Declaring my independence from generalized expectations

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Falling under the respective headings of “No Festering Allowed,” “Appropriate F-bomb Usage Guidelines,” and, of course, “Excessive Punctuation 101,” I have a need to write today to address one poster’s comment from yesterday. It read as follows:


I expected more from you 🙁

Posted by: Stephanie | July 03, 2007 at 12:58 PM

Well Steph, I realize that singling people out is, in the words of Forrest Gump, "a bad thing," but you didn’t leave your e-mail address, and because I don’t believe that I’m an Elected Official of the Scrapbooking Universe, to be held accountable to my subjects—which technically, I only have three and those are, in fact, the people I live with—I share the following advice, with the utmost respect:

Expect less.

Because as far as what the general public can and should expect from me, it lists as follows:

1. I will be kind to animals

2. I will recycle as often as possible.

3. I will avoid situations that may provoke episodes of road rage.

4. I will break none of the agreed upon laws of man and God.

5. I will mask snarky blog retorts with language and sentence structures that amuse me, first and foremost, and won't TRY to be intentionally mean because I still remember what it was like to be in the 7th grade.

And that’s pretty much it.

I really don’t give a flying emu turd about the iPhone, in theory. However, I don’t live in theory—I live in a technologically-charged, mildly feverish, geeked-out state when it comes to all things Apple. When Steve Jobs moves his lips and makes sounds with his vocal chords, I go into a trance-like consciousness, and when I wake up, disoriented, wearing only my drool-soaked Apple logo t-shirt that I waited for two hours in line to get at the Mall of America in 2003, I can't shake the feeling that somehow that I've just been lovingly bathed in the very rays of the Eternal Kingdom itself.

I agree with you, that it IS an overpriced, trendy phone…but have you seen how astronomically COOL it is? I mean, YOU CAN LOCATE SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS WITH IT!

I don’t understand what gets people so riled up about something as innocuous as a piece of technology. Poverty in America? Check. The war in Iraq? Check. Global injustice? You betcha. But an iPhone?

It was one giant leap for Cath-kind when I realized that I didn’t actually need an iPhone. Quite possibly, the biggest realization of my life, next to when I learned that the phrase was actually, “for all intents and purposes” and not “for all intensive purposes.” I just want to be super clear on this: I am not buying one because I have reached a point in my life where it’s okay to NOT have new stuff the minute it comes out. That, and I can’t technically afford one, AND… I would also like to keep my marriage in good working condition. Nevertheless…for me, this is a HUGE realization. Huge.

So my point is this: The people who can and should expect more, know who they are.

And lastly, if you (or anyone, including myself) are going to drop an F-bomb (and I completely appreciate the strategically-placed asterisk) just keep in mind that my pure-in-thought-and-deed, 70-something, Republican mother, Shirley, reads this blog, too.

And I’m willing to swear on a stack of bibles that my mother has never said “f*ck” in her life, because she, Stephanie, my gentle blog reader, is a saint.

Me? Not so much, but I save my sailor banter for those I love, face to face…excluding my children, MOST of the time.

And speaking of Shirley… SHE gets to expect more. Everyone else? And I say this with the utmost of respect and common sense: refer to the aforementioned list.

: )

Cathy ZielskeDeclaring my independence from generalized expectations

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    Susanne Ponce

    i am just starting to get to your “place”, if that’s what it’s called. right now i relate to your perspectives so much. thanks for your blog. i enjoy reading it. it lets me know that it’s OK me to be “me” and not have to put on the “Super Susanne”. i think you might have given me a new moto: expect less.

    i have also been sporting around this one that i will keep as well so i will have 2:

    Never Let Yesterday Fill Up Today

    have a wonderful 4th

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    happy fourth of july…. love to ready your random thought about the iphone… i would love one too but…. must by rubbermaid containers first to keep the nasty little mouse that has snuck into our house …out of our stuff…. I am kind to all animals unless their are small rodents in my home contaminating my living space…. again happy independance day!

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    Cathy you make my laugh like few others i’ve met in real life ever could.
    You are the Robin Williams of Scrapbooking.
    (that is a compliment, so I hope you took it that way)

    And personally, I think the iphones are pretty freakin cool. And someday when i’m rich and not so famous, I may have one.

    My fav. apple thing though are still the mac/pc commercials. It’s the only time my mother calls me a geek, but come on, they ROCK!!!


