Right about now…the contractions had just started

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…eleven years ago, that is.

Yes. 11 years ago…I was feeling the surprising effects of a pitocin drip, at a hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. And so began my parenting journey.

I'd like to write something eloquent about the transformation from selfish, non-parent person to benevolent, loving parent person, but I'm not going to. What I can say is that becoming a parent has been one big suprise after another. And a lot of them were good ones that I never expected.

Happy Birthday, Aidan. Thanks for all the surprises. You know how we both love surprises.

You get that from me.

Cathy ZielskeRight about now…the contractions had just started

42 Comments on “Right about now…the contractions had just started”

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    Happy Birthday to your girl. Last year me and my girlfriends had just arrived in Chicago and met you in the elevator. I think that you had been to dinner celebrating before the CKU festivities. Enjoy her great day on this life journey!


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    Happy Birthday Aiden, hope it’s a great day. My “little” girl turns 11 in September, it’s been a fun journey! Hope you got all the things you wished for!

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    Happy Birthday Aiden and Aiden’s-Mom ! Aiden and I share a birthday,so I think it is an extra special day. Enjoy a big piece of cake and enjoy !

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    Hey Cathy!

    Happy birthday to your daughter! I think Aiden is cute for a girl. I’ve only heard it as a boy’s name. Love it.

    I’m local to you, and was wondering if you had ever gone to the Yarn Garage in Rosemount? It’s right on highway 3. It’s FABULOUS, a must see store. The owner designs for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Just an amazing place, full of inspiration, yarn, and many many felted bags. I want them all!! Email me for directions if you are interested… jlschultz@qwest.net

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    Happy birthday Miss aiden!!!! Hope you enjoy your suprises. Looking more like your mom every day!! And I happened to think your mom is really cool so thats a good thing.

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    Happy Birthday Aiden. Congratulations Cathy. Parenting is such an amazing journey. My daughter turns 13 today and I am just a little sad to have a teenager already.

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    Happy birthday Aiden! What an awesome day for you Cathy. I know everytime my daughter has a birthday somehow I feel it’s also the birthday of my re-birth. The day I became a mother was the time when I truly came to life in all my senses. Anything prior to that was self-serving, ego-driven stuff. So I totally celebrate today’s day for you too! Have some awesome surprises today 🙂

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    WOWZA Lots of March Bdays in your house! Happy Birthday Aiden! Such a beauty!

    Love your new do!

    Oh and the lizard thing, my 11yo keeps asking for a snake, I AM SO WITH YOU!!!

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    You know, that is so true. One big surprise after another. I’ve been a parent for almost 11 months. 11 short months. I’m still very green but I’ve been totally surprised. The biggest surprise is how I feel about this little man of mine. I could never have imagined. And love isn’t a word big enough to describe it.
    As for newts, they are surprisingly easy to care for. Although they can live longer than one would think. My sister has had the same one going on 14 years now! I think the trick is to let the water get green and nasty!

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    Lyn Meeker

    Happy Birthday Aidan! 11 years .. wow… amazing time in a girls life .. Have a really cool day!

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    I’ve been reading your blog daily for awhile. Let me just say, LOVE IT!!! Enjoy your manic tendencies. Makes me feel like someone out there gets it. Happy Birthday Aidan. March 29th–great day, it’s my b-day too. The big 40. Enjoy your special day. Make everyone wait on you!!!

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    I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning and am so glad you decided to jump back on the wagon. Congratulations on reaching the big milestone w/ Aidan – before you know it she’ll be asking to borrow the car – ouch!

    I wanted to ask a favor of you and have been trying to summon up the courage for several months now. I wanted to ask someone in the graphic design industry some questions and you were the first person that came to mind. I am contemplating a career change and needed to get some feedback from someone that was not only in the field but who would shoot straight with me. I know that you are busy juggling family and work so if you have a bit of time I would love to pick your brain.

    Thanks so much for all of the inspiration, honesty and entertainment. I totally get your musical obsessions, as I am the same way. I’m currently in a Blink 182 phase – or I should say I’m in my 2nd Blink 182 phase, the first occurred 2 years ago.


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    Martha M.

    First, Happy Birthday Aidan!

    Second, totally got a kick out of your new additions to “Listening To” on your side bar! Totally just got the Tracey Thorn and Mika cds! Great minds think alike, I say! 🙂

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    I thought I was the only one who had thoughts like this. My son was born on March 22, but everything started on March 20. And last week I had those same thoughts. Now this happened and now this. Must be a girlie thing. I’m already 4 years in parenting and I love every moment. Next week he’s going to kindergarten. The last couple of weeks he has been going a few days for getting use to it all. He was real quiet in class, but today he told me he talked a lot, really a lot (and lowered his voice while saying it). You are right about the suprises.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Cheryl Dyer

    {insert throat clearing noise here}
    {insert tapping of a glass noise here}
    {the room grows silent}
    {the announcement of the person of honor}


    {And… the song begins}

    Your Birthday Song
    It doesn’t Last too Long

    Ok… so you actually have to hear that in order to really appreciate that little song… And I’d be happy to sing it to you some day 🙂

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday today!!!

    I’ll be celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday in just a few weeks…but don’t tell anybody ok.. pretty please 🙂

    Go Aries girls!! LOL


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    Happy Birthday to Aidan…here’s to many more!! Have a great day! BTW, you have one VERY cool mom!

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    Happy Birthday Aidan and Happy Milestone Cathy! Just discovered your blog and I find your writing to be so personal and touching, in a makes-me-laugh and makes-me-cry kind of way — it’s no surprise that you have a journalism background. (I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Crowded House!) 🙂

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    Melissa S-E

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Aiden! I’ve never met you but I’m sure that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside – and that’s quite a bit! :->

    Happy Happy Happy Birth-day to you, Cathy! What a glorious, frustrating, rewarding, enlightening, maddening, lovely thing this parenting is, eh? Oh, and you’re beautiful, too – and I have met you. :-> heehee

    Remember this, both of you:

    “She who has the most birthdays…. lives the longest.”

    😀 *ha!*

    Have a great one and always remember to be good to yourself on your Birthday and your Birth(ing) Day!!

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    We must have just missed each other in the maternity ward – my Zach was born 11 years ago last August at Methodist in SLP.
    I bet your daughter got the same t-shirt as he did.
    Happiest of birthddays!

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    Happy Birthday, Aidan! Eleven…As a woman pushing 30, oh to be that age again! Um, not really wanting to be (don’t want to go through that whole teenage thing again), but hey happy birthday to you!


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    Happy Birthday Aidan! I love your name btw.

    Hey Cathy, I wrote this morning about how I went to bed with you last night and had sweet dreams afterward. Thought you might like to read it. 🙂

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    Happy Birthday Aidan! She’s lovely.
    My son is turning 10 on Tuesday and it’s mind boggling to think about. Did it fly by for you too??


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    Happy birthday to Aidan!! Hope you had a really great day.
    And Cathy, so glad to see that you have discovered Mika as well! I just love that funky and happy music!

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    Leah Yourstone

    Happy Birthday A! My firstborn daughters birthday is 4-2-96. She is getting an IPOD, when I really wish I was buying barbies still!

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