I love old photos

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…with lips like these. Sigh. No…he's not wearing lipstick in this shot, taken in 1991. True, the little tuft of nose hair could go. But still…I look at pictures like this and I remember why my loins were drawn to him. Like a magnet.

I'm scanning some old pics of Dan, because I want to do a layout about, well…stuff I forget about him. The early days. Why I ended up sticking around. That sort of thing. I realize, there are so many stories. Forget—and I'm serious when i say this—forget about the boxes of photos. It's the stories I'm worried about. Worried that I'll forget.

Every single day things happen. I'm not being very good at keeping track. Every single day. Like a few weeks ago…we're in the car. Cole tells a joke. No one seems to laugh, or even hear him. His reply? "Tough crowd."

It's stuff like that. Good stuff. Every single day that I don't want to forget.

My lovely friend Stacy has said it best: it's SO not about the photos. Don't get me wrong. It certainly can be. Because there's no written laws for scrapbooking. Thank God.

At the same time, when you come across a photo that prompts some memories—memories of a time when you were trying so hard just to figure out whose toothbruth got to go in what space in the medicine cabinet—then those are things you need to address.

And the photo? It's getting second billing. Plain and simple.

With really hot luscious lips, mind you.

Cathy ZielskeI love old photos

40 Comments on “I love old photos”

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    Amen, too! My sister scanned some old photos from 1980 and e-mailed them to all of us sibs. Fabulous. Those few photos were a shortcut to dozens of moments and details I’d forgotten, from how skinny my dad was to the pervading feeling, as oldest of four kids, of being this towering amazon girl. It ain’t about the photos, it’s true, but they’re great tools for those jaunts to the past 🙂 ~Annie

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    Cheri Vallery

    Cathy — you have just hit the nail on the head for what my greatest fear is right now — my 16 yo daughter Kaitlyn died on August 27, 2006 — and I am so AFRAID that I will forget the little things about her — I now carry a note book with me and when I remember something I immediately write it in there — I never want to forget the little things that made her Kaitlyn

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    Dude, your hubby is HOT! I am just agreeing with you. I look back at my hubby’s high school pictures and man, makes me smile and chuckle like a school girl!

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    Thanks for the reminder. I spent last night standing in Home Depot being BEYOND irritated with my wonderful husband. Your post reminded me of those days, years ago, when I walked around perpetually filled with butterflies because of him and his green eyes.

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    Joanne Smith (spagirl)

    so glad you are back blogging … i’ve been enjoying all your posts! so… how did you two meet anyway? i love asking all my clients that question, and while i just love their stories, i also love their reactions, thinking back to “the” moment!! take care!

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    My moment that I can’t forget: My three-year-old boy on my lap last night as I read your blog and the look that came over his face when he saw the youtube video.
    “Play it, mom,” he asked, and only as I did, did I realize what a different generation he was growing up in. (He recognizes the PLAY button? Come on.)
    And then . . . almost frozen silence as he was introduced to The Beatles.
    “Who’s that?” he asked reverently.
    “Those are The Beatles,” I replies breathily.
    “No–who’s that?” now pointing.
    So we went through the whole video a few times, until we could distinguish John, Paul, George & Ringo. Even more delightful, when a few moments later, I scrolled up to the Lego shot and he recognized them as The Beatles, also.
    It’s not that different a generation. It doesn’t matter how old you are–good is good.

    Thank you, Cathy. I didn’t see that one coming for a few more years, yet.

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    Deborah P

    I’m reminded of my mother’s comment years ago when one of my nieces seemed to say something very cute or hysterically funny every week – “you [me] said things like that. I didn’t write them down because I thought I could never forget them.” She did forget and we all will. So thanks for reminding us about the importance of the stories.

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    Dude he looks like Brad Pitt in that photo! You did good, girl 🙂

    And as for your scrapbooking philosophy, PERFECT! I work at a scrapbook store and have several of my LOs on display for sample purposes, and a lady was in last night that was critisizing them because they only had one photo on most… “what a waste of supplies. If there’s only one photo to show then there’s no reason to tell the story!” I *seriously* wanted to slap her, she was sooooo backwards. You nailed it.

    Keep up the amazing, inspiring work! I can’t wait to see the LO you do with that picture!

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    Jen Donnelly

    LOL great photo! I would have guessed 1991, I’ve been missing those days lately. Pretty hot, I would have fallen for him too! Got my own one, though. Had the same haircut, come to think of it…

    I have gotten really bad at writing stuff down, too. Thanks for pointing that up, I’m going to practice being more vigilant about the little stuff!

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    melissa deakin

    so well said…it is the stories.
    that is what it comes down to.
    love the ‘tough crowd’ story.
    cole is a riot.
    today my son (4.5) put on his father’s sneakers (of course we were rushing to get out the door to preschool so i was hurrying him along) and he told me ‘i feel like a real man when i have these shoes on’. it’s the little things like this that are so easily forgotten. i laughed so hard.

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    Amen Sister!!! SO SO true!!!
    I need to go back and tell those stories, and your picture of your hottie makes me think I need to sit down and do some “courtship” stories, just to remember how it felt to fall in love so crazy with someone!!

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    Wow! Your blog is so…FUN! I love it! I have no idea who you are (as you don’t know who I am) but I was told to check out your scrapbook work for simple yet elegant layouts, and I got sucked into your blog. LOVE IT! Every bit of it!!! The picture of your DH is hilarious! I’ve gotta get an oldie of my DH on my blog…he’s got some real kickers too! Love your stuff!

