Sometimes it snows in April

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…sometimes, it feels so bad

Thank you, Prince.

It's just wrong. That's all I'm saying.

So I'm sitting here, still trying to recover files from my old external drive. It seems I can retrieve a few measley folders a week. Then it simply refuses to cooperate. I have to restart the entire system because everything locks up. Like now. I was trying a new approach—burn a dvd of selected folders—and it's stalled out at 66.6% verified. Bloody hell.

Might as well finished my blog post. Firefox is still running. Woo hoo!

And as it's like winter again, I'll be whipping up a steaming pot of my friend Margie's husband Jason's prize-winning white chicken chili later today. I could eat liquid-based meals every day of my life. As long as they included chips of some sort on the side.

The other night, Dan made a request for dinner. It was simple: "Something I can eat on a plate."

Initially, I thought, "Dude…be happy for anything that doesn't end with '…Helper." But then I did feel sorry for him. There must be something hard-wired into many of the less fairer sex that says, "If it's liquid-based, then surely it must mean the roast pig will follow."

Sorry to say I did not pick up any pre-roasted pigs at Rainbow Foods this morning.

I'll serve his chili on a plate. That oughta do the trick. You think?

Cathy ZielskeSometimes it snows in April

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    Some people have other vices in life to get them through the day-mine is to read your blog. You just put life into perspective, the good, the bad and those things that require being in a bowl. Heck, my husband is lucky when it doesn’t come in a wrapper.

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    Jen Donnelly

    I loooove soup. With good bread, or chips or crackers as appropriate. But not so for the DH. As his brother once said, “Soup is what you eat while you’re waiting for your food to arrive.”

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    My trick is to do the old recipe for “Eight-Way Chili”. Now, you don’t have to do ALL 8 ways…but the deal is you make rice and/or noodles, and then put your chili over that…and then top with your choice of toppings. Like sour cream, cheese, green onions, etc. That way, you would look really smart (I am all for doing things that make me LOOK smart in life) serving Dan’s chili on a plate. Best to you and dinner. I wish I never had to cook again somedays. Most days. Today it snowed in Michigan too. Not that any of that matters to you…but hey, what are blogging and comments for?! Happy spring.

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    Yikes, I am sorry.

    As for Dan, warm some socks in the oven and serve them on a plate. My mom always threatened us with socks a la king if we complained about the dinner menu!

    Enjoy your chili.

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    Lori N

    Will your friend let you share his Chicken Chili recipe? I’m always on the look out for great 1 pot meals! (Especially if they’re soup/chili or stew!)

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    Amy Kropp

    At one point, I was really into doing Crockpot meals every single night. I finally stopped when my daughter looked at the Crockpot and said, “Are we having more goo for dinner?”

    Gotta love teenagers. Now she gets sandwiches.

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    Mmmm… Chili sounds good! Chili is my favorite, but hubby gets tired of it after a while.

    I agree, he should be happy with anything that doesn’t end in “helper”. That’s what we usually have!

    I made a meal last night with chicken, rice, corn & roll. My 4 year old thought we were having a party because there were so many different foods on his plate!

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    ROFL!!! Loving the ‘helper’ comment. I like to throw in a few ‘helper’ meals once or twice a year to remind my husband to be grateful for the somewhat limited cooking skills I have 🙂

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    You silly goose! Just put the bowl filled with chili goodness ON a plate and serve naked. I promise Dan won’t care;)

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    Considering the only time I cook around here is when my darling husband is off golfing somewhere, I’d say Dan should be grateful that food is provided, period. My children are trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to come running when the microwave timer goes off (or the smoke detector, but that’s why I’m not in charge in the kitchen).
    Just make him a hearty sandwich to go with his ‘bowled’ food – that can pass for roasted pig (stick a piece of apple on one end of the sandwich…).

    And I am with you on the snow thing – we’re getting the works – snow, sleet, rain…I’m waiting for the swarms of locusts & plagues of frogs. We got to start sugaring, hopefully the season isn’t quite over.

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    Dale Anne

    You gotta share the Chicken chili recipe!!!

    And, as for Dan…….in my house I’d be saying then make something for yourself!
    In our house, we share the cooking duties (DH is retired) and we do alot of Once a Month cooking so in the mornings we can open the freezer and ask what the other would like out of our inventory.
    Like this morning, we decided to each have something different for supper….yesterday we both had spaghetti.

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    you got more snow than we did.
    sucks, huh?
    I could eat soup & sandwich for every meal. what is it about us? I think I’m makin’ chili now too 🙂

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    Dude, you are hilarious! I crack up reading your blog every day! Are you this funny in person? Anyway, you cant tease us with a great chili recipe and not post it! Share the love… Not that we need hot chili in the 80 degree weather in Atlanta, but you know. And yes, serve that chili up on a plate. You get the last laugh.

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    Could you share that award winning receipe with us less fortunate?? Please. Dinner is counting on you tonight. No pressure. 🙂
    Flying to MN (Minnetrista-what the heck kind of name is that?) next week for my nephew’s baptism. Could you please work on getting the snow gone before I get there. THanks!! Can’t wait to hit Archiver’s.

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    Ok, first I love that picture. Such a contradiction, the flip flops vs. the snow. Which, duh, you obviously get that or you wouldn’t have take the pic. lol

    And I definitely think you should serve his chili on a plate and please, please, please let us know what he says!