  4. #11

    Good for you!
    I, too, love the theory of the IPhone — and I’d love to have one –but most of the technology would be wasted on me, I don’t by first generation anything (even Apple!!), and I just don’t really *need* it! So — like you, yes — I’ll drool and envy (theorically), but I’m not buying!

    Without expectations — Thanks!!

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    stephanie t.

    I LOVE everything APPLE related…phones included! If I had the $$ to fork out for the new iPhone I’d have been first in line!! When I take my kids to swim lessons, I’ve been known to slow to a near stop and gaze wantonly at the gates of Mac Land Corporate…so pretty…so full of Apple-ness!!

    Everyone has an opinion…Let the f-bombs fly…You are my guiding light to humor, coolness,sans seriff fonts… ohhhh…and scrapbooking LOL!

  6. #15

    I’ll buy one if you buy one. 😉

    Then again, I am the one who says “Who needs that?! No I will never buy one.” Until 6 months later and I have to have the newer version.


  7. #17
    Jennifer Henson

    You are so right, Cathy! So much more to get worked up over than griping over blog posts about an iphone! There is a war on, after all..and so many people working for our freedom on this July 4th!
    Love your blog and genuine posts!! Thanks for the info and the smiles!! 🙂

  8. #19
    Well Said Cards

    I choose not to read blogs that have morals and values I don’t agree with, I choose to read books that inspire me, I choose to listen to radio stations that play The Smiths (because they ROCK) – we all have choices. It’s pretty childish to use profanity to express yourself. Especially in a comment that will forever be documented with your name. Sheesh!

    Love your blog – hardly ever leave comments, but know that I’m always reading for my own entertainment. You’re a total crack up!

  9. #20
    Pam C.

    Cathy… you go, girl!

    I’m with you… would love an Iphone but can’t afford it right now and I’m okay with that. I will say, though, it is the first “techy” thing I have ever lusted over!

    Love reading your blog… have a good fourth!
    Pam C.
    Waco TX

  10. #21

    I totally agree about the iPhone…I will secretly covet one but I know that I don’t NEED one and won’t buy one right now. Actually, a new MacBook is on the agenda first. Yes, we are a totally Apple household.

    I nearly fell off my chair when I read your description of your reaction to Steve Jobs…I thought that my 13 year old techy son was the only one who had that reaction! You put to words what I observe every time there is a new “Steve” speech posted online. Thank you for your humor and honesty and for making it okay to have passion for things!

  11. #24

    Great post! I can so relate, I want so many things, I talk about them, obsess about them, but I won’t ever buy most of them because reality steps in when I check my bank balance. It doesn’t stop me talking about them though 🙂

  12. #26
    Terri Barton

    Just two comments:

    1. Stephanie, go away.

    2. Cathy, please ignore said Stephanie’s comment. It is your blog, so you get to write whatever you want, period. For this I am grateful!

    Terri B

  13. #29

    You are THE BEST! This is my very favorite blog to read ever! Stephanie really needs to get a life and keep her nastiness to herself! Rock On CZ!

  14. #31
    Kim Glinski

    Cath can I call you that? You are fabulous. I am laughing so hard, tears are in my eyes! Thanks for the lift. Oh, and BTW I thought I was pretty cool when I got a cheap knock-off MP3 player for my 43th birthday – just last week. 🙂 Kim

  15. #36

    I’ve been lusting after an iphone too. My husband says, “You’ve already got an ipod, a cell phone, a camera… what do you NEED one of those things for?” My reply, “I don’t NEED one, I WANT one.” On the other hand, at almost 40 I’m fortunate enough to be able to distinquish between “need” and “want” and will wait till my Verizon contract runs out in a few years, the bugs get worked out of the iphone, and the price drops in half.

    Maturity — what a great thing!

  16. #38

    I just want to clarify one thing–is the emu the one who flies or the turd itself?

    Other than that, this is a brilliant and witty piece of writing, and the way I get around my iPhone lust is to just say that I’m waiting for a later generation with more features and a lower price. I’m not denying myself anything, I’m just being a smart consumer!

  17. #39

    hmmm Cathy I detect “unhappiness” and as the song “Something More” by Sugarland says “happiness is something we create” I guess she needs to start creating it…you certainly have..thanks for a great blog!! 🙂

  18. #40

    you are the coolest chica ever.
    I still want one.
    I still don’t need one.
    and that’s okay.
    HAve a great day!

