Drunk, or just no mascara?

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Coming across more classic shots. I actually wasn't drunk in this shot, though the image might suggest otherwise. Taken in the woods, somewhere north of Ann Arbor, Mich., in, oh, maybe 1992? or 93? or 94? Definitely not after 96, because I  had a baby in 1996, and this was clearly before my maturity levels had progressed to the point of having children.

I'm trying to recall what the hell the thing I was wearing around my neck was. I think it was my beetle pendant, and if you were to see my feet, you'd see the Birkenstocks I was really into. I think this era was 1992, right before I decided to stop removing unwanted hair from my body. Right around the time I bought my first flowing peasant skirt.

REGARDLESS (yes, Amy S., I am really proud that I know the proper usage of that word, too!), I'm looking forward to starting this layout, indeed.

[Side note: another word that bugs me is 'utilize.' Why not just say 'use'? I don't want to offend the masses, but if you think that 'utilize' is making you sound smarter, it's not. Just say 'use." Example: I plan to utilize my intepersonal skills to become an effective leader of people, or I plan to use my interpersonal skills to become an effective leader of people. I mean, honestly? Less words. More to the point. Not sounding any less smart. End side note.]

One more thing: never take language tips from someone who has to constantly repost her web posts, because she can't actually proofread to save her life.

Gooooooooo English!

[edited to add]
So I'm reading the posts and Festi posted that there is a difference. Good Lord! Who knew? Then I found this link: Mother Tongue Annoyances.

I will use my skills to become an effective leader.

I will utilize my brads to make home-made earrings.

Goooooooooo English!

Cathy ZielskeDrunk, or just no mascara?

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    You know what drives me insane? “Furthermore.” That makes no sense. If you have a “further” point then obviously you have “more.” There is no need to use both. It should just be “Further,….”

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    I sit next to a woman who says to customers “You’re quite welcome” What the hell is ‘quite welcome’ Either you’re welcome, or you’re not.

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    If you were a man and he were a woman, you just got to…which is it?…second base. I love how you both matched your shorts to the lettering in your college t-shirts. Ah, the early 90’s…

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    If you weren’t drunk, I’d hypothesize that you were both on your way. (Notice the unnecessary use of a big word.)
    BTW, I’m taking this to mean that you’re about the ONLY pro scrapper who isn’t Mormon.

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    Heather H.

    Hey Robyn, Ali, Donna D. and Tara aren’t Mormons either. Althogh there are lots of us in Scrapping World, there’s room for everyone πŸ™‚

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    oh, grammar pet peeves! “ORIENTATE” is mine. That’s like substituting “plantate” for “plant”, as in “I will plantate a garden this summer”. πŸ™‚

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    Totally hear you on the “Utilize” issue. Plus, I am an Aussie living in The US and the “z” instead of an “s” drives me crazy. πŸ™‚

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    I’m just glad you didn’t say/type IRREGARDLESS!!! Ugh!!!!
    I have a love for all things grammar. It’s the geek in me I guess.

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    At the risk of sounding like a complete PITA “utilize” and “use” actually mean slightly different things. I had to Google to find that out, of course, because I am no grammar pro. πŸ˜‰ If you Google both words it brings up a bunch of links on the subject. So, I learned something new today!

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    the grammar geek in michael was applauding right up to the “less words” bit, apparantly ‘fewer’ refers to things you can count…shall I slap him upside the head? love ya πŸ™‚

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    if you are a grammar geek, please never read my blog. it will cause you to hyperventilate and i would not want that on my conscience.

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    Grammar isn’t a red flag for me, it the inability to spell that drives me nuts. I mean, honestly…spell check, people!!!

    Oh, and until I actually READ your post, I thought you were sitting with Adam Sandler. πŸ™‚

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    LOL! You are so right! (I mean correct). πŸ˜‰

    I have a friend who used at least 3x the number of words (and big words) to say the most simple of phrases. It drives me insane but I am sure he feels smart while he is talking. (I mean speaking).

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    I grew up in Ann Arbor! What were you doing there? I currently live about 20 miles west of Ann Arbor. I like to UTILIZE the many events geared for children there and am there constantly. I have many a drunken memory in good old A2. Ahhh.

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    and then you’ll be able to sell them on Etsey and make lots of lovely moolah! the brad earrings that is πŸ™‚

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    You totally look like you are enjoying your beer. I suspect that was a gourmet coffee in Dan’s cup? Such a cute couple.
    Grammar is one thing, spelling is where you look really dumb. It’s FORTY, people, not FOURTY. Now, where is that spell check button?

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    S. Patel

    yay ann arbor (i went to the university of michigan)!

    the english language kills me–i still can’t get over why the sh in mishaps isn’t pronounced like the sh in shape. or, why arkansas and kansas are pronounced so differently!

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    Not only did your blog prod me to Google “use” and “utilize”, thus teaching me that there is, in fact, a slight difference between the two —- I’ve also learned that brads can make a cute fashion accessory! πŸ™‚

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    Lol – i totally agree about words. Simple and too the point.

    I was having alook through your blog and came across your felt bags. Could you let me know how i could a hold of this pattern? is it in a book or magazine or on the net?

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    Sorry, but what gets me is when people say “less” instead of “fewer.” If you can count the item(s) in question, it’s “fewer.” So…”Fewer words,” but “Wow, there’s so much LESS snow this year since the global warming kicked into high gear.” (Because really, who counts each individual flake in the snowman?)

    But that said, you totally rock and you’re the only person, aside from my husband, who is over-the-top excited about Crowded House getting back together and touring. (He’ll be seeing them in Phoenix; what about you??)

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    Lisa Smoot

    One of my pet peeves: people who say “irregardless”. Why I always feel the need to mention to them that irregardless isn’t a word and get the blank stare back in response, I’ll never know. Sigh.

    Another one: supposaBly….um, there’s no “B” in supposeDly…..again, just the stare.

    And, a whole nother….don’t get me started.

    Just wanted to share with someone who seems to share a few of my idiosynchrosies! LOL Thanks for being real!

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    susan opel

    I totally hate it when people use utilize incorrectly! I’m with ya sister!

    And for the record, I’ve been in the woods north of Ann Arbor, MI, at night – creepy stuff man! I think that imbibery had occurred prior to this trek in the forest. Heck I KNOW imbibery had occurred!

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    It’s actually “fewer words” — not “less words.”

    Supermarkets get it wrong too. The sign reads, “10 items or less.” It should be “10 items or fewer.”

    I was at A. C. Moore the other day. My item rang up as “Stationary.” I commented to the cashier that it drives be batty when stores don’t know the difference between station_ry with an “a” and with an “e.” She stared blankly.

    Anyhoo . . .

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    It’s actually “fewer words” — not “less words.”

    Supermarkets get it wrong too. The sign reads, “10 items or less.” It should be “10 items or fewer.”

    I was at A. C. Moore the other day. My item rang up as “Stationary.” I commented to the cashier that it drives me batty when stores don’t know the difference between station_ry with an “a” and with an “e.” She stared blankly.

    Anyhoo . . .

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    Am loving the Washington shirt! Alumni 1990! I teach 5th grade and boy if I was a grammar geek I’d go nuts – I have enough issues with my second language learner kids to just form a complete sentence correctly! I just feel that language evolves over time and what was once a misued word, becomes so ingrained that it becomes acceptable to use. But that’s just me! Saying that, I do think some people overuse jargon when easier words make the message clearer! Lovin’ your blog!

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