Sudafed…now with MORE meth amphetamine!

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Oh, how I wish that were true.

You're familiar with the whole Sudafed having to change their formula because the "kids" of today were finding ways to use it while cooking up their little doses of meth, right? And if you wanted to buy Sudafed, original formula, you practically had to give blood and urine samples right there in the pharmacy, and bring along a bag of used tissues, just to prove it was for your aches and congestions and not for your basement meth lab?

Well…guess what I found tucked in the back of one of my cupboards, held over from my New Zealand-Australia trip last year? Sudafed, multi-symptom, ORIGINAL, formula…a.k.a., the now illegal stuff that works! Oh, and you know it does, too. Like I've said in earlier posts, drug addictions are just a few solid colds away, people. Thanks to the makers of ORIGINAL formula Sudafed. And, you can breathe again, too.

I'm finishing up as much work as possible this morning, as I'm heading out to Utah tonight. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. I'm also going to finish filling out my application for the "Mother of the Year" contest…you know that one, right? I am ALWAYS trying to win that one. Although, this time, I think I have a pretty fair shot at it. Why so confident, Cathy?

Well, the one violin concert that Aidan has been practicing for ALL year is tomorrow morning, and guess who won't be there? …besides Chip?  That's right—ME! And, Aidan also has one of her last volleyball games in a tournament, tonight, and guess who won't be there? …besides Neil Finn? That's right—ME! Combine that with a few other things I'll be missing this week, including Cole's first orthodontist visit, and a performance at church, and it all adds up to really strong arguments in my daughter's eyes for why I so should win that coveted title.

You know, my dad traveled when I was a kid. And I always loved it, but that was only because when he was away, I got to sleep with my mom, which was the BEST! I don't think Aidan and Cole like it so much when Mom goes away. Truth is…neither does Mom.

And speaking of my Mom and Dad, did you know my whole family lived in Africa in the early 70s? Well of course you did.

Got me a picture to prove it. And with that, I'm outta here. PEACE!


p.s. Yes…that is my older brother…the blonde one, not the older African man.


Cathy ZielskeSudafed…now with MORE meth amphetamine!

45 Comments on “Sudafed…now with MORE meth amphetamine!”

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    love the random everyday topics you come up with Cathy.. it brings a smile to my face everyday of course thru the congestion.. where is that sudafed?
    Cool moms get special votes… here’s one out to ya!

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    Emilie Ahern

    Ah yes! Beloved Sudafed. Those damn teenagers ruin everything. Have you heard the radio lately??? Tragic.

    I went to Africa in 2001 and loved it. I didn’t live there, but I did travel to Ghana to set up medical clinics. Awesome experience. Your pics took me back, except I never wore mismatched tie-dye….and that’s a regret I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

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    You’re going to have some stiff competition for Mother of the Year… I have to finish my essay on “why you shouldn’t let your baby roll off the bed while you’re putting away laundry” and mine will be just about complete!

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    I hear it’s not just kids, but grandmas too who are hauking the meth. Unbelievable.

    Travel is a big part of my life too (my husband travels) and it’s probably worth it for a “dream job” but it takes its toll sometimes.

    And random comment, but my co-workers were jealous yesterday when I was reheating my chicken chili for lunch. Smelled yummy. It’s even better frozen and warmed up in the microwave.

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    Mary Beth

    Yet again your post has touched my heart. Oh how I miss my pseudoephedrine laced allergy pills! Although I suffer from horrible seasonal sinus issues I was a happy camper when I downed my pretty blue happy pill (original Benedryl). Fast forward to this years sneezes and stuffiness, and happy pills have a new “safe” nonworking formula. Was thrilled to find real Sudafed worked just as well, as long as I was willing to feel like an addict and sell my soul to the pharmacy counter.
    I love your posts and can totally relate to your point of view. Thanks for being so real and truthful.

    PS–I would totally vote for you as MOTY

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    Don’t worry about the Mother of the Year title, you’re a shoo in for the Blogger of the Year! You crack me up! Have a good trip!

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    Karol Foster

    Always enjoy your blog, but the final comment in reference to your brother and the African man made me laugh out loud. Love that…laughing out loud is so fun. Thanks!

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    OK, you cannot win Mother of the Year. There are too many others vying for the title.

    Case in point: moi.