  19. #41
    Becki C

    Well, as an “early adopter” of the iPhone (actually it’s DH’s), I can say it truly is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had my hands on. Did we *need* it? heck no. But I have to say, it’s well worth the $500. Even my 64 yr old mother-in-law is so in love with her new iPhone that I thought I was going to have to do an intervention to get her to put the thing down.

    Here’s to recognizing need vs want…but still indulging the occasional “want” every now and then.

    You ROCK, CZ!

  20. #42

    You rock, Cathy!

    I drove by the AT&T store on my way to Cub Foods at 5:56 pm last Friday. There were maybe 30 people on line. I told myself if I stood in line now, I would get one. I have exceeded my 2 year contract with AT&T so can start a new one anytime. My phone is over 2 years old – but I already carry a 5.1 megapixels camera and Video iPod in my purse at all times – do I need another gadget? I can afford it no problem, but do I NEED it? No… maybe after they work out the kinks on the first generation – I will NEED it. I’m shocked at some people’s response to this great gadget – there is nothing out there like it!

    Wasn’t the response to the iPod “overpriced” when it first came out? Well, it’s still the best selling MP3 player out there. And if one hasn’t used the Apple Store technical service – one doesn’t know that the iPod truly is a good deal! The Apple Store technical service AIN’T Best Buy techincal service, I tellya!

  21. #43

    iphone, yeah they are cool. Do I want one? No, but they are cool. I still haven’t used all the features on my razr, so why an iphone? My only wish is that I bought one when they first went out and put it on ebay…I hear that they are selling for $6000. Now THAT would be a good investment. Oh well, will hang with my razr, it fits in my purse well, and at least I wouldn’t have to reprogram all my numbers and speed dials. happy 4th to you.

  22. #48

    I have no expectations that you and I will ever be friends or that fact ever met, but I’d like to. Thanks for saying what you think and doing what you say.


  23. #50

    Follow your blog pretty regularly, ever since Scrap Etc. but I don’t ever comment. This time though, I just had to.

    You rock. Thanks for being you. 🙂

  24. #51

    I pretty much laughed out loud when I read all intensive purposes. So glad to know I am not the only one who thought that for years!

  25. #52

    Cathy – it’s YOUR blog – say what you want – that’s why we love reading you, it’s so you and not anyone else. GO CATHY GO.

  26. #53
    Cindy Carnes

    Following on the heals of your “intensive purposes” revelation, my husband insists that it’s, “I couldn’t care less” and not, “I could care less.” Meaning that I care so little already that it would be impossible for me to care any less than I already do. He’s probably right, but I still say, “I could care less.”

    Oh, and I think that Stephanie is grouchy.

  27. #56

    Bravo… and ditto, ditto, ditto 🙂 I think the bases are covered. I look forward to reading more great and humorously written blog entries from you 🙂

  28. #57

    i adore new technology too! but i went against the grain and got zen microphoto instead of the ipod. it was better for me. it’s hard to go against good marketing, word of mouth, and peer pressure. but for you to decide that you didn’t need it, that’s awesome! i’m sure it is awesome!

    maybe stephanie was having a bad day. who knows? maybe she was pms-ing. maybe she couldn’t get the phone herself and really wanted it. but that was wrong to come assault to you about it.

  29. #59
    Dixie Lee

    Oh my….

    is it really “intents and purposes?”

    and I suppose that Jimmy Buffett didn’t step on a poptart, either.

    Some revelations can really rock my world.

  30. #60

    well said! very nicely worded. and as for me? you always meet my expectations! you are funny, witty, and very well written. thanks for doing what you do!

  31. #63

    You are a wonderfully talented, gifted writer and this blog entry needs to be published somewhere where it would entertain a wider audience. Have you thought about writing a book that isn’t scrapbook related?

  32. #64
    Hillary Heidelberg

    Ha! I live in Manhattan, right near Soho, home of the main Apple Store and let me tell you, lines for the iphone were literally blocks long. So funny, amongst all the twenty-something technogeeks (said with much love and understanding) there was a little old lady camped out in a fold out chair and an umbrella, totally waiting on line for the phone. I was like “ahhh Jobs’ reach extends even to the oldsters.” My friend, who was on said line, asked her why she wanted the iphone so bad and she responded “Well, it’s Apple, isn’t it?” Hehe.

