Out with the old

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So long, Skaggs Alpha Beta Isopropyl 70% Alcohol…we hardly knew ye.

So begins an entirely new chapter of my life. Even bought new hydrogen peroxide, too. And, toothpaste. It's like I  had my bathroom remodeled.

Hello, Monday. Just returned from my annual mammogram, where I had a delightful conversation with the radiologist who recently quit smoking. It's almost as bad as women sharing labor stories. I know! I felt like I was going to absolutely DIE! But you know, it's a good club to belong to. Indeed.

Had a nice, albeit short, visit with Donna. She worked all day saturday at the scrapbook store. Me, all day at home. I think my job, working for Simple is a lot easier than standing all day and teaching. Weekends and all.

Donna insisted that I carry on my time-honored tradition of making for her, The Sandwich:


It's not as fancy as one might think. Just your garden variety turkey and swiss. But for Donna, apparently, it's nothing short of a culinary magic carpet ride.

I made this very sandwich for Donna and Ali, oh, a few years back during CKU-Minneapolis. I guess I know how to make an impression. Or so I've heard. I make a mean chicken nugget as well, but that's another story for another day…

And, how many of your children get a one-on-one book binding class with Donna Downey? Huh? How many? Yeah. I done thought so.


[The reason they are outside? Initially, Donna wanted to do something with a heat gun and UTEE, and I said, "Hell, no!" I was in the process of cleaning up. Geez, Downey. Get with the CZ groove, would you?]

And this, is what your husband looks like, over breakfast, when having a conversation with Donna.


I know. There, there, honey…it's just for a weekend….

And one more thing…

Ali Edwards' Everyday Beauty Album Kit is online and available for order.  I'm thinkin' they're going to sell like hotcakes. Little life art hotcakes.

Git yours today!

Cathy ZielskeOut with the old

26 Comments on “Out with the old”

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    LOVE the look on poor Dan’s face!! Having experienced Donna’s energy firsthand myself, I can only imagine how he felt having it at the breakfast table! 🙂 He just doesnt realize how lucky he is! 😉

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    That´s the way my husband looks too! Used to be only now and then, lately it seems the look is visible more often. Wonder why? Could it be me?

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    Good lord, that’s hilarious. I seriously belly laughed at your husband. What is UTEE??

    I really tried to come up on Friday night, I would have LOVED to have met you. I even bought you some Cinnamon Extra from the local store to help you get through until your Amazon shipment comes in.

    I was really excited to tell you about our southern yarn stash here. Rosemount has a FABULOUS store. The prices, not so great, but inspiration is EVERYWHERE. The owner guy literally designs for Jennifer Aniston. He’s THAT good. They must have 15 of the greatest felted bags on display. Serioulsy. Worth your time. Just go south on Robert’s street until you hit Rosemount (highway 3) and it’s in the same building as the town florist. Bring your camera. You will want to save the ideas!

    There’s also a store in Lakeville at 160th and Cedar, but it’s not nearly as great, but the prices are better.

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    Deena Thom

    Just wanted you to know that your blog is the first one I check out every day. Your writing style is so engaging and witty. I love the dry cynicism.

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    marci lambert

    is that a photo of Aidan? because i thought Aidan was an adorable little girl, not someone who LOOKS LIKE A GROWN-UP? next thing you will be telling me that my 5- and 3-year-olds will someday be grown-ups. ha!

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    Duuuuudddeeee!!! Dan looks like he has a mean-nasty hangover from a bender the night before. Wow. Is Donna actually trying to have a lucid conversation with him? Too funny! 😀

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    I think I made the same face several times after a weekend with Donna! hee hee
    NOw I want to remodel my bathroom!

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    I love you CZ and I’ve never met you. Thanks for bringing the blog back. I missed you when you “vacationed” and just found you back. Thanks for putting in the time to brighten my day.

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    I love you CZ and I’ve never met you. Thanks for bringing the blog back. I missed you when you “vacationed” and just found you back. Thanks for putting in the time to brighten my day.

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    Melissa S-E

    CATHY!!!! I just came back from my Michael’s and LO & BEHOLD – there was your Clean & Simple DVD!!!! YAY! It now resides at my home. On my dining room table to be exact. Waiting to make it over to the computer desk. 🙂 SUCH ANTICIPATION!!

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    Today I am in the midst of preparing my home for packers to arrive, and I just read your blog, and wanted to THANK YOU. You are a breath of fresh air in a crazy assed world. Thank you for making me smile when I only want to cry.

    In a week, I’ll plug in and read you again, and I will look back on this last week and smile, but for now, you gave me a brief moment of hilarity.

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    Sharon Jonsson

    Hey so cool to hear your voice with the Ali Edwards kit!!! funny how people’s voices aren’t what you expect!! (you sound like you are only about 21!)

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    Cathy M

    Hi CZ! I just found out you were blogging again and man am I glad!!! I had to leave a comment about hearing your voice and how you sound so different than anything I could have expected, even though in all honesty I never thought about it before today! However I see Sharon beat me to it! Welcome Back!

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    Oh man that photo of your dh with Donna is just so classic! Your wit on top of it had me laughing out loud. Thanks for that!

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    annie samuels

    i love the way you write…you are hilarious. when i read your blog, i feel like i’m with one of my girlfriends drinking java. you’re the best. thanks so much for blogging.

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    Christine Campbell

    Cathy Z, you make me laugh, hysterically. And that can’t be said for many people or things.
    So glad you’re still bloggin.
    You SO need to sb that photo of the dh with DD and SS NEEDS to publish that. 🙂

    ~ C

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    Oh Cathy Z you DO make me laugh!! You know, you write exactly the way I speak… Why MY blog never makes anyone laugh is anyone’s guess.

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    Emilie Ahern

    All I can say is…

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new bottle of rubbing alcohol. I hope you had a full service for the death of the old one.

    I am having a moment of silence right now.

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