Something must be in the water

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Because them mustaches are as contagious as lice with the men in this house. It's remarkable that this beautiful child of mine hasn't a hair on any other parts of his 45-pound body, aside from his head, yet can grow a full mustache in less than 10 minutes. Remarkable.

Or is it?


So many things are making me happy today. Things like boys wearing "stylish mustaches." Or the unbelievably glorious weather. Went for a 50 degree walk with Chipper this morning and kept talking the whole way about how bloody gorgeous it was out. I'm certain she was in agreement. (Did I mention i have but six weeks left with Chip? Oh, that will be a post for another day, let me tell you.)

A side note: I scrapbooked about, yes, you guessed it: Chip. I can't show it to you, because it's for my column in November/December (I know, we work way ahead of the calendar) but…i thought: Man, I hope the Smiths don't think it's weird. Although the journaling does mention that it might be weird, because she's not my dog and all. But hey, famous dog! Who doesn't want that?

More happiness: i took the sliding doors off my little laundry shelf, in my less than modern basement, so I could clearly have a place for my detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and rarely-used iron. And it looks like this:


And honestly? I feel like I just remodeled my entire basement. MAN! I love being a simpleton.

Other happy stuff: My mom and dad are somewhere on the Eastern edge of Nebraska on their way to see us, beginning tomorrow! I love that i get to spend time with them, cook for them, and show them that I really have turned out okay, despite the whole punk rock phase of my late teens, smoking, and having gay boyfriends.

Afterall, they are my MFRs—most favorite Republicans.

So I mightn't post for a few days (although I say that, and probably won't mean it) so don't think I dropped off the face of the earth.

I did think that it might be fun to answer some "viewer mail." Because a lot of times, you fabulous folks will post questions, and i don't answer them and it's not that I don't care…well, maybe it is that a little…(I kid, because I love…). You know, like someone posted, "You never talk about Lost. What's up with that?"

So, here's the deal: you have a question? related to whatever's on your mind….you know, like scrapbooking, or things that you need to know that I may be able to answer? then post it here. I know Ali did a Q&A once. Seemed kind of cool. So, i'm trying it. Sound good?

And I will compile them all into one lovely post in the next few weeks.

bff, cathy

Cathy ZielskeSomething must be in the water

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    Amy Hummel

    Those mustaches are adorable, and where on earth can I get them!

    My boy is 1 so I don’t think he’d be too interested, but on a funnier note… I think my girls (3 & 5) would be very amused by them!

    Have fun with your parents. Mine live far away, and I always love it when they visit. It gives me a chance to show them that I turned out okay… despite my smoking and grunge stage & having lots of boyfriends [and even friends with “benefits”]… of the non gay variety.

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    Oh Yippee!!! I’ve been wanting to know if you will be doing any CKU or LSS classes this year – specifically in Florida. I adore your style and your blog makes me fall out of my cubicle chair with laughter on a regular basis. I would jump at the chance to get personal instruction!

    Thanks for your contribution to the world of scrapbooking. Your design genius and humor are quite refreshing.

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    Question: Have you given up on knitting? In February, you inspired me to re-learn crochet and I proceeded to get “warm fuzzies” visiting the local yarn shop with all those colors, textures, and potential projects. For me, it was a sense of therapy where I could sort of meditate for a few minutes. What do you do now to get to that “Zen” place for a few minutes?

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    Cathy, you crack. Me. UP! Love your blog. Very down-to-earth and entertaining.

    My question is a two-parter, so brace yourself.

    1. Would it be considered strange for the mother of two daughters to acquire a package of self-adhesive mustaches for said daughters with which to amuse themselves (and their mother)?

    2. Where might the aforementioned mother of two daughters find such a package of self-adhesive mustaches?



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    Hi Cathy,

    My question is did you ever redecorate your room or buy a new car? if yes to either can we see the results?

    Kelly in MN

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    Hi im from England. Have you ever thought about doing something over here. Because i think that would be really cool????????