  33. #66

    I’ve been reading you for a while, however don’t think I’ve commented. Had to though today. What you said is so true, and was written so well! Thank you for putting a blogger in her place! I so want to do that at times but just don’t want to take my time to acknowledge those that obviously have a problem grasping some things.

    Thanks for the laugh! Keep it up!

  34. #68

    I LOVE the Iphone!! I was not so sure about it until my boss got one..(he grew up w/out electricity…now he overcompensates!) and it is pretty darn cool. I was amazed, and all amazement and awe for this thing is totally warranted. I won’t get one…because I have a contract with a carrier that does not have it, but maybe when that contract is up in a couple of years????? 🙂

  35. #70
    Melissa Hernandez

    Love your blog! Love your particularly funny way of writing..and thinking!
    I’ve read both clean&simple and the sequel, and I love them! And re-read them from time to time just for the fun of it!
    Keep it that simple!!
    Regards from the small island I call paradise,
    Dominican Republic,
    Melissa H.

  36. #71
    Julia Budd

    I am the woman that wept as she opened her ipod because the packaging was so sublime I didn’t want to disturb it. I get it.
    Your blog is such a pleasure.

  37. #74

    If I had the extra cash I’d buy you one in a heart beat 🙂 Thanks for always making me smile…and making me think in the same breath!

  38. #78
    Jen K

    you go girl!!!

    ps? if it wasn’t for your blog i would never know about the iphone..looks freakin cool..but alas, we can’t have it yet in Canada..

  39. #79

    1.) Effing right! 🙂
    Finally — a declaration of independence that I can relate to!

    2.) I would have bought the gosh-darned iphone already EXCEPT I’d have to go back to ATT. Nevah gonna happen…

    3.) Miss Shirley: I love your daughter!

  40. #80
    Sherry Grove

    Cathy, thank YOU, thank you! I respect your opinions, heck, I even agree with most of them. What I appreciate most today is your ability to hold your temper and speak out against rudeness in a very direct but respectful way. No one has the right to leave comments like that on your blog.

    Shirley, you raised a peach!

  41. #81

    Funniest post ever. Seriously.

    Sorry to see that someone got their panties in a wad over the iPhone and then took it out on you. Stephanie, here’s my therapy suggestion for you, sweetie: go scrapbook a page about how much you hate trends and technology. Use your deckle scissors and glue stick. It should make you feel all better.

    Sure, the iPhone is overhyped, but what isn’t nowadays? You know what??? I think this is a Republicrat conspiracy, concocted by Karl Rove, Steve Jobs and Steven Spielberg to distract Americans from the REAL issues…like Paris Hilton, chihuahuas dressed in tiny sweaters and who will be ousted from Hell’s Kitchen this week. Duck and cover, baby…and give me back my US weekly.

    What galls me is that she expects you (Cathy) to talk about it, even though this is your own blog (regardless of how much love of Apple history you have put forth). People. Do I have to resort to a 5th grade history lesson? Freedom of speech!!!! Cathy can say what she wants, when she wants, about whatever the heck she wants – it’s HER blog!!!! If you don’t like it…I have an idea….go find somewhere else to complain, like, uhm…YOUR OWN BLOG!!! That way, no one will read it (like normal) and you won’t interrupt the lives of other blog readers, who enjoy the high quality blatherings of Ms. Z.

    My word. Cathy, how do you have THAT much composure? 🙂

    P.S. The iPhone is totally hot and drool-worthy…I’m waiting for G2, so the bugs/battery life/etc…will be worked out. Hopefully by then, I’ll be able to afford 2 phone contracts. Irk. ;p

  42. #84

    beeyow! (<— my son's word for "those are some excellent points you made that I am sure can not be refuted in debate" or "you tell it!")

  43. #85

    Encore! We want more!

    Why do people have to over complicate life, if you do not like the blog post stop reading the blog or admit that you are a sucker for punishment and suck it in.

    We love you Ms Z. You are fabulous and we love seeing the world through Cathy’s eyes. Your perspective on life is refreshing, honest and realistic. So post some more.


  44. #89
    Stephanie Bates

    Whoa…I didn’t realize that my *sarcastic* comment about the iPhone would get everyone’s panties in a twist, but after reading your blog for a year, I thought I would be allowed to leave a comment that differed from most people’s opinions. Maybe I was too harsh.

    In saying that, I apologize for any offense to you and the rest of your fans. You have and will be my favorite blog to read. Sorry I commented in the first place.

    P.S. Notice the email address.

