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I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog. You know, to something shorter, and catchier, like: Blog Now! or Blather!

With exclamation marks. Because exclamation marks signify both urgency and excitement. And who can't use more of that?

And with that, I bring you more random blathering.

1. Old School. This one goes out to my old Two Peas homies. Remember back in the day? Two Peas was a magical place. Magical. And I don't say that in the past tense at all… it was, for me, a magical place where all these amazing women were sharing their work and getting to know each other and well…it was magical. And I'll bet it's that way for those women who hang there today. Anyhoo…I was looking through old layouts and found this one:

Self portrait

It came from a challenge or something. And I can't lie: I felt very, very cute in this shot. Teeth looked good. No double chin. Hair of PERFECTION. So happy. No one was in the room making me smile like this. I was alone. I've told that story a zillion times over when I teach, but it still makes me laugh at how…what is the word…idiotic I can be? Love that. And all these little tidbits on the page? All still true. I stand by 'em.

2. Chip the Dog. A few readers have asked about Chip. I am pleased to report she is home and doing quite well. Here is a photo of Chip on the 4th of July. I don't know who those people are in the photo. I don't think they are part of the "inner circle" on my street. At least they haven't filled out the applications yet. Of that, I'm fairly certain.


We TOTALLY miss her. I walk by her house every morning on my walks, and purposefully shuffle my feet a bit to see if she's in the yard, and if she'll come to the fence and give me doggie love. The best news though? She's coming back for four days in August while the Smith clan takes a small trip. I plan to spoon her on my living room floor for most of her stay. And speaking of spooning…

3. Muffin Top Removal.
In my quest to try and solve the food intake/physical output equation in my life, I have, as i've mentioned in other posts, begun walking. I'm on day 16 or 17 in  a row, of walking from 30 to 60 minutes. I truly loathe exercise. And food intake restriction. Truly. But for right now, it's my new thing. I wish I didn't care. I really do. I wish I looked in the mirror every day and said, "Good Heavens, Miss Sakamoto…you're beautiful!" But that is not currently part of my every day routine.

And I know, I know…it's what's on the inside that matters. But that aside, have you ever asked yourself what happens if you're totally hot on the outside, but unattractive on the inside?

Now, that would be a bummer.

4. That's all I have for today.

Cathy ZielskeNow with more blathering!

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    Wow, You blinded me with Science!!! (Gratuitous exclaimation points to show extreme gidiness) A visual from Thomas Dolby is a great 80s way to start the day!

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    Heather H.

    Hey Cathy, I’ve totally known a few of those totally hot on the outside and evil/ugly on the outside women. Not a good thing. I’d way rather have muffin top. Oh wait, I do. But seriously I am right there with you with improving the exterior self while KNOWING that it is good to be good on the inside 🙂
    Heather from Fergus Falls, MN

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    Damon Crawley

    Hmmm. That layout look awfully similar to the one that you had us make in you one-and-only (hopefully not to stay that way) Big Picture Scrapbooking class. Still have my layout on my computer. Still happy with it. I’ll have to post it on my blog. (linked)

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    You are one awesome and funny lady and of course we have known that for your whole life. Please don’t change the bits & pieces It’s so you. Love Mom

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    I wish I lived in your hood so we could walk together! We could discuss how much we loathe exercize, and admire the occasional doggie passing by. Long, meaningful conversations about iPhones and Crowded House. That would be cool.

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    I like the current name, too. It’s very CZ – it’s your brand, baby. Keep on with the B&P…

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    Awww… I was going to post some random blathering about how much I just love reading your every day stuff… but then your MOM posted. SNIFF SNIFF… that was SO sweet mom!!!

    So great, I love you and now I love your mom too…

    The only thing I wish for in this blog is that you post more of where you are going to be locally- if you are going to go to a crop at xyz store for the evening, ect… Would love that!

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    Melissa LaFavers

    Good for you on the walking! It’s hard to start a physical fitness program, and it’s hard to keep going. Not sure why, but I’ve found that to be true. Sometimes the drill sergeant in my head saying “Move, move, move!” is all that gets me on that treadmill.

    Proud of you, girl! Keep up the walking.


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    I am currently on day 11 of muffin top removal. I went totally cold turkey — no more regular Coca-Cola, NO snacking, no desserts. Only eat at mealtime and then I eat small portions. And walking. And I’m all about drinking water these days. Here’s hoping I can chisel away the muffin top and extra chin and come out the other side looking as good as I feel. And you will too, not that you don’t already look FAB!!!!

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    Cathy…I’ve got more than a muffin top to get rid of over here. But I completely undrstand what you’re saying. It gets OLD to have to think and work so hard to eat the right stuff and to become physically active. And it takes FOREVER! I’m down 20lbs since late April (*only* 80 more to go). Of course, I want to be down a whole lot more than 20! I just keep reminding myself that slow and steady is what wins the race…it just sucks living that reality 🙂

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    Cathy, not only do I remember “the old days” on 2Ps (I can get onto the Old Timers board, is how long I’ve been there), but I also remember your Pea name, I remember when you participated regularly on the GS board, I remember you telling that photo story at CKU *and* I remember when that font was all the rage; we ALL had to have it! 😀 I’ve been rooting for you all this time – from my little chair in front of my computer in my humble little house. You’ve made us proud.