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    Is your orange sweatshirt still your favorite? I remember reading about it in one of your layouts, and in your previous blog and you made me think of my all time favorite (mine is gray with a blue). Every time I wear mine now I can’t help to think of your orange sweatshirt and wonder if you still love it as much as you did when you talked about it! I know, I know, silly question. 🙂

  8. #12

    You’re just too funny! You inspired me with your little purse in Feb. and I made a bunch of them. And since you mention LOST, do you by any chance share my obsession with Sawyer? ‘Cause if you do, I think you should back off. I mean, in a contest, he’d definitely go for you first ’cause there’s no way I can match your wit, but be fair. I caught him fondling fabric first!

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    Shawnna / flipflopmom

    ok here is my question 😀 😀
    I love to scrapbook for myself/my family as well as others — I have been throwing around the idea of possibly trying to get published or share my work/art in some shape or form — What would you recommend that someone in my shoes do??? what would be the next step?? How would one work up the courage to share something that can is so personal — on one hand I love doing it and WANT TO SHARE IT — and on the other I am SCARED TO DEATH 😀 😉 any advise and/or wisdom you would be will to share would be greatly appreciated

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    I’ve always liked your photos. Do you have any tips in that area that you can share with very ameture photographers? Mostly to do with how you capture such good shots and what not.

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    The ‘stache’ rocks. I am a fellow simpleton so I can appreciate the “renovation” of your laundry shelf. I wanted to thank you for your wit and continued inspiration. Your style is classic and your family (including your foster dog) is adorable!

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    laura kate

    here’s a (slightly bitter) question: why do you minnesotans get mr. yorn to open for the crowded house show, while we wisconsinites don’t??

    *sniff* got my email today about the show from the venue…was all excited until i saw no pete. i’m not such a c.h. fan, but pete does no wrong in my eyes. and seeing him twice in a year would be delish (and i know it’ll be your 3rd time! soooo jealous!)

    here’s a real question: have you ever considered popping down the interstate to the madison area to do a workshop/class/whatever? i’d totally be there.

  13. #17

    Will you be getting a dog after Chip leaves? I know you had some, uh, issues, with dogs before. Those experiences won’t scare you away from trying dog ownership again, will they?

  14. #18

    Ok, so when you said you were dogsitting, I thought for maybe a week or two. But it’s been,like, months! Chips family must’ve gone on a great vacation? Or something work related? You don’t have to tell me where they went but I’ve just never heard of someone dogsitting for so long (unless you are really just keeping her and trying to tell us that the family is coming back soon!).

    Have fun with your parents!

  15. #19

    My husband and I were talking about this in regards to us/our siblings on Sunday, so dont think it’s completely random. Just borderline random! 😉

    How would life be different if Cole had been born first and Aidan had come to you second?

    Do you think they’ve taught you the things they have by being being born first/second?

  16. #20

    There is a ‘stache kit? Awesome 🙂 Have fun with the folks and we’ll see you on the flip side!

    My question: Is there a cause you feel particularly passionate about? Why?

  17. #21

    LOL at Shannon’s question because I wanted to ask that but thought “maybe Cathy’s really just dog-napped someone’s dog and doesnt want to tell us!” 😉

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    Kirstie MacGowan

    What did you think of the Office? I hope you liked it – it is the final episode of season three *tonight* and I am hanging out to watch it!! 🙂

  19. #24

    I didn’t know you could buy mustaches in a kit. Awesome!
    I think I would wear one just for the hell of it.
    back to Lost…still watching??

  20. #25

    MFR! That is hilarious and I am totally stealing that.

    Those mustaches are also a hoot. I must say, Dan is a hottie, but when I saw him with a mustache I thought, “Really? Really?!?” Glad to know it was a stick on. Those I can handle.

  21. #26
    katie scott

    1. whatcha gonna teach at bigpicturescrapbooking? 2. whats your favorite queen song? 3. you & donna d should do a scrapbooking cruise.

