So, where was I?

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Whewie! That last post done sucked all the life outta me!

Thank you. For all your kind and supportive words. I love getting support from people I don't know. You think I'm joking? Not joking. I can't speak for all addicts, but this one looks for reinforcement at every turn. So, thank you.

Upon re-reading that post, the one thing I failed to mention was the freedom I live with now. The freedom to not do what your brain is telling you—nay, nagging you—to constantly do: SMOKE NOW! It's just not being crabby because it's been two hours since your last smoke. It's a physiological process that is in full swing: withdrawal. That's what makes smokers go back, again, and again….every 15 minutes to every hour—you name it. The minute you take your last drag, you begin a period of mini-withdrawal from nicotine. Get it?

So…when you are able to quit, or as i like to call it, "not presently be smoking," you experience this tremendous euphoria. This freedom from the addiction. You have choices again. It's a pretty cool thing.

The only thing I'm not sure about right now is whether or not drinking a tall glass of full strength Coke, and two puffy, white Kaiser rolls at 11 p.m. is a choice, or just a thoughtless replacement for that last smoke of the night. Still working that one out, dog.

1. Crowded House web cast
—rocked my world and kept me glued to my laptop for more than two hours on saturday afternoon. I'm sure some of you tuned in. Good times. The coolest part? They were broadcasting from Peter Gabriel's studio in Bath, England. (or is it Box? not quite sure….British people, help me out here!) My favorite part? Neil going on at every chance to say how much he either loved  his wife or was inspired by her. That is so damned sexy. Let's here it for rock stars in long-term relationships!

2. I wasn't always so good at what I do—So i was digging around last week, trying to find that dang response from Peter Gabriel's office back in the day, and I came across of box of the Minyard (I can't believe they still have the same logo) Country News, my first gig fresh outta journalism school. (For those who must know, my degree isn't in Graphic Design, but rather, News-Editorial Journalism. I fell into design, and just stayed there.) And this, my friends, represents one of the very first covers I ever had the joy of designing. This thing wasn't even done on a Mac. This was done on a giant typesetting machine…because lest you forget: I am OLD.


I took the photo, too!

I'm not sure what was going on in my 21-year-old head to make me think the back of a grocery store manager's greasy, tightly-combed and parted head would be in any way at all a strong cover visual…not to mention Texas' answer to Wayne Newton.

Let's say I've gotten a bit better over the years.

But you gotta agree: I was workin' that Brush Script…

Cathy ZielskeSo, where was I?

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    ROFL! It is indeed Bath, not Box! Named after the Roman baths in that pretty town. Or is it city? See! You’ve got me doing it now!

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    ….ok so I stand corrected! In England they always say Pete’s studio is near Bath. Little did I know there is a tiny place called Box near there. You learn something new every day when you read CZ’s blog.

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    You aren’t that old….
    I started with Compu-Graphic in college …good old typesetting, x-acto knifes, rubber cement and PMT’s….

    Two years later we jumped to Quark and I thought I was going to DIE.

    Now, I’ve done Quark, Page Maker, InDesign and Photoshop….

    I’m a non J-school journalist, but use design to keep that right brain thing going.

    Love your stuff. (BTW…my first 4-color brochure, looks about as dorky…we all have these “skeletons” in our design closet…tee hee)

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    I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud to your last comments on that picture
    Thanks for the laughs on a gloomy day in MN

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    Forogt to add…I worked in a grocery store in HS…that is what management looks like at every grocery store…appears to be the produce mgr and the meat mgr…I’ll let you decide who is who.

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    Actually, your typeface is pretty advanced for the day and your use of space is great! I think it is pretty freakin awesome myself, you do have to admit, the photo IS kinda funny…

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    Kimberly L.C.

    Dying over here with the LOL! Looking back at some of the pages I designed in J-School makes me cringe today! I did not know you were a journalism grad — it makes me like you even more. I teach journalism at a university and well, if only a fraction of my students could be as witty in text and fresh in layout as you!

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    Hahaha! I was just back in my home town this past weekend and peeked in the window of the newspaper office where I used to work. Would you believe the light tables and wax rollers are GONE???

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    Jen Donnelly

    Well, I think the cute little shapes are kind of… zippy! And I asked my 6-year-old where you might see men that looked like that. His first guess? Fast food restaurant. Guess 2? Grocery Store! LOL!

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    “back of a grocery store manager’s greasy, tightly-combed and parted head…”

    OMG I have tears in my eyes from all the laughter. Thanks for that shot of endorphins, Cathy…I needed that. 😀

    Hey, laughter might be a good anti-nicotene!

