I’m pretty sure I know what it sounded like…

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…when the Titanic was going down.

If I close my eyes, the sound coming from the upstairs bedroom (current location of four 11-year-old-girls, who are screaming, and jumping, and possibly, at least it sounds this way, are physically harming themselves by hurling one another into the walls of Aidan’s room) has got to be close to what it sounded like, that fateful night so many years ago.

Blood-curdling screams and body hurling. That, apparently, is what makes for a fun night at an 11-year-old slumber party.

We kept it small this year on purpose. We didn’t want to have to replace all of our windows. The collective sound of all four girls screaming at the same time transcends loud. Really. It crosses over into the obscene. Like a scene in some freaky science fiction movie where sound frequencies are used by evil overlords to dominate all lower subjects.

And that was just when Aidan was opening her gifts.

I kid you not. It sounds as if Aidan’s room is going to come crashing down into the family room, which lies directly below. Luckily, I’m typing out of harm’s way, if in fact, this does come to pass.

I’m seriously expecting to see one of their feet come crashing through the ceiling at any minute.

The screaming has been non-stop for nearly four and a half minutes. I’m not sure if I should call 911 or simply pour another glass of wine and go sit in the garage.

I so do not remember what it is like to be 11.

Here’s to a good weekend.

And, if you haven’t yet, check out Ali’s blog. She’s getting some major action over there. All in the final push for the sixdegrees charity fundraising for Autism Speaks.

In fact, if you’re in a house where your ears are not bleeding, celebrate by tossing another 10 bucks that way.

In the name of charity….and quietness.

Cathy ZielskeI’m pretty sure I know what it sounded like…

13 Comments on “I’m pretty sure I know what it sounded like…”

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    the wine (the whole bottle) and the garage is where I’d head… I mean, kids these days!! LOL I think in my time we were throwing each other into the pool?

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    Lyn Meeker

    I’d lock myself in a bathroom with a bubble bath and that bottle of wine … but that bathroom would be at the local resort a mile away .. or at the Holiday Inn Express.. they have whirlpool tubs! ….

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    The whole bottle of wine, a good book, music and a bubble bath is my vote to get you through the night!

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    I have five sisters… fairly common sound at our house growing up…. but usually it was fighting over the bathroom or clothes and not in the name of a good time. Bless my saintly mother.

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    ROFL!!! had that same experience just this past December when my dd turned 10 – so you’re saying that it gets louder?!!!LOL Must remember to move from wine to margaritas at next years event!!! Happy late B’day Aidan!

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    We’ve taken a second mortgage on the house…It’s the only way we could finance the padded walls in anticipation for Natalie’s 10th birthday in July.
    Did anyone succomb to the ‘finger in warm water’ trick?
    Frozen underwear?
    ‘Refigerator running’ calls?

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    Just wait…
    Princess H turns 16 in August. I told her she could choose three friends for a spa weekend at a fancy hotel. The decibel level from the mere announcement of this proposal was frightening. I am going to hole up in another wing of the hotel with a very stiff drink! 🙂

    She starts drivers ed in a few weeks. I don’t imagine that I’ll ever sleep again after that… (Because I remember being 16 all too well.)

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    Niki C

    I have 3 boys and I can truly relate to how loud it can get. I actually had to laugh when my youngest had his two best friends over not that long ago. They were sitting right next to each other playing their favorite video game and they were actually yelling at each other instead of talking. As though they wouldn’t be heard any other way. They weren’t even celebrating anything. Just having a normal conversation…that my neighbors could probably hear! lol. I hope it was quieter in the garage! 😀

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    And just how do mom’s handle it!? Am I the only one who screams back? I had a houseful (and by that I mean 30-35) of 16 years olds in my home friday evening and 10 boys who stayed over. At 4am they were still laughing, yelling and running up and down the steps. UGH! I feel less tired if I stay up and scrap all night!

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