Thank you, Chip

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She goes home next week, and I will be in Utah all week, and not present for the hand off. I could get all sentimental here, but I'm trying to save critical typing for work-related functions. Instead, I offer my photographic tribute to a very fine dog that I wish we would have been smart enough to have bred while she was here. Imagine those puppies!

I'm guessing, though…it would have had to have been an immaculate birth, but who knows…Chippie really is THAT good.

Thanks, Tim and Ann. Please don't be alarmed to find me loitering in your yard.

I'm relatively harmless.


We love you, Chippie. You're a very good dog.

Cathy ZielskeThank you, Chip

51 Comments on “Thank you, Chip”

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    Cathy Walters

    oh my gosh…..that was so sweet!

    My advice…MOVE. don’t tell anyone. just get up and move to another city and live in Chip-happiness forever.

    oh chippy, we will all miss you!

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    nothing like a little cry before 8am. very nicely done, Cathy. I have really enjoyed all the chip posts. I have a dog who might possibly be her sister in a former life. wish I could breed my sweetie, too. 🙂

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    Like it or not Cathy, you are definately a “closet Dog mom!”

    What a beautiful tribute to Chip the Dog.

    I think you need to get you one and I would gladly help you….no kidding!! I live in No. Cal and would come to you in Minnesota to help you find your dog or at the very least, point you in the direction of some good rescue organizations……please at least give it some consideration…they are the BEST therapy. Not only would a dog be good for you (and your family) but from what I can see they would be very lucky to have you too!

    thanks for sharing your heartfelt tribute to Chip.

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    why don’t they just do the right thing and give Chip to you! 🙂 I guess somehow under my breath I am hoping so! Thanks for sharing. Hmm maybe they will read the blog and then do the right thing!!!

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    Kelly Jo

    ***sniff, sniff*** awwww, Chippie is a very lucky dog. Two families love him very much. Well done, Cathy.

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    awww… too cute.

    remember though, chip won’t REALLY be gone, not for a long time. you’ll be finding fur EVERYWHERE for many, many months to come.

    hee hee…

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    Madeline R

    We “share” our dog with the neighbor down the street. There is no way that Chip isn’t going to need to come back to you for many visits, right? Our dog just showed up, 9 years ago, when I did NOT want a dog. They soo get under your skin and into your heart, eh?

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    Jennifer W

    oh, what a great tribute to this adopted member of your family…I used to roll my eyes at those people who refered to their animals as “fur babies”……until I got my dog. No I totally get it. (I still refuse to call her my fur baby. On principal. but I understand the sentiment now.)

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    Awww, I got a little choked up watching that wonderful tribute to Chip! You know that your family is going to go thru doggie withdrawals after she is gone. Could there be your very own “Chip” in the near future? Hope so! You are a good mom!

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    Awww, I got a little choked up watching that wonderful tribute to Chip! You know that your family is going to go thru doggie withdrawals after she is gone. Could there be your very own “Chip” in the near future? Hope so! You are a good mom!

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    Ok, well now I feel like a complete dork because your movie made me cry :oP
    I’m just a dog lovin’ fool & I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be to say goodbye – probably a good thing you’re going to Utah.
    Farewell Chippie, we’ll miss you here in Blogland :o)

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    It’s not right that I am so moved by a dog I will never meet.
    But then again, I am a total sucker.

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    Linda from KS

    What a wonderful tribute to Chip! I think that hand-off is going to be tough. I bet you are very glad you won’t be there. Beautiful pictures and I’m sure beautiful memories for your family. Thanks for sharing them!

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    Well that is so not fair. I’m sitting here at 8.45am Melbourne time a blubbering mess. Not only have I just watched Chip’s tribute with that beautiful song in the background but I had just played the guy singing opera in the last post. Wow I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional so when it happens like this its a huge surprise & a little overwhelming. That is such a lovely tribute to Chip I’m sure you’re all going to miss her terribly and she you. She certainly looks like she’s have a fine time at your place and gotta a lot of love in the bargain.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Leeanne x

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    No fair making me cry!

    Chip, what a good dog. Mike and Molly have enjoyed reading about your adventures over my shoulder as I scritch their ears.

    I dare say we are all made better people by loving a creature that needs us.

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    What a sweet tribute. I think it’s time to get one of your own. We brought home our first dog (puppy) two months ago. Well worth it!! What are you waiting for?