  22. #27

    You frequently comment on just how much you love your MAC. I am a PC user and have been for many years, however, after hearing such good things about the MAC, I purchased one about 2 years ago. If I had it to do all over again, I would have purchased a new PC instead. My experience with the MAC has been frustrating and non-productive. I even took a class offered at the Apple Store where I made the purchase but that proved a waste of time (there was no structure to the class; just Q&A). I do not find the MAC easy to use, nor is it intuitive. Please help, Cathy! Can you recommend a book or website or online course that I might helpful? Any good resourse would be most appreciated. I really want to learn to use the MAC and hopefully come to appreciate it as much as you!!

  23. #28

    Aren’t fake mustaches a blast? I’m waiting to see the photos with you or your daughter sporting the Sunday Hollywood issue… Bought a ‘stache for a Halloween costume many years ago when my sweet husband went as woman and I as a man—have worn it several different times—often at my daughters’ classroom halloween parties where I was caught on film with my arm around her. That pic ended up on the fridge and a good friend asked me “who’s that guy chumming up with your daughter….” Fun to see such a collection of different styles available!

  24. #29

    Any chance one might score a kit or instructions to your “Encyclopedia” class you taught last year? Pretty Please?

  25. #31

    Love…Love…Love your blog. It is a breathe of fresh air during the drudgery of my workday…shhhhh don’t tell!

    I never have any pictures of myself to scrapbook, so now that you are back to posting a few self portraits, can you give a few helpful hints on taking pics to this amateur?

  26. #32

    Oh yeah!! I am so dying to know the colors/brand of cardstock you used in your album for Aiden in album shortcuts!!
    The pink/blue that match the BG perfectly!!!
    thank you so much for doing a q/a!!!

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    I love the sheer honesty of your blog. You are one awesome, talented chick. (Neurotic, but in an endearing and facinating way…er, that’s meant as a compliment.) Here’s my question; I’ve never sent one of my layouts to a magazine. (Fear of rejection just might be a factor…) Is there any chance for a scrapmag virgin to get “in” at this late date? Or should I just scrap for myself and call it good?

    ~Fellow Native Washingtonian Natalie
    (Move back anytime, sweetie!)

    PS You are going to be SWAMPED with questions!!! Don’t you know how fabulously popular you are?!

  28. #34

    Somebody already asked about them, but I want to make sure that you divulge your source of moustaches! I have a 17 year old who is desperately wanting to grow a moustache this summer…I can’t see it happening without a little help. Do tell!

  29. #35

    you have a unique style and colour sense, were you artistic when younger or in University, did you get your graphic designer degree, did you know you wanted to be a graphic designer, or did you just fall into it. Love your blog, your wit and your obsessions with music, I love music to….

  30. #36

    Question: Did you say cigarettes were $4 a pack? Did you smoke in Australia? Did you die at the price here?

  31. #38

    I just moved to Minneapolis and was wondering if you could fill me in on any of the great scrapbooking stores in the area? I know about Archivers, are there any other good ones to check out?

  32. #39
    Jen Churchman

    Hey Cathy- Love your blog, so fun to “track along” with another 41 year old with a busy artist life,kids etc- would love to see you do some classes on the East Coast (Vermont) Also- for all your mustach fans out there- the MUSTACHES can be found at Amazon for $5.45- type in MUSTACHES-STYLISH-SET: TOYS & GAMES- what a deal. LOL Jen

  33. #40

    I say ditto to what Katie said – scrapbooking cruise. I can see it now…

    PS. “MFRs”…I have GOT to stop laughing out loud out of nowhere at the office! 🙂 I’m really going to have to remember that phrase, though. So appropriate for a bleeding liberal here in oh-so-conservative Orange County.

    PPS. And Holymotherofanorphan, your son is the spittin’ image of your husband. As if you didn’t know, but the comparison just hit me after reading your blog for several months now! Just like my brother and my dad: they’re similar, they’re similar, and then BOOM! Like twins. Separated by 35 years. Its uncanny!

