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I wish this past weekend had a rewind button.

You know how everything just falls in line? Things like: clean house, amazing weather, happy family, good friends, good, non-points counting foods? Sigh. That's my kind of weekend.

Friday night I hosted a scrap night sleepover. Thanks, girlies, for coming to hang out. That was super fun. And although not much was accomplished, I did get started (and later in the weekend finished) an album about my trip to California last week, using a super fun Maya Road album (and can I just say how much i ADORE that company?) and that little deboss technique that i saw Ali and Donna do recently. It was so fun to just take snapshots and paint and use stickers and make an album. Seriously.


So there was that. Plus, doing it all in a really clean house didn't hurt the experience. And then Aidan was scrapbooking along side of me, and she made this layout:



Um, hello, yes…Stacy Julian? Yeah. My kid gets the whole big picture thang. Just call when you want her to start teaching classes? LOVE this kid.

I don't know. Just a lot of stuff this weekend to be thankful for. And happy about. I kept trying to tell Dan, who was concerned that he and the kids hadn't gotten me anything "yet" for Mother's Day, that honestly, I didn't need ANYTHING. Because every day that I'm here, I have everything a person could possibly ever want or need.

I think this is one of the first years where I said something to that effect, but wholeheartedly meant it.

But really, it's so EASY to believe it, when you remember that part of what keeps me happy on a daily basis is being married to a complete stud, like this:


Happy Monday!

Cathy ZielskeRewind

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    Lyn Meeker

    O.K. I so totally need a quote book from Aiden and a random thoughts book from Cole … and somehow I have to remember the “they grow up so fast” quote .. because it will be perfect for my son in a couple of years to put into his Graduation album!

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    A good day it was! Spent the afternoon in my back yard, reading books to inspire me in the coming months: “How to Eat” by Nigella Lawson and “Clean and Simple” -The Sequel. I read the whole thing, cover to cover, the day after it was published, but reading it again yesterday was just like a breath of fresh May air. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to everyone, including your darling daughter!

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    Love the stache, Dan’s a hoot! Sounds like a fun weekend and that’s cool to have Aidan scrappin alongside of you. Her handwriting looks like yours. I hope to have my daughter scrappin with me one of these days too.

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    Long time reader, first time poster. Kinda hijacking here, but I am in love with your album from SS SB Shortcuts. I have the hardest time matching Basic Grey, but your cardstock looks perfect – any chance you can share the color/brand of the pink and blue CS you used in that album????

    Thanks so much – I had a similiar Mother’s day – no gifts needed after a weekend of perfect weather and happy kids 🙂

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    Great job with the book and I love Aiden’s layout. I also had a nice quiet day with the loves of my life, my 2 sons. Sherry

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    So are scrapbooking more again? It seemed you mentioned not that long ago that you weren’t doing as much. I’d love to see more of your Girl’s album you posted! Glad to see more of your stuff, you’re always inspiring to me! happy mothers day! (a day late!)

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    So glad to see you blogging again.
    I hope I haven’t missed much.
    I bought “clean & Simple” at Xmas & love your easy style. So I got “The Sequel” & I so get what you are saying.
    Thank You for your refreshing inspiration. Between you & Ali E, you will make a more informed & confident scrapper out of me yet!!! I now love my handwriting but won’t give up my font titles.

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    I have to join in the adoring fans and tell you how much I love your style. I am a simple scrapbooker, too, and just find inspiration in everything you publish. Your two books are my bibles – right at my scrapbooking bedside, so to speak. Thanks for all you do. And thanks for sharing it with us.

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    That is so funny that this year was the first year that I didn’t want anything either. I have everything I need! My husband and girls made me an awesome dinner and I had beautiful cards. I did make them pose for a photo shoot though! Great day!

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    I LOVE when all the tumblers of the universe fall into place and I have one of those “AHHHHH” moments.

    Funny, in retrospect, it happens more frequently than I realized at the time.

    Thanks for the food for thought nudge!

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    Carrie D.

    Aidan’s LO is terrific! It’s wonderful that she “gets it” at such a young age. I hope my daughter shares the same passion when she’s old enough to start scrapping!

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    Hi Cathy,
    First time posting here too. Love that you are having a happy-to-be-alive, happy-in-my-skin experience. It’s so great when all the pieces just come together, isn’t it?

    Thanks for all the inspiration you dole out to us.

    (Your stud looks like a sweetie)


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