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    gotta have the air conditioner! expecting highs of 112. I can hear it humming already. gotta love the slip and slide!

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    Julia Budd

    gotta wish it would stop piggin’ raining here in dear and grey old blighty. Kids don’t finish till 22 July so there’s still a chance to get some dry summer…..dry would be nice, hot and sunny would be just FAAAAB!

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    so you are going to set up the slip and slide in the livingroom so you can have C/A. I’m with ya baby

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    Hahah. Thats awesome, What a dream that I would think we all want to have, slip and slide and AC, at the same time.

    Hey, you have inspired me to find a blog that I can put pictures with, you should look at let me kwnow what you think. And maybe if you look at it you will recognize me from the plane a few weeks ago 😛

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    If you listen to Dane Cook’s skit on the Slip-N-Slide, you may change your mind. *wink*

    (I concur with the poster above…looks like Dan!)

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    Hi Cathy, love your blog.

    Have you checked out this track:

    Liam Finn (son of Neil) is getting a lot of airtime in NZ at the moment.

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    yeah, he’s Dan’s double.
    I wish I was brave enough to hurl myself down the slip and slide like when we were kids. I’m afraid of how much it’ll hurt the boobages!

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    i wanna slip & slide.
    except that i do that now, without benefit of water or plastic.
    and i’d probably break something.
    being old sucks!

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    Looks fun… especially from a over 40 vantage where I am more likely to experience a “Slip and Fall”!

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    cindy mandernach

    i apologize in advance for this comment, but when i first saw this picture, the sunshine behind him looked like a green fart coming out of his butt. i asked dh to look at the picture too and he thought the same thing. i guess i married well.

    sorry again, cindy

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    Hi Cathy,

    I’m a huge fan of yours and I love this pic. My husband and I hosted an Adult Slip & Slide Party last month that we are going to make an annual event. It was a blast!! If I could only get the pics. off my camera I could post mine as well. My stupid SD card is acting up, I can only view them on the camera. (that’s no fun! I want to share them and scrapbook them of course.) Any ideas of how to get them off would be greatly appreciated!!!

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