    Son has 10th birthday. Yes, the big first two-digit b-day, on Tuesday, April 24. Not only do I have a meeting beginning at 5:30 pm, but it is immediately followed by another meeting at 7:30 pm. Top that off with the fact his father ALSO has a meeting. So much for that whole birthday dinner concept.
    I did, however, manage to pull off a birthday gift to greet him the moment he opened his gorgeous blue eyes. That seemed to soften the blow.
    But my arriving home at 10:15 pm to open gifts definitely was NOT ideal. Trust me on that. : )
    Happy travels, and don’t worry – they’ll all still love you upon your return!

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    Jen Donnelly

    I am fully aware that I sound like Stalker Girl, but do you know I had no idea that you have a brother? I really thought you were an only. Hm. Cool.

    Don’t worry about MOTY. The very fact that being away is bugging you indicates that you do, in fact, qualify. For at least the first round of eliminations.

    Say hi to everyone in UT for me!

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    Jason (hubby) and I were needing the original the last few weeks. (bc we all know the new stuff is crap) We were denied because we didn’t have a 1st born child to trade for, and they wouldn’t take Jett the Wonder Dog

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    *whew!* I thought that was another of your Photshop creations, but when I didn’t see Neil Finn, I grew suspicious)! Glad to know you were actually there – what an amazing experience.

    Don’t worry about ‘not being there’ this week….aren’t you there for everything else? That is all that matters. Mother of the Year? Pshaw. Waaaay overrated. Mommy of the Decade is better!

    Safe travels and just be careful they don’t frisk you for that Sudafed. I have to have a prescription to get me OTC Clartin-D, ’cause it has the real stuff in it. That is insane – a prescription for OTC??? Yup, it’s officially easier to by alcohol. I never thought I’d see the day :p

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    I was denied Claritin D and some kid meds with PSE, because it was .03 past the legal amount you are allowed to buy on a day.
    I threw a huge fit, and then bought some every day just to spite them.
    My friends think I’m going to jail.
    And I hate the ‘everything going on at the same time’ weeks. Someone is always disappointed, and it sucks.
    How many o’ them bottles have you drank?

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    Three cheers for original Sudafed!!! When you run out of that try Aleve Cold & Sinus. It is one of the last that haven’t changed their formula (read: still works) so you have to get it in the pharmacy. It is the only thing that does the trick for me. Happy travels!

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    I totally understand how you feel about Sudafed. I won’t buy the new stuff at all. It just doesn’t work! I had to buy some good old fashioned Sudafed last week and had to laugh at all the info they took down on me! I was surprised that they didn’t ask for a lock of my hair or my finger prints for identification purposes.

    Love that picture of you and your brother in Africa. It must have been a very cool learning experience for the two of you.

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    kathy foy

    I’ll vote for you for mother of the year. love coming to this blog it makes me laugh. I remember having to give my license to score some of that stuff(thought hubby had the flu…..Surprise his appendix ruptured.)lol such is life

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    Madeline R

    I’ve been on homeopathy now for many years and didn’t know they’d changed the one OTC drug I used to take, a lot! I was in a play in NC for a few summers and had to wear these thick, wool,many layered period costumes in the heat (play was an outdoor drama) and I went to the company nurse’s office every night for my sudafed-keep-me aware-and-not-fainting fix! It’s a great feeling to wake up. Have a good trip.

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    I’ve gotta ask, where in Africa? And what were you doing there? I went to Kenya and Tanzania when I was 17. My husband and I are in the proccess of adopting three children from Liberia.

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    Cathy, I would like to enter the contest too for MOTY – my son’s preschool is having a Mother’s Day tea on Tuesday and guess who won’t be there – travelling again. Sucks I know. And sucks even more because I always feel like it is the same one of my three kiddos that gets ripped off the most. Don’t plan it that way – just seems to happen that way. P.S. My solution was to not mention the event and write down on the calendar that he has a day off that day so he won’t be the only motherless child there that day 🙁

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    I love original Sudafed and go through the whole rigamarole to get it. I will admit, however, that I can see how people, moms especially, become meth addicts. Sudafed works so well; my sinuses are happy AND I have energy. It’s a good thing. ; )

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    I know what you mean about “new” formulas not working. I still have a metal tin of sucrets cough drops that I am hoarding. And WOW your daughter looks just like you! (I’m sure you’ve never heard THAT before!)

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    I’m sorry, but I’m stuck on that bottom photo. Your brother looks like MY older brother, back in the 70s. And his expression and posture are PRICELESS, like ‘when will this be over??’. I am still laughing….

