Seems like just three years ago…

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That my kitchen was remodeled for a show on the DIY network. I got an e-mail from one of the producers this morning, with this link. It seems our little kitchen made the cover of one of their books.

There's another book (and Jon Sauer, if you're reading, you might find this of interest) called Weekend Bathroom Makeovers, as well, which features my neighbor Mary, and Jon, and their remodel project. Kind of cool.

Trying to work. Not focusing well. Oh, and my external hard drive that I thought i'd conquered? Not conquered. Not good. Bad. Very very bad.

: ) happy monday!

Cathy ZielskeSeems like just three years ago…

16 Comments on “Seems like just three years ago…”

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    Lisa D

    I didn’t see your show the first time around (3 years ago), but I did catch part of it last week (I think it was last week). I saw it just as they were cutting the curve around the hearth, which is what made me stop, and putting in the transition part of the floor b/tw 2 rooms. Dan was running cars over it talking about his little boy playing on it.
    Anyway, I only saw *you* for just a second at the end of the segment. You pretty much sounded in real life like you do in my head when I’m reading here. 😛

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    Pam Tremble

    So a couple weeks ago I was watching DIY and the first segment in your kitchen renovation came on. All during that first show I kept thinking “Man! That looks like Cathy – can it possibly be her?” Then the second episode came on and they told a bit more about the family and I was thrilled that I’d actually recognized you without them telling me who you were. Great kitchen by the way!

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    Jen Donnelly

    They just reran your episodes a couple of weeks ago- I had not seen them before. I only caught the first two, but was shocked at how little Aidan and Cole looked in the split second they were shown! Three years is a long time.

    You have my sympathy on the HD. Those are not supposed to break! Check out DriveSavers if it looks really bad- it will cost you, but they can get your data for you. Don’t mess around with it if it seems to be crashing, the more you do the worse it will get. Ask me how I know. Better yet, don’t.

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    Lisa S.

    how cool….I knew you had recently remodeled your kitchen but I didn’t realize you would be doing it for TV and BOOKS! You just rock. you are everywhere girl!

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    I had absolutly no idea that when I watched that renovation that it was you, how coolio is that? That has to be the one I have seen several times!

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    Also sending healing thoughts to your hard drive. I can’t even imagine.
    No focusing for me. School was cancelled because of the cold. Insane!

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    If you don’t have Disk Warrior to diagnose and repair your hard drive, you must get it! It has saved me more than once!

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    I saw that book at Barnes and Noble last week. I handed it to my husband and said, “Look, it’s Cathy’s kitchen” Funny how he knew who I was talking about.

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