Looking forward to senior travel packages

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Flying home today, from SLC, I sat next to the sweetest retired couple, who were returning from a tour group visit to Yellowstone National Park. As they spoke, I learned they were from extreme upstate New York, just a few miles from the Canadian border, and that they took a trip a year. Next year, they are planning a group trip to Spain and Portugal.

I noticed the woman kept her arm gently, but purposefully resting on her husbands arm. I'm guessing they were in their mid to late 70s. When we stood up to exit the plane, I noticed they were both about the same height, and I watched him help her to her feet and pass her the walking cane she'd brought aboard.

They seemed to be such a natural fit with one another.

I'm just feeling a bit sentimental today. And thankful for love.

I hope that Dan and I get to take senior tours together some day.


Cathy ZielskeLooking forward to senior travel packages

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    Don’t you just love seeing love at that age. Makes us all hopeful. Just hope I don’t end up using the walking cane to prod, or pull Richard along. Love is great, the challenges and the smiles…I am sure they had their own share. Peace.

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    such a beautiful post today cathy. thanks for sharing your observations with us… I wanna be that old and so in love… still… what we all have to look forward to, huh? hugs

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    awww, what beautiful couples. It’s nice to see the older couples who are still happy to travel and enjoy each other’s company. Love the message on your page, you are lucky!

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    So nice that you can put that into words for Dan! How luck you both are to have each other! Thanks for inspiring me to put it into words for my DH more often (on paper).

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    what a wonderful post. my family is from extreme upstate New york also!! Dannemora to be exact. my husband and I are a good fit also, thanks for the inspiration.

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    Sharon F.

    Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    That is my goal to live and travel together into our “mature” years…
    thanks for the inspiration I agree with the posts above. Great reminder to express that sentiment in writing more often.
    Must be the full moon …

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    Mom & Dad

    Darlin what a beautiful post. We are one of those couples in their 70’s who travel together (mostly to Minnesota I might add) hold hands and all that other stuff. Also don’t need the cane quite yet but never the less it might happen. Love you!! Mom & Dad

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    Love the sentiment and the page and I ADORE that your mom posted a comment to you. That is so sweet. Sherry

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    Having one of those days when I don’t envision senior travel with my DH as being fun. But lucky I am, none the less. Just wanted to let you know that after reading your post, I thought… and this woman actually quit writing on her blog for awhile?? What did I do all day? How did I survive? Pithy, fun, real, love it =) Keep it coming!

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    erin yamabe

    i truly love hearing stories like this one. thank you.
    and i appreciate your lo about you and your man. i need to get on that, and stop talkin, just get to it.

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    Hi Cathy,
    Just a quick question, where do you get your 2″ x 2″ pictures printed? I cannot find anywhere that prints them small. I’ve found 3 x 5 but no smaller.
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Bridget Edwards

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    Cathy! What a fabulous post and, for lack of a better word, equally fabulous page! Now you made me emotional and weepy. Well, that’s not hard to do anyway, LOL. Happy Sunday!

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    That is sooooo sweet. But I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Johnny and Richard.. I mean really.. how welcoming was that? 😉

    I too am looking forward to old age, but not for the long trips. My husband and I are keen to race our mobility carts.. (you know those mini golf buggy things for senior citizens).. I am convinced I will win – and expect mine will have a racing stripe and mag wheels.

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    ‘muffin top removal techniques’
    you kill me!
    great page. so sweet. Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.

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    Gayle Olson

    I loved your page and your comments. I just returned from Yellowstone with 3 of my grandkids (I am 64) and I said to my husband. “Thank God, we travelled as much as we did when we could, these old people have so much trouble getting around!” But you pointed out the positive—these people are still sharing adventures together and are happy to be doing so. Gayle

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    I love reading your blogs and journaling!! You are so talented at capturing the whole story!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Cindy Carnes

    Hi Cathy –

    I have both of your Clean & Simple books. I am an English teacher (that’s going to make you check my grammar, spelling, and punctuation extra closely now isn’t it?). Ironically, I didn’t learn to love reading until I was in my early 20’s. I wrote a letter to my favorite author (Elizabeth Berg)a couple of years ago thanking HER for novels which cultivated in me a real love of reading and I wanted to do the same to you…so thank you, Cathy, for awakening in me a passion for writing.

    Other than work related stuff, no one really MAKES one write as an adult and with all of the time I spend grading papers (that I MADE someone write)and changing diapers, it certainly wasn’t big on my list of priorities – but scrapbooking WAS. The journaling I read on your layouts made me realize, “Hey, I could do that too.” And while I don’t have as much time to scrapbook as I would like during these, my baby days, when I do, I also get to experience what it feels like to be a writer – and a pretty darned good one at that.

    So thanks, Cathy. My scrapbooks are much more enjoyable, not only to look at now, but also to read because you gave me the inspiration and bravery to jump right in and write! So if you ever write another Clean and Simple book, you can be sure that I’ll buy it!


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    Lee W

    I so loved your story and your LO! I work in an open heart ICU, so many of our patients are in their 70s and 80s. Some of the couples there are truly amazing. Often times, they haven’t spent a night away from each other for their entire marriage! It always brings tears to my eyes, and fervent wishes that my husband and I will be the same way.

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    Kelly V

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for posting a truly lovely page.


    ps…I did the ‘Slip ‘n Slide’ yesterday…not so easy on the forty year old bones but oh, so well worth the giggles from my three year old son. Cheers.

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    Sylvie Tillieux-Ruiz

    Hi Cathy !
    (sorry for my english) I’m from Belgium and I’m a fan of you sinds one years.

    I love this layout. Beautiful design et perfect design. The photo is fabulous !! Wow. I would like to have your creation !
    Congratulations !

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    Kelli Johnson

    I think that’s the most beautiful thing ever, is an elderly couple in love…I’m so attracted to it I think I should seek out counseling….I think old men are the cutest. thanks for sharing this beautiful picture with me. 🙂 it reminds me solely of the blessings I have in my dh 🙂

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    amy m

    I look forward to that as well and love that is what you thought of when you saw the elderly couple.

    Do you think it would be a little off color to stock you on one of your slc visits. I can’t believe you are so close and yet so far away.

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