  34. #42
    Madeline R

    I have been listening to these essays from a show called “This I Believe” on NPR. Want to share what you most believe in? Not necessarily spritually, just in general, in life.. besides Neil and Pete Yorn! though they’re a great start.

  35. #44
    Heather H.

    Now his mustache I like!!! Very dapper! I may need to get those for my husband and son. Don’t you think that would be charming on a 1 year old!?
    Here’s my question, okay request, but I could state in the form of a question… How do you edit your photos? I’d have to search back through your blog… oh, maybe a recent one of Aidan, they look so bright, I love that. How do you do it? Or do you just take that good of a picture!?
    AND I just got a new DSLR (Sony Alpha 100) any suggestions for practicing??

  36. #45

    I love, and totally relate to, your OCD-osity. I’m convinced you’d be a great convert to the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” cult. Any chance you’d try a few episodes? I’d be happy to recommend some!

  37. #46

    My only question is… how is Weight Watchers going? I love reading your blog… you make me laugh every day (or at least every day that you post)!!!

  38. #47

    I have a boring question, but we were talking about it at dinner, and I realized I ‘knew’ someone I could ask! – you mentioned that your kids go to school all year – I know they get more breaks, but area the hours less each day?

  39. #48

    My Questions are:

    What kind of wedding did you have?

    Does your husband like short hair or does he bug you to grow it long?

    Favorite lipstick?

  40. #49

    very cute pic of “mustache” pic’s. Ok I saw your pic of your washroom and noticed your iron first thing, I had the same exact one for years!!!hehehe purrrrdy good iron held up a long time 😉

  41. #50

    love your photos of your kiddos – they are both so you & Dan, it’s amazing.

    i like Scrapbook’s question about your wedding and the one of my own is…will there be “Clean & Simple Scrapbooking – the Threepeat”?!

    oh! and i got the software for C&S at Mike’s the other day! what a surprise! any Easter Eggs there?! :o)

  42. #51


    To Cathy or anyone really, How do you do the white letters on colored paper? Are they rub-on? It always looks so clean and crisp.

  43. #52
    Cathy M

    My question is who do you think missed who more when your blog was the off the air last fall?

    Did you miss us more than we missed you or did we miss you more?

    Also, my husband and I are going on a three week trip in August are you available to dog sit?

    Thanks, Love you!

  44. #53
    Sue M

    Hey Cathy!

    Do you watch Jericho? I just heard that it has been cancelled for next season. Let’s start an all out boycott on CBS. You are the woman to do it with your bloggin power. Thought this seemed very worthy of viewer mail. Help Skeeter, Cathy help him!


  45. #54

    i’m a photography student at the academy of art university in san francisco and just recently had to shoot another gosh darn self portrait (seems like every class needs at least two…and you can’t recycle! darn it!) anyways…the point of this (i’m on my second glass of wine since i just turned in my LAST FINAL! WOOHOO! so that should explain the weirdness of this post…notice i said “should”. anyways…) is to say that i was inspired by your “mirror self portraits”. so thanks for the idea! i really like how it turned out…which is unusual for me and my self portraits. (if you really want to see how it turned out…check out my blog. it’s posted at the end of the post entitled: final project. finally. not that you really want to see it…but heck…why not throw it out there?)

  46. #55

    Gads, I love ya Cathy. 🙂

    And although I’ve often wanted to ask you a ton of questions over the past months, I’m drawing a total blank right now, wouldn’t you know.
    The only thing I can think of right now is,
    since you have a connection of sorts to Montreal, would you like to come up here and teach some C&S goodness? 🙂 I know it’s a total longshot, but I have to ask! I’d make sure the class(es) would be filled to the brim, and I’d be a willing travel guide. Plus dh is a chef, so you’d eat well. 😉 Deal?

    I also have a dog named Lily who fairly resembles Chip, so you might feel slightly more at home. 😉

    Oh, thought of more…..

    Do you watch GA?
    Who are the scrappers that inspire you?
    I’ve asked you this before, but what lens(es)do you use and do you use actions on your pics? They’re great.