  45. #90

    Happy INDEPENDENCE Day, Cathy! You have no idea how much I enjoy your blog, and to learn that you, of ALL people, also lived for years thinking it ‘all intensive purposes.’ I was mortified when I learned the truth – ha!

    I’m typing this from an iMac and DH, DD et moi all have our own iPods. Even PC-guy DH was wowed when Steve unveiled the iPhone. We want it but certainly don’t need it at that price.

    That said … having just purchased Razrs for DD and DH at the shockingly low price of $10, it seems worth sharing that they, too, can find the nearest seafood restaurant, or ice cream shop, or even directions to a grocery story. And it’s been thoroughly tested as they got the phones the night before we left for a quick trip to DC! So – as much as I hate to de-mystify any of the iPhone mystique (remember, I WANT one!), other phones have some of the same features 😉

    And this is being written from central Indiana on a rare day at home when our brand-new air conditioner is broken! I spent the afternoon re-organizing the craft room in miserable heat and humidity. I know you’ll share my self-pity while basking in the beauty of your AC!!


  46. #94

    i’m delurking to say thank you for making me laugh and nod my head in that bloggy i-know-what-your-talking-about-sister sort of way.

    all goodness. most excellent post.

  47. #96

    Let me just say “Nicely Said….I in turn am not so nice and might have used some of those not so nice sailor words…

  48. #97

    As the blog is titled “Bits and Pieces” we, the Cathy Z followers enjoy what you bring to our life daily. You are entitled to write what you want. These are the Bits and Pieces of your life that you allow us to peek into. While I do not want to sound judgemental-because it does get me in trouble- those that read your blog and disagree have one choice-and that is to no longer read it. Many of us read all the comments to see that there are others like us out there. You are in “My Favorites” and will stay there. You make us smile and look at our own lives. I thank you for what you do. Peace and Happy 4th of July!

  49. #99

    That was truly the most fun I’ve had all day! But don’t be sad for me – it is still early – I’ll try to find something even more fun before the lovely 4th closes.

    And I’m so glad you came back to blog-land. It was a dark time when you were away.

    Take care! Jane

  50. #100

    Cathy, you rock!!!!!!! And, I am glad that you reminded this person that you are NOT the only one who reads your blog…. my mom always said, becareful what you say, you never know who is going to hear you!!!

    I too am in awe of the Iphone.I love, love , love my Ipod!!! I would love to have one. However, cannot see that happening right now. The kids come first right??

    Thanks for you refreshing words and sense of humor. I have a little chuckle everytime I read your blog!!

    Happy 4th to you and yours!!!!!!

  51. #102

    Cathy… I feel so privlaged to have heard you utter the f bomb:)
    I am with you on the iphone.
    I also expect so little from you. 🙂

    love ya friend!

  52. #103

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Shirley of the underrepresented Republican persuasion…from a fellow Republican. Keep the faith.

    I really just sort of skimmed over the whole thing…iPhone, f-word, Steve somebody, until I got to the part about Shirley. I read that with meticulous zeal. GO SHIRLEY!


  53. #107

    What more can I say but LOL Cathy!
    Living Down Under and worshiping you from afar as I do, not sure I’ve ever seen a flying emu turd though, but I’ll be sure to be careful and duck if situation arises!

  54. #108
    Kim Bolyard

    you never disappoint…Love ya Cathy Z. Keeping in common and if I could afford an iphone…I would have one in my little hands right now…along with both of my teenage daughters….LOL


  55. #113

    i can’t say anything coller than anyone above hasn’t already said… but you friggin ROCK girl. I love your cojones to the walls approach to things you feel strongly about. you’ve inspired me. KEEP IT UP.. and I am sure I speak for the masses! thank you. really. thank you.

  56. #116

    “Oh my….

    is it really “intents and purposes?”

    and I suppose that Jimmy Buffett didn’t step on a poptart, either.

    Some revelations can really rock my world.”

    Cathy – you rock..

    Also.. ROFLMAO about the poptart comment.

    – True Blue Parrothead..


  57. #117

    Just have to say that I loved your answer to the poster, Stephanie! And, I, too, thought it was “for all intensive purposes” for quite some time. Feels good to hear another smart inidividual thought that. Anyway…always enjoy your quick wit and cool blog.

