Chililicious—you’re welcome

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Today I present the greatest white chicken chili recipe of all time.

It is Jason Scherschligt's secret, prize-winning recipe and it is called "Chililicious".

A little disclaimer: Jason, who is the other, equally fun half of my dear friend Margie, does not really use…measurements. He's that good. So I basically took his recipe, and kept track while I went yesterday. Plus, I added both cumin and coriander, which may or may  not add much. You have been warned.

So, here is a downloadable PDF, taken straight from the pages of my cute little favorite recipes scrapbook album thingie. I use a half-sized Hiller binder for my favorite recipes. It takes a few makings and judgings before I add the recipe to the binder. Jason, you have made it! Booya!


Download Chililicious.pdf  


Cathy ZielskeChililicious—you’re welcome

43 Comments on “Chililicious—you’re welcome”

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    thanks for the recipe!
    that sounds delish!

    don’t ya just love cats life press stamps?
    I sure do…and it reminds me that I need to place an order! 🙂 I also love that I’m supporting a local-ish company when I order from them (I live in Oregon).

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    sara c :)

    I have the big circle punch and I love it. Don’t know how I lived before I had it! Oh, and I’m also going to have to try that chili recipe–looks way yummy!

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    hey, i’m waiting on my order from them guys! and we ordered the same ones! LOL
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Please post?

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    Wow….forget the circle punch…I want one of Jason! Geez, I can’t believe I said that, but Margie, you are one lucky lady!

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    love the chili!! i have a recipe that’s really similar out of a cookbook. (of course, i don’t have a le creuset lime green pot to cook it in!). sometimes i use canned white shoepeg corn(if i can find it), it adds to the whole “white theme,” and makes it super tasty(not sure what the difference is, maybe just psychological). i thicken it will cornstarch and water stirred together, works like a charm every time. yum yum.

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    I just saw the May/June issue (almost done reading it, actually) and I SOOOOO want those fiskars circle cutters!!!!

    Chililicious looks YUMMY!

    I have a similar recipe, called 5 can Taco Salad….if you’re interested, let me know, I’ll pass it on to you! It’s easy, and it’s measured, lol!

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    Hey Cathy. Jason here, of the “Jason’s chililicious” recipe, and also of the “Margie’s equally fun half” descriptor. Marj showed me the link to your blog posting. A couple things.

    1) I assume our lawyers will work out any intellectual property issues with your posting of this recipe. Or should I just expect some sort of royalties check monthly? Ha!

    2) Where’d you dig up that photo of me? The blog it was originally on died long ago. I wish more of my life was spent in the trees with a drill, instead of downtown in meetings…

    3) A few notes on this recipe. First, your readers should know that it garnered first place in the prestigious neighborhood chili cook-off last fall, an award that brings with it much fame and adoration.

    Also, more and more, I’m liking using equal parts black beans and white beans. It has this sort of ebony-and-ivory effect that you just can’t beat. And if I’m feeling crazy, and I really want to emulate a vision of a brighter tomorrow when all the children of every race and every nation get together and sing of world peace, I’ll throw in garbanzo beans as well. Finally, I suggest playing up the lime and cilantro angle when you are making this recipe. Lime and cilantro are like tomatoes and basil or peanut butter and jelly: they were pretty much designed to be eaten together.

    4) You say I don’t use “measurements.” Sure I do: they’re just based on my own personal context. When I say things like a “fistful” or a “goodly amount,” I know exactly what I’m talking about. Perhaps I need to express these things in rods and cubits.

    5) Lastly, do you mind a content suggestion for your blog? If you want to start expanding your reach (say, to attract readers of my demographic), I’d recommend more postings about books, carpentry, rock and roll, basketball, bikes, and (especially) golf. Oh, and maybe boats. Frankly, readers like me don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the punches and stamps and papers and such. Replace this…

    “I have now added a tradtional paper trimmer to my scrapbooking tool supply list, in addition to my other fave…I can’t wait to make circles.”

    with this…

    “I have now added a 52 degree gap wedge to my golf bag, in addition to my pitching wedge and sand wedge…I can’t wait to hit those tricky pitch shots from inside of 100 yards.”

    …and I’ll be a reader for life.



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    Cath, don’t you think Jason needs his own blog? I wish he would do the journaling on my pages. 🙂


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    After seeing Ali’s use of stamps, I TOO ordered from CatsLife and got them YESTERDAY too! WaaHoo! So cool.

    I’ve been meaning to send a little Californication your way…2 weeks ago it hailed on a Tuesday; by Saturday it was in the 90’s! Gotta luv it!

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    ROFL!!! Love the chili – will be making it soon – as in Saturday!!Not only does it look good, but so does the chef!!!;) Also, I must now go to confession (again, sigh) as I’m so coveting that beautiful green pot!!! Enjoy your dinner!!

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    Recipe sounds delicious! Would you care to share the template for you recipe album? I love the stream-lined look.