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    hello??!! tissue warning needed! I just bawled all over my keyboard.
    Cathy, well done. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend.

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    darn you, CZ! Go put a kleenex warning at the top of this post! i’m sitting here bawling with my own golden love beside me wondering what on earth is going on!!!

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    HEY! A WARNING WOULD’VE BEEN NICE! I’m sitting here bawling like a baby… you’da thought that Chippie died or something and here she’s just gonna be so happy to see her family again, and she’s gonna be so torn to leave you. Can you IMAGINE the confusion that the poor dog is going to endure?!? What has she been THINKING all this time?!? Well, clearly she has been very happy and very loved. And may I say that seeing a sleeping dog is just about as precious as watching a sleeping baby. 🙂 Give lil’ Chippie a kiss and a hug goodbye from us. Tell her to write once in a while; we’d like to hear from her! 😀

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    Nice. Sweet. Good thing you won’t be home the day Chippie leaves. Sad. Next time warn us to get a tissue. What kind of software made that sweet tribute?

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    Wow! That was wonderful! Chip’s primary family is so lucky to have had her with such a good and loving family. And now they have lots of photos and blog posts to treasure as well.
    Ditto on JenniB’s question above. I’m able to make slideshows on my Apple, but how did you post it? Very cool.
    Good luck with the transition!
    – Lee

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    Karen K

    Uh oh. Sniffling here. So nice. The Chipster is going to miss you something awful. The kids looked like they had a great time with her, too. Oh so sad she is going. Think of all the great dogs out there that need such a loving family…! Both of my last two dogs were rescues and they really are the greatest (hint hint)! Super job on the production. You’re so multi-talented!

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    Judy in Carefree

    You need to get a dog! I got my first dog at age 53 and it was the best thing I ever got (husband of 40 1/2 years isn’t too bad either)…unconditional love every moment, every day!

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    That was a little heart wrenching this morning, only as I have a golden too and can just sooo visualize him in every single picture. I think you may need a Chip replacement 😉 .

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    she’s a gorgeous lady, and it was a very touching tribute! i esp love the second to last one of you and her together… what a blessing that you guys have been able to watch her while her parents have been out of town… i can see why you’ve all grown so attached. i’m sure she’s loved every minute of her stay. you’ll have to be sure to update us with new chippie photos every so often. do you think there will be an addition to the Z family soon? ;o)

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    Simply amazing and oh how it pulled on the heartstrings as well!!. Would love for you to share how you did this.. ie software etc…… you are so gifted and talented and such a joy………The world is a better place because of you …..

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    Vicki Harvey

    Wow! Now that I am bawling. Just show Chippie’s owners this and they will never be able to take her. They will know she HAS to live with you! They can have visitation, but she definitely belongs with you. I’ll be thinking of you Cath!

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    Lori Hudson

    Cathy, I am boo-hooing. Chippie looks so much like my Emily. That white face. My baby girl is 13 years old and we don’t know how much longer she will be with us. Your video makes me want to go home and snuggle her.

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    I had dogs my whole life growing up. My dog passed away when I was 18 and I swore.. never another one. My son has asked for a dog a few times (he is 3.. he also asks for pancakes for dinner and spiderman web to shoot out of his chubby fingers).. so no is pretty easy.

    But CHIP! awww CHIP.. Has me thinking we should buy a house.. and a dog.

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    callie smith

    Hey Girl,

    Long time no talky. Hey Finally got myself a microphone for my computer. Remember back in the day when you use to do, they were like podcasts with the girls????
    What software did you use to make it. Remember it would have a the sycodelic designs yada yada yada. Anyway thanks if you can help girly. Bye

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    Joan, Izzy's mom

    This is what you need to check into. It is a recue dog site in Minnesota for golden retrievers. Maybe you can find your very own Chip.

    P.S. I loved the farewll you made for Chip…it reminded me of our dog Daisy, who died in March. Even though she was a bichon frise, she was loved just as much as Chip.

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    OMG – I am in tears AND I JUST PUT MAKEUP ON FGOR THE DAY. What a sweet sweet ode to da dawg. We just got a golden for christmas for the kids (have had them for years)…took us 5 years to get over the loss of our last one before Santa could bring us this one. I am already hard in LOVE.

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