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    My favorite part?

    “Profiles in Excellence” It works in context, but just looking at the cover out of context…it made me giggle. So…they were excellent grocery store managers, eh?

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    I didn’t realize your degree wasn’t in design. I’m a design girl (now), who has a degree in print journalism too. Cool. I always felt like I couldn’t really say I was a designer if my degree wasn’t in it. Now I’m less inclined to feel that way. Thanks. Cool cover btw. Heh. Looking back at old work is fun.

    Hey, congrats on not being presently smoking. That’s really incredible.

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    stellar photograph. I also love your use of primary colors and classic shapes.
    lest you think I am laughing at you, I used to silhouette all my pix and was crazy with the deco scissors.
    funny note-every time I have to prove I am not a spambot, there is a z in there somewhere, somewtimes more than one. thought it was fitting, somehow.

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    Thanks for the info on the Crowded House Webcast. I told my husband about it and we watched it here in England, he on the desk chair and me on a more comfy club chair reminiscing about old times. Thanks for bringing back memories. Was half expecting to hear them read out an e-mail by you!

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    beth j

    your comment about getting support and kind words from people you don’t even know is so true. what a difference it can make. this whole blog thing is pretty awesome.

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    I love your blog -cliche line eh?!- just discovered you today and have been reading and laughing and enjoying it all so much. fabulous. keep writing (not smoking..)

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    Nicole Shelby

    I think it’s amazing that you are doing the minute-fight with those crazy cigarettes. I have a few of those fighters in my own fam. Who more often than not are losing that fight, and still in their own personal slavery. Nothing like a bunch of patriotic freedom-fanatics, who are slaves to a skinny white stick. So cheers and admiration.

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    it is so refreshing to read your blog. i love your honesty. you make me laugh. i am also glad i clicked the link to the minyard site. not sure if i’d pick up the groceries there and then pop in for the free mammogram. maybe it’s a small town thing?

    anyway, i hope you keep writing cuz your blog’s in my favorites! cuz it is…

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    Come on now Cathy, that cover was freaking awesome for 1989. I think I was using a computer with a green screen back then. With three fonts. That you had to select on the printer. 🙂

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    Peter Gabriels studio is in fact in a village between Bath and Corsham called BOX. it is located in Mill Lane (actually in the old mill itself) and just across a little stream you will find the headquarters of WOMAD (World of music and dance). It really is quite a beautiful place to record music and you can find photos and other information about the place on
    (I live round there so i know this to be true)
    Many respected musicians have recorded there at some point including Kate Bush,Tears for fears and of course Crowded House……

    I hope this helps, cheers for now.

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    I think we were separated at birth. I, too, am the ultimate ex-smoker who scraps, knits and posts random thoughts on my blog. Only, I’m not so much into Crowded House. Sorry. I’m a Bono freak. Can we still be friends?

    Random question – I can’t seem to get the color change concept right in my knitting. I know it should be easy, but I can’t make it work! Any advice?

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    kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    It makes me smile that you quit, really it does. You are way too cool of a mom to die early from those horrible little things. Because of those, my son does not get to hang out and learn from my dad. My dad died 5 yrs ago from lung cancer…….I don’t know what’s worse…..watching him not be able to breath for 5 yrs or watching him waste away to 80 pounds before dying.
    You did the right thing. I’m sorry it’s so hard…keep at it!

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    as to the whole still wanting a cigarette thing…
    my sister (who quit before me) told me that all I had to do was go to bed without having a cigarette – that would make one more day without, one day farther from my last butt. So, sometimes it meant going to bed at 8:30 – I smoked under lots of circumstances, but never when I was ACTUALLY asleep. And it helped. It particularly helped to have that short-term, manageable goal of “one day at a time” (gee, where have I heard that before?). I just wasn’t smoking TODAY. Psychologically, it kept the addiction monster in check – sort of side-stepped that whole anxiety attack thing that happened whenever I thught “I will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE”. THAT would send me running for a butt.

    Carry on soldier! You’re kickin’ addiction butt big time!

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    Here’s a bit about Bath. I live half an hour from this great city and do not go there often enough! But thought you’d like to check it out.

    And here’s Box too:

    UK cities are defined by the fact that they have a Cathedral!! If a town has a Cathedral it’s called a city. If not, it’s a town!!! So Bath, by that definition, is a city 😀

    When’re you coming over?!!

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