I could scallop everything

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Thanks to this rad trimmer from Fiskars, and this lovely scalloped blade. I plan to scallop everything. From notes to Cole's teacher, to my grocery lists, to the edges of the checks that pay my bills. SCALLOPOLOOZA!

And hey…this entry is partially about…scrapbooking. Go me! I realize how little I write about said hobby. And said hobby is the only reason you are here reading this. I mean, seriously, scrapbooking is the only reason you know who I am, unless of course, you are my mother, or people who live on my block, or that sort of thing.

I rarely post layout snippits on my blog because I'm just not that prolific. I figure, if I'm making a page, I'd best set it aside for my About Design column in Simple. And I may just make more such pages tonight, as I'm hosting a wee scrap night sleepover with my local crew of fabulous scrapbookers (hi margie, vicki, shell and dana! I'm cleaning the house for your arrival!)

And regardless of how hot it gets today, I'm making Jason Scherschligt's Chililicious for dinner, because, well, let's face it: it's that good.

In other good news, minus participating in an 11 a.m. conference call, I'm taking the day off. To cook, clean and make a quick run out to IKEA. This is my kind of friday.

Have a good weekend.

Cathy ZielskeI could scallop everything

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    The layout looks amazing from what I can see! And you’ve got me sold on that trimmer too, love that it comes with a scallop blade. 🙂 Have fun at Ikea, I’m heading there after work today as well. LOVE Ikea!

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    I too love scallop edges I’ve been trying to do it with scissors (not very good) do you know if the trimmers is available in the uk yet or is it another treat we have to wait for?

    we have the first series of heroes on cabel at the moment no one knowes what i’m talking about. It’s nice to know there’s going to be a second series lots of tv we get here is from usa & they cancel so many of the promising ones before they even get a series out

    great site by the way & I have enjoyed both you books (xmas presents)anymore in the works?(my birthday is comming up soon)



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    I’ve tried commenting on your blog before, but deleted it all, feeling sheepish I guess. It’s true that I found you because of scrapbooking, but it must be said, that even if you were to never scrapbook again, I would still hang around and check out your coffee break reflections. I love this blog for your humor, honestly and photography. You probably hear that a lot, but one more compliment can’t be bad. Right?

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    deb munn

    Isn’t that the best trimmer ever? Yup… I think it might just be. Loving scallopolooza. Think I’ll put on some Foo Fighters and Green Day and scallop myself a little something. Have a great time cropping tonight.

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    I still say that even if you weren’t a scrapper, someone would have ‘found’ your blog (think DOOCE) and you would have become this spot where people keep coming back to again and again. Just to see you latest wine collection or pictures of your friend, Jason. Love ya, CZ. Happy, laid-back, scrapping, IkEA-shopping kind of day.

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    Sounds like you’ve got a great day planned! I’m also having a crop night tonight, so wishing you all have a blast and get lots done!!!!

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    I know what you mean about the chili. I downloaded your(his)recipe a few weeks ago, and we’re had it, like 3-4 times already. Only change we made was to use pinto beans instead of the white/navy beans. LOVE good comfort food!

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    And said hobby is the only reason you are here reading this. – SO NOT TRUE. I never scrapbook anymore but am FAITHFUL at reading you every day. Girl, you make me smile. Just love reading your thoughts!

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    I’ve stopped scrapping (yep, gave everything away, completely stopped) and I still check your blog every. single. day.

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    sounds like fun Cathy.. have fun with all your girlie girls! Love the scalloped look too.. so girly! gotta love it! Wait, are u girly?? lol Ummmmmm… jury’s still out on that one! lol HAPPY EARLY MOTHERS DAY..

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    Anne Thompson

    oooh, loving the scalloped edges too. Way overdoing it on all my layouts lately! Soooo cool to see a layout from you! I just went to Ikea the other day, got some super cute placemats, orange! Have a fun day and a fun sleepover!

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    Modern Mommy

    Hey Lady!
    Ditto on the sheepish comment, I always think I will sound like a perfectly normal, if not slightly stalker, type. Yes, I love your books, style and photography. It was the original reason I found your blog. But I cannot remember a single time in my daily ritual of reading fav blogs (namely yours) when I wished there was less you and more scrapbooking. Just think of all the other useful information we learn from you… like chili, what to do in an antique store and the sheer volume of wine in your home. Have a great day!


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    Thank you! I’ve been wanting a trimmer that could do that for a while now, but I’ve been too lazy and busy to actually research it. I’ve heard good things about that trimmer anyway. I’m excited to get it now.