  47. #56

    I can’t think of anything witty to say prior to asking my questions…so here goes.:)
    1. You mentioned that you compiled your neighbor’s blog into a booklet for her family after her death. How did you do that? Copy/paste/print? Did you have it bound at a printer?

    2. You’ve mentioned church once or twice. What church do you attend?

  48. #57

    Oh….I so totally have to ask a question. However it may make you wonder if all us Aussies are just a bit cuckoo.

    So: If you could be any kitchen appliance/utensil, what would it be and why?

    p.s. CZ….You rock!

  49. #58

    ok… here’s my question/request.
    What does a Cathy playlist sound like? 10 songs. Ok 12. Could be your favs. Could be some current stuff that’s making you happy. Could be some classics. Could be some desert island essentials. Could be some sentimental favs. Could be a mixture.

  50. #60

    Dear Chip,

    I have so enjoyed your journey with Cathy. I am going to miss your blog entries and your insight of your foster mother Cathy and her family. Yes, I know she has given you a kiss on the lips, taken you for walks, and showed you the art of “LOVE” and her scrapbooking talents. She thinks the world of you. I know you have bonded with her. Even when you were staring at her, with one ear back, puzzled at the loud music she was listening too, and singing. You have to admit, you will miss her too! We will miss you! Cathy asked if we had any questions for her. Instead, I have a question for you, Chippie! Will you continue to blog? Will there be a Chip Blog?

  51. #61

    1)Are most of your pics straight from the camera or do you do post-processing and … if you DO post-process, do you have a favorite action?

    2)If you had it to do all over again, would you buy a Nikon or a Canon? Or something else?

    3)Who is your favorite online photo developer?

    4)What is your favorite lens at the moment?

  52. #63
    Nicole Southworth

    Are you regretting your q & A idea yet?? No kidding, my real question is did you ever take up that interior designer’s offer to help you with your bedroom?? Hanging out to hear what happened there, even though it is totally none of my business.

  53. #64

    You’re in the Twin Cities, right? Is Valleyfair still around in Shakopee? Used to go there every year as a kid! (I grew up in Fergus Falls, MN and I still sound like Ole and Sven out here in Baw-ston!)

  54. #65

    Hey Cathy, so is Cole finally getting all those play dates he wished for? And as a corollary to that, how did you and your hubby raise such sweet, kind and fun kids? As someone looking forward to starting a family in the next several years, I am once excited and terrified and any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, you rock!

  55. #66
    Maggie Finley

    First of all, I just want to say how happy I am that your blog started back up.

    Now the question: other than the scrapbooking you do for work, how much time do you spend scrapbooking when you are not at crops or events? Essentially, I can NEVER find the time to scrap at home and I have been a scrapbooker for about 10 years now! How do you ignore the laundry or the dishes or the phone or the family and make time to scrapbook? Or is the secret that you have to get out of the house? (Cause that seems to be my biggest problem.)

  56. #67
    Christine Campbell

    Ok, so I posted these questions in the pub on two peas but I would love to have your take on them too. please and thank you!!

    #1: How has scrapbooking affected/changed your life?

    #2: What kind of impact, if any, has scrapbooking had on your generation (or your family)?

    #3: Have you personally witnessed something positive happen to yourself or another person as a result of the scrapbooking industry?

    #4: What do you want scrapbooking (as your hobby or as an industry) to be 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

    thanks C!!

  57. #68

    hmmmm ok…I’ve been a lurker but here goes! How did you get into the magazine world? I have been trying FOREVER to get some sort of creative/writing job with a crafty/scrappy kind of mag. with no luck
    🙁 HELP 🙁

  58. #69

    Do people “recognize” you on the street? I know if I saw you I’d probably stutter and say some stupid things then scream like a 12 year old little girl when you were out of earshot while jumping up and down.

