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    go buddy go! i know my husband took the training wheels of my youngest’s Little Pony bike and i’m not sure how i feel about that one. it’s different with boys. it’s like a right of passage. maybe it’s me, but with my princess it’s just one step too fast. sigh…

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    May 4, 2006-my Jessica learned how to ride her bike. What an incredible rush to see your child take off on two wheels. Such independence! Congratulations Cole on your incredible accomplishment! Before your mom and dad know it-you will be back on 4 wheels driving off into the sunset. Enjoy the wind on your face and as my daughter asked, ” will the bugs hit my face and helmet like they do the windshield in the car?”

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    We’re working on that very same thing here also with my 6 yo ds- he’s not too sure about it though… it’s scary! Congrats Cole, what a huge accomplishment little dude! πŸ˜€

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    Lyn Meeker

    And IN THE SNOW! … Good thing nobody told him about traction in the snow! …. Way to go Cole!

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    Tanya Summers

    What a great picture – especially including your huband, running right along side, like a good dad. Congrats, Cole, and so glad you have the picture that tells it all! ~Tanya

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    Lisa Cohen

    YAY!!! How freakin’ cool!! So excited for Cole and his upcoming spring and summer as a man with wheels!!

    My oldest still isn’t ready for this but I look forward to one day getting an amazing photo like this!! I love seeing Dan in the backgroud so focused on Cole on his bike! AWESOME!!

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    That’s pure magic, what an achievement.Well done Cole

    My eldest son turned 8 at the begining of December and he has not yet managed to loose those training wheels.
    We are trying not to make it any sort of big deal, when he is ready he will do it, but peer presure is tough when you are 8 and he is getting to the point where he would rather not ride the bike at all.

    Got a weekend away coming up at the end of April to Center Parcs
    So going to rope in the Grandparents and get this thing licked !!

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    That is totally awesome! My son just learned this past Wednesday and is already tooling around like a superstar. I caught him trying to do it with one hand yesterday. WAY TO GO!!!

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    Kimberly L.C.

    Heck yes that’s a big deal! Way to go Coley! Love it… and I like the slightly blurry pic. I can see you trying to snap the pic and they buzzed by you. Awesome.

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    Hell yeah, that’s a big deal! I was wondering what age kids did that. That’s awesome! Too cool.

    I love seeing that you call him Coley. I have a Cole who got nicknamed Coley too. Coleys are cool.

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