  58. #124
    kate titcombe-hollis

    Hi Cathy,
    a few months back you sent encouragement via email re smoking. i’m pleased to say it’s been six months now and still going strong. however, i digress. on sunday evening (8.30pm local time – 8 july) crowded house will be appearing on a melb based talk show called Rove. did you catch him when you were here? go to – maybe you can stream the interview???

  59. #125

    One comment baby! If you want it and your kids can still eat dinner and you can pay your bills, who cares what fabulous fetishes and technological gadgets we spend our money on. Go for it I say. A happy mother is a happy family.

  60. #129

    Hilarious. I do expect the odd laugh from your blog every now and then. Is that OK?

    Speaking of expectation…don’t get your hopes up …but crowded house are kicking off their tour by performing on a breaky show in Sydeny tomorrow at 7:40am and 8:40 pm. Here is the link to their website.
    Don’t know if they will stream it or have it accessible. Just thought you might like to know.

  61. #134

    So love it when you step out of the Stepford scrapwives mentality and just let it all hang out!! Love you for who you are… and as for the wants… today they are wants… call me when they are needs!! hahaha

  62. #135
    Kris H

    OK. I too covet all things Apple, and yet am inslaved to a PC house. yuck. But, all Apple-ness aside, Intensive purposes is fantastic. Had a dear, ding-dong of a friend in college who used to think “crying shame” was “a crime and a shame”. Haven’t been able to get it out of my vocabulary since. And the extreme state of my DH’s chronic lyrictosis is just too much. Did you know Steve Miller’s “Jet Airliner” is evidently about Big ‘ole Jed having a light on? Oh yes…the list is far too long, but oh so funny.

  63. #136

    I missed the part where you tied us all down and required us to read your blog! lol!
    you talk about the iPhone all you want girlfriend!!

  64. #138

    i say it’s your blog and you can talk about whatever your heart desires…. your faithful readers are still here ;o) you go girl!

  65. #139

    i say it’s your blog and you can talk about whatever your heart desires…. your faithful readers are still here ;o) you go girl!

  66. #140

    i say it’s your blog and you can talk about whatever your heart desires…. your faithful readers are still here ;o) you go girl!

  67. #141

    i say it’s your blog and you can talk about whatever your heart desires…. your faithful readers are still here ;o) you go girl!

  68. #143


    My friend was sucked in yesterday and came home with an 8GB iPhone. I had to hear allllll day how fabulous it was, respond to the first emails sent from it, the first text messages, hear how it had X feature that she didn’t know about. I think I was positively glowing green by the end of the day. I’d love one but of course it isn’t in the cards right now.. in time I expect I’ll have one.

  69. #146

    Cathy, I adore your articulate banterings. Well said, as usual. I have no expectations, except that when I read your blog I know I’ll be smiling. As for the unhappy blogger, oh for goodness sakes man, have a long tall cold one and watch a comedy. Life’s too short to take something of so little consequence so seriously. Fill up your groovy cup iPhone lovers, power to the iPHone.

  70. #148

    simple. elegant. utilitarian. and slightly irreverant.

    Why we love Apple. Why we love Cathy Z.

    You, your work, your blog – they are so “Apple” to me. And I can’t think of a higher compliment.

  71. #149

    I don’t care one fig (did I just say that?) for the i-Phone (was that supposed to be an asterisk?) but I do care about your blog and the words you write. So write all you want about it, and I’ll read it. There will be signature CZ humor in there, I know. I was thinking I’d seriously like to be you when I grow up, and then I remembered I’m supposed to be grown up already and I am older than you. Bummer.

  72. #151

    I came to this blog today by Tara W’s and I am so glad I did! Just so you know I watched the whole Keynote when Steve first introduced the iPhone. There is really no real reason that I need a iPhone, I just really want one. Get this… my DH is getting one from work! I’m the one that got him hooked on all things Apple! It is taking everything in me to not hit him! The injustice of it all!
    I just had to vent and felt you would understand. 🙂
    Your blog is great and the ladies posting seem like fun too!
    Take care.

  73. #152

    Ooohhh, this is why I love your blog!!!! I too am so jonesing for the iphone, to which my dear, sweet, technically challenged husband said NO WAY!!! You Rock CZ, keep it coming!

