Now we just need bread and cheese

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Let me preface the following by saying this: the Zielskes never win any school raffles. We have a track record of exactly no wins…until Saturday night rolled around, that is. One of our neighbor girls sold us a raffle ticket benefitting the local French Immersion school. Of course, in grand Parisien style, the prize was 75 bottles of wine. And yep. You guessed it…when we woke up Sunday morning, there were 75 bottles of ("waiter, take this away and bring me some fresh…") wine, sitting on our front porch. I don't know if it was the lovely sight of all this wine that made us laugh, or the fact that neither dan, nor I, nor Chip the wonder guard dog, heard it being dropped off at some point near midnight. Either way, I was really glad that I wasn't LDS. If you think about it, not such a good prize for Mormons. But for Lutherans, well…party at Chez Zielske tonight!

Speaking of Chippie, a few posts lately have inquired as to how she's doing. I'm happy to report she is fine, and will soon be breaking our collective family hearts when her wayfaring family return on July 1. We are making the most of our time, including a new daily walking program, and getting matching tattoos. 

In about 20 minutes, i'm off to get a throat culture because despite my upbeat typing tone, I'm sick, and I need to sort it out before going to Utah this week for meetings.

A final note: i highlighted Cole's hair this weekend, his request. I had not a clue as to what i was doing, but he sure looked cute when it was all over. It's not that punk rock at all. Note to self: next time, leave it on much, much longer.



Cathy ZielskeNow we just need bread and cheese

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    LOVE the highlights and that he requested them! Are all fellow Lutherans invited to the wine tasting? I’ll be there with bells on! What a fantastic raffle!

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    Amy Jenkins

    Congrats! We never win anything either. Though, this lutheran, does not like wine. . . perhaps it’s all the years of that really cheap communion wine. But, that prize would have made your very popular at our church campout last week!!!

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    deb munn

    Congrats on your raffle win… enjoy!

    I’m sure Chippy will miss you as much as you all will miss her. Her very pretty and shiney and so sweet! You done good by her 🙂

    Cole’s rockin’ the highlights!! Sweet!!

    Good luck with the throat culture… not my favorite experience…

    Feel better!!

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    I don’t think you want to know how many “WW Points” there are in all that wine!

    When my WW leader told us to measure one serving of wine (It’s only 4 or 6 ounces…see, I was so distraught I can’t even remember the details…for Two points each serving) into our wine glasses at home and to note/remember appropriately when drinking wine…well…yikes!

    Remember to savor it, not drink it (does that make sense?)

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    Bonnie Rose

    ok Cathy what about Christians? can we come over and have some yummy vino? you lucky duck.. all that wine.. aaaaah.. now to search to one big wine rack huh? lol…. lovin Cole’s hair.. he looks like one cool dude… Get well Cathy. hope u feel better in no time! hugs today,

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    Had to comment……75 bottles???? whoohoo! I say ignore the WW points, I believe in red wine and choc. everyday:)

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    If there is a prize that entails bottles of wine, it always seems to be our luck that us Mormons win THAT prize. Not the DVD or the camera’s but the WINE! We always have lots of friends that want to relieve us of our winnings! HA! Congrats on your stash and enjoy!

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    I predict lots of your famous pasta dinners to come! Congrats on your win. Are there any ‘good years’ in the lot? Opus One maybe? =) Or a Toad’s Hollow Chardonnay. =) Enjoy. You’ll have lots of hostess gifts on hand for awhile anyway. Cheers!

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    What is up with you people????? Everyone and I mean everyone knows there are no points in wine or anything else when you or sick or you win a lottery.

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    Wha hooo!! Gotta love the vino. Be careful — my DH may show up on your doorstep to collect the empties. He makes his own wine, and tends to pander for empty bottles. Of course, we’d love to help you drink it, as well. Seems like you’ve already got a lot of potential help, though!

    Hope you’re feeling better!!

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    wow.. sangria for a year? MMMMMM
    love Coley highlights, my twin boys went thru the same thing and it was my first attempt at home highlighting… you done good!!!

    enjoying the posts of Chip, I have two goldens myself! Maverick and Sierra… maybe after July you’ll miss Chip so much you’ll need to adopt a Golden 😉

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    omg!!! I am SOOOO lol-ing at all that wine!!! dh and I don’t drink….but in a former gig he would frequently receive bottles & cases of wine from customers at Christmas and such. at one point we had an entire closet full of wine.

    coolio for Coley!! love the hair!!

