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Have I mentioned lately how attached I'm getting to Chip the Dog?

Well, I am. Not so much that I'm going to cause a scene when the globe-trotting Smith family return, and lay claim to their pet. I know my role in this whole thing. No, really…I get it.

One of the Smith family members was home over the weekend, and we threw a friendly little gathering with some of our neighbors. Much alcohol was flowing. And one of my neighbor's who shall go unnamed to protect her integrity (Hi Angela!), had said to me, the next day, "What kind of an example is it, to drink that much in front of your children?"…to which I replied, "It's the perfect example…you're showing them where and how to drink. At home, with your much loved neighbors, where no driving is required. That's how you should do it."

Any trouble finding your home, on foot, at 2 a.m. is separate issue altogether.

Me? I was totally hopped up on little cans of Sprite and Pepsi. Then someone got the good sense to wonder what would happen if Chippie's owner and me both tried to call her at the same time. Nice.

I'm not sure how this is tying into my, which is the category i've placed this post under. What I'm trying to figure out is since i started living my, I've gained 7 pounds. I'm going to have to re-read the opening chapters. I think that i'm not supposed to be eating at TGIFridays until I feel like I have to sleep before I can physically remove myself from the restaurant. Same goes for late night Reeses-flavored ice cream. And pouring shredded cheese directly from the plastic bag into my mouth.

So I put Chip on the blog today, because we've started a new plan: morning walks. Right after the kids get on the bus, and before starting work for the day. 30 minutes. We can do this. Together. Me, and Chip the dog. Forever and ever. Amen.

And if you're wondering who she went to when we called? I'll never tell…

Cathy ZielskeBest life…and best friends

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    Lisa Cohen

    Oh look at those eyes!!!! I would give in a give him a whole box of bones… I know, I know… not good for him but look at those EYES!!!

    Great idea on the walks too… the best thing to get weight under control is to get moving… and if you really want to kick some butt add weights! So that you can build up more muscle (which takes up less space than fat – think clothes feeling more comfortable)… and the best part… will burn more calories while you are scrapping or working or watching TV.

    Anyone up for a 5k challenge? walk or run or run/walk?!! 🙂 I think I am registered for one I have to go check my calendar. Nothing like setting a goal for motivation!

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    O.K. I am with ya on the weight train. I JUST started South Beach and even only 3 hours into it, I have weighed myself twice and can only think of the foods I have to deprive myself of. The diet makes sense. I am hypoglycemic and the diet makes real sense. I am all about the lifestyle change but I am a social person. And, at this age a glass of wine while being sociable is pretty much expected. Also, good for you for putting the neighbor into place. Why do people feel so damned comfortable being witchy and condenscending? Why even say something so blatently confrontational? Anyway, I vote for a basset hound when Chip must return home to his parents. Have a good one. Buy a pair of MBT’s and get a real good workout for your butt, thighs and abs. You will love them..maybe not so much the price, but the shoes are awesome!


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    Waiting to read Chip’s perspective on the weekend….yours is hilarious to say the least!! Um, note to Bob Greene, an intervention is needed in MN…get on it, will ya? Bring Oprah too, k?

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    Cathy Walters

    Okay, you are hysterical! Sounds like a good get-together. 🙂 I have started exercising in the morning too, and it is okay, other than having to get up at an ungodly hour…I’m hoping that somewhere along the way, I find my metabolism, which apparently fell off the face of the earth about 6 years ago.
    btw, I could stare at Chipthedog’s face forever…what a cutie!

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    Way to go, Cathy! The walks are going to make you feel fantastic. I need to get off my lazy and do something. I was back in the gym consistantly (for like, um, a whole 2 weeks!) then we all got hit with a nasty cold, so I got out of my groove and can’t seem to find it again.

    Best wishes to you! Will you be able to “borrow” Chip for the morning walks once his family returns? You might just have to get your own Chip!

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    Laura Reaux

    What is even better than shredded cheese straight out of the bag? Cheese that you shredded yourself. OH yeah.

    And why must you remind me that I need to start exercising again?

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    ah come on Cathy! it is just US here……right? you can tell! lol!! hope you do well on those walks. I keep telling myself NEXT week! lol! maybe send Chip my way when you are done?!?!

