It’s a dry heat

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[photo taken during my parents visit. chip found aidan's temporary sleeping space, and lost no time making, as Donna Downey might say…the Most of It?] Woke up to a muggy, muggy day. I realize a great many of you live where it's probably muggy every day from like, April through October, but for this Pacific Northwest born and bred girl, … Read More

Cathy ZielskeIt’s a dry heat


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While watching a show on Animal Planet called Animal Miracles, he was telling me the story about a police officer's who's dog died in the line of duty, saving the officer's life, when he added, emphatically: "It's just so touching."

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Well, if you MUST know: blog reader Q & A

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Attention blog readers: you asked, and I have answered. This will be a LOOOOONG post. Rather than break it up into parts…i'm just going to let it roll. Sound good. If you didn't actually ask a question, I didn't copy it in here, but i do appreciate all comments. This was fun, man. Now I must get back to my … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWell, if you MUST know: blog reader Q & A

Something must be in the water

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Because them mustaches are as contagious as lice with the men in this house. It's remarkable that this beautiful child of mine hasn't a hair on any other parts of his 45-pound body, aside from his head, yet can grow a full mustache in less than 10 minutes. Remarkable. Or is it? So many things are making me happy today. … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSomething must be in the water


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I wish this past weekend had a rewind button. You know how everything just falls in line? Things like: clean house, amazing weather, happy family, good friends, good, non-points counting foods? Sigh. That's my kind of weekend. Friday night I hosted a scrap night sleepover. Thanks, girlies, for coming to hang out. That was super fun. And although not much … Read More

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I could scallop everything

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Thanks to this rad trimmer from Fiskars, and this lovely scalloped blade. I plan to scallop everything. From notes to Cole's teacher, to my grocery lists, to the edges of the checks that pay my bills. SCALLOPOLOOZA! And hey…this entry is partially about…scrapbooking. Go me! I realize how little I write about said hobby. And said hobby is the only … Read More

Cathy ZielskeI could scallop everything


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Not into self-portraits as much as I used to be, and I'm not sure why. It's not that I'm having some mid-life identity crisis or anything, but for some reason, I'm not into seeing myself in the digital frame. Not so much right now. Don't get me wrong…I look good enough for my age. My dermatologist said, "You're 41? You … Read More

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Back in the saddle

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I feel just horrible. Really. National Scrapbooking Day comes and goes with nary a shout out from me. The shame. The…horror. Well I hope you all did something crazy…like, run through the streets with banners, or… made cakes with elaborate icing that said crazy things like, "Happy National Scrapbooking Day," or…maybe you just sat around and did nothing. Whatever the … Read More

Cathy ZielskeBack in the saddle

Sudafed…now with MORE meth amphetamine!

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Oh, how I wish that were true. You're familiar with the whole Sudafed having to change their formula because the "kids" of today were finding ways to use it while cooking up their little doses of meth, right? And if you wanted to buy Sudafed, original formula, you practically had to give blood and urine samples right there in the … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSudafed…now with MORE meth amphetamine!