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    *big sigh* all’s right with the world again.

    Cathy – I didn’t know you were blogging again! nothing came up on my blog reader..so I was clueless. I was puzzled by a link Donna Downey had on her blog – thinking it was to old blog entries – and was very happy to find out that you’re blogging again!

    I love your scrapbook style, your personal style and your writing. You make me want to be cooler and more relaxed in my own life… and get rid of clutter (body clutter and “stuff” clutter).

    So very glad you’re back. I just read every single entry since January and wished there were more….and there will be! 🙂

    THANKS for making my day!

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    Awesome. I’m not a journaler by nature…it takes a lot for me to make the effort to write everything down. It sometimes seems like a hassle. BUT, it’s worth it when I find a gem that I wrote down for some reason or another. This post reminded me of that.

    But, that being said, with pictures like that, dear Cathy, who needs words??? 😉

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    Sharon F.

    You are so right. As I enter into my late 40’s I am finding I have a harder time pulling memories out of the old hat….frustrating as I have always had a fantastic memory. That is why I need to write this down. I have such a hard time with the journalling, but you are right. Get the memories on paper is so important.
    And since in my family I am the keeper of the stories. My neice and nephew ask me to tell them a story about when their dad was little. I have gobs…need to write those down. And who will share the recipe of the “cowboy stew” with the next generation? Its got to be me…I asked my sisters if they remembered it and they started to laugh as they had not thought about that famous dinner in so many years. Love to preserve those memories and laughs. ‘Thanks for the prompt CZ!

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    “‘Tough crowd'”, huh? I love it! I SO think of scrapbooking some of the things my boys say. Especially my 4 (almost 5 ) year old. He says the darndest things. I need to get better at my way of journaling. Write more than what the picture IS. What it means to me. Why I chose to scrap it, etc. Journal what I would want to read about years from now. Thank you for the reminder!


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    I too have decided that scrappin the every year holidays is not nearly as important as the everyday “stuff.” I just started the album about “stuff.” It certainly will give us a good laugh 20 years from now!

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    Laura Reaux

    What a great reminder. I need to do a layout about the same thing. We just had yet another pointless arguement tonight and he went to bed without even saying goodnight. It’s times like this when I need to remember what drove me wild about him. Lately he just drives me crazy (not in the giddy, sexy way).

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    Mel in New Zealand

    Laughed at the photos of your lovely man. Reminded me how lucky I am – been married for 19 wonderful years to a man who was definitely not a hunk in his early years but who at age 40 has morphed into one (courtesy of a 40kg weight loss and newly found muscle courtesy of the gym) – I married a wonderful, lovely guy (who was not drop-dead gorgeous but who is now). Worth the wait? You bet!

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    gabriella biancofiore

    I was totally hit by this recently. I have a two year old who seems to be saying new things every day (including: What’s your problem, Mommy?) and the other night I couldn’t remember when she started saying certain things. I’ve assumed that I would remember all these details forever, and you know what? I just can’t. It needs to be written down and it needs to be written down soon–the pics to correspond can wait as can the album of her birthday party. Thanks for the reminder, CZ. 🙂

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    The hair…the glasses…he is sooo totally billionare boys club in that shot! And you are right, the memories are what is most important. But girl, shots like that certainly are eye candy!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Annette Kuusinen

    Yeah, Dan is hot. Then & now. I have a photo of my DH with similar glasses, in which he looks really hot too.

    I am just finishing LOM class at BPS with Stacy. I was flooded with stories about hubby & me from the old days. I’m working on writing them down.

    Though even the day to day stuff leaves my brain so quickly. Sometimes I look back on my blog and think, I barely remember that happening 6 months ago.

    It’s SO not about the pictures. Now how do I explain that to my new CM every picture on a page in chronolgical friends. They thought I was crazy for throwing away 100 BAD photos from my best friends wedding. Isn’t 20 good ones enough?

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    Love your blog, love it. Laughed out loud with the “tough crowd”.

    Thanks for the reminder to get it down, I will scrapbook soon, I will!

    Love those arms.

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    Jenn from MA

    Cathy, I love this picture. It is very, Flock of Seagulls-ish. Brings me back. Back to the days of courting and swooning and talking about something other than my kids bowel movements. Aaaahh, sweet memories.

    The tough crowd comment made me chortle. Hysterical!

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    “Tough crowd” — that’s so awesome.

    I too love old photos. Perhaps they are the more precious for being fewer? Not like the dozens and scores and hundreds I take per day now. Hmm…

    I have a question, maybe you could address it at some point? Just looking at your 2nd Clean & Simple book, and noted the page in it where you said you were saving for a Rebel because you’re “so over” your Nikon. I’m just wondering, is this still the case? And why? Don’t want to start any camera brand wars, but just wondering about your experience. (Which is almost like a joke since I already got a D50 and the likelihood of me changing over is NOT high, for financial reasons if nothing else; but I’m still curious.)

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    this is right up your alley – just found what appears to be a new way of journaling, scrapping, etc – http://www.OurStory.com

    It reminds me of a wiki-pedia for families….

    just double-checking to be sure I can export the stories & timeline I put in, in case I don’t like it… hate to have the stories written but frozen in a dead program!

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    I have all of my old pics of my husband and me all together in hopes of some day making an album of our journey together. Oh, and here’s a fun tip: when my husband starts to act like a cave man I just pull out these pics and a few cards we gave to each other at that time and he gets all mushy again. Looking at these pics is a great way for both of us to remember why we stuck around!

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