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    Lyn Meeker

    Ummm… Did you have bacon grease on your fingers? … (Someone else must have seen that CSI episode!) ….

    How about a Scottie?

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    weight training could include carrying Chip on these walks? Although he might not be too thrilled with that…
    Check out – its a free site to help you track your food and exercise. Pretty cool!

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    I love your Chip stories and I think you need to get a dog! We have one retriever cross and just last week little Linus joined our family, he’s a purebred retriever, but was discounted because he didn’t get a tail. NO ONE wanted him so we gladly took him.
    Get a dog!

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    ok so I googled “Reeses-flavored ice cream”

    I’m thinkin maybe if I mixed Snickers flavoured pods into vanilla ice cream…sigh

    oh and “Any trouble finding your home, on foot, at 2 a.m. is separate issue altogether” lmao

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    Mmmmmm. Cheese right out of the bag. Mmmmmm. 🙂

    You are exactly right about setting a good drinking example for your children. Every child should see the appropriate way to drink. I should remember to do that more often! Maybe right now. Oh wait, Zoë is taking her nap. That won’t work. Tonight then. HA!

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    dogs are great for forcing yourself to exercize, not to mention lots of other things.
    We just got an ice cream machine at my LSS/place of business. Guess how many I have eaten??

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    Not a real cheese fan myself, but cold vanilla frosting from the jar can’t be beat for that sudden craving at 10:52 p.m.!!! Enjoy your walks with Chip! Duffy (my 12 y.o. choco lab) and I will think of you as we’re doing the same! Blessings on ya~

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    Good luck with the walks. Not sure what the weather was like in MN this last week, but it was WAY too warm in lower Wisconsin – like Africa hot. Okay, it just got up to 80, but geez, that’s just not right. Why did I start writing this… oh yeah, it got so damn hot so fast and my dog has not shed the winter coat for the summer coat yet, so in this muggy, Africa-hot weather, he could barely get around the block. Seriously, he laid down in the neighbors yard. He’s going to be 14, so I was sure I killed him with that stupid walk — which, geez, I guess he was doing something he loved, but it wasn’t something I love. If you’re going to kill your dog, shouldn’t you both be enjoying the last times spent together – like snorkling fried chicken with a cookies and ice cream chaser?? Wow, that was SO less than supportive. Let me rinse away the jelly bean residue from the corner of my lips with a shot of Captain and say, Woo Hoo – have fun on those morning walks!!

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    OK Cathy, the pouring of shredded cheese is really a must, can’t cut out that one, and Reeses ice cream follows very closely behind, mmmmm! So go-Chip-go a 30 min puppy dog walk to start the day sounds totally refreshing 🙂 good luck!

    hey, can you email me? I got the info from you in CA about your amazing bag but never got your email lol!

    have a great week,

    C.D. Muckosky

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    Another cute Chipper story! Kelly asked what kind of dog are YOU getting when Chip goes home, but I’m asking (seriously) “What kind of dog are you getting for the Smith’s when THEY come home?” KWIM?

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    hi cathy

    i take my baby (our 4 yr old jack russel) out for at least 3 walks a day (sometimes more), 365 days a year. well, during fireworks she won’t go out at night and for several weeks after. before i got this girl i did no exercise what so ever and i love it now being out in the open, i get so much pleasure watching her enjoying herself. luckily i a SAHM to a 11 and 12 yr old so our baby girl takes up a lot of my time and i don’t mind one bit. people who haven’t had dogs before don’t realise what a responsibility and how much work is involved, wow what a commitment! we’re very lucky to live out of a city, so have beautiful walks here in the open. i hope you and chip enjoy your walks as much as tilly and i do.

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    Sharon F.

    Chip is a darling…she would love my dog Jake. We go for daily walks – where I live is in the city (Oakland, CA) and hilly, so it does get the heart rate up.
    To let you know…i gave us soda all together – not easy when you were used to have at least 2 diet pepsi’s everyday at 3pm – but now I dont crave them or even want one. Water is more refreshing. I found soda made me crave more in that never ending cycle.
    Remember dogs are great listeners and I can tell by Chip’s eyes – she is a thoughtful soul. Those walks will not only be healthy…but the best therapy in the world – without having to lie on a couch.
    best to you!

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