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    Linda A. (elendae)

    I feel your pain – it’s snowing like crazy here in NH as I type this. *sigh* And my husband is exactly the same way. I am an adherent to the “soup is good food” (like the old Campbell’s ad!) school of cooking, while my husband is looking around like “where’s the rest of it?” Serve it to him with a fork and a big hunk of crusty bread and call it good!

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    anna l.

    laughing because MY husband wants to eat all of his meals from a bowl from a set that, for some reason, he REALLY REALLY likes. Even when it’s plate food, he puts it in the damn bowl. I’m with Nitty Gritty – put the chili on rice, on a plate. Done.

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    Well, first – it snows every April 6th on my hubbies birthday, no matter where we seem to be. We’re going to get snow here on the 6th. Boo. So I totally sympathize.

    As for dinners…after getting a stern lecture from my Dr. today – bowl, plate, whatever – if it doesn’t get approved by a nurtitionist or isn’t in the correct portions size – I won’t eat or cook it. This will make my hubbie REALLY happy (even though it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to follow). He could eat out of a bowl the rest of his life and be happy…as long a s a burger, hot dog, or steak could fit into the bowl easily. 🙂

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    Jen B

    my hubby always wants his chili on a plate. and in a bed of rice. he’s a brit, and that’s usually how chili is served there. he gets rice, and i get my crackers & cheese–in a bowl. and everybody’s happy. 🙂

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    I would SO take a hot plate of chicken chili and some snow over THIS…

    Phoenix, AZ Mostly Sunny, 91°Wednesday
    92° / 65°Thursday 92/63 Friday 92/63

    It’s ONLY APRIL 4!!!

    🙂 enjoy that white stuff…what’s it called again???

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    I like your attitude about plate vs. bowl. Put some chips with that chili and he’ll be all right. 🙂

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    Kristyn Briggs

    I would love the white chili recipe as well if you are allowed to share it. We used to go to a restaurant just for the white chili and I have yet to match theirs. Alas we moved many miles away from the source…..(sigh).

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    robin corman

    I grew up in Bloomington and my family is all still there. I loved your photo of snow of the flip-flops, and am feeling your pain. I am enjoying the 80 degree weather in Las Vegas – wish I could send some of it your way.

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    I run a social enterprise (soup mixes for a cause) and would love to send you a gift basket full of our soups. 🙂 (big fan!) If I ship it to SS Corporate in Utah will you actually get it?

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    You know, when you say you’re going to start a new routine that’s good for you and you get all fired up and tell everyone your new plan?? Don’t you just HATE it when someone asks you a week or so later — hey, how’s that new “plan” going? Or is it only me that really hears, “Hey loser, I bet you’re not really doing that “plan” you were talking about?? So in the spirit of support with no judgement (and a secret desire for a kinship when hearing you’ve only managed it a few times so far)… Hey, how are the morning walks with Chip going? The reason it came to mind after reading your post today is because I’m here in southern Wisconsin and you may remember I was just bitching about Africa-hot weather and the woes of walking a dog in the heat and now suddenly its colder than a witch’s… Did I piss off Mother Nature? Did I screw up the weather for all of the Mid-West? Am I responsible for thousands of wilted and never-gonna-see-their-bloom flora this year? Well, I can live with that, its easier to walk the dog in this weather — but then again, we only got a dusting of snow here. Sorry to see you had accumulations in the cover the flip-flops range. Crazy weather. Crazy blog-reader — all is in harmony.

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    I agree, CZ. So, so wrong with the snow in April. I’m in IL and I hate it! Loved the suggestion above to warm up some socks and serve them on a plate! Can’t you just put the BOWL on top of a PLATE? Technically still on a plate, right?

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    Since it’s snowing here in MI after it was 80 last week – you must share the recipe, please!

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    ROFL!!! I’m one of those liquid food people also!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE soups!! — even in the summer – give me a chilled fruit soup – with a dollop of yougart in the center – pretty and yummy!! We’re getting flurries here in Cinci – so, we’re having Baked Potato soup tonight – in a bowl with hot biscuts under it!! Talk about carb overload!! Have a great one!!!
    Blessings on ya~

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    I live in southern Ontario and it is snowing here now. In fact it is suppose to snow all weekend!

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    Melanie from Maple Grove

    Snow… It’s my freaking spring break and I look out the window at snow???? I am stuck inside with a cranky four year old who was promised lots of swinging with mommy’s week off and a two year old who woke up with a cold this morning. (probably from the *%$&#@ SNOW!) I feel your pain. I was one of those idiot Minnesotan’s who took out all her sandals and capri pants the day it got warm out. I should know better! Looks like I’ll be pushing those to the back of the closet again!

    Do you have a hard time stuffing your feet back into shoes once you’ve worn flip flops? I don’t know if I can do it. Maybe I just won’t leave the house.

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    *sigh* i completely feel you on the husband thing. i just happened to serve gardenburgers for dinner last night (which i happen to love) and my darling husband ate it like a champ but then later when i was doing the dishes he casually mentioned that next time i want to serve burgers, could i make his out of real meat instead of cardboard? lol…

    men. can’t live with ’em…can’t live without ’em (or as my good friend likes to say…”it’s illegal to kill ’em…so might as well get along with ’em. ha!)

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