Row 1, Seats 5 & 6, Orchestra Pit

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I cannot breathe right now.

Never. Ever. Ever. Never. Ever. Have I. Gotten. Front. Row. Seats.



(Okay…I did have seats in the Second Row, for the Bauhaus reunion show in 2003, but that was not about love. That was about nostalgia.)

This is about LOVE. Love. Deep. Abiding. Pure. Inspired. Love.

My stomach hurts. I am in pain. Joyful, giddy pain.

I am going to be sitting in Row 1, Seat 5, in the Orchestra Pit, to see Pete Yorn and Crowded House in September.

After I finish weeping, I'm off to buy some lottery tickets. I figure, while you're hot…

I called Dan, and my voice was so shaky, he thought something terrible had happened.

Terribly awesome, perhaps.

I don't even know how i can proceed with my day. I'm not kidding. I'm freaking out.

(And…thank you so much for all the kick ass recipe sharing! I'm printing them out today, and prioritizing…after I run around my house screaming at the top of my lungs that on Sept. 9, i will possibly receive actual sweat molecules from Neil Finn's forehead on my skin.)

Cathy ZielskeRow 1, Seats 5 & 6, Orchestra Pit

51 Comments on “Row 1, Seats 5 & 6, Orchestra Pit”

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    Congratulations!!! I got to see Prince from the 13th row center for the Purple Rain tour. When he started singing the first song and I started screaming, and suddenly I was one of those girls. I was one of those girls screaming at the Beatles for no discernible reason. It was a great moment of understanding.

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    You crack me up! I checked my watch and thought, “Hmm, it’s past 11:00 am MN time. Let’s check in with Cathy and see if she got her pre-sale tickets.”
    I’m glad my message to you last night helped you score the best possible seats eveh! I’m excited for you! You will not be disappointed with your up-close and personal experience with CH!

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    You are too freaking funny!!! Glad you scored those righteous seats!!!! I agree, go buy a lottery ticket; you’re obviously on fire today!!!!

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    Lyn Meeker

    Hmmm.. giving Dan seat 6? .. I would think that seat 6 would be that much closer to the center than 5….


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    LOL, i would be running around whooping too.. i’m so excited for you:)

    so, how many months/weeks/days/minutes/seconds is it to go then…. ? 😉

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    Felt the same way about getting 4th row center to John Mayer back in February. I have to say it was GREAT!! Enjoy Cathy–I know you will!

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    I know how you feel….

    I too sat front row to see Howard Hewett (my Neil Finn)

    He touched my hand, grabbed my hair, and sang to me…..

    If I would have died that night, my life would have been complete.

    Check out my blog and go to August 2006 for all of the details and funny pics of me.

    Note to self….next time teach someone how to use my camera…

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    So I have these nervous excited butterflies for you like it’s me going to the concert! Am hoping like crazy they will do a many venue concert in the UK so I too get to see such a genius at work…love Neil and love your blog.

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    I had my first front row seats in March at the Aaron Lewis concert in downtown Mpls. We were five feet away from him. It was AWESOME. It was an acoustic show at the Pantages Theater (if you’ve never been to a show there, you must go…amazing acoustic sound!) I just closed my eyes and let him sing to me for 90 minutes. Best birthday present EVER!

    Enjoy your show!

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    Oh man, that is just too cool! I know the feeling. The only thing I’ve ever sat front row for was “The Black Rider” when it was in LA. Not a concert, but still an amazingly cool musical. I remember what it felt like when my best friend and I got 6th row to Josh Groban on his last tour – we sat in front of his parents and girlfriend, if you can believe that!! Maybe you and Dan will make it onto the DVD like we did. 😀

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    oh, my heart is full of joy for you and your approaching ecstatic musical moment(s). While my tastes are decidedly less cool than yours, musically speaking (for instance, I am listening to Sugarland right now), I completely get it – a joy so large it might just make your chest pop open, a la Alien…
    Try very hard not to actually pass out from want to remember EVERY SINGLE SECOND of the experience.

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    You lucky duck! I absolutely cannot wait to hear your review of the concert. It’s funny, I came to your blog ’cause of scrapbooking. I now come to your blog ’cause of you and your life. I have never even *tried* to score front row seats – and now it’s too late. My Neil is Dan Fogelberg and he’s not touring. Alas, I’m doomed to get up close and personal with his record album covers… Yes, I have real, honest-to-goodness LPs of his earlier works. Wow. I’m officially old.
    Enjoy Neil!!!

