“They’re bringin’ Cathy back…yeah”

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Them other weight loss plans don't know how to act…yeah.

Apparently, Weight Watchers wanted me back, or so I was led to believe by an email, followed shortly by a post card. Because it made me feel so special, so singled out, I decided to re-join WW Online. I've been going strong for 9 whole days. Off heavily sugared items and junk…walking or biking a little every day, and surprisingly, NOT feeling like I'm dying of starvation.

Don't get me wrong: points watching = dieting. There ain't no other way around it. But it certainly can help you understand how a portion size does not equal the amount of food in Chip's dog dish.

I was once a WW Lifetime Member. Back in…2000? maybe 2001? '02? I can't actually recall the date, but…it was after Cole had been born, and I was tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. So I found a local meeting and joined. And I was a superstar member, losing every single week. But it wasn't too hard, really. Did you know that cigarettes have no points?!!! Hmmmm…should i eat these low fat graham crackers for 2 points, or…smoke?

So I always felt like i dishonestly earned that lifetime membership. And I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the hard-working women, circa 2000-2002, at the Roseville WW location, for pretending to be a model plan member. Sigh.

But here's the deal: it works. I know it, you know it, the American people know it. And after a brief WW online affair following my trip to Australia, that failed miserably—me following the plan, not me in Australia, or so they tell me—I decided, because they asked so nicely and all, to come back.

I realize I don't have massive amounts of weight to lose. Really. I do. But I also realize I have issues with abusing things that make me feel good. Like food. Or nicotine. It's truly amazing that I don't have issues with drugs and alcohol. But, never say never. A heroin habit is never far away, if you're not vigilant.

All I'm trying to do is live a little healthier, and take care of the one body I've got. I'd love to reach and stay at my goal weight, which is 140. And in the end, realize that I can have it all: family, friends, french fries in moderation, and far less junk in my trunk.

Cathy Zielske“They’re bringin’ Cathy back…yeah”

52 Comments on ““They’re bringin’ Cathy back…yeah””

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    katie scott

    Good for you on the WW thing, I could never stick to it. All that points counting worked for me during the week but my merlot got me off track on the weekends. Now I’m just trying to exercise everday and drink massive amounts of water. I’d love to get to 140 too 🙂

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    you can DO it! WW does work – I know all about being their poster child, though you wouldn’t know it by lookin’ at me now. :
    You inspire me in so many ways, Cathy but please, PLEASE don’t make me go back to Weight Watchers! I want my cheesy fries in serving sizes as big as Chip’s bowl!
    But do I want back fat? No.
    Darnit (expletive removed for tender viewers).
    Go Cathy, Go!
    Go melly?

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    Alana M

    Good for you and keep it up!!! I’ve lost 29 lbs on WW since January and I am still going strong. It is the best program out there. Keep us up on your progress.

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    I have had lots of success with WW over the last year. And while people are always going to view it as a “diet,” I really just see it as a tool for refining my lifestyle. It hasn’t been painful at all– in fact, in the beginning I had to try hard to find enough things to eat!

    We have the same-ish goal, C 😀 Break a leg!

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    Well done for going back – something I’ve been thinking of but haven’t done yet! Maybe I should bite the bullet and do online – never tried it before, do you stay as motivated as if you were going to class? I am so lacking willpower!

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    I just joined up on Friday. I did it a few years ago as an at-home participant but I feel that going to the meetings is going to be much more effective. I went to my first one last night and was shocked to see that I had lost 1 lb. How is that possible? LOL

    See you (& Alana M) at goal weight – mine is the same as yours.

    – Lourdes

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    Nothing like going back to college homecoming to boost my healthy efforts. I was determined to lose 20 pounds by my 40th birthday, and I did it, by eating better (almonds for snacks instead of chocolate) and working out everyday.
    So, I’m at 150, which is good, but my body is stronger, which is BETTER!
    Good luck to ya’!

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    Oh, CZ, good for you! I’ve been a member in name only for about 2 months, now. By that I mean, I get charged every month, but don’t actually go to meetings. Surprisingly, not a great way to lose weight. Maybe I’ll try that meeting thing!

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    Apparently, they want us both back. As it happens, the board shorts I want for vacation this summer are on back-order in the size I need. So I took a risk, rejoined weight watchers online, and ordered the size they had in stock.

    Here’s to both of us getting back on track! =)

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    Jen Donnelly

    Good luck! I can’t pay that much attention to my food, the more I think about it the more I will eat. Which is sad, because food is a beautiful, wonderful thing. But. That goal weight is not all that far away, so I have to do something.

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    I could have written your post today! Except for WW wanting me back, I’m already there by my own admission and I didn’t go to Australia.
    But I’m back on the plan, not much to lose, just a muffin top!
    I’m finding it so much harder the second time around. It’s good to know that others in the same boat!