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    Hi Cathy, I am not commenting on your joy of finding the ‘real’ sudafed, although as I live in Australia, I too have that joy every winter. I did wish to let you know Peter Gabriel AND Crowded House are playing two dates together. I know, be still my beating heart too.

    Marlay park Dublin 22 June and Hyde Park 23 June. Now if only I could get there…….

    I do enjoy your blog, Fiona

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    You crack me up! My best friend lives in Niger – she is always sending photos of her and her local “Chickies” making sure that I recognize her – you know the white gal in the back row!! LOL thank you….

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    Here is a little known tip… Military commisaries still sell the “good stuff” and you don’t have to fill out any forms to get it 🙂

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    Cathy – you can get “real” sudafed here in MN, but you have to go to the pharmacy and sign for it. It really has curbed the production of meth here in the state by doing that, but it’s a pain in the arse for everyone else. I went to Target in Monticello and got it just fine. Good luck!!

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    dontcha know it!!! I swear I always feel like an addict when I finally GET to the pharmacy when it is actually OPEN. “how many boxes can I buy???” and no matter the answer I always reply “only that many, huh??” I don’t care what they say, this fake imitation stuff doesn’t work as well. the marketing didn’t fool me with new Coke and it won’t with new Sudafed!

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    Take heart Cathy – according to my Target Pharmacist, all those security measures are helping to reduce the number of housewife-created meth labs.

    I have my doubts. . .I think it’s all just a big PITA – and as an allergy sufferer- I protest LOUDLY every chance I get. LOL

    Thanks for always keeping it real – and isn’t being able to admit you have a few faults part of being the best mom of the year???


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    Karen Breen-Bondie

    I just noticed that you have Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” on your sidebar. I’ve been listening to that CD for about a week too! My kids are so into Queen now. My daughter answered a trivia question in one of her classes when they were watching an animated movie that featured a more uncommon (but none-the-less a hit) Queen song! Now, if I could only get them interested in LedZep and XTC…

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    tracy whitney

    made me remember a story of a local man (in my county) who was recently arrested for buying too much Sudafed. He got busted, 1st person in the USA to be caught, going from store to store buying the limit of cold medicine so he could make baaaaaaad drugs.

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    As the mother of a recovering meth addict, I can understand and greatly appreciate anything the drug industries are doing to curb this epiemic. If it causes a little inconvenience to some people, so be it. Trudt me, until you see your 26 year old son taken away in a police car, almost losing the rental house you owned and he lived in (because drugs and drug making ingredients, ie: sudafed, original formula, were found), visiting your child in jail and only being able to see him behind glass, trying to explain to his 4 year old child about Daddy’s “bad guts”, seeing your child lose down to 112 lbs. and turn a ghostly grey color and the teeth you spent money on to keep him from having cavities being pulled due to the drug eating away at them, and then see him get the MRSA flesh eating virus (while in jail) and there is nothing you can do from outside the bars to ease his pain…and I could go on and on…..a few changes in drug formulas and inconvenieces ….I think I can live with that and thank God, my son can too. He is now almost 1-1/2 yr. sober, working full time and re-establishing a new life for himself.
    Thanks for listening to the “other side”.

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    According to my mom, any mother of a young violin student deserves to be mother of the year! She actually bribed my siblings not to tell me how horrid I was.

    PS. If I was to show up at CK while you’re here in Utah for your autograph, would that be considered stalking? 🙂

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    I miss my coricidin D like you miss your Sudafed. Just ticks me off that I can’t get it anymore. And did you know, if you TRY to buy 3 boxes of Tylenol Sinus at one time, you are refused? That was embarassing.

    How is the WW going? I weighed in yesterday for my first full week – whew, glad that was over.

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    Where about in Africa did you live? I was born and spent the first 23 years of my life in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I now live in the UK. My mum still lives over ther part of the time but is finding it near impossible.

    Your blog has to be the best, love how you are so real.

    Take Care

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    you were responding to someone’s query about a 3rd book in the series, and looking for alternatives.

    I think your design schooling must have taught you about something that I’ve heard referred to as Swiss design, or Swiss style – all based on columns.

    I’d love to see you do a book based on that school of thought, but aimed at those of us who do scrapbooks, and yearbooks for kids sports teams, and newsletters… those of us who wind up needing to know the design info, but we haven’t had the formal education abou it.

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