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I am from Here, the place I was born
From a mom and a dad
From toast or oatmeal for breakfast
From very cold winters
I am from Here
Where there's trees from everywhere
And sun all around
I am from vacations to Nevada
And one international flight
I am from Utah taking my mom away
And very grand birthdays
I am from Here

She wrote this a few weeks ago and it choked me up. God, I love that kid.

And Dan, too. Happy birthday, Baby. We'll have so much fun tonight. I promise. The dollar theater awaits…

Cathy ZielskeMy girlie wrote this

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    If every kid were as ‘lucky’ in life as Aiden…to be blessed with love adn security in life, as well as opportunities…well I have to believe this world would be a different place.
    What a poignant piece. She’s got some obvious literary potential going here. That’s so sweet.
    Happy birthday to your real life “rock star”, Dan. And a Happy early Birthday to you too, in case I miss it in another couple of days. Forty kinda flew by…huh?!

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    Jen Donnelly

    Wow… that would choke me up, too. It’s amazing how talented kids can be. Adults think of skills being learned with lots of practice, but sometimes I think that it takes lots of practice to stay true to your own inborn skills.

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    Fabulous writing your sweet daughter is capable of! Such great use of words!

    Happy Birthday Dan! Hope it’s grand πŸ˜‰

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    But of course. Like Mother Like Daughter. There could be no other way. So very cool. Thanks for sharing…and happy birthday to your hubby…and early happy birthday to YOU! πŸ™‚

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    Susan Wesely

    Wow, that is one incredibly talented little girl. Takes after her Momma! Both of your kids are so intelligent. I love reading about them! And it makes me look forward to witnessing my own growing up even more. I love that you post about your kids.

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    Lyn Meeker

    AMAZING! Her first book will be poetry! … At least it should be.

    And a very happy day to the Dan man!

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    great lyrical poem. Maybe Coleman can write a tune to go with it.
    Happy Birthday to the Dan-O!

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    Wow, great poem Aiden! Happy Birthday Dan, hope your birthday was as much fun as you were promised =o)

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    Hi Cathy

    My name is Jenny and I work as a freelancer in the UK for craft magazines. I wonder if you could send me an email when you get a spare moment as I would like to speak to you about a possible magazine article? Thanks, Jenny

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    She’s sure got her mother’s knack for writing!

    Happy Birthday to Dan, I can’t believe your bday’s are a day apart! Oh and happy early bday to you! I only remember it so well because we were born on the same day, same year! Are you feeling the same way I am about being “over forty” now? πŸ˜‰

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    Angie Grimm

    WOW! I am loving what your daughter wrote. What insight and reflection. Bet she didn’t get that from Chip. Although she looks like a great dog I think she sees things from a much simpler perspective!
    Love your blog!

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    kari bates

    OK – where in Nevada? I have lived here all my life, and I love it as a place to live, but it’s not much of a vacation spot!

    Sweet poem! Sweet daughter!

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    Cool poem. I taught English for a few years and I used to teach the “I am from” poem in conjunction with an awesome curriculum called Facing History & Ourselves. I couldn’t help but be excited that we’re doing some of the same things in Tennessee that you’re doing way up there & wondered just how small, small this world really is.

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