Figuring out his future

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Cole announced he's giving up his aspirations for a career in rock and roll for something much more attainable, and possibly, even more lucrative: he wants to be an "ushertainer" for the Saint Paul Saints.

Long story short? We have season tickets to the Saints. Have for like, 9 years. Dan and the kids spend many a summer's evening sitting in the front row, next to the visitor's dugout, enjoying baseball as it's meant to be: outside, and with really goofy sideshows. These sideshows are provided by the Saints' talented crew of "ushertainers."

Long a fan of each ushertainer, this year Cole has taken to dressing like his favorites. In the picture above, Cole is dressed as "Mini Super Fan" modeled after, of course, regular sized "Super Fan," who took Cole under his wing on this particular night, where the evening culminated in chants for Mini Fan, singing autographs, and posing with hot teen-aged chicks:


Last night, Cole went to the game dressed as the ushertainer known as "The Nerd." It must have been convincing enough, because, yet again, the full-sized Nerd took Cole under his wing and they made their way around the stadium, geeking out and entertaining the crowd. Next thing i know, Dan is calling, telling me to turn on the TV because Cole and the Nerd are "bringing the next inning in."

Surely enough, five minutes later, there's my boy, with glasses and an assortment of pens in the pocket of his plaid shirt, being interviewed, and mouthing the words, "HI MOM" to me, on regional cable access.

I don't deserve this kid sometimes.

Now keep in mind, I wasn't there at the game. I rarely go. Not a big baseball fan. I don't even know who sent Dan these pictures. But I think i need to check it out in person soon. Cole informed me last night he may just get a "gig" with the Saints, for real.

When I picked Dan and Cole up from last night's game, Cole says, "Mom, my voice hurts SO much from all the yelling I did [as the mini geek]… I feel like John Lennon after he recorded 'Twist and Shout'."

Suffice to say, you never know when you're possibly mothering the next big thing.

Cathy ZielskeFiguring out his future

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    That kid of yours is the best. I think it’s great that he had such a good time and that all the ushertainers are so nice to him. That is so cool.

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    Dare I say it…Cole is one of the coolest kids I’ve ever met! I remember him getting on stage at CKU-MN and dancing like he’s never danced before. The things he comes up with…how do you not sit there and laugh all the time? I don’t think I could do it?!?

    Thanks for sharing this lastest Cole moment with us!


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    Sinead Turner

    That’s hilarious, Cathy! It’s clear that he’s got quite a future ahead of him…look out, world! πŸ™‚

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    How fun for him! What a great time he must have had- it is awesome that they are embracing him and letting him show his pride in his team and love of the game.

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    Living, as I do, in a three-stepson house, you’d think I’d have had my fill of stories like this. So not true. I arrived on the scene long after they were past this stage, so I’m living a bit vicariously here.
    Love. That. Cole.

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    Parenting is the very best thing, isn’t it? I wish I had something clever to say… but oh well, this just melts my heart. Not much more can be said!! He’s adorable, and reading about him makes my day…

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    This is the kind of post that makes me (try to)check your blog during the work day…people around me wonder why I’m laughing out loud. You and Dan must be doing something right to end up with such cool kids!

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    Once again Cole has made me roll with laughter. I know you never know what is around the next corner. Love it.

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    And THIS is what we live our whole existence for. To see our kiddo mouth Hi Mom on tv. I bet you didn’t think it would happen ’til he was on a football field or being carried off the field by some players while he screamed, “I’m going to Disney World with my MOM”!! Awe, life is so good!

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    That is so awesome! He’s a stud already…watch out! πŸ˜‰ My youngest brother is/was the same way, although he’s more subdued now at 17. At 5 years old, he would have everyone in the room in his pocket.

    Sounds like you might have a born entertainer on your hands!

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    Now that post has prompted me to comment – how about that? lol That brought a real smile to my dial, love it. Cole is so full of character – fantastic! Go Cole!!!!

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    ~ alli ~

    “I feel like John Lennon after he recorded ‘Twist and Shout’.”

    What kind of mind thinks up this stuff!??! That is so funny! As the Saints say:
    Go Cole!

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    I freakin’ love your kid.

    I loved him when he was in Australia. I love him when you tell us his stories. I love that he is a fun guy.

    and I love that you let him be THAT kid.

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    Brenda Smith

    Great, great story! Definately go to the game with camera in hand! You’ve got to love this time in his life, what a great thing to document and show the generations to come!!!

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    Karen Greenfield

    And I was just going to post a comment tonight to ask if there was anything new going on with Cole!!! I’d been looking at the old SScrapbooks mag “Inspirations” with him on the cover in a layout like the Jones soda bottles and wondering how he was doing.

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    sarah goodman

    It is so fun to see them grow…and grow WILDLY…isn’t it funny to see what they like and how they can entertain so well! I have an entertainer too…he can drive you crazy when it is just you he is entertaining over and over again….but once he has a crowd…well oh boy…cool stuff!

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    Peg Graham

    Cathy- and you think to yourself…

    “Self, I have NO idea where he gets all this from!” bwahahaha!!!

    I see a future in the ‘entertainment world’ for Cole…that’s a given. He’s a natural.

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    Ronnie Woo-Woo? Nope. San Diego Chicken? Nope. Mr. Met? HECK NO!!! It’s Cole!!!! πŸ™‚ How cute is this? Cole, you can do anything you want – just be sure that your Mom fills us in on the journey. You seem like a pretty cool kid πŸ™‚

    P.S. Did he at least score a phone number from the hot chicks? πŸ˜‰

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