line in jack. I connect my ipod right into my car. You might want to think about using your ipod in addition to your CD player. A CD jukebox came with our Honda, but my husband and I would rather listen to the satelite xm radio or the ipod because there are more music choices. My husband and I thought the jukebox was so “old fashioned”. Gosh, I guess we are Apple snobs! Heeheehee.

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