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    lol! yep! another really old Pea! don’t recognize the place now. heck…..and please don’t take this in a stalkerish manner….I still have an e-mail from a conversation we had oh those so many years ago! lol!! (I am a virtual and IRL packrat!)
    bits & pieces is good……I think your mom is right!

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    Laura Reaux

    I desperately needed a pick-me-up just now & knew your blog would make me smile. And it did. 🙂 Thank you!

    P.S. My magical 2peas time was about a year ago… total magic.

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    Blog Now! or Blather! <—NOOO!!!

    while that is TOTALLY adorable and perfectly clever (I LOVE me a good play on words) BUT WHAT I REALLY LOVE is the change you made every month. I really do wait for it and axiously check at the beginning of the month to see what brilliant thing you've come up with. And that, my friend, is WAY more idiotic than smiling when no one is in the room. 🙂

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    if you were pretty on the outside but unattractive on the inside, then you’d be Lindsay Lohan. because obviously something’s wrong that they see the world as something they need to medicate themselves from. so sad..

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    I am traveling to MN and spending 2 weeks home in the Twin Cities starting next week. Should be a good time. I will think of you when I drive down Snelling Avenue past Rainbow Foods. =) Best to you as you ‘shape up’. Really, exercise and eating healthy is a gift we all give ourselves. It just feels more like a chore most days. I have to agree with you on that.

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    Okay, I laughed out loud at your exclamatory blather comment :). & wtg walking-wish I had the self-discipline!

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    Ok now I am truly feeling like a teenage girl. I joined the Crowded House fan club last week. Just got an envelope of goodies in the mail, stickers, and pin with the new album on it. A couple of newsletters. Even my own Finn club membership card. I am so excited! Yes, I am 36, so what? Just had to share with you, cause nobody else could understand the love.

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    michelle lewis

    Im dieting too and exercise just plain sucks….I’d rather SB…lol
    you should check out lisa novas affirmation girl on you tube its a crack up clip on dieting women.

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    Referring to a couple posts back – ‘what the hell?’ is what my daughter sais all the time now..she’s 13..I did’nt like it at all till I read what yours sais. Now I think it’s not too bad 🙂

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    Kent Pearson

    Hello Cathy. Love your blog. I visit often, but have rarely left a comment. Quick question. Could you share how you add the You Tube videos to your posts? I think that you may have touched on this in the past. Thanks.


    PS Missed seeing you at CHA.

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    Blather! would be perfect! The right mix of humor and urgency. I just found your blog a week or so ago and it makes me super happy to see your blog name light up in my bloglines because I know that a fab post is coming!

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    Beth S.

    Once again (perhaps to the point of obnoxiousness), I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog. You say so darn many honest things (like hating exercise – I’m right there with you!) and you’re just so darned funny.
    Thanks and keep it up.
    Blather is fine but I do like Bits and Pieces.
    Love the layout but the picture looks the same as your picture today – I’m not getting the issue here!
    Do post more layouts – I love your work.
    Finally, just get a dog! You already know how great it is . . . just do it!!
    Have a great weekend,

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    Kelly Jo

    Cathy, I enjoy reading your blog and am very happy that you are going to get a little Chippie Love in a few weeks.
    I have a question, I remember seeing a LO you did using Kelly Panacci Flower Power PP and for the life of me can’t find it again. Do you know what I’m talking about? If so, could you tell me where to look? Or email it to me?
    Sorry to be so intrusive, but I won’t be able to let this go until I find it. urgh
    Thanks. =)

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    You hit it on the head, Two Peas was magical. I can remember everything about it…even Kristina chatted with us daily back then. Aah, the glory days of Two Peas.

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    Funny thing is, im on the muffin top removal quest too. Mine thought is more…….I’m about to travel, and dont want to look this bad. I think it might help me on the inside too. I hear you on the hating excercise, but seeing as though I will be walking around Cambodia and Thailand, I better get my walkin shoes on!! Good luck on your quest for better health!! (urgency and excitment all rolled into one)

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    I so remember that Layout…..I think it was a self potrait layout if I remember…correctly. I scraplifted elements of it..for a starbuck layout. And yes you do look awfully cute. That seems like ages ago….I love you Cathy…your are so funny….in fact that was my first comment to you when I met you years ago at a dinner and I realized that all your camera lens and numbers totally freaked me out…..and knew I was out of that league!!!! How is that for some exclamation marks anyways…love your blog you keep me in stitches….


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    So I had a random thing for you – and what better place. I just found a website via and once I opened it I thought, “This feels like Cathy Zielske all over.” And although we’ve never met, and I’ve been lurking on your blog (and loving it by the way) for the last 6 months or so I just had to share it. I hope you enjoy it (try the color search, it’s loads of fun).

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    After reading this entry, I asked myself the following “Why am I not reading you everyday?!!!” You are so good for my heart – and when you’re skinny, please stay “real!” Love you for it!!

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