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    First, get better, girl – no one likes to be sick.

    Second, I suggest you fly Ms. Downey back up for a party. I hear she’s in need of another party.

    Third, for GREAT (not just good) temporary ‘highlights’ that are really punk rock, try Manic Panic OR if he wants a spikier look, try Spiker Colors (they sell it at hair places – Ulta, Super Cuts, etc…) it is called a Colored Syling ‘Glue’ which holds the style and colors your hair in any rainbow color (red, yellow, blue, green, purple etc…). It’s temporary, so it is really great if you change your mind! Have fun 🙂

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    Cathy Walters

    Hi Cathy! I didn’t see an email address, so I just thought I’d post this here…so here goes…

    I’m reading “the Sequel” from you…I’m not even half way through (cuz I read every stinkin’ word)…and something has blown me away…

    You don’t scrapbook every event/picture/moment?…You scrapbook what you want to at any given time?!

    I’m freakin…seriously. I have been a chronological scrapper forever…and long for a more freeing/artistic way to do this hobby (instead of it being an obligation).

    I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I’m just sorta trying to sort this out.

    For a while, I’ve been feeling like scrapbooking was sorta like when I was a cheerleader in highschool…pretty to look at, but a little silly…and maybe just a time filler.

    Hmmm. I want more meaning. I want to have more fun. I want to inspire myself instead of just going through the motions of having nice pages. NICE…yuck.

    I don’t even know if you’ll see this. 🙂 But I HAD to put it out there in the cosmic blog space.

    Thanks for blowing my mind!
    oh, and congrats on the wine! I think that might last a week in our house. 🙂

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    i’ll be over with a huge pan of lasagna, ‘K?
    Cole’s hair rocks, BTW and i agree: leave it on longer next time.

    feel better soon – hope it’s not strep!

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    now that’s what i call a prize!
    I wonder what your neighbors thought, with 75 bottles on your porch. The recycling guys are gonna be loving you!

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    You now need proper wine storage. Who am I kidding….I never keep wine around the house long enough for proper storage. It is meant to be drunk. Cheers!

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    Lutherans, coffee, and wine. Yup, sounds like my house. Wish I had 75 bottles outside my door one morning! 🙂
    Sorry you’re sick, watch out for the Death Virus, it has knocked me over for the last 3 1/2 weeks.

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    Lutherans, coffee, and wine. Yup, sounds like my house. Wish I had 75 bottles outside my door one morning! 🙂
    Sorry you’re sick, watch out for the Death Virus, it has knocked me over for the last 3 1/2 weeks.

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    Heck, that is TOTALLY my kind of raffle! Nothing better than a good glass of red after the kiddos go to sleep huh?
    Lucky Zielskes!! :p

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    I’m coming over for wine….let me know your address, will you? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wine…and I’m a wine snob too, so I will be able to help you get rid of a LOT of that stuff (if it’s bad, you drink it FAST so no one will know you had it, lol)

    Why can’t *I* win wine? I win the crappy scrapbooking basket that had ALL USED things (except for 2 pkgs of Jolee stickers and an AMM purple passion mini craft tote). sigh…

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    hey… I don’t think the “Lutherans and wine” movement has made it this far south… us Missouri Lutherans get frowned upon for partaking of the vino. If it weren’t for all the snow, I’d pack up and head North.

    BTW, you don’t go to Luther Memorial in River Falls, WI, do you?

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    Mary Kate

    Angela and Brian were tickled to be able to leave it on your porch Saturday night. I had thought about asking Angela to ask you to donate something, like autographed copies of your books, for our spring auction (I was the co-chair) but never got around to it.

    Enjoy the wine. It’s good stuff too–from Solo Vino on Selby Ave. There were a lot of sad people there after your name was drawn! (I thought it was cool that is was someone I “know.”) Watch out though, may hit you up next year for that auction donation!

    Love your books! Love your scrapping style.

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