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Easter Sunday. Down at the farm in Southern Minnesota. Chip the dog meets the cows. Chases down the resident peacock. And, makes friends with a 9-month-old poodle/beagle cross named Gordie. What a fun day for a dog, huh?

Seriously. Watching Chip run around the farm made me a) nervous and b) happy, because she totally forgot she was 11. I've never actually seen her in a flat-out run. It was pretty cool. Except that she was so tired last night when we got home, she refused to go outside one last time to use the…bathroom. Oh Chippie…we loves you, yes we do…oh, yes we do…

The other cool thing about this Easter was that the Easter Bunny brought Cole a CD, and that CD is part of Cole's newest musical thing. Want to take a guess who the band is?


I realize the George is a bit of a stretch, but look at Paul. Dude nailed that one. John's a bit Harry Potter-esque (um, because that actually IS Harry Potter, duh), and Ringo's pretty dead on too. Cole drew the beard on Ringo, for authenticity.

The CD? Yellow Submarine. Cole's favorite song is Hey Bulldog. We listened to a different Beatles CD on Saturday morning, during our weekend cleaning extravaganza (a new thing we've been trying for the past few months, and these words actually came from my husband's lips: "This maintaining thing really works!") and as I'm singing along to Paperback Writer, I'm thinking, "Seriously? How can it sound THIS fresh, all these years later?"

So…if you got you some Beatles…crank it up. And here's one from Coley, for you…

Cathy ZielskeFarm dog

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    Thanks for the reminder about the Beatles. The more things change the more they sound the same. And the same is good when it’s all about them.

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    Yellow Submarine is my kids’ (5 and 4 y.o.) favorite movie ever. We watch it every day. The pride swells enormously that my kids have already been Beatles fans for a coupla years. It’s the coolest thing.

    Attaboy, Cole!

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    LOL – I love the lego Beatles! My 7 year old daughter is a Beatles fan. Her favorite is “All You Need is Love”. The first time she heard that song, she said, “You know, mom, this song is so true. Love really *is* all you need.” My heart swelled.

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    Angie Grimm

    Chip how I love thee from afar! Seriously she seems like the greatest dog.
    Our puppy (Sheltie) is a great dog like that. And she too was tired for all the weekend exercise and extra kid chasing. That is her thing – herding the kids – she gets so frustrated when they run out of her circle.

    Oh and tell neighbor Jason – he’s a hottie. We have some houses for sale in our neighborhood…

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    I have to say it, and excuse the language…but your son kicks ass. His taste in music is the absolute bomb.

    My daughter is 11 and she has loved the Beatles since she was a baby. Her favorite for a while was Golden Slumbers, which made me cry whenever I heard her sing it.

    My proudest moment as her mother was when, at 4 years of age, she looked at a poster in a used record shop and said “That is a really cool picture of John Lennon.” That was the coolest thing ever.

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    This is such a weird coincidence. On Friday I played the Beatles for my 3 1/2 year old for the first time. Now when I ask him what he wants to listen to (we listen to our iTunes a lot during the day instead of watching too much TV) instead of saying “John Mayer, that Gravity song”, or “I don’t know, you pick, Mommy”, he says “can we listen to beatles, I like that bang, bang, bang song, and the octopus.” Too funny! There’s just something about The Beatles that is timeless and appeals to young and old!

    -Ginger (in Woodbury)

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    Wait, I need to start over with raising my children, because they don’t know who the Beatles are! gasp! Awesome post! Love the legos!

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    “Heyy Bulldog!” ….. gonna be singing that all day long!!!LOL – this song is an “earworm” it’s gonna stick around all day!! Totally awesome music appreciation class this morning! What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?!;)
    Blessings on ya~

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    Dave Matthews Band (actually, it might be just Dave) does a cover of Hey Bulldog. Good fun. It’s not the Beatles, but gotta think Coley would enjoy a little DMB. 🙂

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    I love when my 11 year old dog acts like a puppy. Makes me so happy.!!
    I also love Beatles Legos. That just rocks.