    So that leads me to another question, do you worry about strangers knowing so much about your life? I put up a public blog and had some psycho harassing me for a bit. So I made it private to protect my family. I would just worry since you are so popular and people know so much about your kids and stuff. Does it worry you?

  59. #70
    Lara St. Peter

    I would first like to say how much your posts CRACK ME UP! Your sense of humor is hi-larious. Okay, I will get serious now. I am trying to break into the world of scrapbooking for a living and I have a couple of questions.

    1. If I wanted to pursue getting published and possibly working for a magazine, what advice do you have for going about it?

    2. I have opened a small business that aims to make albums for people. The idea is that people will give me the pictures they want in an album and then I will put the pics into layouts and voila, an album is made! But, I am having trouble getting people to understand what my service is. I have made a blog, and I have included my layouts and some of the other little projects that I have worked on, in the hopes that it will help people “get it” as it were. Any thoughts on how to get thru to the public?


  60. #71

    My question is: Do you want to be Best Friends? Seriously, I think we could be. Yeah, yeah, I know your BFF’s w/ Tara, Donna and many others but surely you have room for one more! Love your blog, love your humour, oh heck, I just love you! No, I’m not a crazy stalker…AND lucky for you, I live no where near St.Paul!

  61. #72
    sunny the laundry shelf. simpleton? I’ve also heard lately, Modern Minimalist.

    When I heard that term, I sighed with contentment, knowing that’s the perfect phrase to describe me. (I’m in a family full of packrats and clutter-gatherers..and have a lone sister in law who is a fellow modern minimalist.)

    My question for you is:

    how do you get the personal style that you have – which looks so fresh and clean..and it looks like you don’t wear makeup. Your haircut is fabulous. umm..that’s not a question.

    Q1: What products do you use for your hair/face/body?

    Q2: for a special night out, do you change your look or add a special lipstick or eyeshadow?

  62. #73
    beth opel

    I find it sooooooo funny that I am following Sunny’s questions about cosmetics, b/c I wanted to tell you that to me MAC is makeup, not a computer!

    Anyhow…I was probably the only one laughing at that…

    So my question is:

    What song best describes your life? Not your fave song, necessarily, but the lyric that most captures your CZ essence??

  63. #76
    Sarah L.

    Are you LOVING the new CH Single, “Don’t Stop Now”? OMG!! Can’t get enough. And Johnny Marr? Like I’ve died and gone to heaven…..
    Praying for Canadian dates,
    Sarah L.

  64. #78

    You are AWESOME! And way cool. 🙂 My question is: Will you be attending the upcoming CKU-Orlando (please, please, pretty please!) or any other Florida event? I’m in Miami, planning to drive the four hours up to Orlando for CKU in October and I am so dying to meet you.

  65. #79

    G’day Cathy, i really enjoy reading your blog and always smile when you mention my fellow countryman Neil!!.
    my question is this…
    How does someone go about asking you, Donna, Stacy, etc if you’d participate in/contribute to a small new scrapbook business in the form of an interview, LO or page sketch?. and would there be a fee for doing this?.
    ekkk…..two questions…sorry!!.
    opps…a third…..well a request really….please please please come to the UK…i’d move heaven and earth to attend a class of yours!!. i could bribe you with some Split Enz era Neil Finn( and Tim Tams!!)….please!!!.

  66. #80

    Hi Cathy. I gotta say you rock! You are going to be one busy woman answering all these questions and I am adding another to the lot!

    My question is will you be coming back to Australia anytime in the near future? I literally had my first class of scrapbooking the night before you were here and had never heard of you! My teacher showed my your book that first night and I haven’t turned back since. You insire me and I would love to go to one of your classes. So please come back to Aussie sometime soon. Thanks!

  67. #83

    Goodness, so many questions! Here are two that I’ve been wanting to ask you, regarding photography/ps:

    1) You talk every once in a while about reflector kits… can you give us a rundown of exactly what you use to enhance the light in our homes when you take pictures? Do you like the reflector kit you have – they have different sizes and I’d love to hear what worked (or didn’t) for you.