  74. #153

    me: john david, you gotta come and read this post on cathy z’s blog
    him: this is the funniest thing!
    me: dude, this is what i am saying

  75. #156
    Melissa Bailey

    I so lurk on your blog – but finally had to comment. I covet the iphone, but have also decided I can wait on it -let the others work out the bugs. But I have to admit – I covet the Apple products and LOVE my pink iPod Shuffle. Everyone knows that they rock – even my 7 year old daughter. I bought the shuffle for myself and once she saw it she wanted it. When I reminded her that her grandma had given her an mp3 player, her response – “yeah but it’s not an iPod and they’re the best.” From the mouth of babes….

    You rock! Thanks for making my day!

  76. #157
    Jennifer W.

    You go, girl!! I have the biggest nonsexual girl cruch on you!! On a serious note, knowing what/who matters is an awesome gift of maturity…good for you.

  77. #158
    Rhonda M.

    Don’t know ya, but you appear to be a class act in my book. “No expectations, no disappointments” keeps me blithe.

  78. #160

    HELLO… why do you think we all read you? Your kind to animals.
    Hey the road rage thing is a stretch in my book…it’s where I can drop the f bomb, by myself and the other drivers know exactly what I am saying! I just gotta watch to make sure it’s not my mom’s car, gawd wuv her 80 year old soul.

    keep rawkin’ sister soul

  79. #163
    Cindy Gordon

    Expect Less?? Serioulsy – you have changed my life with that little phrase! I laughed out loud – sitting here at home with the non-stop rain (texas) a cup of coffee and the animals who run the house….the day after my 45th b’day – expect less? I LOVE it – I’m stealing it – I don’t know who I will say it to more often – my husband, other people – or to myself who seems to think I have to be all that to everyone!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Thank you for this moment this morning!!!!

  80. #164
    Laura Solomon

    You are one intelligent REAL woman.
    Props to you for your LESS EXPECTATION list.
    Love reading your blog.

  81. #166
    a completely different, totally unaffiliated steph

    I followed a link here from Tara W’s blog, but I’m bookmarking you. Love this post… YOU are a funny woman.

  82. #167
    Lisa Smoot

    LMAO. I will never understand why certain people feel that they have the right, no, the obligation, to impose their opinions onto others, especially appalling in the anonymous world of cyberspace. Having been the subject of such flaming before, I am trying to always take the high road and IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. That being said, I still cry to myself when someone is mean to me. Although I hate confrontations, it would be so much better if they had the nerves (in my head, really using some sailor language of my own) to say things face to face. Or better yet, not at all. Your response was perfect! And, really, don’t we all buy things we WANT but don’t truly NEED? Hello, have you met my scrapbook supplies? or Le Creuset pots? or my kids’ Webkinz collections? or my daughter’s iTunes list on her latest iPod….live and let live! 🙂

  83. #169

    Cathy, you ROCK. I love your style, your art and your wit. I find your blog so entertaining and this post proves once again what a gifted wordsmith you are. Love ya! ~Vanessa

  84. #171

    Rock on, Cathy. Gee whiz, I go off and work for a few days and come back and your blog is smokin’ from some dumb comment. Go figure.

    Your blog is still high on my must read list. I too have decided that AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME I do not NEED an iphone. maybe next year? LOL!!!

  85. #172

    so ok, I wouldn’t know an iPhone if it hit me in the face but girl, if that’s what floats ya boat, all power to ya.

    freakin’ heck you make me laugh NO end.

    love ya.

    (the slightly still jetlagged) Kass

  86. #173

    Go, Cathy! You just keep being you and don’t let other people’s crazy notions about who you should and shouldn’t be get in your way!

  87. #174
    Anna Betzolt

    Hi Cathy,
    I was one of the dorks who stood in line in AZ in 115 degrees for 9HOURS!!! to get this darn IPHONE! and I blame it all on you!!! i am so so so in love with everything apple! I just got the 24″ IMac because i kept watching all the cool things you did on yours. So then I tell my husband I am getting the IPhone. He says “You don’t need the IPhone” I say I know but I want one! Funny thing too is the next day (Sat) after the launch you could walk in the the Apple store here and just buy one! Yeah…. call me stupid for waiting and almost getting heat stroke! ha! but it was fun being with all those other APPLE lovers. I do really love the phone. I was just tired of my stupid TREO. I felt I needed to be a rocket scientist to use the TREO so when I saw Steve demo-ing the phone I was just flat out sold! AND to top it off my husband and Dad who thought i was crazy for waiting are even amazed at all the phone can do. And they are pretty hard sells! Love lovelove the blog and thanks for turning me over to Apple I will NEVER go back
    anna b

  88. #178
    caroline in canada

    this is my first peek at your blog and all i have to say is….wow! i have a girl crush on you!