    BTW, I found you b/c of scrapbooking, but you could drop out of the industry today, and I’d still follow your blog. You’re interesting, honest and funny. That’s why I read.

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    Stef B.

    Cathy, Cathy, Cathy…

    If we wanted to know more about your thoughts on scrapbooking we have many places to look: Simple, CS, CS Part II. We come here because we love to keep up with the MANY facets of CZ, our favorite blogger!

    Love your random-ness — we all can identify.


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    Ooo, the chili recipe sounds yummy! I’ll have to try that sometime when I feel like cooking. Which isn’t very often these days. I did the math, and even with a generous allowance for vacations, eating out (a wild exaggeration, we never eat out) and miscellaneous nights off, I have planned and executed over 6000 dinners in the last twenty years. I am *seriously* tired of cooking!

    I would feel badly about that, but I canvassed some of my friends (all about the same age), and they feel *exactly* the way I do. It’s not just me! After 6000 dinners, it’s normal to start feeling utterly bored by evening meals!

    Anyway, I hope you have a nice weekend off. You asked me to email you, and I totally would! But I no longer have your email address. (I finally got rid of AOL!) Please email me — my address is bay. loftis @ gmail.com — no spaces. You can just send a short note (“Hey, you violent scrapper!”) and I’ll be happy to tell you exactly how much you deserve to be smacked. Which is a considerable amount!!!


    And it’s nice to know you’re still out here in the big old world! I *totally* empathize about the “not very prolific” thing. 🙂

    But that doesn’t make paper any less fun to play with!


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    I just have to say – wow! he looks like you in that photo! And I think I need me that scallop – didn’t know it existed, how can that be??

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    Cathy i LOVE your work. And i mean love it.IT is totally my style of scrapbooking and i spend ages looking at all your layouts. I would love it if you would show us more of your layouts but that is just for my own selfish reasons!!!!! lol xxx
    keep it coming xxx

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    Cathy i LOVE your work. And i mean love it.IT is totally my style of scrapbooking and i spend ages looking at all your layouts. I would love it if you would show us more of your layouts but that is just for my own selfish reasons!!!!! lol xxx
    keep it coming xxx

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    I would still read you every day even if you (or I) never scrapbooked again. There are just too many fascinating things to discuss.
    Long live scallopoluza!
    see you at the intervention!

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    Heather H.

    OMGosh!!! I LOVE the scallops! AND I have THAT trimmer! I was so excited to see that it was the trimmer I have so I could have the scallop blade! So now I can scallop my own edges instead of buying them! It’s like being able to grate your own cheese!

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    i am in love with the scalloped too!
    hope you and the gals have a good time tonight!
    those are some great folks you are havin’ over!
    for reals!

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    Have a blast!!! 🙂

    I miss Ikea.

    Love the LO! I’m thinking about a new trimmer. It’s not like I don’t already have 2 😉

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    Madeline R

    OK. It’s getting monotonous with all of the above comments but I have to also say that yes, I found you through scrapbooking (which i rarely do now) and I couldn’t care less if you never bring it up on your blog again. Your blog got me blogging again and I am getting so much more instant gratification from it that it may be a while before I scrap. Thank you for releasing me from the guilt!

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    Kathleen Joseph

    I’ve actually pulled out all my old fiskars decorative edge scissors. LONG LIVE THE SCALLOP EDGE!! YOu’re bringing Scallop back!

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    thanks so much for a little preview of one of your pages. I look to blogs for inspiration and ideas so please give us more.


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    Janeen Jung

    This has nothing to do with todays entry…My search for info on one of my old college roomates led me to you and you int turn have given me the opportunity to spend the day weeping and laughing over the blog of my old friend Mary……Thanks for being her friend when I couldn’t and for teaching her to blog so that I could find her even too late. Thanks so very much and Peace. Mary Crozier Sauer was my roomate for the one short semester she lived on campus at St. Mary’s. She taught me to love the b-52’s and to not care what anyone else thought about me…….

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    Just wanted to say I made the Chili last night, and almots everyone in our family thought is was awesome, the smallest one didn’t like the beans lol. It could be come a staple on menu roster 🙂



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    Peg Graham

    Dear Cathy…
    Thank You for being a ‘Scallop Blade Enabler Extroidinairre’ (did I spell that correctly? ahhh…who cares?!).

    Getting me one of them scallop blades for MY Fiskars Rotary Trimmer today. (said in my best rootin’ tootin’ accent…don’t ask me why).

    P.S. Love the ‘stashes’…Hours-o-Fun, eh?

    hugs- Peg Graham (a ‘Simple Wannabe’)

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