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    Jennifer McGuire

    I joined on Friday. I got an email and a postcard too. They must have known I had a baby in January and I’m absolutely not losing any weight by eating like I’m still pregnant. They give a week free online, so I thought I’d try it again. The beta version of the online tracker is great. I think you’ll like it. Good for you! Good for me too.

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    Katrina of Southern California

    Thanks for the inspiration. I woke up feeling the same way ” I need to get healthy” in this one body of mine. I think I too hear WW calling. Thanks again for being so honest. You are such a bright light in my day. THANKS!!!!

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    You know, 15 or 20 pounds can be a big deal! I lost 20lbs with Weight Watchers and felt so much better about myself. It really doesn’t matter that people tell you “You don’t need to loose weight, you look great.” It’s all about how YOU feel in your skin. So, good luck the with WW online. There is a recipe floating around somewhere online for 1pt brownies that are pretty darn good. I think they are made with pumpkin…

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    Oooh…my first EVER blog comment! I read your blog daily (hello mah MN sistah!) and would like to send you a former-Minnesotan-now-Texan “yee-haw!” on your decision to rejoin WW 🙂


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    “I was tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin.” This speaks to me. This is where I am. I don’t have a local WW anymore but I am going to look into the online meetings. Anyone have any experience with that? Thanks again, Cathy, for inspiring me in a new way.

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    You can do it! I am doing it and so can you! WW is really the way to go! I say this as I’m eating my Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini. Sooooo good and a lot of food for only 7 points.

    Keep us posted!

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    Lori N

    Good for you! You earned that membership – no matter if it was easy or hard to lose the weight, you lost it!

    Been there, done that, need to do it again. Maybe your post will act as a kick in the pants for me to get back on the program.

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    You can do it Cathy! Congratulations on rejoining WW. Keep us posted on your progress. You are amazing – kicking the nicotine and now joining WW.

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    Kris with a K

    Good luck, Cathy! It’s a great program, I know. I also know that I need to do something myself, and a far greater number of pounds to lose.

    You know you’ll feel so much better!

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    Good luck! Hey, you know, next time you want to have something you shouldn’t eat…just take a picture of it. My theory is that switching the actual craving for an artful act (taking a picture) totally does the trick for me. One of these days I have to figure out just what to do with the hundreds of pictures I’ve accumulated of cakes and desserts, but until then, taking their picture has kept them off my body! I know, I know, totally nutty, but it works! 🙂

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    Susan Kopp

    Way to go Cathy!!!! Today is weigh in and I think I have finally made my 10% and at this juncture I also said I would give up smoking. So that being said tonight is the last of the cigarettes. I’m doing core and loving it. Just a quick goodie to leave you with. Take a carton of non-fat yogurt and stir in a package of fat free/sugar free jello pudding until smooth (you can add a splash of skim milk to thin if needed) and use this as dip for you favorite fruit. I usually use the vanilla or cheesecake flavor pudding and it really is yummy with strawberries. Lots of Luck, Susan

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    Wendy H

    Good for you! My goal weight is also 140 and I am so far from there, although my Nutrisystem order was ups’d yesterday!!! I went with that because the WW points confuse me and my BIL signed up for NS last week.

    I turned 37 last week and I had said when I am 35 I want to feel my best. oops – 2 years later and still not feeling great! Now maybe by 37.5 I’ll feel my best!!!

    Good luck to everyone!

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    marcia- CKU alumni

    Yeah for you and WW. I started back up 4 days ago. I didn’t formaly “join” I just pulled out the books that I had from when I used to go diligently and started watching what I ate more. I’m with you sista- I want to get back to 135ish… Already i feel better- We can do it. Go Cathy… Go Cathy…

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    oh, yes! I feel with you! When I think about my growing weight I think I need to go back to weight watchers too!

    🙁 life is hard…sometimes….

    good luck!

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    I joined earlier today too…after getting that postcard! How funny! I was lifetime several years ago…and thankfully still am. Now I need to lose the last 12 and kick the horrible habits. I’m committed to going weekly!

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    Gina G Rolsma

    Been a long time fan of your blog and *both* books, articles, etc. Today was one of the many days you made me laugh outloud with the comments: w.watchers vs. cigarettes. Totally understand you. And yes, say no to drugs…we must be vigilant!

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    Good job, Cathy! I’m a repeat WW offender as well. It really does work. Lost 52 lbs before I got pg the first time, lost 30 lbs between babies, now I’m down 23 since baby #2. But I have a long way to go. My goal weight is 140 also, but I have more to lose than you do! LOL!