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    OMG! You sound just like I did when my friend Beth game me tickets (front row too) to see Josh Groban in concert last March! I was literally screaming and jumping up and down. So happy for you. I feel your “pain.” Your happy pain that is. Congrats!
    Oh, and I love the new banner, specially the new words on it. Too funny. “General misuse of creativity.” You crack me up.

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    you have to have been sporting the hugest smile all day long!
    That totally rocks.
    I sat in the front row to see the Blue Man Group. Not quite as sexy, but still fun!

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    Cathy I can totally relate to this! My babe Jon Bon Jovi was scheduled to do a show about three hours away. I was not able to get tickets, nada, even tried e-bay for the first time in my life! Even wrote to Ellen Degeneres for pete sake to whine about how she had him on twice in one week. Wrote to i-tunes about how because I am in Canada I could not pre-order his cd or even the single! What should happen this Monday morning? A MIRACLE! Jon Bon Jovi has scheduled a concert in my city, MY CITY! This morning I was on the computer at the beat the box office site and managed to get two tickets! I am flying so high in the air I can almost touch you in the sky. I say almost cause I assume you are a bit taller than me. From one girl to another keep on keepin’ on! I am so seriously happy for you!

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    Yeah! I’m so happy for you. My first front row was Rush (strictly by accident, they added extra seats after setting up the stage and the radio station said to call in for new tickets and there I was– front row – smiling at Geddy Lee while Neal Peart did a solo) Now, I can’t even go to a concert unless I’m very, very near the front. Since then have seen John Mellencamp in the front row, U2 (mmmm….Bono) in the second row and my latest band obsession – Everclear – 3 times now in the front row. I understand band passion…and I’m in my 40s too. I can’t wait for you to go – you’ll think you’re floating on air and yes, it will be hard to breath. And your face will hurt from smiling : )

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    I am thrilled for you!!!! The Gods are definitely shining on you. 🙂 I had 3rd row seats for PG’s Secret World tour, and I seriously thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was the by far the best show I’ve ever seen. And it sure does make the experience of seeing your fave rock star up close and personal all that much sweeter. 😉

    I’m going to see CH Aug. 12th here in Montreal, but no front row- I am happy to be going at all though!

    Now all you need is to find yourself a connection for a back stage pass… :p

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    wow, the gods are lookin’ down on u and did a good deed for u today! omg, bauhaus, really, that would take me back to a sweet memory. hmmmm i had pit seats for oingo boingo one halloween, i’ve been to so many concerts can’t remember all the seats. do remember seeing bronski beat @ house of blues and was like 8 months preggers….”can u tell me why” lol…..
    happy for u girl..

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    Karrie W

    I once bought 2 tickets for the front row for STING and ANNIE LENNOX for my sister and myself (she’s a BIG STING FAN!). She flipped out… which made my day… cause she’s my sis… you know! 🙂

    ps: I know… I’m old, I like STING & ANNIE LENNOX!

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    Karrie W

    almost forgot… woohoo for you! (even though I don’t know who they are – told ‘ya – I’m old)

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    Jen Donnelly

    I know how you feel. I managed to be in the same position for a show just a couple of weeks ago… it was heavenly. When you’re so close you’re getting sweated on and you can actually hear the voice instead of just the amplified version and you can see the color of their eyes… swoony.

    Have an awesome time! I keep telling myself that there is no such thing as too old to be passionate and geeky about someone’s music like this. Because it’s just fun.

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    OMG – Congrats on the tix. I am so excited for you! My best ticket score was 8th row center for Queen. Way back when. Freddie spashed the crowd with a cup of water, and I got drops on me. I was never so thrilled! Have a great time.
    Give my condolences to Dan – he’s not going to get one second of your attention that evening. He might as well be going by himself.

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    Katrina of Southern California

    You had me so excited I went and bought two tickets for my husband and I to the Greek Theater in August. Yeah a real DATE NIGHT!!!
    We are not in the pits but very close. I am so excited I can’t wait till August.

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    Katie J.

