In honor of Friday, and the Saints, and Cole

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Cole's first public appearance as Mini Super Fan, outside of Midway Stadium, as seen on the Log Ride at the Park at Mall of America. Also his first time EVER on a big ride.

It's not easy being famous. True that.

Happy weekends, blog readers.

Cathy ZielskeIn honor of Friday, and the Saints, and Cole

17 Comments on “In honor of Friday, and the Saints, and Cole”

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    Gotta love it! Super pic! Wooohoooo! Cole! How’s Aidan taking all of this new fame of Cole’s?

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    Dang!!! Had I known you would be there, I would SO have come to get autographs while he still lives in humble MN. My Mother in law works there…

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    okay, so i had to grab my computer and post this, ’cause it’ll give you a little giggle. i just flipped on the tv and picked a movie to zone to on this lovely saturday night, but of course, it starts in about fifteen minutes so i was watching the names scroll and was listening to the closing music of the movie before (the streets of new york).

    and as i sat there, reading the names and the jobs i didn’t realize even EXISTED in hollywood i though, “gosh, this music is really good! WOW!”

    so i waited for the credits and wouldn’t you know it? the song is by pete yorn.

    happy saturday night. πŸ˜‰

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    I’ve had seat by Dan for the last 5 years. Watching Cole grow from the boy who wouldn’t talk to me until the 7th inning each night cause he was too shy into Mini-Superfan has been amazing. His interaction with the crowd is amazing to watch. He is one talented boy. Both of your kids area joy to be around.

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