Hope your Fourth was lovely

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We had a great neighborhood get-together, hosted by Chippie's family. Good food, free drinks, manageable humidity, supersoakers and fireworks. The perfect recipe, I'd say.

Thought I'd try my hand at that Miksang photography that Ali was talking about on her blog.


Huh? Yes?

And Dan debuted "1950s" guy. The only thing you're not seeing in this photo is the gin and tonic hand extension he carried around until the wee hours of the night.


Nice calves, honey.

In all, my favorite kind of Fourth. At home, with good friends and clever people. Next stop: the cabin in north central, Minnesota. And next week, look for my next essay titled: Declaring my Independence from Generalized Cabin Life.


Cathy ZielskeHope your Fourth was lovely

24 Comments on “Hope your Fourth was lovely”

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    Jeanette Brooks

    What fun! Wish our neighbors had been around to do something like that. I think 95% of our neighborhood is at the beach this week. Of course, I would also have wanted 1950’s guy to be there too…….. to get the full effect.

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    Kimberly L.C.

    Huh… my 4th was a bust compared to yours: no fireworks in the street, no free drinks (well, I bought the liquor, but I didn’t charge myself per drink) and definitely no 1950s guy, which is a total bummer.

    And I’m not sure about that whole miksang thing, but I think you’ve got too many anchors in that photo, but gotta love those Weber grills.

    Oh well, looking forward to your “essay” πŸ˜‰

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    It’s your blog and if you want to talk about the iphone welllllll I think you should…in fact I am the kinda person that would have been triggered to talk about it more. I read your blog because I like your spunk so never let anyone tinkle on your parade. BTW I haven’t put the thought of getting an iphone out of my head. I restrained from getting an ipod waaaaaay back when there was first talk of the possible iphone. So I am thinking I might,kinda,deserve to treat myself to one. Not because I need it but because life is short and sometimes you just gotta do something for the pure joy of doing it.

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    Oh man, you got to light fireworks? No fair. They have been banned in Washington state since I was little. Wait…you probably knew that since you lived here. Go Seattle!

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    We went to a fireworks show sponsored by the City of Fairfax, VA, at the local high school and they had a very eclectic choice of music to go along with the fireworks. Guess what they included…Green Day…”Holiday!” Either someone just picked songs by title or someone was making a statement! Anyway, it was a great (and interesting) show. The finale had to be cancelled because there had been a rain storm, and hail storm in some areas early on, which damaged some of the fireworks but what they were able to shoot off was beautiful.

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    dang! i missed yesterday. but i’ll comment anyway. i always want the new thing (i.e. iphone), but i also know my urges are flighty and change subject [object?] probably more often than “1950s” guy changes his “neato” socks. just suffer mildly for a bit and i’m on to the next urge no worse for wear!

    i digress. it doesn’t matter whether *i* want this or do that or talk about the other. it’s *your* blog. i read your blog for amusement; not b/c you and i agree on everything. we don’t – for example, i avoid f-bomb usage even in situations you might enjoy it; and yet, your blog still amuses me!

    maybe stephanie(?) was just trying to be witty and it came out wrong . . . ?

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    We had a similar Canada Day celebration here with neighbours, sans fireworks though. Good times! But my dh didn’t dress as cool as ol’ Dan though. πŸ˜‰
    As for the iphone arguement, just be happy you aren’t Canadian. They won’t be available here for at least another 6 months- 1 year…how dare they!? Here I had myself all hyped up to get one, seeing as I’m part of that .01 % of the population who doesn’t own an Ipod. And I do need to search out a good seafood/sushi restaurant every once in a while. ;p

    Happy cottaging!! πŸ™‚

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    I had a lovely Independence Day, thank you, but yours looks wonderful, too. For instance, my husband would *never* dress up, not as 1950’s guy or 1920’s gangster. Darn it. I have a weakness for a fedora.

    I’m willing to bet my fireworks were better than yours, but only because I truly obsess over them. πŸ˜‰ And I *never* get great photos on the Fourth of July! It’s a curse.

    And I live with that curse, for better or worse, because there are American men and women all over the globe fighting for my right to take moose snot pictures!

    Here’s to the good ol’ U.S. of A.!!!! Thanks for being out there, Cathy!

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    Kate Greenslade

    CZ-babe. I have just read both your July 4th posts, and for the first one I say “rock on hun, looks like warmth, water and fun was the theme of the day; enjoy”. For the second, ITA. Yes, it is an overpriced piece of technology *that is wayyyyyy cool*. Kudos to you for coming to that realisation. BIG achievement. But really, for Stephanie to leave an F-Bomb on a public blog, is not good manners or appropriate. *waves* Hi Cathy’s Mom!!

    Take care and enjoy your summer.

    Kate xxxxxxxxxx

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    Laura Solomon

    Can you do me a HUGE favor?
    It occurred to me that my hair is now cut similar to yours and I was wondering what product you use to style yours to get that chunky/piecey effect?
    My email is LLLsolomon@yahoo.com
    Much appreciation,

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    Madeline R

    I am all over that Miksang link. I found it at alli’s blog too. Your 1950’s man photo is my favorite I’ve ever seen here!! You are a lucky woman indeed to have that man. Not that he isn’t a lucky man…

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    Dan is a wonderful 50’s guy…he could also be the guy in the Ensight (sp?) male enhancement ads…not like, y’know, for THAT reason, but because he has the look down pat. How retro hip he is.

    Glad you had a happy 4th, sounds like just the sort of day we have here (well, except for the buckets of rain we got starting around 3 pm….)

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    You would probably enjoy our parade here in Coronado. Hubby and I usually walk along the lineup route early in the am and take photos. They line up right in front of our house and that usually wakes us.

    The parade lasts several hours and everyone in town seems to be there.


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