    Hi Cathy,

    Boy oh boy…I can’t believe YOU are the one who got seats 5 & 6 in row 1. It tells me what a small world we live in.

    A little back story if you can bear to hear. I am a bit of a lurker fan of yours. I love your blog. Read it every day. I read about your undying love of Neil Fin, and from time to time I comment to a coworker of mine about your posts, because she too is a die-hard Neil Finn fan. (I work in St. Paul, btw).

    For the past few weeks my coworker (Carol) has been telling me about how she got tickets to see Neil in Chicago, and in addition, her husbands friend ‘knows a guy’ who could get her 4th row tickets to the show here in Minneapolis. She was super excited. But then Tuesday when the early release seats went on sale, she decided to pop in just to see what was available. Well, seats 5 & 6 were taken in row 1, BUT she got seats 5 & 6 in row 2, AND her brother in law got seats 5 & 6 in row 3. She kept saying Tim’s friends got row 1, I got row 2, and Tim is in row 3. So you see Cathy….you are ‘the friend in row 1’.

    I wish Carol loved me enough to keep her husband at home and take me to the show instead. I could see Neil AND you!

    Anway, that’s my fun story for the day, and I am SO excited for all of you folks who got seats in the pit. I know you’ll have a great time!


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    Can I throw in one more salad recipe? Nothing (to my mind) beats a good caprese salad in summer. You need:

    a medium sized (8oz) ball of fresh mozarella. Should be blindingly white and nicely squishy.
    Extra virgin olive oil
    2-3 roma tomatoes (about 1 per serving)
    fresh basil leaves (look in produce)
    salt and pepper to taste

    Core and slice the tomatoes so you get nice little rounds.
    Cut mozarella in slices. If your ball is fat, you may want to cut the slices in half so that the cheese is roughly the same size as your tomato rounds.
    arrange on plates like this: cheese, tomato, cheese, tomato…until you run out.
    Pull leaves off the basil. Stack together, roll up like little cigars and thinly slice.
    Sprinkle basil shreds over cheese and tomato.
    Drizzle with oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

    Sooooo yummy.

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    Sarah L.

    My hometown tickets went on sale yesterday.
    I couldn’t get GREAT tickets so I didn’t even bother.
    It’ll just be me, my bank card, the scalpers and hopefully the Gods watching over me….
    Congratulations Cathy.
    Well deserved.

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    Jennifer Mattix

    STING= Sacred Love Tour….Oh I got your sacred love RIGHT HERE!!!! He is my Crowded House! I’m going to have his illegitimate love child. I screamed “I love you” and he looked at me and said..”We’ll be together tonighttttt!”

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    Madeline R

    At forty (three years ago) I became obsessed with Pat, the lead singer of TRAIN and went to see them whenever they were playing anywhere in the south. It was almost painful, this love for him! It wore off after hearing from someone who knew him that he was rude to peope when they went out after the gig. I am glad to be less crazed. During the crazed days my husband took it really well and even became a fan. But you! You are just riding the high! Have a fabulous time!!

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    Lisa Spiegel

    You make me smile, Cathy…I seriously didn’t know that anyone else even KNEW who Crowded House or Neil Finn was until you started blogging about it…I think I’m the only person in the world with CH ringtones on my phone…I’m soooo excited for you, have fun, C, and try not to hyperventilate!

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    Georgia Capistrant

    Cathy, Pete Yorn is playing a FREE show here in St Louis on July 21 as part of the Live on Levee summer fun. You should take a vacation here around that time.


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    Hi Cathy,

    A while back you were looking for an MP3 of Neil Finn doing Sexual Healing. Did you find it? Can I somehow get a copy. I’m also looking for his version of Billy Jean.



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    you rock woman. I love your buddy. The entertainment factor alone can not be beat!! Have fun at the concert.

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    Hi again Cathy-
    Please excuse my two typos. I guess its to early for blogland and I haven’t had my java yet. I meant to say I love your blog.

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    Hey Cathy! Read your blog daily. I love how you reminicse about your teen/college years and about your musical influences. Just thought you may enjoy the story I’m beginning on my blog about my musical teen influence…Stevie Nicks.(I’m a grown up now who still wallows in the memories of the good ol’ days!)You inspired me to keep those memories written somewhere! Enjoy! RosiePosie ;o)

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