I’m bringin’ Garamouche back…yeah

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I've pretty much decided to use SexyBack as my inspiration for this day's, and all thusly forthcoming days', blog post titles. Hope that's okay.

I really am though. Bringing Garamouche back. Do you even remember how crazed everyone was for that font? I mean, people actually bought it, rather than scour the Internet for cheaply made knock offs. Oh my hecken freck…i used it on EVERYTHING. Even notes to school:


(Oh… it's ALL coming back to you know, isn't it? Sigh.)

I just used this font on a layout for a new, super cool special issue of Simple Scrapbooks, that our crack editorial team is hard at work on right this very moment! I don't know. It felt so retro. Like listening to Depeche Mode's first album or something.

Anyhoo…not a lot more today, other than to report with much glee, that last night was the parents versus kids in Aidan's 12U volleyball league, and I am happy to report we, the parents, handed those kids their butts on a silver platter.

As it should be. They're quite old enough to learn the hard way that if you try to take on the parental maelstrom, prepared to be sucked down into the vortex of loss.

It helps them to grow up healthy and balanced.

Cathy ZielskeI’m bringin’ Garamouche back…yeah

30 Comments on “I’m bringin’ Garamouche back…yeah”

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    I was always fond of Garamouche — although it does look rather retro at this point! My, how time flies!! Have I been scrapping that long, that past trends are now considered Old School? Yay, you for using it again!!

    Congrats on beating the kids in VB. Hope they didn’t cry too much . . .

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    I have a cookie jar that totally matches your coffee mug! It’s vintage, too! Circa 1972. (That’s vintage for a lot of people nowadays).

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    Bit of a hijack here…
    Speaking of feeling retro and music, etc. I thought you might appreciate the following. I’m going to see Crowded House in concert tonight in Tempe, AZ! It’s their warm-up show for the Coachella festival in CA. I would have never found out about Crowded House reforming or their handful of US dates without your Crowdie obsession and very helpful updates and links!
    Just wanted to say thank you and I love your blog!

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    LMFAO. Dude, that might be good seeing as how I have an alpha set I’ve never broken in. So bring it back hard. And bring back Policy of Truth too. Man, is that shit good.

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    Heather H.

    Good for all you parents! As a former teacher, I believe it is important for children to understand that they can’t always be winners! And I love your post from yesterday. I too am/was a WW lifer. And was a model loser. More than once. I just think they have a long way to go in helping people maintain… Maybe I’ll check into the online thing. Then I won’t have to leave the house!

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    Gina G Rolsma

    Uh Cathy, are you reading Donna’s Blog…She brought SexyBack first! Ha Ha Ha.
    ps. have you listed to david grey’s white ladder album yet?

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    I just got that song outta me head from Donna. Thanks.
    I played soccer with the girls the other night. It was lots of fun, although not terribly graceful. I was sore in unmentionable spots. 🙂

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    Those newer fonts just don’t know how to act!

    You are crackin’ me up! The last two posts make it clear that you need a little break from ol’ Justin Timberlake. Thanks for the chuckle, good luck with counting those points. My mom is a WW teacher. I on the other hand have not been successful with counting points or any other weight loss method for that matter! UGH!

    Yuma, AZ

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    Garamouche? Garamouche? I thought you were referring to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen! Ooops – I didn’t realize it was a font and not a lyric 😉

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    We have never met – but I love reading your blog. As I parent of a daughter who plays U14 Volleyball – Way to Kick Ass!!

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    Beth S.

    You absolutely crack me up. I look forward to your blog as often as I can check it (and you update it) and I’m rarely disappointed! I love the thing about the kids – exactly as I would feel were I ever able to consider competing with my kids in anything that even remotely resembled an athletic endeavor. So, good for you – whip their little pre-teen butts and show them who’s boss!! (I also have a 12 year old – however he and his friends are very athletic and I can’t imagine the parents ever beating them). Anyway, have a fabulous day and keep up the funny stories. By the way, I think it’s time for a word from Chip.

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    As a mother of a 16 yr old volleyball player, I can’t begin to imagine beating her club team!! So do it now and often, as the time will pass all too fast 😉

    Enjoy the music and fonts … isn’t that the beauty of working from home??!!

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    ROTFLMAO – this may be my favourite post, and I also thought of Queen when I saw the title, even though I know and love that font as well.

    this post is exactly why I read your blog as soon as I turn my comp on

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    …OMG, does that mean that comic sans is due for a revival!!!!!!!!!

    After years of abuse of that font I can barely look at it with out cringing LOL

    And yes, I abused Garamouche along with every one else (hangs head in shame).

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    Hey Cathy…NEW MUSIC for you to try out for your cool sidebar…have a listen to The Weepies (if you haven’t already:))…could it be good enough to make your sidebar?! Inquiring minds are waiting to see…

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    i *totally* remember this font!!! i was a juniorish in college, design school…. SAW it everywhere….. everyone was using it on their projects etc etc etc…. totally funny to see it again!

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    I still love that font and HAD to have it back in the day! Want a word or letter cut using this font? I’m your gal! HA! 🙂 Sorry.. I’m really not pushy.

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