  89. #180

    Your words make me laugh so hard! You are great at communicating your thoughts on paper (writing). I think it is a good thing that you are calling out blog spoilers. And I’m sure Shirley appreciates that as well!

    P.S. Dan is a real character! Well, you both are and I am glad for that!

  90. #182

    This was one of the most entertaining blog posts I’ve read in a while. LOVE IT!

    BTW, ahem, my husband just bought the iPhone and he totally enjoys it.

  91. #184

    Oops I hit send too soon.

    So, I didn’t have to get an Iphone BUT I think they look really cool and understand that some folks want them.
    I don’t think I could afford the monthly bill if I could get the phone.


  92. #185

    Cathy, I just reread my post and thought it could be taken as snarky and that was not my intent. I meant to say that I have mellowed over the years and don’t rush out and buy the latest and greatest even when it is somethig really cool!

    Love your blog and enjoy reading it.


  93. #186

    First off, that was a superb post. Secondly, you totally rock.
    Thirdly, I happen to feel that the iPhone is an overpriced, overblown phone. But I’m not an Apple girl. And I’m certainly not foolish enough to drop an F-bomb on your blog, or anyone elses (other than my own, of course.)
    Rock on sista.

  94. #187

    Love reading your blog as always! I’m so glad that you are you and express life the way you do.

    But to some of the other commenters….. ease up on Stephanie….. It’s easy to take what you see in black and white (or whatever colour your screen may be) and pop your impressions on it…. maybe she wasn’t meaning it quite the way it read. Good on you Cathy for seeing it and responding how you saw fit – it is your blog afterall. But I’m not so sure that means the rest of us need to jump on board and give her the fingers too.

  95. #189
    Jenn from MA

    You said “flying emu turd” and I laughed right out loud. hahaha. Thanks for making me crack up on my first day back in the office after a magnificent, internet free week of vacation with the fam. Rock on!

  96. #190
    Peg Graham

    CZ…I snorted when I read your retort to Stephanie. (Give Shirley big hugs and let her know – she raised you right)!

    Flav-or-ice time!!!


  97. #191

    I am a bit late to my remarks, but, I totally love what you said! It was good for me to see the “polite” way to let others know that it isn’t cool to act that way. I usually get too mad…this was good for me to see another way of expressing how you feel. Thanks for all your posts! I love checking in to see what’s going on!

  98. #193
    Kirsty Wiseman

    Cor!!! what a kerfuffle.
    I mean,think about the publicity you would get if you actually owned one! But to get a comment like that and you dont have one – where is the justice in that?
    I think apple should give you one for free!
    and me, whilst I think about it.
    Apple, if you are reading this (and you ought to be, actually) please send everyone who has commented on ths post a free iPhone.
    Thank you.

  99. #194

    I’m in love with your “Flying Emu Turd” remark……..each time I think of it…I laugh out loud.

  100. #195
    Time for change

    ‘Expect Less’. I love it! Sure takes the pressure off this person who was raised to be a people pleaser. “I gotta be me!!” I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Cathy. I was born in MN but raised in UT but I consider myself a true-blue Minnesotan. Reading your blog keeps me close to my roots 😉 Take care-

  101. #196
    Jen Fisher

    I agree—-the ‘Flying Emu Turd’ is hilarious LOL!! That’s one very Aussie thing to say!

  102. #197

    Shirley you raised one keeper of a woman.

    Stephanie must not get enough fiber in her diet. I agree, she needs to go away, no one is forcing her to read on.

  103. #199
    Amy Totty

    can I just say that I always knew I liked you, ever since I met you a long long time ago. But, now I think I love you. Keep up the GREAT work chick!

  104. #200

    This is why we should all wish we had vaginas not balls. Because vaginas can handle a lot of pressure … Well done lady friend.

  105. #202

    i laughed out loud. Really loud. Whilst standing in the Verizon store wheeling and dealing for my new iPhone 6. Because, I, like you can’t and won’t buy one but a little clever wheeling and dealing got me one! Praise Jesus it’s pretty!

    You are an absolute riot. The F word is my favorite bad word but I’d never use it with strangers.

    and lastly…seafood restaurants?!?


    1. #202.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Stacie!

      Do you remember the iPhone campaign from 2007? It showed the guy asking Siri “Find seafood” and I remember thinking: IT’S A MIRACLE.

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