It’s a dry heat

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[photo taken during my parents visit. chip found aidan's temporary sleeping space, and lost no time making, as Donna Downey might say…the Most of It?]

Woke up to a muggy, muggy day. I realize a great many of you live where it's probably muggy every day from like, April through October, but for this Pacific Northwest born and bred girl, mugginess absolutely sucks. I honestly function at a much lower than usual level when there is humidity in the air. We've only had central air for two years, but it has been the best two years of my entire life.

Well…that's all I got. Sad, isn't it? Nothing clever or witty today. I'm heading into Utah for less than 24 hours. Interviewing some candidates tomorrow for an open art director position. Then turning around, and heading right back home. That, I believe, is what is referred to as a "whirlwind tour", yes?

I've always wanted to do a whirlwind tour.

Actually, that's a lie. I've never wanted to do a whirlwind tour. I mostly just want to nap, stay indoors and lose weight by doing absolutely nothing.

But hey… enough of my yakkin'…

Cathy ZielskeIt’s a dry heat

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    Heather H.

    I’m not much for muggy either, and I’ve lived in MN my whole life! And I’m right there with you on losing weight by doing nothing! Except I want to keep eating chocolate and/or ice cream with each meal too! Chewing should count as exercise, right!?

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    I do not like humidity….end of discussion. enjoy your whirlwind tour….maybe the humidity will leave while you are gone?!?!

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    Humidity sucks, that’s why I love So Cal (though I flew through MN last week on my way to Omaha and I have to say it looked beautiful!).

    Caught a rerun of your kitchen remodel on DIY yesterday! Dh walks in the room and says, “you’re watching them replace a window?” I said, “No, I’m watching Cathy Z!” 🙂


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    “I mostly just want to nap, stay indoors and lose weight by doing absolutely nothing.” Sounds good to me! (Even humidity sounds good, here in cold rainy Scotland!)

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    Lori Hudson

    AACCKK! You are interviewing for an Art Director position? I want an Art Director position! Do not fill this position until you talk to me. This is my dream job.

    Lori Hudson

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    Hi Cathy..enjoy your blog..finally out of lurking and just had to laugh, my husband was flipping through the channels last night hitting DIY along the way, all of the sudden, I’m saying “stop”, that looks like Cathy’s kitchen! I said “ya know, from the layout”, he’s thinking I’m crazy..suddenly there you were! 🙂 beautiful kitchen!

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    dry heat…muggy heat…heat is heat and i hate ’em all.

    if you find out how to lose weight by not doing anything, wouldja please let us know?

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    Oh man, I totally relate with the HUMIDITY thing. I should have never learned how to read the DewPoint thingy — over 60, don’t like, near 70, put me down.
    And hey, to make you feel good about yourself, I want to nap, stay indoors and lose weight by eating frosting and candy. Or maybe I should feel better about me — at least I’m doing something.

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    For this girl — born and bred in hot and muggy Central Illinois, the Pacific Northwest is a welcome relief! And I appreciate you trading places with me! 🙂 Still there are days (32 a year, they say) when the weather tops 80 degrees, and it’s uncomfortable without that air conditioning. Thank goodness for fans, cars, restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters.

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    ITA about the humidity. ATL has ridiculous amounts of it — all year long. my in-laws came from the Portland, OR area for a visit about 2 Junes ago. Swore they’d NEVER come back in the summer again. And they haven’t.

    My Rx for humidity: Ice water and a ceiling fan. Oh yeah, AC is nice too.

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    I hate the humidity myself. Living in Detroit, it seems we always have it. 60 degrees one day, 80+ humid the next. ACK!
    Let us know how the weight loss plan goes. that is one I would gladly join!

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    Be sure to let me know as soon as you figure out that “losing weight by doing absolutely nothing” thing! I’ll be all over that one!!

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    Yes, humidity sucks. I live in Louisiana and I can’t even imagine what living without central air would be like. I am definitely spoiled. 🙂

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    Ok…I just want to say that you just described my perfect day: nap, stay indoors and lose weight by doing absolutely nothing.


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    You know, when the first thing that you see on a blog is a comment about ‘heat’ and a photo of a dog…well… you’re thinking that things are probably just going to go downhill from there.

    Okay, it may also have to do with the fact that I don’t associate Minnesota with HEAT, esp. since I live in southwest Florida.

    I wish you luck dealing with the ‘heat’. And the humidity, which I’m sure must be right up there around 10%, eh?

    hee hee hee

    Do you like my “eh” that I threw in for the effect? *wink*

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