    If you ever need some WW support, give a holler!

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    More power to you, Cathy. I can attest to the fact that I have been a WW member on and off since 1987. And just because I love them so much, I plan to join WW online, just like you. The hardest part for me is cutting back on the red wine. It’s good for your heart but not the waistline. Oh well.

    Best of luck!

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    Hahaha!!! I still want my junk in the trunk after I lose weight. But, that is what goes first (as opposed to the areas I want to decrease, like thighs, arms, and belly…ugh!). I’ve been following the ‘lifestyle change’ book by Jorge Cruise ‘The 3 Hour Plan’ and it has worked for me thus far. I’m far less consumed by the thought of food, knowing that I’ll be eating in 3 hours. It’s weird how the psyche works. At 2 weeks in, I lost 6 lbs. and I’m sure I’m down a pound or two more. Sure, I’ve got 50 more to go to be at a reasonable weight, but I’m happy that I’ve figured out a way to avoid the WW cult (my MIL being the biggest nag about it ever, she smoked her way into the WW record books, too and saves her points to drink wine) and lose weight to live a healthier life. AND maintain it afterward. It’s all about control, Cathy. Keep your eyes on the prize and the cheese fries under control 🙂 *hugs* & luck!

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    I am at 16 weeks and down 26 lbs. I have some more to go, but it works. Got a little tired of tracking my points, but I was keeping my portion sizes way down. I think I am getting back on track with logging my points though. Good luck.

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    I’m on WW… I’ve lost 16+ lbs but more importantly, my cholesterol has dropped 27 points in 2 months. I’m purty darn happy about that.

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    Kelly Butler

    Way to go Cathy! I am also a Lifetime Member who was a poster child the first time around in 1988. (Can it really have been that long ago?) Rejoined in February & have lost 25 pounds. The plan works, but sometimes we choose to stray from the path. Here’s to a healthier you.

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    Sue Carter

    Good for you Cathy! I just rejoined WW today!! Best of luck to both of us on our weight loss journey.

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    WTG, Cathy. It’s sooo much easier to do before you become menopausal. I just joined Curves today cause the piece that’s important for me is regular exercise.

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    kerry : k8tykat

    my local meeting leader is adrienne who is featured in the ww then & now article. she’s a little spitfire who keeps me going back. and back. and back. well. that and my slimming waistline. =)

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    Madeline R

    I am a big fan of your books and now your blog (I commented last week that you got me blogging again after a hiatus). I haven’t done WW but can recommend something to go with it, that is really different. It is a book called _Eat Fat Lose Fat_ by Sally Fallon and Mary… It is based on the weston price principles (www.westonaprice.org) of eating traditional whole foods. One thing that really works – add coconut oil to your smoothies and to tea. Make popcorn with it… Coconut oil boosts your metabolism, makes you feel full and is an antiviral. Since we’ve been eating it alot my kids didn’t get sick – all winter. Good luck with the WW and congrats on quitting smoking. I quit when I got pregnant. It’s a big one!

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    Good luck…. she says while eying the can of frosting & knife that somehow ended up in the computer room — that crazy dog, always tempting me…

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    I just went back 4 days ago. I lost 40 lbs. the first time and you’re right. It does work; it’s a matter of sticking to it. Sometimes you just want that extra slice of pizza.

    Good for you and *raises a glass* to the points!

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    Yep. Weight Watchers was after me, too, to rejoin! 🙂 They kept harrassing me with the postcards and, rather than following my first instinct, which was to serve them with a restraining order, I decided to sign up again. lol. I just had my fourth baby and have some weight to lose. I thought I could do it on my own, but have come to the realization that I need the public humiliation of paying money and being weighed in for me to be accountable. 🙂 Sad, but true.

    Good luck!

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    tammy b

    good luck to you….i just wish i could smoke again. after 6 years i still miss it. sigh. you’re right, it’s so much easier than cooking, eating and point counting!

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    Congrats to you! I lost that 40+ pounds I gained after quitting smoking through weight watchers. Now I’ve spent the past year trying to lose that last 10 on my own… did I say a year??? I just recenlty found http://www.sparkpeople.com – like WW but free – and you can track your weight, food, goals, nutrition, and more – you set your weight and goal weight and it will tell you how much you should be eating! Check it out!

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    Jeanne Kelly

    Good luck, Cathy! I’m a twice life time member & rejoined online in January. I’m up to 18 pounds off as of this morning’s weigh in…YAHOO! Stay vigilent! That’s what it takes!

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    have to add my good luck too! I’m a LT member still working on getting it back off too. Although, I’ve reconciled that my original goal weight was way wrong for me and totally unreasonable. It’s so much about life style change and I’ve got the exercise thing down, but not the food yet.

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