    Thanks, Meg

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    Yep, Jason is a fox. We can start a fan club for him through Cathy’s blog 😉

    I’m a vegetarian, so I have to take a pass on the meated version…you come up with a veg version, I’m so there!

    Also, I love Cat’s Life Press stamps. Such terrific stuff. My local store runs out of most of their items – so ordering really is the way to go 🙂

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    This is just fun. Thanks Cathy and Jason.
    I had to read your last couple of blogs to my husband, made him laugh out loud.
    I think I’ll have to try this chili too!

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    natalia dexter

    I would like to try this Chililicious dish but need some clarification on some of the ingredients coz I’m from Australia! Are green Chile’s the same as capsicum (you might call them peppers?) or are they the same as the good old hot red chilli’s we get here? You refer to hot sauce what kind? Finally, what is Jack cheese and is good old cheddar cheese ok? Many thanks!

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    Hilarious! Think you and Jason make a great double act, I’m joining his fan club! I hate cooking, but you may have even inspired me to have a go! As long as I can have a pot like that to cook it in, ha ha.

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    Hey Cathy,
    Tell your friend Margie, that an aussie chick thinks Jason is chillilicious. hee heee

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    Lisa Cohen

    That chili look DELISH!!! I downloaded the recipe and popped Jason into my recipe binder as well!! Can’t wait to make it!

    And Jason’s post absolutely cracked me up! Maybe a dual-blog posting from time to time?? What a fun block you live on!!!

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    beth j

    the fiskars squeeze punches rock…have those three, too, and i just bought the arrow one. the stamps…i have one and want some more. the chili…it’s going to be added to my recipe binder. thanks for sharing it cathy (and jason).

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    Yes, yes, yes, I love my Le Crueset! I love white chili! My husband and I are doing Body for Life and we have been making these crazy fruit protein shakes everyday and he said to me last night…”I just love meals that you can drink.” and I had to laugh, I told him that if that is the case he should head to your house (we watched your kitchen redo on DIY) because you are the queen of liquid based cooking:) Have a great soup filled day!

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    Rochelle McGee

    four small cans or large cans for the chili-I assume its the small variety but I just wanted to make sure.

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    Cathy – If you have Creuset – then you HAVE to try the no-knead Jim Lahey bread recipe I sent you!
    Marion (excuse if I already posted this elsewhere)

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    I saw that ad and want a punch! Which size works best with the 7G circle stamps?? I love Cat’s Life stamps… you will too!

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    Please forgive me. I really did not mean my comment to offended you (which I guess it did since it is gone)or your readers. From now on I promise to keep my opinions to myself and just read and enjoy.

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    Still laughing after Jason’s post…
    Forget the punches AND the 52degree gap wedge! Buy yourself a good ‘putter’…I recommend ‘Ping”…not too whippy, just the right angle.

    I read your blog religiously…but add a little Home Depot zing? OMG! We’re talking cult following!

    Can’t wait to try this recipe…Will it taste as good in an orange le crueset?

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    Susan Gilman

    oh too FUNNY. Cute and funny? Jason is definitely in need of his own blog….or video or something….I don’t do golf or sports…but he could certainly get work as a carpenter in my neighborhood!! And I’d try that chili recipe, too, if only the very idea of cilantro didn’t remind me oh-so-graphically-much of a most unfortunate foray into Mexico on a cruise a few years back…

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    yes, another Susan!

    woohoo! Can’t wait to try this. I especially can’t wait to get the rave reviews from dh. ;o)

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    dang..i NEED those circle punches..yes i have ONE..but a girl needs nesting circles-wouldn’t you all agree!

    high 5 on the stamps..i have purchased from cat’s life and the product and speediness of shipping is STELLAR!

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    Robin Forman

    Okay, so I am a total lurker… but I just had to comment because I have decided wanna live on your block! Teehee… between you and the aforementioned quite clever Jason, I would surely be quite entertained. Fun blog you run here, thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Cathy, can you share what program you use to write .pdf files? (Or what did you use to write Jason’s recipe on that you shared??)

    Sounds DELISH!!! MUST TRY!

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    This chili is delicious I made it last night and had it for lunch again today, it was a big hit in our house! Thanks!

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    This chili is unbelievably freakin good! It is so addicting that one bowl is just not enough. I love it when a recipe is that good, but my butt doesn’t.
    P.S….my hubby and kids think it rocks too!

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    The recipe sounds amazing. Thanks. I’ll be trying it out. I have the same Le Creuset except in the oval shape and yes, it rocks! I used it tonight to cook up some chicken with a tandoor-marinade (I bought it in a jar from the Indian store). Delicious and cleaned up so quickly. Love that pot!! I have the same color too. Thanks for the recipe.

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    cathy, i’m just getting around to finally trying the chililicious recipe…. it smells bomb, i can’t wait till it’s done! 😀

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