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    Kelly Bryan

    I was 12 when I discovered the Beatles…at a friend’s birthday party where her very cool father gave her a copy of Sgt. Pepper’s. I’ve been hooked ever since. Totally not my era (I’m 28), yet I’d rather listen to the Beatles over just about anything else (ok, sometimes I toss in a little Wings or something solo from John or Paul for good measure). We live in Cleveland and I used to intern at the Rock Hall. Had the incredible opportunity several years back to witness the induction of Paul (as a solo artist) into the Hall of Fame at the Waldorf. Talk about starstruck…I was 20 or 21 I think and surrounded by rock legends. I actually followed Paul’s daughter Stella into the bathroom at one point, hung out by the sink until she came out and then told her how much I worshipped her parents…Linda’s photography, Paul’s music, plus their whole family vibe. Linda had recently passed and Stella was incredibly sweet to me…a babbling idiot in the bathroom at the Waldorf. She encouraged me to pursue my own photography, told me how much it was a part of her mom’s life. She totally could have just up and walked away, but she took the time, talked, was genuinely real.

    My son was born the same day as Paul’s daughter Beatrice. I like to think of it as some kind of cosmic connection. My husband likes to think that I’m way too old to be into a 64 year old rocker.

    Love that your son has discovered the Beatles. I’ve been playing Beatles tunes for my little man since he was born. Just the other day he said to me “Hey Mama, want to go downstairs and shake it up baby?” Doesn’t get much better than that.

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    robyn bedsaul

    Cathy seeing that complete and utter joy on a doggie face is awesome! My brother has 25 acres and taking our doggies there is THE BEST, and taking the kids there is THE BEST too! LOL

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    I have THE BEST felted flower patterns – I am in love with felted flowers 🙂 but I don’t know how to email ya.

    Let me know and I’ll get the instructions to you…


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    The Beatles are timeless…that is simply why they transcend generations and sound as great as they did yesterday. I grew up with the Beatles and have been a fan the majority of my life, just like many kids still do and are today.

    I used to draw the Yellow Submarine cartoon characters – it was so much fun. I think it also explains why I’m such a big fan of Peter Max-esque stuff 😉

    Did he get the songtrack or the soundtrack? My favorites: ‘Its only a Northern Song’ and ‘All Together Now.’ I have to say, for Cole to like ‘Hey Bulldog’ that is really cool – it’s actually got a great bass riff and guitar solo.

    P.S. Ringo looks a bit like FDR or Bungalow Bill in the Legos…is that a coincidence? 🙂

    P.S.S. Nice to see Chip feel young and frisky at the farm 🙂

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    The Lego Beatles are hilarious.
    Did you know that Walmart has Yellow Submarine T-shirts in the men’s dept?

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    I actually saw the Beatles in concert, yes, I’m that old! It was in Cleveland and really rocked, although in those days we said it was “cool”. Believe it or not though, I’ve never heard the Yellow Submarine CD…..I own about every other CD they made….and I loved that. Tell Cole thanks!

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    I don’t know if you read these all, Cathy, but several years back i had a 3rd grade student,Sam, who was into the Beatles. His dad is a writer……..Sam wrote a letter to Paul (yes, paul), received an answer, became totally Beatles obsessed, traveled to Liverpool, and Dad wrote a book about it called : The Two of Us, by Peter Smith. You have to check it out- it’s terrific and funny!

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    I dunno Cathy, I think Cole nailed John too…..Not John Lennon but Elton John! Seriously….Look again!

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    I love Southern MN. That looks just like my Grandpa’s dairy farm. Memories 😉 I love telling the story about my granny’s small MN town, so small they didn’t even have street signs until about 5 years ago!

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    Jan C.

    Well, that does it, I am going to have to get out my Beatles albums (yes, I really mean ALBUMS!) and play a couple on our turntable (which has the same needle on it that it’s had for like 30 years.) Gawd–I have a turntable needle that’s probably as old as half the readers of this blog. That is so sad . . .

    On the up-side, we can all play “Taxman” this weekend while we are finishing up those nasty returns for “The Man.”

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    Thanks Cole! Love that video.
    This so much, reminds me of when my 13yo guy was 4. He made instruments with Tinker Toys and tried teaching all the kids in preschool how to play “Norwegian Wood”. That boy use to pick apart every song, word for word.

    Now theres a page…!

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    thanx for that little video clip. Good to remember just how good they are. Living in Liverpool they only seem to me to be the hugest cashed in tourist attraction, like if your cafe is anywhere in the same postcode as penny it the penny lane cafe..oy…

    but they where one heck of a band….timeless and classic and im sure going to head over to itunes and download some for my boy to listen to, so he can learn some about the cool things to come from his home town.


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