    2) Now that you’ve been digital for a while, I would LOVE to ask – what are your settings in photoshop to make your digital color photos into b/w? Not so much how to make a good contrast (ie channel mixer) but how to get the warmth in the b/ws. I load one of the ps duotone settings to make my b/w, but wondered what you do.

    Thanks so much! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

    🙂 Rebecca in Seattle

  68. #85

    Hi Cathy,
    How fun to initiate a Q&A.

    Q1: How did you develop your writing skills? You have such a gift with words. This is an area that I struggle with in scrapbooking.

    Q2: You always seem to have fresh ideas; from your blog, to your scrapbooking pages, to your other hobbies (music, knitting). Where do you get YOUR inspiration?

    Q3: Would you consider sharing the tribute albums that you made for your neighbor Mary’s family? My mom passed several years ago and I would love to do something like that for my own family. Going back to Q1&2, I could use a little inspiration.

    Peace. Hope you have fun with the ‘rents. Bring them over to Mpls and checkout my neighborhoods shining jewel – the Birchwood cafe. However, stick with the lattes at Espresso Royale, which in my opinion are the best in the Twin Cities.

  69. #86

    your iron looks older than that bottle of rubbing alcohol you kept around for 17 years. is it?

    but i know what you mean…there’s something strangely delicious about “renovating” the laundry room. i do it myself. weekly. it’s called peeling the lint out the dryer. i feel fabulous afterward.

  70. #87
    Chelsea Kocina

    oh darn typepad, I just rambled out a comment–and poof typepad deemed it not worthy and sent it to blog-limbo.

    anyway–what I WAS saying was that all the cool girls have a stockpile of gay boyfriends–so you just keep goin on with your bad self. I certainly deserve a toaster or a savings bond or something by this point–knowing that I’ve been just enough of a hag to convince a boy or two to climb the fence and join the “family”….it means I have someone to go shopping with and talk about Paris Hilton for the rest of my life—or her’s. Oh, I still have to scrap my senior prom from forever and a day ago–my date was the real prom “queen” darlin. FAB-U-LOUS! He’s now the director of the Chicago Gay Men’s Choir and rockin out his disco-life.

    I do have a page I did after CHA winter of a great drag show I went to with my best friend down in Long Beach, CA……that’s right, home of snoop dog. He wasn’t at the show though………I digress……..

    Be careful not to harm any republicans this weekend–just keep telling yourself that they’re really just fiscally conservative democrats, not republicans, and all will be good.



  71. #88
    Chelsea Kocina

    oh, I suppose I should have included a question–because you said so, and you know I ALWAYS follow directions.
    (okay, not so much–but it felt good to see that in print–I felt like a such a good proper lady)

    okay, what’s your favorite font?
    and followup question, when are you coming down to mankato, so I can bump into you and have coffee? 🙂

  72. #89

    Crowded House and Pete Yorn are coming to Winnipeg on September 8. It’s ONLY a 7 hour drive north of Minneapolis.

    Wanna come and party like a Canadian in The Peg?

  73. #90

    So last weekend were you eating food that had so FEW points there was no need to count them? OR were you eating food that contained SEVERAL points and you were just taking the weekend off from point counting?

    Yuma, AZ

    P.S. Sorry if this is a repeat question, I can’t believe there are SO MANY people out there that want an answer, I started reading them but got tired half way through and will have to finish up on another day! 🙂

  74. #94

    Hey Cathie! I have a question, I’ve actually been wanting to ask you for a long time, but it seemed too wierd and random! Now you’ve given us the opportunity…

    When you “signed off” (you know, your…**sniff**…blogging hiatus) you did a fabulous montage accompanied by “Throw your arms around me” by Neil Finn. I’ve looked in vain for a CD or an mp3 of this song, but all I’ve come up with so far is a you tube video of him singing it live (super, but not what I want) and mp3’s, other audio of OTHER people/bands singing it (Pearl Jam, et. al.). WHERE OH WHERE DID YOU GET IT?????


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